Accuracy in Media

While the left-wing, so-called mainstream media continue to raptly discuss dissension within the Republican Party and Republicans who oppose Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, the media are quietly ignoring evidence of their own enduring and pervasive bias on behalf of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The recent WikiLeaks documents about Mrs. Clinton’s Wall Street speeches are receiving some coverage. However, few in the media want to repeat the names of those reporters who have directly promoted the Hillary campaign.

Using leaked documents from Guccifer 2.0, The Daily Caller reports that campaign chairman Joel Benenson had cocktails with a number of reporters on April 10, 2015 on subjects including to “give reporters their first thoughts from team [Hillary Clinton] in advance of the announcement” and “framing the [Hillary Clinton] message and framing the race.” It was just two days later that Mrs. Clinton announced she was running for president.

Among the reporters who said they were attending this cocktail party were ABC’s George Stephanopoulos and The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, who formerly worked for Politico. One of the campaign’s memos, The Daily Caller reports, describes Haberman’s many favors for the Clintons. “We have [had] a very good relationship with Maggie Haberman of Politico over the last year. We have had her tee up stories for us before and have never been disappointed,” states the memo.

In other words, Haberman was, and likely still is, a “go to” journalist for reliable pro-Hillary bias.

Stephanopoulos should have been listed by the campaign as another friendly journalist. After all, he loyally served in Bill Clinton’s White House, and, more recently, contributed $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation. We have written before about how Stephanopoulos decided not to inform viewers of his many conflicts of interest when he grilled Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash, during an ABC interview. Not only did Stephanopoulos do the Clinton campaign a favor by trying to undermine Schweizer’s allegations of Clinton pay-for-play, it appears that the Clinton campaign realized how valuable his efforts were.

“Not to pile on, but this is therapeutic to watch,” writes Nick Merrill about the grilling to other Clinton campaign staffers, according to WikiLeaks. “George is cool as a cucumber, doesn’t rush into it, but just destroys him slowly but surely over the course of the interview…”

Many more reporters rsvp’d for cocktails with the Hillary campaign, including reporters from ABC, Bloomberg, CBS, CNN, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, MSNBC, NBC, The New Yorker, The New York Times, People, Politico, Vice, and Vox. The diverse variety of attendees demonstrates just how widely and deeply the Hillary Clinton campaign has penetrated the mainstream media.

We have documented the many close family relationships between the Democrats and the establishment media, such as brothers David Rhodes (president of CBS News) and Ben Rhodes (President Obama’s deputy national security advisor). The coverage on many stories, such as the Benghazi scandals, is clearly influenced by these relationships.

Another media figure, “CNBC anchor and Republican primary debate moderator John Harwood had a habit of reaching out to the campaign to offer unsolicited compliments,” reports Mediaite. Harwood sent the campaign an email with the subject line “good letter,” according to recently released WikiLeaks documents. He also wrote to Clinton loyalist John Podesta, “She looked so much more comfortable talking to [MSNBC’s] Andrea [Mitchell] today than to [CNN’s] Brianna [Keilar] a few weeks ago.”

Podesta responded that he thought Hillary was “over the hump. Knows she has to do this ad infinitum.” Harwood even reached out to ask Podesta, “How are you feeling about where things stand?”

We have reported how journalists such as Jim Rutenberg of The New York Times argue that the so-called mainstream media have abandoned unbiased journalism in the face of a possible Trump presidency. Recent leaks by WikiLeaks, DC Leaks, and Guccifer 2.0 each demonstrate that the media haven’t abandoned their objectivity—they never had any in the first place.

Consider, for example, the leaked email that MSNBC’s Chris Hayes’ editorial producer Sheara Braun wrote in 2015 to a Clinton aide. Braun commented that MSNBC had been airing a Millennial-focused segment each night. “The point of the segment is basically to inform young people about all of the crap and nonsense that Sec. Clinton and President Clinton (but mostly Sec. Clinton) had to face back in the 90s when President Clinton was running for office… everything from cookie-gate to stand-by-your-man-gate to Hillarycare,” Braun writes. “The point isn’t to dwell on the past but the point is to talk about this amazing, intelligent woman who probably faced more nonsense back in the day because she is a woman…and she continues to have to face it. She is smarter than most men and more qualified than most men to be president.”

“Of course Hillary Clinton’s die-hard loyalists in the media will dislike, and find invalid, any suggestion that she engaged in any sort of questionable conduct,” wrote Glenn Greenwald for The Intercept this September. “Their self-assigned role is to defend her from all criticisms. They view themselves more as campaign operatives than journalists: Their principal, overriding goal is to ensure that Clinton wins the election.”

Greenwald, like much of the radical left-leaning media, is no fan of Trump. In fact, he writes in the same column, “That American journalists have dispensed with muted tones and fake neutrality when reporting on Trump is a positive development.”

The fact that the mainstream media have been working to elect Clinton from the very start needs no more substantiation. These revelations follow closely behind another batch of WikiLeaks emails released just before the Democratic convention that provided other egregious examples of this corrupt alliance between the establishment, left-wing media and the Democrat Party, particularly the Clinton wing of the party. Whether fact-checking the candidates, or reporting on new political developments, it is clear that a pro-Hillary dogma permeates current press reporting.

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  • Mesa Mike

    How could all this be happening? Let’s see. We have avowed socialists as leaders in the White House, the Vatican and UN and the media and in Hollywood.

  • Taipei101

    7) Podesta email discussion with a Clinton advisor regarding the threat Trump poses given his celebrity status. They agree on the need to ‘Produce an unaware and compliant citizenry’ to maintain a lead… and worry that while Americans are still ‘unaware’… we are no longer ‘compliant’ evidenced by current events.

    Wake UP!!!!!!!! Read their own emails. Believe nothing this site or any other news outlet tells you… go to TYT Politics… go to others who provide links to actual emails.

    This has nothing to do with Russia, Trump… the bogey man… it has everything to do with corruption to the core of our entire Establishment.

    The media has been ignoring these releases for several days now… but 3 more weeks of progressively worse stuff will make all Americans aware not only of the severe extent of Establishment corruption… but the fact that the media is equally corrupt. The internet assures this reality.

  • Taipei101

    4) 100s of emails proving most major media TV and Print outlets are acting directly with the Clinton Campaign. (For news stories the media grants the HRC campaign:

    a) Veto Power on quotes and content

    b) Heads up on new stories with requests for edits

    c) ‘Friendly Reporters’ serving as media plants for HRC developed ‘News’ which is really propaganda that the campaign developed based on focus groups and executive decision making.

    d) Daily coordination with dozens of media outlets to ensure efficient propagation of the HRC developed propaganda

    e) the use of scripts and tele-prompters during the interviews to ensure concise messaging on the PR pieces

    5) Attack on Christianity (Christophobia)

    a) First an email showing bigotry against the Catholics and Evangelicals… 100s of millions of Americans as ‘backwards’ peoples worthy of contempt and mockery

    b) Then emails proving the HRC campaign chair openly discussing multiple organizations Chairman John Podesta created to:

    (((((Undermine the Catholic Church from within, setting the ground for a future ‘Cathoic Spring’))))))

    6) Now we have Catholic leaders calling for the firing of John Podesta and everyone involved in setting up those organizations with funding from Soros…. I am no Catholic… but not good when Christians rise up against you

  • Taipei101

    Check Wikileaks releases…. shows complete corruption within the Clinton campaign and Establishment.

    Only the tip of the iceberg has been released with news that the releases will get progressively more damaging to the establishment and the HRC campaign.

    Some highlights of corruption so far:

    1) Coordinated attack on Sanders campaign: (DNC, Media, White House Admin, HRC Campaign)

    a) Multiple lines of attack coordinated by establishment against Sanders

    b) Sanders supporters (discussed with disdain and with a goal to deceive)

    c) Congress men and women who supported him (funding cut off by the DNC bundlers with threatening and demeaning emails indicating they were now on Clinton’s black list)

    2) Clinton foundation Corruption proving FOB (Friends of Bill) members were granted direct access to Haitian relief contracts while the non Clinton Foundation Donors were sent to the official bidding process

    3) Collusion between HRC campaign and the DOJ throughout the entire HRC server and Classified Information Mishandling investigation.. more coming on that one… but it’s clear there was unethical comms during

  • cmjapnea

    Exactly!! You hit the nail on the head!

  • Danuta Ewiak

    Why Hillary Clinton will not become the president? Let me remind here a fragment of an ancient vision: “And [the king of the north] will go back (to) his land with great wealth [1945. This detail indicated that Hitler will attack also the Soviet Union and will fight to the bitter end. In the beginning there were no signs of such the ending of this war]; and his heart (will be) against the holy covenant [hostility towards Christians]; and will act [it means activity in the international arena]; and turned back to his own land [1991-1993. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. Russian troops returned to their country]. At the appointed time [he] will return back.” (Daniel 11:28, 29a) The return of Russia in this context means the breakup of the European Union and NATO. Many countries of the former Eastern block reconciled with Russia. Such is the plan of God. It is no coincidence that Obama is currently the president of the United States. God in this way has secured us against a premature world war. The first should be the return of Russia, and then the war, and not vice versa. (cf. Jeremiah 1:12)

    In 1882 British troops occupied Egypt. Great Britain then took the role of “the king of the south”. Around the same time, Russia expanded its influence in the region, which previously belonged to Seleucus I Nicator, and took the role of “the king of the north”. (Daniel 11:27)

    All the details of this vision are being fulfilled from the time of ancient Persia, in chronological order. It is true that this vision is variously interpreted. As one can see, it has a lot of details. Therefore the insightful person is able to detect any error or sophistry. (Daniel 12:10)

  • RMThoughts

    The unabashed way the Media is bashing Trump without even so much as a pretense of objectivity or truthfulness is a red line that has been crossed.

    The previous thin veneer or pseudo-objectivity, of having “both sides” heard is now over. When dealing with Trump, we have Orwell’s “Two Minutes of Hate” but spread over 24/7.

    Not that Trump should be free of criticism – but compared to how real scumbags like the Clintons are treated, the lynching of Trump is unprecedented and unique. It matters because the masks have been taken off, the pretenses removed, and what you see is the true face of the corporate media and both political parties as it always was: hateful, hypocritical and totally corrupted.

    And since a truly free and independent media is central to a functioning democracy, then the total corruption of the media in the USA is also the proof that this country does not have a functioning democracy.

  • Steven Barrett

    Looks like the clown car got stuck in a rotary and the driver thinks the exits are plots against America and Christianity. Some of you need to read over your posts before they become subject matter for reading in some poli-sci-fiction-for-conspiracy-theory-nuts.

  • sox83cubs84

    I have not trusted the major networks and theirm news departments (except Fox News) nor most daily newsrags (local and national) for close to a decade now. The bias, first for Ovomit, and now Hildabitch, has been obvious and unrelenting. I wonder how the pretend journalists at ABC, CNN, The New York Slimes, and the rest of ’em are gonna explain this when Trump wins?

  • Ben

    We need to pitch in and help Trump sue the NY Slimes and People mag… I hope he opens a website to help financially support this lawsuit and any more of the Soros Marxist Mafia ‘left-stream’ that want to take Us Pro-American’s own. By the way.. the ‘left-wing’ Washington Post CEO is also Amazon CEO..( Goodbye Amazon). And Time Warner owns ‘left-wing’ CNN.
    The ‘left-stream’ Media is not on Our side and it’s time for Us to take them Down.. they are the enemy ‘WITHIN!’.. Don’t forget (AP) which should be the Associalist Press
    More than eight years of their propaganda crap is way to much!

  • William

    Translation: those nasty Jews control the media. Even FOX ‘News’, loL!

    Trump is such a paranoid fool.

  • yportbill

    Who controls the press controls the Citizenry.

  • yportbill

    MSM has become the leaders of myths!!!!!!!

  • Robert Helm

    Ironically, the media’s bias is what will help get Trump elected. He has very cleverly set up a situation where he is not only running against Hillary……but the media as well. Even moronic dolts are seeing the lack of, even a pretense of, objectivity when it comes to Trump.

  • Lee Ryan

    Steven, slap yourself awake. Do you watch CNN? After every debate they seem to have about 18 people on the panel. They are mostly ALL foaming at the mouth for Hillary. They might have one retired moderate/conservative who gets about 2 minutes of air time.Axelrod? There’s an objective journalist. I think I saw him wearing an Obama Tshirt once. Van Jones? Wasn’t he an advance man for Putin not so long ago? (Just between you & me, no one’s listening, you don’t think the
    “Mainstream press” is in the tank for

  • Steven Barrett

    Trump wallows in the “oh poor me, the liberal media is beatin’ up on me” strategy he set in process through his own outrageous behavior so he can have something to fall back on for “issues” and “campaign ammo” to fire back at all the liberals at the NYTs, Boston Globe, WaPO and other pillars of the “establishment East Coast press.” What he won’t admit to is for how long he was content to be part of the East Coast, particularly New York’s power establishment (albeit not in the regular press.) He sure made it a point to get in our faces through our tubes with that so-called “reality show” jokingly called “The Apprentice.” This guy has been a manipulator and a woman-ipulator, esp. the latter, for six out his seven decades.
    The fact he’s been a ladies man for since hitting adolescence isn’t exactly “breaking news” but the amount of crudeness, his willingness to brag about committing sexual assault before he ran for the highest position in the land, and the galling arrogance he’s displayed to think that his “star” status would provide some kind of protective shield against people finding out his true character stretches any reasonable person’s mind. If the press can find out the ever slightest moment of where a candidate changed his/her opinion and translate that into a “flip flop” … even though the changing might’ve been for truly legitimate reasons … Trump’s foolish egotistic arrogance in believing his “star power” would protect him against any likelihood of his true character and low integrity surfacing is now proving to be the two-edged blade he’ll have to fall on by perhaps no later than 9 p.m. on November 8th. And deservedly so. The vast majority of Americans heard what the Obamas had to say about Trump’s low character and disgusting treatment of women yesterday, esp. from Mrs. Obama. And the vast majority of American voters, good decent and wholesome voters who’ll have their mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and every other women who shaped their lives for the better in their minds and hearts.
    And it won’t be long before they say “You’re fired Donald.”

  • Steven Barrett

    Only if a nation’s citizenry and lack of civic/intellectual foundation allows it to be slavish enough to buy into the notion it needs a “strong man” or another Fuhrer like the Germans when they dismantled the Weimar Republic for the Third Reich. How’d that turn out?

  • Steven Barrett

    Why wouldn’t any respectable press in the greatest nation on earth be for Clinton, especially given the nature of Trump’s lack of character surfacing lately, even by his own admission, well, partially by his own admission at least. And why wouldn’t any credible and respectable press “be in the tank” for Hillary especially after the speech, or dressing down, “calling out,” whatever you want to call it, by Mrs. Obama yesterday in Ohio?
    BTW, I try to catch a little bit from each of the main three “talky” news channels each night, but more and more lately I’ve been looking for whatever travel, woodworking or DIY show that’s available, even if I’ve seen it numerous times before. But unlike The Donald, LOL, when I take a special gander at a “leg” on the tube, my wife doesn’t have to worry that I’m looking at another woman’s but rather a cabriolet or legs on any Queen Anne period furniture.

  • tatka150

    Absolutely right. Only somebody after the lobotomy can buy Libertad’s garbage with all these sex accusations. Look at these ugly bimbos who were paid my the lefts come out of the rocks to accuse such a great man? What a dirty games. Didn’t expect anything better from Hitlery Goebbels propaganda machine. You are correct Robert. The continuation of this mud will wake people up. Even blind could see these cheap tricks. These idiots leftists voted in 2008 and 2012 thanking to the propaganda (since there are no own brains obviously). That’s why now we are where we are. G-d sent us Trump to take America back. So vote for Trump!

  • tatka150

    Sounds great!

  • tatka150

    Just a quick FYI – Persia was the name of today Iran. Any questions?

  • tatka150

    You are anti-Semitic fool Get f**k lost moron

  • Jeannette

    We are officially and thoroughly doomed as a United nation. With the Clinton Machine running the country we are fucked

  • Z.M.

    Your Liberal (in the European sense of the term) nonsense is what caused the horrible situation the world finds itself in today. It is like permitting healthy men to mingle with those infected with plague and leprosy, and expecting those suffering from disease to be cured thereby. To the contrary, the only possible result is that all will suffer. It is likewise with wicked ideas and pernicious doctrines. Just as there must be a quarantine if plague breaks out, so there must be just laws whereby malefactors, subversives and agitators can be held in check so that they are prevented from doing what comes naturally to them; which is to act as human bacilli infecting, ravaging and if not stopped, ultimately destroying the host society. You types always point to the Fuehrer, you never speak of successes such as General Franco in Spain or Dr. Salazar in Portugal, or General Pinochet in Chile. All heroes of their countries who saved their fatherlands from murderous red beasts. Their countries were free in the true sense of the word, that is that there was liberty for the good, not for the wicked as in your decadent western “democracies”. The family was protected rather than ruthlessly attacked, there were no criminals or perverts or communists or other worthless scum to speak of. Would that the U.S. could enjoy such peace. For that to be however, the American people must be converted to the True Religion and do penance like the Ninevites. If they remain prideful and obdurate they will be humbled by God, Who will give them into the hands of their enemies as is written in Deuteronomy 28:33. May God save those who are His.

  • Steven Barrett

    Out of curiosity, what do you mean by the “one true faith” within Christianity?

  • Z.M.

    The Holy Roman Catholic & Apostolic Church, which alone was founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Steven Barrett

    Uh oh, I can tell you need to retake Church History 101 all over again. There is no such thing as the “Holy Roman Catholic & Apostolic Church” unless you’re really an Episcopalian working undercover. I’ll let you have the fun of figuring this bit o’ church history mystery for yourself. What you’ve left me with is how you can associate Jesus and His teachings with the methodologies and very secularized end-justified-any-means of social control as exemplified by the likes of Franco, Salazar and Pinochet. C’mon, you came up short. How could you leave out the Somozas, Marcoses, Batistas, the Austro-Bavarian Catholic clerics who gave Hitler their “blessings” and a few upraised right stiff arm salutes, and of course, some of our own home grown dictator wannabes like Joe McCarthy for starters. In the meantime, just remember, there is NO Holy Roman Catholic & Apostolic Church. How could it be if the Pope and Magisterium, et/al are primarily based in the Holy See, across the river from Rome, which is still the home town of the Borgias and other like-minded and worshipping fellow upstanding Catholics. At least it can be said the Borgias sure knew how to be great sponsors of terrific religious art during their “glory days.” BTW, the next time you’re in Rome, or his latest known hideout, say hello to Cardinal Bernard Law, formerly of Boston (who, prior to the fast exit of Whitey Bulger) performed the fastest jump on a plane trick in New England’s history. I wonder how that came about. Do you?

  • M.

    You can say the sky is not blue, that fire doesn’t burn, that water isn’t wet, any nonsense you like; none of it is true and it will not become true, no matter how assiduously you repeat these lies. Even the Church’s enemies have always attacked it as the Catholic, or the Roman Church. The popes go back in unbroken succession to the time of Christ Himself, the earliest writings of the Saints in the first centuries contain references to the primacy of the See of St. Peter, on and on it goes. As for evil men within the Church, it has always been so. Have you never read the Parable of the wheat and the cockle? Judas was one of the twelve. The Church Militant is composed of human beings, so it must needs be so. At any rate the august personages you have calumniated, Franco, Salazar and Pinochet were among the wheat, not the cockle. They obeyed the Law of the Gospel. They went to Holy Mass and did what they did to save their countries from the rule of the devil himself, which is what Marxism really is. The fact that they found it necessary to meet violence with violence does not make them guilty of any sin. The Christian Law not pacifistic. One has a God-given right to defend oneself from unjust aggression. To this day Chile is the best and most peaceful country in South America. Look to the supposed “worker’s paradise” set up by your beloved Marxists in Venezuela to see the contrast between the good fruit brought forth by good men and works, and the evil which springs from wicked men who work iniquity.

  • Steven Barrett

    I’ve been behind the Berlin Wall twice as a boy. I know pretty well what the ugly side of Communism is all about, esp. when it’s mixed with Soviet and East German styles of militarism. But just because Chile is at peace now, just as Germany is, it doesn’t stand to reason that many innocent non Marxist as well as non fascist or non marxist Germans and especially non Christian Germans, (let’s not forget what happened to the Jews) had to die either. I was just in a teasing way pointing out the slight and unintentional error in naming the Catholic Church by the distinction the Episcopalians gave to those Catholics in the US and elsewhere who were obedient to the Papacy. It was meant in fun, not to rattle your cage even more than it seems to be rattled now. You’re right, the Catholic Church under the leadership of the Pope, his Magisterium/Curia and successor bishops to the original Apostles appointed by Jesus is the same Church.
    And just as you rightly point out that murders and other social disruptions and forcible confiscations of private property based solely on ideological grounds is wrong.

  • M.

    How can you be this intelligent and reasonable, and yet intend to vote for a woman who approves of shedding innocent blood, who has manifested her desire to persecute those who dare oppose her criminality in any way and who has promised that she will do her utmost to foment a war with Russia, which if she succeeds may well result in most of the population being vapourized or poisoned with radiation, and civilization disappearing for several hundred years if not longer? President Putin is not one of Billy boy’s victims, he will not be bullied. His answer to her provocations will be: on your own head be it. If she is installed as president it will be God’s Judgement on the abominable wickedness of mankind. If Trump wins and is not interfered with; then mankind has received a reprieve and will be permitted to come back down the gallows’ steps. If not, then the trapdoor will open and mankind’s collective neck will be snapped.

  • Steven Barrett

    Thank you for your kind words at the top. But I’m going to have to admit to remaining (un)reasonably firm and perhaps less intelligent on the matter of who’s most fit to run the nation. That’s okay, and goes with the price of paying the dues of holding to one’s conscience and principles. I’m sure you have paid the same “price.” Consider it an honor in this day and age.
    After last night’s horribly un-presidential performance by Donald Trump, I’m even more convinced that Hillary Clinton is by far the superior nominee for the highest office. Trump’s childish charges of a rigged election and pouting threats to question the results if he’s on the short side, not to mention his babyish cheap shot of “Nasty Woman” directed at Hillary Clinton didn’t help his cause, as if he had one in the first place. Consider that at least Al Gore waiting till the election was official over before he decided to instruct his attorneys to make sure he wasn’t cheated. And he didn’t do this just for himself, but for all the people who worked hard on his behalf. And when he did surrender, he did so with grace and dignity. What’s Trump demonstrated thus far? Contempt. Even when Bernie Sanders was saying his campaign wasn’t being treated fairly, when he called an end to his campaign, he did so only after all the primary contests were over and Mrs. Clinton secured the number of delegates she needed to win the nomination, with or without super delegates. I was a Bernie supporter and sure, it still hurts. But watching Donald Trump take the oath of office next January is a hurt I sure as hell wasn’t prepared for, especially knowing full well what it would mean in terms of the kinds of people he’d bring in with him and the kinds of policies they’d enact with a likely Republican dominance of both Chambers. No thanks!

  • RD

    Can you say something good about Trump? He is a sexual predator, might have raped a 13 year old, discrimination against blacks, sued by justice department, did n’t pay taxes and didn’t disclose them .. the list goes on . There is no comparison between Trump to any other Republican or democratic candidates. It is a shame to consider voting for him. The fact that he became a republican nominee started the downfall for this county.

  • Marina Doshkevich

    The cynical way they use false rape allegations also has another positive effect that a person’t life will no longer be ruined simply because a woman accuses them of rape. It is becoming more and more clear that a very large percentage of accusations are fake, and need to be looked at carefully before a witch hunt starts.

  • Joe535p

    Update: Feb. 15, 2017. MSNBC show Morning Joe has banned Kelly Ann Conway because they say she is “not credible.” We now have a totally corrupt mainstream media including TV network news that is so biased and inaccurately reporting they are endangering the nation, example, they are claiming the Trump administration is banning Moslems which is antagonizing the Islamic world but IT IS NOT TRUE. Restricting immigration from countries without a functioning government is prudent. Now, it is the management of the major media conglomerates who are allowing the corruption, bias and prejudice in the media. Who knew they were 100% in the tank for the Democratic party which sporadically enforced the immigration laws, picking and choosing what to enforce. Because the Democratic Party the U.S. is now becoming a “banana republic”- a deterioration of everything including the Constitution.