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There have been several bombshell revelations in the Hillary Clinton email investigation in the last week, but you wouldn’t know it if you only paid attention to the mainstream media.

The FBI reversed course in saying the previously unreleased Clinton emails were not of “public interest.” The bureau previously said the public’s interest did not trump Clinton’s privacy concerns. But on Thursday, attorney Ty Clevenger convinced Department of Justice official Sean R. O’Neill to reverse the decision, the Washington Times reported.

“Any records concerning the FBI’s investigation of obstruction of justice are currently being processed by the FBI along with the remainder of the Clinton email investigation file. The FBI is publicly posting all releasable records on a rolling basis,” O’Neill said.

The reversal came just weeks after Clevenger convinced a Maryland state judge to order an investigation into how Clinton’s lawyers handled the former Democratic presidential nominee’s emails, specifically, deleting thousands of private server emails later determined to be official records.

Anne Arundel County, Md., Circuit Court Judge Paul Harris ordered the probe into Cheryl Mills, Heather Samuelson and David Kendall on Monday in a quest to prove that Clinton committed perjury.

The FBI declined to pursue formal charges against Clinton and her lawyers last year. Former FBI Director James Comey called the behavior “extremely reckless” but stopped short of classifying the actions as potentially criminal.

After news broke in March 2015 that Clinton used a private email server while conducting official business as secretary of state, Clinton’s lawyers turned over thousands of those private server emails to the State Department but deleted thousands of others they deemed “personal” in nature.

But last week, conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch released thousands of pages of new Clinton emails, which it obtained from the State Department. In those emails, Clinton and her lawyers appear to have shared classified information using private server email accounts. Judicial Watch previously sued the State Department in May 2015, demanding that more of Clinton’s emails be released to the public.

The newly published emails appear to contradict Clinton’s previous assertion that “as far as she knew,” all her government-business-related emails had already been turned over to the State Department. 

Among the newly published emails were communications in which Clinton’s longtime aide, Huma Abedin, asked her mother, Saleha Abedin, a sociology professor in Saudi Arabia, for advice on what Clinton should say to female students there during a speech in 2010, Fox News reported.

The emails further show what appears to be even more fodder for those alleging pay-to-play at the Clinton Foundation. In July 2009, for example, Keystone XL lobbyist Gordon Griffin sent an email to Clinton Foundation executive Doug Band. Griffin asked to attend a Council on Foreign Relations dinner, where the then-secretary of state was scheduled to speak. Band forwarded Griffin’s email to Abedin, writing, “Can u get him in?” Abedin responded by assuring Band, “yes, will get him in.”

These revelations only add fuel to the fire in the ongoing Clinton email controversy. Clinton’s critics see the developments as further proof that the former Democratic presidential nominee engaged in illegal activity. For Clinton’s proponents, particularly those in the mainstream media, the latest revelations are not worth mentioning.

For the most part, only conservative news outlets, such as Fox News, the Washington Times, the Washington Examiner, Townhall and the Daily Caller, have reported on the most recent developments.

To its credit, Mediaite also published an article on Sept. 14, titled, “Watchdog group accuses Clinton State Dept of ‘Pay-to-play’ after obtaining new emails in lawsuit.”

Meanwhile, mainstream media outlets such as CNN, the Washington Post and the New York Times have published plenty of stories about Clinton’s latest book “What Happened,” in which she blames everything and everyone for her loss to Donald Trump. But a Google search doesn’t return any results from those same outlets when it comes to the newly published emails.

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  • Lisa Smith

    This pales next to the outright bribery paid to the Clinton Foundation by foreign governments. When will that investigation take place?


    It is now clear that the leather-clad liar from Lesbos has been on the take since the days she was having people killed left and right in Arkansas. Every minute of her tenure as Secretary of State was spent soliciting and receiving bribes from dictators, arms dealers, human traffickers and drug smugglers, and every minute since then has been spent soliciting and receiving bribes from foreign governments and criminal elements for favors she would do them as president. Even now, after decisive rejection by the American people in an election that came frighteningly close to the sort of rigged farce typical of her miscegenated mentor’s native continent, she has set up another “foundation” that is raising money to provide her, her rapist consort and the dimwit daughter who put the “twit” in Twitter with a one-percent lifestyle. This is not going to stop until the bribe-taking baby-killing bulldyke is a bad woman’s husband in an appropriate corectional facility.

  • TED

    Doesn’t compare to Nixon-Agnew … and probably Reagan-iran Contra, too! PLUS … GOPs are continually trying to screw millions of Americans by taking away their insurance and giving even more tax breaks to the fatcats … and we haven’t even begun hearing about the inside deals with regard to Trump’s Russian shenanigans.

  • Sgt. Pepper

    Sessions has demonstrated he’s not interested in bringing anyone in the highly corrupt democrat party to justice.

  • LibbyDibs

    Ted I see you’re at it again! evasion; lying while president…Clinton could top that with her foundation tax evasion and Bill’s lying while in office.
    Reagan-Iran Contra yeah that was bad BUT taking away insurance! Get off that bandwagon and find a new drumbeat. Trying to improve the mess is a better way of saying it.
    Tax breaks to Clinton, Warren, Pelosi, Schumer and all the rest of the fat cats at the top! Oh Ted, you really need to add more to your posts…same old, same old!

  • John Cunningham

    Most, have always said a Clinton can not be embarrassed. No matter what has occurred. The big problem is, the Democrat Party is the same and, that is dangerous for America.

  • NIUHuskie

    Wow. An email from Huma Abedin to her mother? A request to get a Keystone exec into a dinner? The same Keystone that didn’t get approval for their pipeline? You guys are really publishing some meaty stuff there. I’m going to assume that if you couldn’t find anything more interesting than that this is another nothing burger. What a joke. I guess you gotta distract from that train wreck in the White House somehow.

  • Mike Caruso

    A “decisive rejection by the American people”? You mean by getting almost 3 million more votes than Trumpf? Yeah right!


    We know that at least three states were stolen for the leather-clad liar from Lesbos: New Hampshire by Massachusetts crunchies who voted twice, Virginia with the votes of thousands of felons released from prison for that purpose by her bagman and former lover and Minnesota by a surge of Somali walk-in voters. Nevada was probably stolen also by the now-traditional infusion of democrat “voters” from Oaxaca and Tegucigalpa. As for the 3 million vote “victory”, which interestingly appeared after her electoral defeat and grew for a month, without the lopsided vote totals from the malignant melanoma on America’s Left Coast she lost the popular vote, and in any case it is estimated that 10 million noncitizens voted fraudulently, so the President had a lead in legal citizen votes of several million.

  • Nancianne

    She has been protected long enough by the various investigative agencies. She has serious criminal tendencies since she has been in the public eye. There should be an independent investigation of her and the slush fund foundation !

  • spongeson

    so she lost to the worst candidate of all time to you. She also beat obama in 08 but let’s forget that

  • spongeson

    niuHuskie likes illegals and crimes. Pretty pathetic

  • deanrd123

    If you go after her, you have to go after everyone before her.
    Flynn had a private server while working at the DOD. He even gave classified material to other countries. Then, knowing all that, he was made National Security Adviser.
    Colin and Condi never turned over a single email after being ordered to by the Sate Dept.
    Colin used AOL on his Iphone, way less secure than Hillary’s server.

    If the GOP is going to put a standard out there, make sure it’s not a double standard.

  • deanrd123

    Wrong. Her tax foundation’s taxes were on line. Just like their personal taxes. NOT TRUMP’S.
    The Clinton Foundation was investigated by the GOP House, the GOP Senate, the FBI, even the CIA look at their contacts. And every news outlet in the world raked the Clinton Foundation over the coals.

    But a single reporter brought down the criminal organization known as the Trump Foundation and won the Pulitzer Prize for reporting. And the Trump Foundation is still under criminal investigation. Go look it up. It’s all fact.

  • deanrd123

    He would if there were something there.

    But remember, the Trump Foundation is still under criminal investigation. That is ongoing.

  • Gentlemanandscholar

    By who?

  • samo war
  • slippyjippy

    That’s what all this “Russia collusion” investigation is all about, taking our eye off the main focus. I wouldn’t doubt if the NFL protests and Antifa riots serve the same purpose. The Charlotesville incident was totally staged too, come to think of it.

    The left are a devious, deceitful bunch.