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President Trump gave a good speech on Tuesday night, but his presidency is still hanging by a thread. Attorney Larry Klayman says an “alternative government” in the intelligence community continues to target him. “These intelligence agencies are more powerful than the president himself,” Klayman said on the Fox Business Network. “They have the ability to blackmail people in this administration to the point that the American people’s interests are going to be subverted.”

Klayman, the founder of Freedom Watch, said, “How can he [President Trump] represent the interests of the American people when he knows the NSA is likely wiretapping everything he says with foreign leaders and everyone else?”

It may seem like ancient history, but the media used to be concerned about surveillance of American citizens by U.S. intelligence and law enforcement agencies. After President Trump was elected, such concern suddenly disappeared. In fact, the media became the recipients of illegal leaks of private conversations by Trump administration officials. One such leak forced the resignation of national security adviser Michael T. Flynn.

Claude Barfield, a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), writes that there was nothing improper with U.S. intelligence surveillance of phone calls to and from the Russian ambassador. However, in regard to Flynn, existing law does not permit the NSA or FBI to “listen to the communications of Americans who may be caught in…eavesdropping.”

The allegation that Flynn violated “the ancient 18th century Logan Act that forbids diplomatic activity by private U.S. citizens is no longer relevant, according to almost all legal experts,” notes Barfield. So the wiretaps could not be justified on that flimsy basis.

Flynn was forced out on the equally spurious grounds that he forgot to tell Vice President Mike Pence about elements of the conversations he had with the Russian official.

Barfield says that “a criminal—and certainly civil rights—violation did occur with the public leaks of the details of his conversations with the foreign ambassador from someone (or some persons) in the intelligence community.” The leak violated the Espionage Act, which makes intentional disclosure of classified “communications intelligence activities” a felony. What’s more, citing Timothy H. Edgar of Brown University, it is also a crime for national security officials “to leverage legitimate foreign intelligence collection to reveal public information in order to damage [an] individual they do not believe should serve.”

It is well-known that Flynn’s appointment as national security adviser was opposed by elements in the intelligence community, especially the CIA.

Edgar writes that “Flynn himself may be the first victim of civil liberties abuse during the Trump administration.” He says, “If officials had concerns about Flynn, the law requires they lodge those complaints through the system and not through leaks.”

This means that some intelligence officials viewed Flynn as a threat and wanted him out, using any means possible.

Edgar suggests that Flynn call the ACLU for legal help, but a far better course of action would be to call litigator Larry Klayman, who says it’s clear that “the NSA is spying on the President, his White House, and the administration in general.”

Klayman believes that “loyalists to former President Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their leftist comrades” are behind the illegal surveillance.

Former Congressman Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) told Newsmax TV that the NSA “can collect on the Russian embassy, no problem,” but that “when they collect on an American, whether it’s here in the United States or when we collect inadvertently on an American overseas, that information immediately should be what we call minimized. The name should be taken away.”

“Hoekstra explained that a court order must be granted in order to receive permission to release the name of any American captured by the NSA’s spying techniques,” the Newsmax story said.

Rather than be minimized or eliminated, the name was illegally leaked to Washington Post columnist David Ignatius. We discussed this sequence of events in the column, “Why the CIA Wants to Destroy Flynn.” Ignatius quoted “a senior U.S. government official” as the source of the information about Flynn.

During his appearance on the Fox Business Channel, Klayman discussed this illegal surveillance and offered to represent Flynn in a legal action. He repeated his claim that the intelligence community was engaged in illegal surveillance not only of Flynn but of other Trump officials, including the President himself.

Klayman has asked for an emergency hearing on this matter from Judge Richard Leon, who had previously ruled in Klayman’s favor in a lawsuit against NSA surveillance. He said the evidence suggests the existence of an “alternative government,” based in the intelligence community, which is more powerful than elected officials.

On the same program, a clip was played of Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, saying that the Flynn case represented an abuse of authority. He said that Flynn had his telephone call listened to by the government and leaked to the press, and that if this had happened to a member of the Obama administration, “you can imagine the Democrats in the House and Senate would be going crazy…”

Nunes said that, in order for the intelligence community to listen to an American such as Flynn, a special warrant is required. “I am quite sure this wasn’t done in this case,” he said.

The Washington Monthly, a liberal publication, published a story by Martin Longman that began, “When it comes to Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, I have long seen him as an informal member of the intelligence community who often acts as their mouthpiece.” Longman concluded that “the intelligence community took down Flynn…”

The official bio for Ignatius mentions that he covered the CIA when he worked for The Wall Street Journal.

At the Post, Ignatius has expressed concern about whether Obama CIA director John Brennan’s “modernization” of the agency will survive Trump. “After interviewing several dozen CIA officers and veterans over the past several months,” Ignatius wrote, “my conclusion is that Brennan’s reforms should continue…”

Based on stories like this, it would appear that Ignatius is more than willing, even anxious, to advertise his CIA connections.

Any investigation of what Trump calls “illegal leaks” should begin with him.

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  • John Wirts

    The swamp needs to be purged of anti-American, anti-Trump “SOCIALISTS”(Traitors)! They should be searched out, when they “leak” damaging information about our government. This country has listened to fake news so long that they believe it. Time to check the veracity of the media. if they are lying it is time to hold them accountable. Libel and slander are crimes and have civil liability attached too it. Time to protect innocent citizens from socialist tyrants!


    Sounds like Flynn should take this guy up on his offer to litigate the issue. It could be just the thing they need to de-throne the bad guys from the NSA, CIA, FBI and any of the other alphabet soup groups in Washington.

  • QuinsigamondMan

    Phony news in an attempt to put phony losers in office. Good lord that crap created by obozo or the one known better as barry s., his entire staff of dolts and especially the SOS 1st & 2nd all want a shot at him being the dictator it seems. Power to the people not the elites!

  • AbdelOden

    Sounds like Kincaid is more interested in where the leak came from than what the leak actually said. If Flynn hadn’t been caught in a lie, he wouldn’t have had to resign.

  • John Cunningham

    We on the Right elected Donald Trump and all had their different reasons but, we elected him just the same. The Liberals thought Barack Obama was the second coming and, not ready to turn the Country loose. If we Conservatives want our Country back then we are going to have to fight for it.

  • RMThoughts

    Much of the blame for the Geo-political catastrophe can be pinned, like a tale on a donkey, on John McCain and Lindsey Graham and their Neo-Con allies in deep-state Washington D.C.

    Everything has become about Russia and Putin.

    Putin understands at the root of the rising tensions between the West and Russia is, to a large degree, the West’s aggressive secular culture rigidly supported by America’s Main Stream press that conflicts with Russia’s sense of self which includes a favorable role for Christianity and religion in the public square.
    Now of course the sophisticates and the elites will disagree with this point of view, but who cares? The elite media like blind mice have been so wrong, for so long that they no longer have any understanding of what the truth is and no moral standing and with this troubling development they have resorted to calling any written word not sanctioned by their own club members to be “Fake News”.

  • Peter

    Klayman is right. Their is an alternative government. It is not only an alternative government. It is is the superior government, hidden behind the democratic facade.
    What Americans perceive as their democratically elected government, is only a SHADE in its shadow. As for intelligence, including the CIA and surveillance, NO SECRET IS HIDDEN FROM THEM. They cannot be tapped or eavesdropped. They don’t use phone devices. They learnt that from Samuel Breese Morse who read their telegraph tapes while installing Morse Code telegraph systems for them. He was an American, and he did send out the warning long ago as 1835, to the plot to destroy America. Still waters run deep – move slowly.
    That’s right America. You are a benign fascist puppet government. Strings are being pulled to bring out the malignancy of the true fascist government SCEPTRE OF RULERS above you, and lurking behind you, unseen, but there, in your face in fact.
    All kings and leaders of the earth are mere ‘shades’ in its sinister (it means ‘left’) shadow. This alternative government is aspiring to the fulfilment of its role of dictatorship of the globalist NWO.
    It is creeping, it is creaking, until it snaps into its desired role and goal.
    I wish I could say more. But Americans are hard of hearing.
    Ultimately, it is Satanic, and will destroy the world and its cities.
    Still, Americans prefer to be masters of their own destiny.
    It is all mapped out for you. Might be time to get a hearing-aid.