Accuracy in Media

Local television news, long the largest source of income for local stations, has been losing audience steadily over the last decade and took yet another downturn last year, according to a new study by the Pew Center for Journalism and the Media.

Among the findings:

  • Local news continues to garner more audience that cable news, but cable news passed it last year during the election season. This did not hurt the bottom line too bad since election ads led to increased revenues for local and cable news operations alike.
  • Viewership on local ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox affiliates declined 31 percent for late-night news, 12 percent for morning shows and 19 percent for early evening news.
  • Yet, stations earned 11 percent more than in 2015 and even outstripped recent election years – making $20.6 billion, compared to $20.3 billion in 2012 and $20 billion in 2008.
  • Salaries climbed 7 percent overall, with the biggest increases for news directors and assistant news directors.

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  • Realist

    There really isn’t such a thing as “local news” any more. At best so-called local news is little more than local flavored news sewn into the warp and weft of the Ruling Class agenda and it is that agenda which always constitutes the bulk and real focus of every newscast. In other words, news isn’t actually “news” in any real sense any more, it is simply the Ruling Class agenda being constantly repackaged with whatever very selective items best fit and reinforce that agenda and then regurgitated en masse. Anything outside of that agenda is declared “evil”, and is therefore strictly out of bounds.

    That is why I call the vast majority of media The Machinery of Deception and Control, because that’s exactly what it is.

  • AngelHorseMomMD223

    All my local news does is push the Seattle socialist narrative and double down on Trump hatred. Their days are numbered, they’re an extension of the democrat establishment media complex offering nothing useful but the weather which can be easily viewed in seconds with the push of a button on your weather app

  • Mesa Mike

    I’m agree with both previously posted comments (Angel and Realist at this writing). It would be interesting if there were a quality-of-advertising rating that could be factored in with income generated. Our local stations now accept more low-brow advertisers and poorer production commercials such those for personal injury trial lawyers, health supplements and gadgets and all the other “But wait, if you act now you can get two [whatever] for the same price, just add shipping and handling.” I don’t need to double down on garbage.

  • riverrat119

    Have to say I watch our local DFW news on CBS because they really do give the local news. Sure, there is the usual report on politics & Trump; however, they just hit what’s going on with him & the Republicans in Senate/House & they concentrate on local news. I live way out of the DFW area, but weather does cover my area & my children live in the DFW area so the local news is of interest to me. Hooray for most of the stations in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area because they truly do dedicate most of their news to local issues.

  • hap46

    We are Baby Boomers (born 1946) and skip the local news here in Chicagoland. It is so biased against Trump and the GOP even tho the state is $110 billion in pension debt. This sanctuary city’s lending ability is on the edge of “junk” and Mayor Emanuel keeps welcoming all the illegals. The city is full of gangs, highest rate of shootings (over 2000 since Jan. 1) but the leaders do not give a damn. Residents, white, black, brown and yellow, are moving quickly out of the state to Wisc., Indiana, Michigan, etc. in the thousands. Trump better keep his promise not to “reward” sanctuary cities because our biggest cities are all declining, ie Chicago, NY, LA, Vegas, etc.

  • robert h siddell, jr

    TV has become propaganda central for the Useful Idiots.

  • TED

    In my area of the country … which is extremely Red … the Independents and Democrats are simply sick of listeting to the continual attempted pedagogy of the local GOP blowhards … and … after the last eight-and-a-half years or so of it … are just tuning out!

  • mioahu

    oh, poor snowflakes, bunch of idiotic leftist drones, tuning out cause they can’t take that trump is in the office after their 8 year romance with HUSSEIN !
    LYING TED lives in his alternate universe where the media is conservative, just another example of the brainless drones the lefties are


    I cut the cord and went to Roku several yrs ago and never looked back. I can access some local news channels on there, but not any live feeds. All the ABC, NBC and CBS channels expect you to have a cable or satellite hook as well as the Roku box or you can’t see anything on their channels. Which is really a cheat because those channels are supposed to be free to everyone, except they aren’t unless you can pick them up on an antenna, which I can’t where I live. They started cheating everyone when they switched them to digital signals.It doesn’t really matter anyway, what passes for news these is very sad. What passes for content on most of the cable channels is even worse.

  • Jim Jordan

    It is getting closer and closer to the point that the citizens of Chicago need to form “committees of vigilance” the politicians aided by the media do not want to clean Chicago up (same most large cities any more) I used to love visiting Chicago, the great restaurants, the museums, Marshall Fields Downtown Store, Was once a wonderful vibrant city, and think what you like, but there was little of the violent crime you have today. It was held in check by Mayor Richard J Daily, he ran a crooked machine, but the city worked and visitors were safe there then. I tell everyone I know to avoid Chicago (New York, Seattle, Los Angles, San Francisco and Boston like the plague).

  • NoCoincidences

    Seattle can’t even elect a good don, like Daly’s mafia-like control of Chicago via the heavy fist method. The mayor of seattle has nothing but a limp wrist, and another looming charge of child-molestation to answer for-again.

  • NoCoincidences

    I refuse to refer to the local stations of 0prah wanna-be, life guide instructors, and personal political opinionators that work within the four walls of dens of fluff and lies, as ‘news’ of any type. Instead, all of the ‘broadcasters’ in the seattle area, should be renamed “Daily demonrat narrative and talking point media show collective”; or, in short “Reader Repeater Disinformation Dissemination Collective'”
    of lesser seattle.
    The on-air mouthpieces are in a class by themselves- (under the bottom rung).. The moment they announce their illegitimate “Breaking News” propaganda of non-important blather, everyone should know by now that that ‘news’ is nothing but pure bullsh*t and lies. Especially, LIRO 7. They must practice looking at each other and try not too laugh at each other and the ‘viewing propaganda-eaters.’ These reader-repeaters do not realize the context or content of the lines they read off the teleprompters, if they can even see them clearly to begin with. All of these socialist-loving fools can make anyone of normality, just want to vomit. Their antics surely make me want to hurl multiple instances throughout the day.

  • hap46

    The ACLU is the biggest problem in America. I’m surprised the lawyers are not enforcing the correct way to wipe your butt by now.