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Donald J. Trump was insulted by Fox News chief Roger Ailes and says he will hold an alternative event rather than participate in Thursday night’s debate. But why won’t Trump stand up to Russia’s Vladimir Putin? A series of pro-Putin remarks by a potential leader of the Free World is a far more serious matter than whether Megyn Kelly is given the opportunity to question Trump.

The Trump-Putin relationship has been labeled a “bromance” involving two men who have a fondness for one another. It is very strange, considering that Putin runs a regime that has invaded Ukraine, intervened in Syria, and has enough nuclear weapons to destroy the United States. Russian government and media officials regularly threaten to incinerate the U.S.

Ironically, on the same day Trump was pulling out of a debate sponsored by Fox News, he was on the Fox Business Network telling anchor Maria Bartiromo that Putin “hasn’t been convicted of anything,” in reference to the British report that Putin’s regime killed KGB dissident Alexander Litvinenko in London. “Have they found him guilty? I don’t think they’ve found him guilty. They say a lot of things about me that are untrue, too.” The 329-page report said Putin “probably” ordered the hit, using the standard of probable cause in a case where direct eyewitness evidence was not forthcoming from the Moscow regime. A former KGB spy who ran the KGB’s successor, the FSB, Putin had to be directly involved in such a plot, carried out by Russian intelligence on British soil. After all, Putin rules the country like a virtual dictator.

Trump, who is quick to make charges and accusations against his political opponents in the U.S., had previously said, “I haven’t seen any evidence that he [Putin] killed anybody, in terms of reporters.”

Litvinenko’s murder in 2006 by radiation poisoning followed the assassination of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, who was shot four times, once in the head. She was the target of a failed poisoning attempt in 2004.

Trump, who claims to be a real conservative, has openly emerged as Putin’s preferred candidate and boasts about his endorsement from Putin, saying, “It is always a great honor to be so nicely complimented by a man so highly respected within his own country and beyond.” The remarks gave new meaning to the term “dupe,” or “agent of influence.” Putin had said about Trump, “He is a bright and talented person without any doubt—an outstanding and talented personality.”

The back-and-forth remarks of mutual admiration raise serious questions about whether Trump, if he is elected president, would be a security risk.

A savvy businessman, Trump is certainly not dumb. His attacks on political correctness and media bias have been applauded by conservatives. He’s been critical of Communist China’s trade practices and illegal immigration. On Russia, however, he acts like a propagandist for the Putin regime.

We have cited reports dating back to 1987, during the time of the old Soviet Union, demonstrating that Trump has been seeking business in Russia and attempting to build a “Russian Trump Tower” in Moscow. One of Trump’s contacts was Russian billionaire Araz Agalarov and his company, Crocus Group. He owned Crocus City Hall, where Trump’s Miss Universe finals were held in 2013. Crocus Group had been participating in real estate talks with Trump. A member of the Kremlin elite, Agalarov was given an outstanding citizen award by Putin at a ceremony held in the Kremlin. He has been called “The Donald Trump of Russia.” At a news conference in Moscow and a subsequent interview, Trump himself talked about how business was “booming” in Russia. “I mean, you look at what’s going on in Russia, in Moscow, you look at how it’s just booming and how well it does,” he said.

Clearly, Trump was fascinated by Russia’s economic opportunities.

But does Trump’s enthusiasm for Putin’s Russia go beyond business opportunities?

At his news conference on Tuesday, where he declared that he would drop out of the Fox debate, Trump was asked by CNN reporter Sara Murray about his attacking Bill Clinton over marital infidelity, and whether Trump’s own marital infidelity was an appropriate topic. “You can bring up whatever you want to bring up,” he said.

Since he extended the invitation, it would appear that Trump’s indifference to the evidence of the evil deeds of the Putin regime means that he has no knowledge of the KGB’s use of the “honey-trap.” As explained by former KGB general Oleg Kalugin, “In America, in the West, occasionally you ask your men to stand up for their country. In Russia, we just ask our young women to lay down.” Former FBI counterintelligence chief Frank Figliuzzi told the BBC that sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman was getting “closer and closer” to seducing a sitting member of President Obama’s cabinet.  She was arrested and deported from the U.S. The documentary, “Russian Spies—Deceitful Beauties,” examines how Russia uses beautiful women to steal information and intelligence. One case involves a young Russian woman, Katia Zatuliveter, an alleged “honey-trap” spy in London who later went to work for the Russia Today (RT) propaganda channel. She denied being a spy, but former KGB officer Oleg Gordievsky said the 25-year-old woman was working undercover for Russian foreign intelligence, the SVR, and gathering information about British naval bases around the world.

One might say Trump’s personal life is his own, except for the fact that he has attacked Bill Clinton’s personal life and talks in his book, Think Big: Make It Happen in Business and Life, about the women he has “dated” over the years, including “the top models and most beautiful women in the world.” Trump, who has been married three times, wrote, “I have been able to date (screw) them all because I have something that many men do not have.”

The author of four books, including The Longest Romance: The Mainstream Media and Fidel Castro, Humberto Fontova suggests that ego is the explanation for Trump’s behavior and statements on Russia. He quotes KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov as saying back in 1985, “Ego-centric people who lack moral principles—who are either too greedy or who suffer from exaggerated self-importance. These are the people the KGB wants and finds easiest to recruit.”

Whatever the explanation, Trump’s pandering to Putin has to be addressed. As part of the National Review cover story headlined, “Against Trump,” former chief assistant U.S. attorney Andrew C. McCarthy commented that Trump did not have “a clue” about dealing with the problem of global terrorism, other than “leaving it in Vladimir Putin’s nefarious hands.” But how did this happen? Where do these views come from?

Serious journalists can’t sweep this matter under the rug.

Before he makes even more astonishingly ignorant statements about Putin’s Russia, Trump ought to take some time to read the British inquiry into the Litvinenko murder. Litvinenko was a target of his former comrades in the KGB because he exposed Russian links to organized crime, and even al-Qaeda. However, another possible motive in the murder was an article Litvinenko wrote claiming Putin was a pedophile. The article said:

After graduating from the Andropov Institute, which prepares officers for the KGB intelligence service, Putin was not accepted into the foreign intelligence. Instead, he was sent to a junior position in KGB Leningrad Directorate. This was a very unusual twist for a career of an Andropov Institute’s graduate with fluent German. Why did that happen with Putin? Because, shortly before his graduation, his bosses learned that Putin was a pedophile [sic]. So say some people who knew Putin as a student at the Institute…

Many years later, when Putin became the FSB director and was preparing for the presidency, he began to seek and destroy any compromising materials collected against him by the secret services over earlier years. It was not difficult, provided he himself was the FSB director. Among other things, Putin found videotapes in the FSB Internal Security directorate, which showed him making sex with some underage boys.

The odd spectacle of Putin quickly pulling up a boy’s white tank-top and kissing his belly raised eyebrows worldwide at the time it happened. Litvinenko had put the strange display in perspective. Putin claimed it was a spontaneous gesture of affection. “I wanted to cuddle him like a kitten and it came out in this gesture. He seemed so nice,” Putin said. On the other hand, Putin wants to appear macho. He rides horses while bouncing his bare chest for the cameras, and has posed shirtless while fishing.

In addition to his involvement in the Litvinenko case, questions are being raised about the mysterious death of Putin’s former media adviser in Washington, D.C. It appears that Mikhail Lesin, the founder of Russian propaganda channel Russia Today, was stealing money from Russia and laundering it in the United States. He was under pressure to inform to U.S. authorities about corruption by the Putin regime.

In that regard, the BBC Panorama show has run a program on “Putin’s Secret Riches,” noting how he gets a $100,000 a year salary but lives like a member of the super-rich. It is estimated that he is worth $40 billion.

Not surprisingly, RT is now featuring a story about how Putin is cracking down on corruption in Russia. Putin has even formed a Presidential Anti-Corruption Council.

Does Trump also deny that Putin is corrupt? If so, perhaps we know where Trump is getting his information about Russia. After all, his long-time adviser, Roger Stone, became a favorite of RT when Stone wrote a book using a KGB agent of influence as a source and accusing President Lyndon Johnson of ordering the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

Trump denies that Putin had Litvinenko killed. Does he believe Roger Stone’s theory that LBJ killed JFK?

You don’t have to be Megyn Kelly to want answers to this one. And what about those beautiful women in Moscow? Did Trump “date” any of them?

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  • Cuba

    If you had your choice, whom would you choose as your leader — Obama or Putin?

  • sikaniska

    Putin could probably wikileak SVR’s operational recruitment dossier on Trump and it still wouldn’t make a dent on his polling numbers. He could just spin it as his genius deal-making with the bonus of getting laid with the hottest babes in Russia. And even if he were a double agent, everybody knows who is more important to Trump, Putin or Trump himself : )

  • Robert M. McAdam

    Putin should be our ally…not our enemy. We should stand shoulder to shoulder fighting Islamofacists. We have much more in common with Russia than with Saudi Arabia.

  • Enough is Enough!

    When is this election over? Too much time, energy and press on this! Elect Trump and lets get the show on the road. Time for a major change down south and for USA to get the respect and a leader who will get the same on the world stage!

  • tompro97

    …So – WHAT’S YOUR POINT??? You have nothing but half-baked
    “facts”, a report that says Putin “might” have been responsible, and NOTHING else. You are just like the rest of the MSM trying to stir up trouble for Donald and you are failing miserably.


  • Pete Wagner

    Only maniacal creeps and brainwashed idiots consider Putin an enemy. Regular Americans agree with Trump, best to respectfully deal with other nations for mutual benefit.

  • Shawn

    ok, this is really bizzare. I can’t stand lame stream propaganda, state sponsored BS media. So, i find this “Accuracy in Media” page and think hmm this could be good. But NOOOOOOOO you go on to say Putin “invaded” Ukraine??? It was a freaking coup d’etat. You’re just another puppet media source. Lame stream media touted the “Putin Invasion” for months on end.
    I’m calling you out, this is another pathetic media source.

  • Austinniceguy

    Talk about truth in media. I’d rather have Putin as an ally than an enemy. In fact, the current administration has done everything possible to alienate as many of our allies as they could and Trump will have to re-establish those fractured relationships. Hitlery and Burnout would have us believe that Merkel and the rest of the European morons are our friends. They’ve opened the gates of hell letting all those savages into their countries and want us to share in ruining our country, as well. This is what Trump is wanting to avoid…

  • Gary Causer

    Let me see..Why would a candidate have to “stand up” to Putin? Is running for president?
    Love these haters all hat and no cattle!

    Let’s go #Trump and hurry!

  • patriotrenegade

    Comparing putin to faux is apples and oranges, different issues yet the CFR owned media counts on us being stupid. The bimbo has had her wings clipped, she oozes evil with her smirk, and last night had on long time anti Trump prostitutes goldberg, stirewalt, and others. goldberg is a snobb and TIREWALT is a trained monkey.

  • RMThoughts

    Trump is focusing on the party that has damaged America the most.

    Advertently or inadvertently, Trump has taken the progressive ideology that is the essence of neo conservatism. Trump is exposing the immense number of faux-conservatives in media and political punditry; Trump is exposing the scope of the neocon anti-American interest.

    There’s two story-lines to this Fox News “Get Trump” narrative. One is a corporate Fox media set-up with bimbo Kelly; the other is the reason for the Fox corporate need to get Trump out of the way. The former deals with the petty instructions from Rupert Murdoch and his band of fools; the latter deals with Murdochs own political agendas: Open Borders/Amnesty and Asian Trade-Deals (TPP) etc.

    He’s taking on all the “Deceptineocons” for the rest of us “nuts”…. or Whacko-birds, or Hobbits, or Crazies, or…whatever the name du jour happens to be.

  • sybarite123

    Again, Mr. Kincaid is very hostile toward President Putin who is perhaps the most Christian World leader. Mr. Kincaid thinks that Russia intends to nuke America. Russia is just readying itself to repulse further attacks by the West and its Communistic One World Government. Putin knows well that the West has lost its Judeo-Christian roots. Putin and Russians in general have been inoculated against Communism having endured it for some 70 years. The West, on the other hand, is becoming more and more secular, anti-religious, Socialist and Totalitarian. Russia cannot save the West, but it certainly will do its best to ward off the West’s Corruption from infiltrating its Institutions and people.
    Cliff Kinkaid has a somewhat neo-con attitude toward the former Soviet Union and its President. A retired Catholic priest in Canada.

  • sybarite123

    Well said. Although I must add that the West is opposed to Russia on Religious grounds. Putin is the most Christian World Leader while the West has lost its soul, its Judeo-Christian Heritage, from which all our Freedoms have come. And The West is well on its way to Totalitarianism.

  • sybarite123

    I agree. Although I respect Mr. Kincaid, I strongly disagree with his views on Putin and Russia. Putin is the best leader on the World Stage, and, BTW, the most Christian. Just think: OBAMA!

  • hap46

    Maybe its my age, but I remember when the CIA had assassins got rid of the “bad guys” in other parts of the world. People clamored that we need transparency and negotiations rather than outright killings. Ummm, that has brought us Al Quida and ISSIS.

  • RMThoughts

    Trump is the only candidate who will pull the US back from the brink of war with Russia and China. All the other candidates want to shove us over that edge.

  • Steve Tanton

    It’s a little early for that one Cliff – he ain’t president yet. No need to show his cards. Besides, he believes as I believe to take off where Reagan finished – be should be working with the Russians and not against them. Seriously I can’t believe you wrote what you wrote. If you are this naive about foreign affairs, don’t write about it. (And bad last line – not professional.)

  • Marcus Grant

    dirty article by dishonest author – a piece of propaganda…

  • Gz7

    What have our current leaders done to contain Putin? Let’s talk about that first, then we can compare Trump’s position to theirs. Hypocrites.

  • Gz7

    We have to wait a little longer. In the mean time our enemies know that with Zero in office they can do as they please. And they have, and will continue to.

  • Gz7

    We need to remember that the fake conservatives in DC despised Regan too. We never had a Conservative party to begin with. We need to reorganize and form a nationalistic political party. One that puts country ahead of political usurpers and criminals.


    Just because two men respect each other doesn’t make it a bromance. I can understand Putin, he is disgusted with Obama, after all he is an embarrassment to us everywhere he goes. Trump is a business man, he knows how to get things done, he also knows how to get those things done without being weak, whiny, slimy or giving away the farm to do it. Is Putin corrupt? Well yes, but he’s still the guy you have to deal with to prevent all out nuclear war with Russia. Megan Kelly should know all of these things, she is just allowing her personal dislike of Trump to get in the way. There is no room for personal likes and dislikes in politics, you don’t elect the guy with the best hair, nicest smile, best features or best manners. You elect the guy you need to get the job done.

  • Trump’s abilities are constantly being demeaned by “thinker” types who are BETA MALES, the trendy term for pantywaste. Obama is in this mold and so is the new Amerika. Usually I agree with Cliff,even bought a book of his,but I would rather have Trump in the Presidency than ANY POLITICIAN. The politician mentality has ruined this country and hopefully Trump will do what his word says. If he does what he says, he can be a great shaper of a better USA NOT AMERIKA !!

  • RMThoughts

    The author is the neoconservative that Trump exposes.

  • terry1956

    We should not have either as an ally.
    Actually the US should not have any ally but especially not Russia, Red China and a majority Fundamentalist Moslem nation.
    The only allies the US should have is with US states and US territory so if a foreign nation wishes to be entangled with the US then it should apply to the US Congress for statehood and while waiting on the decision apply to congress to become a US territory.
    Yes it is sometimes maybe often a good idea to work with a foreign nation for the defense interest of the US but temporarily, on our terms and we should only pay for results or be paid for helping or giving territory for helping.
    Of course we likely need to get back to taking territory from our enemies when we go to war against them which we basically stopped from some very foolish reasons after the Spanish American war.

  • LaTisha Jackson

    Mr. Kincaid is right. I bet he feels insulted when has to converse with people below the top of the pyramid…even though today’s top is lower…no Socrates or Cicero or Tolstoy there, but Jeff Nyquist is…comfort junkies do not EVER grasp the truth…the overfed, overentertained and the purposeless do not have enough of the spirit to get any picture right…as spirit does not develop in comfort…they live in the world of opinions…what Yury Bezmenov refers to is THE INFERIORITY. Most Americans today are inferior people, including Trump. It is very important to understand the difference between the inferior and the superior. Let’s say, the BIG THREE: Jeffrey Nyquist, Trevor Loudon and Cliff Kincaid are superior. Trump is inferior. He suffers from the inferiority complex (sounds funny, ha?). The SUPERIOR create long lasting products (of spirit), and live for STRANGERS, while the inferior – don’t. Why do you think an important-looking Jewish lawyer or broker from Beverly Hills is such a deranged lunatic, perhaps genetic garbage, and does feel the inferiority inside, and MUST cover it up, by diplomas, a Bentley, some membership, posh vacations, etc…? For the same reason. He creates ZERO VALUE for the society. He lives for HIMSELF. Trump lives for himself, not for the society. I’ve seen people at the VERY TOP of today’s pyramid. NONE OF THEM behaves this way. BTW, Dr. Carson does belong to the top. Unlike the red-faced NARROW SPECIALISTS. Listen to him CAREFULLY. A Pro Truth Hunter with a very developed SPIRIT. Comfort Junkies MUST lose comfort to lose the inferiority. In other words the very reason why the American Idiots displaced the American Indians – to build a TOTALLY COMFORTABLE SYSTEM (AKA “American Dream”) as a guarantor of happiness is a scam, fetish, utopia, i.e. The United States is a FAILED EXPERIMENT.

  • LaTisha Jackson

    SUPERB! MOLODEZ! Since the wizards of the Red Square-Lubyanka, Inc. have been worn out, no money, no honey lately…plus the whole mess over there, they can not prepare a proper plant, like the current one, or the clin-tones, or carter…so, they have to make lemonade from…Trump…all that was said to him was the two magic words: “Remember Monica”? You don’t want another Monica in your life right now, do you? So, do whatever you want, just don’t touch us…oh, and as a bonus for the good behaviour – at the end of your presidency you will double your unreal estate portfolio (why “unreal”? Because REAL ESTATE is your TALENT)…and meanwhile, we will help you out…a little… with the voting machines from venezuela, kay-gee-bee assassins, “voters” arriving on buses …If needed, we can repeat 9/11, sudden drastic changes in wheather, Boston, San Bernardino, BP Oil Spill, church and school massacres, even Paris and Turkey…just let us know.

  • Mykola Banderachuk

    Seriously??? Putin as an ally??? You might as well be an ally with hitler

  • Mykola Banderachuk

    Totally funny comment

  • Mykola Banderachuk

    Putin is a rabid dictator and tyrant. I hear he is also a closet pedophile


    And if you don’t see him going away anytime soon, he has to be dealt with by someone he will actually deal with doesn’t he??

  • Steve Tanton

    I think this author is terribly naive. One does not attack the very man he needs to work with when he gets into office when he is NOT in office. As for the constant harping on things of Crimea and things in Ukraine by often well-known pundits, it seems to me that they know less of Russia and more of popular nonsense that befits more the commonplace fool in Congress than a well-educated foreign affairs specialist.

  • Steve Tanton

    Not only is your last line a little too personal and insulting, you need to watch the new flick on Netflix to understand a better theory on who killed JFK. The LBJ theory is old, tired and lacks evidence.