Accuracy in Media

Some “prominent Republicans and conservative news media outlets” are being accused by The Washington Post of rallying around the cause of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who made derogatory comments about “Negroes” and has been discredited as a racist.

But Glenn Beck, the prominent conservative TV and radio host, did not fall into the trap. He concluded early on that the Nevada rancher was “unhinged” and not worthy of support, after noting that some followers of radio host Alex Jones were “deeply embedded” with the Bundy family and preparing for a confrontation with federal agents.

“These guys are dangerous. They are looking for revolution. They are looking for a fight,” Beck said of the Alex Jones disciples.

Recognizing a dangerous situation in the making, when armed federal agents tried to seize Bundy’s cattle, Beck urged a peaceful response to the conflict. Eventually, the federal agents were withdrawn, and bloodshed was avoided.

Jones is being inaccurately described in some reports about the controversy as a “conservative” when, in fact, he insists he is a “libertarian.”

What is an established fact is that Jones has a habit of exploiting legitimate conservative issues for his own benefit. He is a 9/11 “truther” who thinks the September 11, 2001 attacks were carried out by a secret cabal and that Muslims were unfairly blamed.

In a decision he has probably come to regret, Sean Hannity of Fox News had followed Jones’ lead on the Bundy case. Bundy’s comments about the “Negro” being better off under slavery caused Hannity and other responsible conservatives to denounce the rancher.

Bundy had commented, “Negroes abort their young children, they put their young men in jail, because they never learned how to pick cotton. And I’ve often wondered, are they better off as slaves, picking cotton and having a family life and doing things, or are they better off under government subsidy? They didn’t get no more freedom. They got less freedom.”

Beck said, “If he really thinks…that slaves had a family life, just that shows you how unhinged from reality this guy is! You’ve got to distance yourself. You must know who you are standing next to at all times.”

Hannity backed away from Bundy, saying, “All right, allow me to make myself abundantly clear. I believe those comments are downright racist. They are repugnant. They are bigoted. And it’s beyond disturbing. I find those comments to be deplorable, and I think it’s extremely unfortunate that Cliven Bundy holds those views.”

Jones, however, is still defending Bundy, insisting that he is really “pro-black” and that he has been “demonized” by the media and that his comments were taken out of context.

Jones had also claimed that Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid (NV) was behind the attempt to force Bundy off the land, so that the Chinese could erect a solar energy complex there. Beck’s website The Blaze debunked that and other sensational claims.

But Jones’ lunacy goes beyond stoking domestic confrontations and sparking calls for revolution. A frequent guest on the Russia Today (RT) propaganda channel, he defended the Russian invasion of its former republic of Georgia in 2008, and his websites are now defending the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine.

CIA Will Soon Roll Out Death Squads to Deal With Activists in Eastern Ukraine,” is the headline over one Alex Jones “Prison Planet” story about how the government of Ukraine supposedly intends to deal with Russian-led movements inside their territory. The story includes a clip of the Russian foreign minister from the Iranian propaganda channel Press TV.

One Jones website even runs pro-Russian propaganda from the Voltairnet website, promoting what it calls a “strategy against imperialism and Zionism.”

If violence had occurred in Nevada between federal agents and Bundy family members and supporters, one can safely assume Jones would have blamed the so-called “globalists,” supposedly pulling the strings behind the scenes. He occasionally airs the view that shadowy members of the Bilderberg group, a private group of wealthy and influential Americans and Europeans, are actually running national and global events.

A staple of the Jones approach is to claim that terrorist incidents, such as 9/11 and the Boston bombings, are carried out by the federal government so that “neocons” can claim a pretext for going to war on behalf of Israel.

Going even further than this typical approach, a Jones website is currently featuring a “Voice of Russia” story about the Boston bombing being a “false flag terrorist attack,” featuring “fake blood, make-up artists and smiling ‘victims.’”

Another pet cause of Jones is the marijuana movement, a fact that may explain a lot of his appeal. He promoted a movie called “Guns And Weed: The Road to Freedom,” in which the combustible combination of drugs and firearms is somehow viewed as the salvation of America, a source of jobs, miraculous medical treatments, and armed defense against sinister forces trying to take away people’s rights.

Ironically, this stance puts Jones on the same side of the debate as George Soros, supposedly his nemesis and one of the architects of the “New World Order” that Jones claims to reject.

Soros has been a major funder of the marijuana legalization movement.

“Anybody with two remotely active brain cells to rub together knows that marijuana prohibition is absurd,” says Jones associate Kurt Nimmo, ignoring the scientific evidence linking the drug to mental illness.

Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, a fan of the Alex Jones movie, “The Obama Deception,” is a concrete example of what happens when Jones’ theories are accepted by potheads with mental problems.

A marijuana addict, he tried to kill President Obama by shooting at the White House, and was recently sentenced to 25 years in prison because he came to believe the federal government was standing in the way of marijuana legalization. The Jones film portrays Obama as a secret CIA operative.

Instead of warning against marijuana causing mental illness, Jones sells a “fluoride shield” ($40 a bottle) of “herbs and ingredients,” supposedly to protect people from the effects of a mineral used mostly for cavity prevention. Since fluoride is in the water, Jones also sells water purification systems.

Demonstrating similar paranoid delusions to those that drove Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, Jones is now accusing Beck of being a “globalist tool” and pawn of the CIA because he didn’t embrace Cliven Bundy’s grazing “rights” on federal land, a right that he had already lost in state court.

Beck is a “Judas Goat,” Jones says.

The controversy serves to illustrate how Jones, whose remarks are regularly highlighted by the popular “Drudge Report,” is poisoning the minds of many conservatives and Tea Party members who think Jones is on their side.

Jones gave the Drudge Report credit for igniting the national coverage of the confrontation in Nevada, and complained when Hannity tried to take center stage in coverage of the confrontation. Bundy went on both of their shows.

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  • jaimelmanzano

    I suspect that prejudice is endemic in most cultures. It seems that we all walk around with chips on our shoulders waiting for someone to knock them off. When holding a prejudice becomes a violation of law, it weakens one’s freedom of speech and thought. On the left, think of the ire one experiences when the words “Tea Party” are used to describe others. One’s prejudice of the day seems to be used to substitute the words thoughtlessly. On the right, think of the annoyance one experiences when one is called a racist for opposing the President and Obamacare. One would hope that the force of law would be restrained from serving to limit the freedoms of individuals to conform to the politically correct and empowered. Prejudice is virtually impossible to avoid. As a Black mayor in DC once said, “Get used to it.” General Stilwell had a better one. “Illegitimati non corborundum.” i.e., “Don’t let the bastards you down.”

    Keep cool.

  • efred1

    So, just what did Bundy say about Negroes? Not just a snippet, but the whole statement; a short ‘catchphrase’ taken out of context can take on a completely different meaning. Just look at the catchphrase “Separation of Church and State”, for example. Fools have been using it for nearly 200 years as “The” battlecry for government-sanctioned atheism, but “the wall of separation between Church and State” was intended to mean the exact opposite – Jefferson was explaining that the government was not to interfere with nor sanction specific churches or faiths, or lack thereof, yet, that’s exactly what the government has been doing like a herd of jackels on a carcass for the last 50 years or so.
    From what I read here, I believe he was trying to say that blacks do actually abort a great majority of their progeny, and because their children are not raised in a two-parent home, there’s no discipline, and as a result, a great portion of them end up in jail, or dead. And because there’s no home life, and the government subsidizes a large percentage, they’ve never had the benefit of learning the satisfaction of doing a good day’s work, be it in a factory, an office, or even in the fields tending a crop. As a result of Johnson’s “War on Poverty”, the government has heaped mountains of money on predominantly black people, and “provides” for them from cradle to grave. As a result, blacks overwhelmingly are blindly loyal to the Democrat Party, and will eagerly do their bidding. They are slaves – but willing slaves.
    Historically, not all slaves in the south were treated worse than a rented mule; a great portion were allowed their own communities on the plantation where there was some structure. It was somewhat rare that a plantation owner abuse his slaves – it wasn’t profitable. I emphatically state that slavery is wrong: whether the slavemaster is some person sipping mint julips on the porch wearing a panama hat while watching his slaves work in the hot sun; or worse yet, a government that strives to keep a demographic voting block poor, uneducated, stupid, parentless, and blindly loyal. Which do you find worse and more abhorrent?
    Give the poor man the benefit of the doubt.


    I think the point the man was making about the slave thing, is that the blacks are even more slaves to the Democrat party and their handouts than they were before as true slaves. They are kept just a ignorant and just as dependent. At least before they were working for their own upkeep on the farms so they knew some useful things. They don’t even do that now. The black leaders that supposedly work for their benefit like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are just there for what they can get, they have sold out their own people a 1000 times over. They know they aren’t helping them, they just don’t care. They don’t push to bring the blacks up to meet a decent standard of life, they push to bring everybody else down to the lowest level possible to make everybody the same. Sadly it was the worst day in America when they integrated the schools, not because it was a bad idea, but because it has been used to make all our children stupid and compliant instead of raising the black children up to a higher level of education. Idiots, black idiots, claiming that the black kids weren’t capable of passing the tests, pushed to get the standards lowered again and again and again. This should have insulted and infuriated the black community, after all these people were claiming their children are substandard and border line retarded, but no they never said a thing, just jumped on board and rode the hand out train.

    Just because no one wants this mans statements to be true doesn’t mean they aren’t and the fact that Beck is afraid to take on Harry Reid, really says something. Is he really afraid or just another talking head distracting from the real issues?

  • philbest

    Yeah, that’s what I thought of Bundy’s comments too – just ignorant, not actually malicious against negroes. Actually, the way I read it, he was saying he cared about their current condition. As usual the libbewwal media will read a lot more into it to score points against conservatives.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Good to see a report on the type of people who are in Bundy’s camp.
    Alex Jones and his mentor Ron Paul are the type who feed Bundy
    and his types. They are not Conservatives but Libertarians who believe
    you don’t have to follow the law. You don’t have to pay grazing fees over the many years, just do what you want.
    Those who follow the Jones – Paul Libertarian agenda also hear from them,
    anti Jewish, pro Islamic propaganda along with 9/11 Truther

    and support for traitor Snowden, aided by KGB trained Putin and Neo Marxist handler Greenwald.
    Those conservatives who jumped early on the Bundy wagon I hope have seen, knee jerk responses are not wise. Do the research.
    These Libertarians are no friends of Conservatives.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    For the record, I disagree with Kincaid that Alex Jones is a lunatic. This is not fair. He’s the only one actually telling the world about the Bilderbergers and the elitists’ desire for elimination of nations’ sovereignty under UN control.
    I also support Bundy and agree with Ron Paul that the BLM should never have been given arms.
    The bigger the government, the smaller the people.

  • kuhnkat

    Bundy, like all of us, has his worts. But why are you willing to believe the New York Times over reality??? Here is the full link and the NYTraitors version to see how badly you have abused this man.

    Yes, the blacks may have been better off under slavery than what is being done to them now. Back then they could escape to a non-slave state. Now where can they go when they are chained by their indoctrination?!?!

  • Mr. Smith

    <=== 3 faces, One America. I am a Transracial American. I judge people by their character, not their color. Mr. Bundy has a right, under the 1st amendment to say or call anyone anything, save that "fire" argument. I gave up 25 years of my life protecting that right. Let anyone who has not said something hateful or stupid(Joe Biden) be the 1st to "throw stones" at Mr. Bundy. It is not just blacks who are becoming slaves again to the tyranny of Progressives. Lately, the NAZI Flag could be all the colors of the "rainbow", the way militant gays are acting. No matter what one says, the American Revolution was a Conservative Revolution. That war to take the bonds of tyranny off a people, did something that could have been done at any time in human history, where the Horse & Wagon were the height of industrial power, it made people free, with self rule, for the 1st time in human history. Then in just over 300 years, we went literally from the horse & buggy to the Moon. That could have happened at any time, but it didn't because no Government, King, Pharaoh etc never allowed there "people" to be free. Freedom from tyranny & being allowed to promote one’s self interest, capitalism, is the best & greatest thing we have done…so far! In addition, I find it strange that Progressives today, try to assign moral values of today, to 14th, 15th century explorers & 17th century Americans. Hell, the American, murdering terrorist Bill Ayers, thinks we should have applied 23rd century Star Trek Prime Directive & has said as much. With that kind of flawed reasoning you can go all the way back & say the every modern man is guilty of killing, enslaving & breeding Neanderthal & Cro-Magnon man out of existence!

  • Michael Geer

    Well, that does it for me. Cliff you just joined the ranks of Judas Goat with Glenn (I’m Power Mad) Beck.

    You sad, media lapping knuckleheads.

  • Cowboy

    Cliff – You sir, are a stooge. Not because your buying into the race card anti-Bundy rant but because you completely miss the point? This discussion shouldn’t be about Bundy! This is about why the federal government shows up on a citizens property with weapons and a militarized force when this could and should have been handled in a much more peaceful manner. The discussion should be about why our federal government has militarized all departments that operate primarily on American soil? But, as usual, this and many other important issues get deflected to the MSM so they can distract the American public into another agenda more suited to their propaganda campaign. Bundy is just a cowboy trying to point out that we are ALL slaves and the fact that Harry Reid thinks he is a domestic terrorist is a far more interesting point that should also be considered in this dialog?

  • Mike Foley

    Whatever you think about Cliven Bundy, I’d like to know why Feds own all that land in Nevada. Why doesn’t Nevada own it? Is it a National Park?

  • Joe Westphal

    Alex Jones is crazy. He keeps making mistakes, but his fans keep forgiving him. Remember when he had people running for the hills in terror in 2000 because he said the Russians had launched a nuke?

  • jsmappy

    Resorting to writing hit pieces now Cliff? There is no agenda here is there.

  • terry1956

    Mr. Kincaid, while you so often get reports right, you are so seriously wrong here in connecting the family with Jones.

  • terry1956

    Legally the federal government does not own or manage that land.
    The Constitution restricts the federal government in the states from owning or managing any land, buildings not used strictly for constitutional enumerated federal powers which as Madison said was few and defined.
    Madison also said federal land, buildings etc was to be used for security reasons.
    So National Parks are not even allowed.
    Does the Bundy family have a valid claim on the land, does the state of Nevada or Clark County I’m not sure but its a fact that the federal government has no valid legal claim under the US Constitution or American common law despite even what the Nevada State Constitution may say.

  • terry1956

    You make some good points except towards the last in saying that blacks under slavery had it better than then which is total nonsense, it nonsense just as Mr. Kincaids claims against Bundy is.
    Today the 5 boxes of freedom can be used by black people including the south, maybe even more so in the south than the northeast but still even in the northeast.
    In the South and even in parts of the North before the war between the states blacks could not use the last 4 boxes and attempting to use the first box was very risky and stood a good chance in resulting in death of the ones using that box and those helping.
    Fredrick Douglas said all free people must be able to use 3 boxes, the ballot box, the jury box ( with the jury being told of their veto authority for the benefit of the defendant against the written law) and the ammo box.
    an essay at the Noland Chart website from 2008 describes the other two boxes- the Moving Box and the Soap Box.

  • terry1956

    One can see the serious misinfo that Alex Jones gives but still see the truth he sometimes reports.
    But this has nothing to do with the Bundy events except that Alex Jones is just one source that reported on the event.
    Mr. Kincaid is wrong to make more out of it although he has been right about Alex Jones in a few other reports especially pointing out the 9/11 ” truther” nonsense.

  • terry1956

    It appears that in both this article and the comment side false info is being told by two or more sides.
    First the Bundy family did not break the law since the federal government has no constitution authority to own or manage that land.
    Second while Alex Jones is often wrong and Mr Kincaid in the past has sometimes pointed out where Jones was wrong the fact is Jones has nothing to do with the Bundy event except reporting and yes drumming up support similar to other sources.
    Third while Ron Paul is to neive about Iran, The Palestine government,Hamas the Arab nations, Russia and Red China to be president clearly he is not anti sematic or anti Isreal and he had support of groups such as Jews For Ron Paul and Zionist for Ron Paul.
    Ron Paul made the valid argument that the US federal government should not be given foreign aid to Isreal or her enemies.
    The federal government gives over 50 billion a year in foreign aid to foreign governments and the UN.
    That should be giving to our full time troops instead, many with familes on food stamps.
    50 billion would give every troop from E-1 to generals an across the board raise of over an extra 25,000 dollars a year plus give the National Guard and Reserves a big income boost.
    Yes Congress may legally issue letters of Marque to even foreign governments but it should be based on results for services that actually benefits the defense of the US not an out right grant of aid.
    Isreal is clearly the best friend of any foreign government the USA has, even much better than Canada and the UK but Russel Kirk was right in saying that some neoconservatives forget that the US capital is in DC not Tel Aviv.
    Of course some other groups that play up to RT seems to think the Capital of the USA is in Moscow, others think Red China, others think Brussels, others think Iran, others think Sadui Arabia.

  • terry1956

    Good points, although Mr. Bundy made some bad choices in words which he later clarified, as did one of his sons.
    I don’t think Beck is afraid of Reid, I just think like Mr. Kincaid and Alex Jones he some times reports inaccurate info as facts.
    the reasons for the inaccurate report may vary from time to time or be mostly because of one reason, from not knowing the facts or being mislead by others, to maybe commercial reasons, to having such a big ego as to not be willing to admit a mistake , not be willing to admit the mistake for commercial reasons, not be willing to report the truth or be willing to admit a mistake out of fear of personal harm, harm to family or friends, maybe laziness, maybe a lack of enough skills.
    Who knows all the reasons that sometimes Mr. Beck, Mr. Jones and Mr. Kincaid are accurate and sometimes they are not.

  • kuhnkat

    Nice Strawman terry1956. Try looking up the word MAY in a dictionary and open your mind to the degradation of modern gubmint housing and leftard promoted corrupted society. How is there freedom when you have been indoctrinated into a victim class?!?!