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In a story about the Women’s March on Washington, Time magazine published various “Portraits of Dissent” that included the views of a 17-year-old Calvert County, Maryland, high school senior with the words “Nasty, Queer, Bitch,” marked on her cheeks and forehead. She was quoted as saying rights were in danger because of the Trump presidency and that Vice President Mike Pence “is someone that supports electroshocking people like me to turn us into people we aren’t.”

Pence never said any such thing. But where did this fictional and irrational claim come from? And why did Time publish this lie?

A new report from the National Task Force for Therapy Equality to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) identifies precisely where many of the false claims are originating. The report, entitled, “Lies, Deception, and Fraud,” accuses the Southern Poverty Law Center, Human Rights Campaign, and the National Center for Lesbian Rights of a hate campaign designed to ban psychotherapy for individuals with sexual and gender identity conflicts.

You may recognize the Human Rights Campaign as the pro-Obama group that furnished a speaker for the FBI’s recent gay “pride” summit.

In one case documented in the report, a transgendered woman associated with a New Jersey homosexual-rights organization claimed she had been tortured at a “conversion therapy camp” and that it constituted “child abuse.” But no such camp ever existed. It did exist in a 1999 movie, “But I’m a Cheerleader,” starring drag queen RuPaul. In Washington State, gay rights advocates claimed that children were subjected to shock therapy and ice baths to get them out of the lifestyle. No evidence of such practices was ever presented.

Evidence shows that same-sex attractions can be changed through counseling and can result from bad relations with a parent or sexual abuse. Indeed, the Restored Hope Network (RHN), representing the largest coalition of ex-homosexual ministries in the world, just held a national conference.

The National Task Force for Therapy Equality is part of the Equality And Justice For All, a coalition of psychotherapists, psychiatrists, physicians, public policy organizations and clients. The co-coordinator, Christopher Doyle, is a former homosexual who says that therapy changed his life. He is now married to his wife and they have five children.

Despite claims in the media that people are born gay, this is a myth perpetuated by left-wing homosexual organizations. There is no scientific evidence for the claim. Another myth is that counseling away from same-sex attraction involves shock therapy. There is no evidence whatsoever that the technique has been used or coerced on children or adolescents to modify sexuality.

Perhaps the best known of the three organizations cited above, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), calls the idea of counseling homosexuals to leave the lifestyle “quackery.”

The SPLC has a notorious reputation, even on the left. It raises money by using terms like “homophobia” and “Islamophobia” to demonize people supporting traditional Christian values. The group’s “Hate Map” of conservative organizations inspired a homosexual militant to launch a terrorist attack on the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the Family Research Council in 2013. It was “liked” on Facebook by the left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter who tried to massacre a group of Republicans at a baseball game outside of Washington, D.C.

Its fundraising practices, which have generated a reserve fund of about $300 million, are at the heart of the complaint by the National Task Force for Therapy Equality to the FTC. The FTC complaint asks for action to be taken against the three organizations because they use “deceptive and fraudulent” claims. Such claims, of course, are prominently featured in the liberal media, which regularly refer to the SPLC as a “civil rights” organization.

On a national basis, six liberal states and several cities and jurisdictions have passed legislation banning licensed psychotherapy for minors with unwanted same-sex attractions and general identity conflicts. The legislation has been driven mostly by the three organizations mentioned above and local homosexual groups working with them.

Still, most states have refused to follow. And the 2016 Republican Party platform declared, “We support the right of parents to determine the proper medical treatment and therapy for their minor children.”

Bans on therapy also harm people who have been victims of sexual abuse and developed a same-sex attraction as a result of the abuse. The Equality and Justice for All website notes, “Children who have been molested by a same-sex adult and are confused about their sexual orientation as a result of the sexual abuse will be denied access to therapy simply because it is not gay-affirming. In effect, a child will be molested twice—first by the perpetrator and then again by the political environment, which refuses to treat the child unless he sees a gay-affirming therapist.”

Needless to say, as demonstrated by the Time magazine “Portrait of Dissent” cited earlier, some people seem to think that methods of brutal force are used to turn people away from the gay lifestyle. In fact, psychotherapy involves talking to people who want to leave their state of sexual confusion or unwanted sexual attraction through what are called “sexual orientation change efforts.”

While the FTC complaint has received some coverage from conservative and Christian news organizations, the major media have remained mostly silent. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that all of the major news organizations, including Fox News, financially underwrite the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association and follow its dictates. This group, which now accepts transgendered and “queer” people, asserts in the face of the scientific evidence that gays are born that way and that choice has nothing to do with it. Yet, the wife of New York City Mayor Bill “Red Bill” de Blasio is an ex-lesbian.

The claim by the young lesbian in Time magazine that Vice President Pence “supports electroshocking people like me” is an example of the falsehoods that continue to be peddled by the media. What Pence did say, in a 2000 campaign statement, was that he supported providing assistance to “those seeking to change their sexual behavior.”

Only in a culture dominated by a pro-homosexual media would such a statement be considered offensive and transformed into a demand for shocking homosexuals out of their lifestyle.

The only shock therapy practiced today is a form of media bias that makes sexual perversion acceptable and eliminates any mention of the ability to change or even cure a lifestyle that carries major health risks.

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  • Petrinoid

    (CNN) – When presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s husband, Marcus, addressed accusations that his Christian counseling business encourages homosexual clients to try to change their sexual orientation, he appeared to play down the role of so-called conversion therapy at his clinics.

    “Is it a remedy form that I typically would use?” Bachmann told Minnesota’s Star Tribune newspaper. “It is at the client’s discretion.

  • Paul Anderson

    I am shocked at just how many individuals, alow themselves to be deceived, by the propaganda spewed by the left. Propaganda intended to deceive and derail the minds of the foolish.
    As for “Gender Orientation” promoted by the Cultural Marxist, Genetic Research has settled this issue, as to whom is male or female. If one chooses to alter their genetic makeup, they do so at their own peril.
    When the will of man, runs contrary to the will of God ie Creator ,the consequences can and usually are disastrous. The record of Ancient History, bears this to be true.

  • TED

    Trump publicly lies and misrepresents every single day … and his talking heads and assorted hangers-on generally support his bu**sh**. So, for Republicans to complain about lying is disengenuous at the very least.

  • BakkenBill

    Sad, sad, SAD! So confused by events then denied help and lied to so the demons can keep them queer.
    To be born that way would be God’s choice. He condemned homosexuality. So confused is the nicest term for these people.

  • Gz7



    There is no doubt that sickos and wackos like this pathological case are utterly on the side of the party of perversion, pedophilia and pederasty, and may be expected to utter any sort of lie about the President and the Vice President. There is absolutely no support in the heterosexual population for electric shock to reverse homosexuality, no evidence that it works and a clear concensus among all people of good will that such electroshock therapy of any group is unethical and immoral. This mendacious degenerate spokesperson for the party of perversion, pedophilia and pederasty richly deserves an electric cattle prod as an individual, however.

  • Larry Sparks

    Young children and youth are emotional, a liberal educator, homosexual or both can talk them into anything. The parent must take control over there education and gender for emotional well being.


    Even if we leave behind the debate on whether gays are born that way or not, there is nothing to support the lies that transgender people are normal. These are truly just damaged confused people and insisting on forced acceptance of them is only hurting an entire generation of children that really need help before they end up mutilating themselves for no reason. It is outrageous that the medical community is willing to assist them in that mutilation just for the money. This is the most wide spread, systemic child abuse the world has ever witnessed.

  • Richard Schmidt

    Our society spends tens of thousands dollars per year per student to fail to educate our mostly spoiled brat children.
    As a result they get their ideas about universe, world and life from movies, MTV and each other.
    Groupthink takes root in a vacuum. A vacuum created by irresponsible adults who turn a blind/eye to what is going on in those propaganda mills called public schools.
    Of course they are staffed and administered by incompetent union bandits and “experts” with doctorates in “education”, but this malfeasance is only opportunity created by irresponsible owners of schools (taxpayers) who regard school plant, employees and policy to operate only 50% of the fiscal year while we pay for it to sit empty or unused for its stated purpose.

  • Justin St.Denis

    You are projecting again – just like teary Chucky Schumer, John (“Molestakid”) Podesta and batsh!t Nancy Pelosi.

  • mobuyus

    Are you posting that wearing women’s underwear? Don’t lie now. Some of you gays like Mr Trump.

  • Hard Little Machine

    A good rule of thumb is that everything, every word, every punctuation mark, is a lie.

  • Mike S.

    She and Time magazine need to look back on the socialists’ use of psychiatry and psychology in the first half of the 20th century to silence political opponents and to subdue and rid society of misfits and the unfit. In other words, Democrats have a long unprovoked history of doing exactly what she has said about Pence, and yet she dismisses so ignorantly the real ideological source of such a threat.

  • Gay Granny

    Maybe you shouldn’t be using a photo of a Calvert resident who was a minor in this photo and didn’t give you permission to use this photo of her. Not to mention, this is technically unethical to publish based upon the image used and is very likely to get you in hot water. Think before you speak you sick, sad, shell of a man