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The Black Lives Matter movement “…doesn’t care any more about the lives of black people than the Ku Klux Klan…” Sheriff David Clarke asserted during an interview with Accuracy in Media. Clarke is the Sheriff of Miwaukee County, Wisconsin.

“Black Lives Matter, which I have renamed ‘Black Lies’ L-I-E-S Matter, it’s nothing more than an astroturf operation, it’s just the latest shallow disguised, confederation if you will, of community organizers and leftists that specialize in fostering disorganization and rebellion in ghettos and other struggling areas throughout the United States of America.”

Sheriff Clarke cited “a study done by Dr. Timothy Johnson of Toledo University…” that invalidates the widespread claim that police officers practice racial discrimination. He said the study found that twice as many white men “…are killed in police use of force situations” than black men.

“There is no research, there is not one bit of research or data that supports their lie—which is why I call them ‘Black Lies’—their lie about police use of force in the United States of America.”

Sheriff Clarke calls Black Lives Matter a “hate group,” saying, “These are nothing more than riot makers and they stoke up bitterness and resentment in people; and they use the police as a distraction from the staggering failure of liberal politicians in these large urban areas where these ghettos are contained.”

Comparing Chicago’s crime-ridden culture of death to “… some war-torn, sub-Sahara African nation that’s constantly under civil war with a tribal mentality,” Sheriff Clarke confronted the movement’s passivity on this issue.

“Where is Black Lies Matter? If they cared about the lives of black people they would be marching against the liberal establishment in these large urban areas and demanding a better quality of life and a better way of life. But no, that’s not what they’re doing. They’re instead using the police as a straw man…”

Describing Black Lives Matter as a “…political construct that’s developed and really turned out to be a get-out-the-vote and voter registration drive for the Democrat party…” Sheriff Clarke noted that while the Democrat Party did not found the group, the party views it as an “…opportunity…to enrage and energize black people to come out and vote…”

When questioned about the movement’s chief aim, Sheriff Clarke stated that “Their ultimate goal is to try to extract from…government, things that they have not earned…political power, they’re looking for money…and they’re trying to do it by force, by threats, by rioting, and other, I think, tawdry tactics.”

In an unequivocal denunciation of the “Black ‘Lies’ Matter” movement, Sheriff Clarke declared, “…I don’t support anything that this fraudulent movement proposes.”

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  • Jack Parsons

    “Black Lies Matter” is a natural. I prefer to call Soros’ astroturf group, “Black Lives Matter – Only When There is a White Cop Involved”. Just ignore those 15 million black abortions since 1973. How does 12% of the U.S. population have close to 40% of the abortions? That can’t be a coincidence? Can it?

  • LC

    God Bless Sheriff Clarke for always speaking the truth. We need more like him.

  • KAG505

    Watch for the left to come out and try to destroy the personal and professional reputation of Sheriff Clarke. Its what they do when they cant argue with the facts of what an individual has said because what they have said is true. The left cant stand the truth.

  • @tedscott4

    I’m waiting for Obama to announce his retirement plans, to return to streets of Chicago and help eliminate gang violence. Or was his time as a “Community Organizer” just a ( Black ) Peace Corp substitute to get cred to run for political office?

  • Dave

    Sheriff Clark is a stand-up citizen and an elected officer of the law. Under our Constitution, Sheriffs are our nation’s top cops. Milwaukee is fortunate to have elected such a fine patriot. Born in Wisconsin, he makes me proud to have even a remote relationship. To the best of my knowledge, Hawaii is the only state that doesn’t have elected Sheriffs. Here in the islands, the “Sheriffs” are hired by the Judiciary and function mostly to transport prisoners and provide security in the courts. Other states elect their county or parish top cops. I wish we had elected Sheriffs in Hawaii’s counties.

  • sox83cubs84

    Sheriff Clarke has a good name for them. I, myself, like to call them the Black Lives Matter Bowel Movement, because the stench from their racism is overwhelming.

  • sox83cubs84

    Preach it, my friend!

  • alex

    a voice of common sense.

  • Larry Sparks

    Excellent article, it destroys the lies of all the Black Lives Matter sponsors

  • God bless this truthful black peace officer! Sheriff Clark, may the Lord bless thee and keep thee, the Lord make His face to shine upon thee! Amen.

  • anne

    The Peace Corp actually does good work. The community organizers go into communities and agitate and then those people picket banks to give them loans they cant repay. Community organizers wouldn’t make it through Peace Corp training. Just saying…..

  • @tedscott4

    My sister was in the Peace Corp, taught nursing at a school in West Africa, so I do respect them. However , I was suggesting instead of Peace Corp, Obama made his own (questionable) resume enhancers up. I also don’t like that the new Congressman from Massachusetts, yeah a Kennedy, suggested he did time in the Peace Corp, saId: “Its the equivalent to being in the US Military”, (did anyone believe that BS? In Mass, yep, he is royalty.

  • RC

    Found out actual study is from around December of 2014 by Richard R. Johnson, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor
    Criminal Justice Program
    University of Toledo
    2801 W. Bancroft St., MS 119
    Toledo, OH 43606

    here is link:

  • wickedtruth

    the American Left was on-record supporting slavery, segregation,
    lynching and, as noted by historians, used the Ku Klux Klan as the
    military arm of the party to enforce its racism. It was Franklin
    Roosevelt who issued the infamous Executive Order 9066 that rounded up
    Japanese-Americans — which is to say legal American citizens — and sent
    them to internment camps merely because of their race. When a
    Japanese-American fought the internment in the Supreme Court in Korematsu v. United States,
    six of FDR’s liberal court appointees upheld the racist executive
    order. The opinion, in fact, was written by Justice Hugo Black — who
    held a “golden passport,” a lifetime membership, in the Ku Klux Klan.

  • Tuco75

    Well said.


    AfroApeCOONNIGGERS don’t matter.

  • I am a great debater so lets go there Perhaps policeman is unhappy with himself and even if what he says is true how can he prove it or justify his words? His rep is intact and I do not have to tear him down to get points. He has already done that to himself at least in the eyes of some conservs and libs I am a person and have voted on both sides of the coin and I know as an Atty that orgs like BLM are not needed when rogue police do not fail to call out bad actors in blue . BLM did not kill anyone, one individual did that and for this reason ppl would do well to KNOW the facts and overstand the TRUTH before calling anyone out..Also KAG 505 who are they?? Also think about this until police start taking responsibility for their own, people in the street are going to be upset . So how about the police leading the movement instead? How about instead of people rioting, police officers get out in front of it themselves, That’s what should happen! Instead of chiefs struggling to say, “Well, I don’t know, it could be…” They murdered that man?? . We just saw i on video!! Also if BLM is as bad as ppl claim whwre were the police body cams LMAO there were no police cams???? I also know that revenge gets nothing but blow back.. Some ppl never learn

  • flyr

    If you roll back the clock to Ferguson and read Obama’s department of justice report , they were forced to admit that there never was a “hands up don’t shoot” moment and that the officer acted both properly and lawfully. But that did not keep the poverty pimps from latching on to the lies

  • KAG505

    One thing I have learned with those posting Duh…Where are the facts, give me the facts…Where is the video? Where is the DNA, Where is the proof, that there is NEVER enough information that is enough to satisfy those asking for it. I recently gave a commenter a link to a story that had been a well known fact since the 1960’s and that person made up his own story to blow off the information he could have easily checked out himself. So rather than debate fact situations, they go into character assassination. Just like the great debater above……LOL

  • DiBird

    Sheriff Clarke…American patriot and hero. We need more men like him in this world.

  • Jule Westcott

    The founder of Black lives matter Mckesson has educated himself his whole life on the taxpayers dime. Also He has never had a job in his life.

  • Webuppp

    Tom, how very kind to Bless the sheriff. David Clarke is a great patriotic man, this is what an American leader looks like to me, why on GODS GREEN EARTH does the black community not laud this man. Or Allen west, the King family, all gracious Nobel people. Nope, instead we have the racist militants, anarchists, with Marxists funding. This is what black lives matter is, it’s based on a lie, supported by liars, and funded by those controlled by the father of all lies.

  • God bless sheriff clarke!

  • Don Mega

    well obviously the planned parenthood people are targeting the areas with black population. that’s another issue entirely. and they’ve killed far more people than the police have. not that i’m defending the police, cos there really is a police brutality issue, except it’s all races that gets it.

  • Sue

    How can “Black Lives Matter” when they kill each other every time. Blacks have killed blacks and still doing it so what makes “Black Live Matter” when it is a hoax! I’m black (chocolate) and this is crap! So what this man has said it the truth! how can you blame the police for your own ignorance. That man had a record as did Micheal Brown who was robbing a store and beat up an old man before he was shot and the video is on youtube, one is on LiveLeak and there is a lot on LiveLeak. Crazy huh! This kid was suppose to be a good kid. Videos don’t lie. To be honest I’d shot is ass too. And there were so many people standing around. If they didn’t want him to get shot hen they should have ran out there and put him on the ground. A little girl was gunned down last year playing in the yard with her Christmas present by black gang members. Where was Al Sharpton on that one! While teen was shot down in Ottawa, Kansas in the very same month Micheal Brown was shot but this teen didn’t fight like that idiot. He was suffering from depression and anxiety. Unarmed and shot dead in front of his family. He was white so his life didn’t matter right? No one supported his family but blacks tore up their own neighborhood for a thug! Really black people, really? Get a grip!

  • KL .R

    Sue, it sounds to me that you are one intelligent lady.

  • The Pink Unicorn

    Regressive leftys and SJW’s sh*tting their pants because they can’t label him a wacist lol.

  • Laura

    Abortion is a blessing when you are not prepared to deal with a child!!

  • Styleshift88

    I used to support BLM. My current issue with BLM is that their claims are often unsubstantiated and their rhetoric has caused violence and riots that they immediately dismiss. Either the leaders of the group are not intelligent (Which I doubt since they are educated women) they are racist, or they are attention seeking liars that demand power. I leave you with this thought. Crime and Poverty are at an all time high. There are 39 million black americans right now. Nearly 75% of black americans are poor. Police have killed 780 people this year 193 of them (or 25% were black and not all were “unarmed”). In Chicago alone there were 530 homicides. 75 percent murdered were black. 71 percent of murderers were black. If you’re in a swamp do you worry about the deadly spider that might bite you in self defense? Or do you figure out how to deal with the 13 (I like that number) crocodiles that are willing to kill you for consumption (stealing, rape, murder, etc.?)

  • joe johnsson

    Thank you for reporting his bigoted and ignorant statements in their full unedited deplorability.