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“Haters are going to hate” is how Shepard Smith of Fox News referred to supporters of Christian clerk Kim Davis on his Tuesday afternoon show. It was another example of the anti-Christian bias that has been rearing its ugly head on a channel that many conservatives had looked to for “fair and balanced” coverage of the issues they care about.

But calls to several Fox News officials, asking for reaction to Smith’s anti-Christian comments, were not returned.

In other controversial comments about a pro-Davis rally being broadcast during his show, Smith ripped conservative Christians for “a religious play again,” saying, “This is the same crowd that says, ‘We don’t want Sharia law, don’t let them tell us what to do, keep their religion out of our lives and out of our government.’ Well, here we go again.”

Smith seems not to understand the difference between Christianity, a foundation of the American system that protects religious rights and liberty, and Islam, an authoritarian religion which wants to impose its values on others.

It was expected that the liberals in the media complaining about “mass incarceration” would make an exception for Davis to go to jail. That’s just the way the liberals are. But it was somewhat unexpected that Fox News would break its promise to air “fair and balanced” coverage of the issue by permitting Smith to take such a crude stand against Davis on the “Shepard Smith Reporting” 3:00 p.m. ET show.

All that Davis had asked for from the beginning was the right to have her religious views respected by the government, and for her name as county clerk to not be put on marriage licenses for homosexuals. She was let out of jail on Tuesday despite the federal judge in the case, David L. Bunning, having failed to resolve the issues in the case. As a result, she could return to her job and decide again not to authorize gay marriage licenses.

With his reckless comments, Smith, regularly featured by Out magazine as a powerful homosexual media personality, has embarrassed his channel and turned himself into a liability with the channel’s conservative viewers. He has completely dropped any pretense of objectivity on his show, by apparently taking it personally that many people find the gay lifestyle to be morally repugnant.

His coverage of the pro-Davis rally on Tuesday was openly hostile to the clerk, as he denounced her and her supporters as the equivalent of racists who objected to interracial marriage. The idea of comparing blacks to homosexuals is a frequent claim made by the gay lobby and its adherents. However, skin color is a fact of life, and sexual orientation can be learned, chosen, and even rejected.

It was during her legal counsel Mat Staver’s defense of Davis at the rally that Smith said “haters are going to hate.”

But rather than being a “hater,” Staver is a well-respected attorney and legal scholar who “holds Bachelor, Master, and Juris Doctorate degrees and an honorary Doctorate of Laws and a Doctorate of Divinity,” his bio states. “He has argued two landmark cases before the United States Supreme Court as lead counsel and written numerous briefs before the High Court. Mat has argued in numerous state and federal courts across the country and has over 230 published legal opinions.”

Despite his liberal and pro-homosexual views, Fox News says that Smith “has played a major role in the network’s innovation of the way news is presented.”

If so, this can only continue to hurt the image and reputation of Fox News, which still promotes the slogan of being “fair and balanced” in order to maintain its conservative viewers.

A recent edition of Out said about Smith that his “sexual orientation and centrist ideology are some of Fox News’ worst kept secrets.” The magazine went on, “Despite 2014 reports that his desire to come out led to his demotion, Smith continues to provide nuanced, grounded, and logical reporting as managing editor of Fox’s breaking news division, and host of Shepard Smith Reporting.”

But with his bashing of Kim Davis for her Christian actions and views, the idea that Smith provides “grounded” reporting will be increasingly difficult to believe. The venom which came from him is something Fox viewers would expect from MSNBC.

While it cannot be confirmed that Smith was demoted “for his desire to come out” publicly as a homosexual, he might as well come out since he has really left no doubt in the minds of viewers how he feels on this very personal matter. He has confirmed with his wild and opinionated statements that he is not an objective news anchor who can be counted on to fairly report the news.

In addition to attacking Christians as “haters,” Smith complained on the air that those turning out in support of Davis were being “divisive,” and that Davis was surrounded by “grandstanders,” such as the “ridiculous” Mike Huckabee, a presidential candidate and former governor of Arkansas who served as a host of a talk show on the Fox News Channel. He is a Southern Baptist pastor who helped lead the “Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day” for the restaurant when its CEO was criticized for supporting traditional marriage.

On his show last week Smith had mocked Davis for having been married several times and having kids out of wedlock, not mentioning her religious conversion to Christianity four years ago that turned her life around and led to her take a stand against signing the gay marriage licenses.

Smith said, “Ms. Davis apparently believes in the sanctity of marriage to the degree that she’s been married a total of four times. In fact, she got pregnant with her third husband’s children while married to her first husband. But fear not: her second husband adopted them.”

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth called the comments a “cheap shot” that ignored her born-again experience in becoming a Christian four years ago. “She knows that that’s her past. She’s probably ashamed of it,” he noted. “But she now has a strong allegiance to the Bible and to her God and wants to follow her God.”

Despite her religious conversion, Greg Gutfeld repeated the smear of Davis, based on her previous marriages, on the Fox News show “The Five” on Tuesday afternoon. Not one member of the panel took Davis’s side during the discussion or mentioned how Christianity had changed her life.

The basic facts of the case, given short shrift by Fox and other media, are simple: Davis had objected on religious liberty grounds to putting her name and government title on licenses for homosexual marriages. Legal experts also noted that a Supreme Court decision “legalizing” same-sex marriage was not sufficient to alter Kentucky law and the Kentucky constitution, which forbid legal recognition of same-sex marriages.

Nevertheless, Davis was found in contempt by Judge Bunning, who claims to be a Christian, and was put in jail without bail, only to be freed after five days.

Despite what the Supreme Court said in its ruling, dissenters called it a threat to democracy and predicted resistance from the people, who are supposed to have the power in our Constitutional system through elected representatives to make the law. That resistance, as far as the media are concerned, has started with the Davis case. It is shocking that religious conservatives cannot count on Fox to respect their side of the argument.

However, this isn’t the first time that Shepard Smith has been able to spout pro-homosexual views on the air. He denounced Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day as the “National Day of Intolerance” because supporters of the restaurant chain turned out in support of the CEO’s pro-traditional marriage views.

Fox actually pours money into the homosexual lobby. As reported by AIM, Smith and other Fox News personalities, including Megyn Kelly, have raised money for the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA), a special interest lobby which has guided pro-homosexual coverage in virtually all major media organizations. In April, the Fox News Channel joined CBS News and CNN as “silver” sponsors of the NLGJA 20th annual New York “Headlines & Headliners” fundraising event. A male stripper performed at the event.

This columnist, who tried to cover the affair, was told that if he recorded the event he would be thrown out.

  • When I tried to reach Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO of Fox News at the switchboard number of 212-301-3000, I was told he was unavailable for comment and that his office would not even accept my inquiry.

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  • dscottv

    I heard smiths comments and was quite taken aback. It would seem the entire MSM is lined up against Christianity and intolerant of views opposed to their own.

  • OnTheWrite

    Its the pro-homosexual agenda vs everyone else.

  • PhilByler

    Shepard Smith should go find his natural home with MSNBC. He is a hater of Christians.

  • emag

    Yes, promoted by our present government from the beginning.
    Everything like gay, transgender, weirdness all pushed in our faces.
    Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • missieb2000

    If a homosexual cannot be objective with a story, then that person should be removed. It would be no different if a Christain couldn’t be objective while giving the news. Clearly, Smith and Kelly need to go.

  • larry

    time for that third rate pos to be removed… religious liberty, a long standing reality in american culture and LAW, trumps the fabricated fascist agenda of forcing Christians to accept what they believe to be perversion… Interesting that liberals, the cowards that they are, choose not to criticize blatantly violent, perverted muslims for actually killing their own children or wives for some perceived offense, but want to attack Christians for refusing to bake a cake for the democrats “victim du jur”… standard operating procedure in the fascist’s handbook…I have no problem with homosexuals at all, as long as they realize, before this crap is over, their rights WILL NOT trump the rights of Christians, and we quit allowing public schools to declare it “normal”…

  • larry

    being a homosexual himself explains his childish display…

  • John Cunningham

    I used to try to send messages to Shepard Smith but, I guess since he gets so many bad messages he stopped having them. Now he doesn’t even accept them. He is the Left side of the Fair & Balanced. Wouldn’t be so bad if the Guy ever worked a complete week but, I guess he doesn’t have to and somebody has to fill in when he is absent from leave. He needs to be on MSNBC.

  • sharon

    Did you actually read what you wrote?…”the difference between Christianity, a foundation of the American system that protects religious rights and liberty, and Islam, an authoritarian religion which wants to impose its values on others.” Seem’s to me Christianity is dealing from the same deck as Islam. Wasn’t Kim Davis imposing her values on others? There is no mention in the Constitution that the United States is a Christian nation or founded on Christianity.Not only does the Constitution not give recognition or acknowledgment to Christianity, but it also includes Article VI, which bans“religious tests” for public office. Guaranteeing non-Christians the right to hold federal office seems antipodal to an officially Christian nation. In addition, the First Amendment bars all laws “respecting
    an establishment of religion” and protects “the free exercise thereof.” Nothing here indicates that the latter provision applies only to Christian faiths. Finding no support for their ideas in the body of the Constitution, Christian-nation advocates are left to point to other documents, including the Declaration of Independence. This also fails. The Declaration’s reference to “the Creator” is plainly deistic.

  • Steven Barrett

    Smith’s such a bore, a pretentious and obnoxious bore that I overlooked all his other traits, good and bad. Maybe he’s just afflicted with old fashioned pride fueled by old fashioned envy. On is best days, Shep Smith’s way behind Rachael Maddow, and he knows it. If Smith’s so concerned for protecting those he considers put upon, why didn’t he posit any questions about the way Mrs. Davis’ political godfathers described her. Oh yeah, they said she turned her life around, but what business was it of the public, much less the nation’s, about Davis private life before she became clerk? Oh, she repented and came to meet the Lord. All well and good and I congratulate her. But why put her on the proverbial grotesquerie known as the “sinner”s bench” ‘when the only thing in question was her tenure as the head clerk of that office and her refusal to issue licences to homosexual couples.
    There was plenty of potential conflict of interest stories the media could’ve been digging into when they discovered so much nepotism. That family practically turned the office into a nepotisim mill. It’s one thing to question a public servant’s record and judgment in the way she handled the place and continued her mother’s legacy of flagrant nepotism. But the media was helped along regarding the woman’s more salacious parts of her life’s story no thanks to a bunch of clods for grandstanding pols who wanted to show the powers of spiritual regeneration, forgiveness and repentance.
    As for Smith, this is a guy who needs to retake his first classes in journalism, esp. those involving the skills of personal and professional discernment. Even the snarky reporter in “Inherit the Wind” wasn’t so rough as Smith to use the actual word “haters.”

  • Ted

    Amen! In my opinion, you got all of that exactly right!

    I’m an avid Christian … but Davis’ job is secular and political in nature, not religious, and she’s bound to follow the secular law of the land and the requisites of her job description … or … she can resign.

  • Susan C. Wheeler

    I’d rather he speak his mind then be told everything he has to say. This way I know how he feels and will watch elsewhere. Thanks Shephard, my time is valuable and I no longer will waste it on you!

  • Susan C. Wheeler

    He’s not the only one, I notice more and more of them talking their PC crap. I have given up watching FN more and more and looking elsewhere.

  • KC


  • John Cunningham

    There is no ‘elsewhere!” The Liberals have everything sewed up accept talk radio. Fox is doing a wonderful job when you figure Media Matters was started to destroy Fox News. They walk a thin line with Liberal entities just waiting for a mistake. Look at Fox News like Radio Free Europe.

  • John Cunningham

    I watch the Business Channel during his time slot.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    I live in the poorest state in America and have seen the poverty in the mountains , the large city ghettos, to the Indian Reservations out west and some how in your hundred thousand dollar cars and your million dollar homes you’ve out cried them all as being the most persecuted people in the entire world when in fact your just a bunch of rich white yuppies facilitating your self as drama queens !

  • Gringo_Cracker

    So much for the alleged “wall of separation” between FNC’s “straight” daytime news and prime-time opinion programming. Smith’s subjective outbursts prove it’s as phony as a three-dollar bill.

  • wyatt81

    Sooner or later the Left gets their way and take over the culture in every corner available. Including Fox. They are a cancer and spread the same way. They spell death to a nation.

  • J P

    Yes! Shep. Christians are haters. We hate sin but love sinners!

  • Charybdis69

    Shepherd, in typical liberal fashion, makes an attempt to equate the
    resistance to a new, force-fed social and legal change contradicting the
    faith of millions, with those coming here from the outside attempting
    to force a foreign set of values on that same population. The valid
    comparison would be with the two groups using the force of the justice
    system to make everyone else bow to their own ideas of right and wrong.
    What a tool!

    Would a Muslim emigrating to Israel, and subsequently demanding the
    government enforce their belief that all women, Muslim and Jew alike,
    wear burkas, be comparable to an Israeli citizen refusing to observe a
    new law requiring them to serve bacon in their delis, just because both Muslims and Jews refuse to eat pork?

  • Jeannie Lanier

    Disturbing, disgusting and very disappointing to find out who Shepard Smith really is and what his true agenda is. Surely Fox News has known about this for some time. More and more in this day and age, one never knows who can be trusted. I’ll be monitoring what Fox News does about Shep, who I used to admire and respect, but no more. I am a Christian, and I don’t hate him, but I will pray for him.

  • ranstan

    So much for being fair and balanced. The Five nor Smith have not a clue about Christianity but speak as authorities. This type of non sense is available on many other networks. I will now watch elsewhere.

  • Realist

    “Look at Fox News like Radio Free Europe.”

    Hmm. As far as I can tell Fox sticks just as closely to the Ruling Class demanded script as any of the libcult Big Media outlets, they just cover those topics from a slightly different perspective and then keep viewers watching by tossing out some political red meat every now and then. The important thing to note is that the public debate “allowed” by Fox is just as restrictive as any of the libcult outlets.

    ALL of Big Media is tightly controlled by their Ruling Class owners. Period.

  • susandanielspi

    He’s a plagerist who stole the “haters are going to hate” from a song.

  • Disapp

    It’s very amazing that some many are concerned about law keeping now. Were you concerned when some public officials such as the president and attorney general refused to defend the Defense of Marriage Act? Were you upset with the former mayor of San Francisco when he issued marriage licenses contrary to California law in 2004? What’s an avid Christian? Is it similar to being a severe conservative i.e. Mr. Romney?

  • susandanielspi

    They have the boy-king as their leader.

  • AndRebecca

    No. The Constitution does not have sodomite rights in it. The founders did not believe in them. The country was 98% Protestant Christian, and they believed in self-evident truths. One self-evident truth is that a marriage is between one man and one woman. The Marxists have been working hard to get rid of Christianity. Pushing for homosexual marriage has been a part of it. The federal government has been celebrating LGBT month for the past twenty-five years. Where have you been?

  • AndRebecca

    You are an avid Christian?

  • Steve Tanton

    Shepard Smith has a lot of class; unfortunately it’s all third. (The knot on his tie is way too big for his face.) Or…”He who says it is it.” (old grade school adage) And I don’t know if he is gay as one other commenter says, but he looks kinda gay. (Note: the third def. of gay is simply stupid:) I stopped watching TV years ago and fools like this and generally bad programming (a waste of my time) is why.

  • John Cunningham

    Comrade (Guest)

  • sharon

    No one is forcing her or any other Christian to accept what they believe is a perversion. Quit. Find a job where the tax-payers aren’t paying your salary. By your line of thinking…If issuing a marriage licence is approval of the marriage; if she issues a gun permit and that person commits a crime she’s culpable because she participated in the criminal act.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    The “hate” meme is marxist ideology.

    In Freuerbach thesis #4, Karl Marx said, “Once the earthly family is discovered to be the secret of the heavenly family, the former must be destroyed through theory and praxis.” What Marx was saying was the traditional family that rebukes and chastens their children is working out God’s system of righteousness. It is in effect, God’s secret. This paradigm is the foundation of all liberation movements. If you can silence the voice that rebukes and chastens, i.e. God and his word, you can liberate SIN.

    Even Liberation Theology liberates “Christians” from God’s rebuke.

    However, Revelation 3:19 (Jesus speaking) “As many as I love I rebuke and chasten, be zealous therefore and repent.”

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    Shepard I’m sorry you see it that way. Thought you would not be the kind of guy that would support the movement against religious rights. You are taking a stand against religious freedom it appears.

  • Tuxedo_Plowboy

    I wish that the new News Channel called Newsmax could expand it’s programming. Since FOX is becoming not so fair and balances we need honest news from somewhere. I guess FOX is pretty good at reporting the news but sure of the commentators are going left wing on us.

  • Peter

    “Haters are going to hate” as said by Smith, says it all. He calls supporters of Davis ‘haters’. His emotional attack by contrast reveals that he ‘not’ being one of the ‘haters’ (he would not speak ill of himself), is one of the “Lovers that are going to love”, in this two-sided rift.
    Not the sodomite, but the act of sodomy and sodomite marriage, and being jailed for opposing that, is what the supporters of Davis hate. By contrast Smith, in extreme opposition to such opposition, leaves himself a ‘lover’ of sodomy, sodomite marriage, and the jailing of opponents of his passion for sodomy.
    Therefore, Shepard Smith of Fox News, might as well come ‘Out’ and declare his LOVE of passionate (not gay) sodomy, sodomite marriage and the jailing of free speech advocates who uphold the narrow path of Christianity – even until death – where temporary legislated laws and Supreme Court rulings stand in the way of God’s abiding statutes and ordinances, the true Constitution, which endures forever. Psalm 119:160
    When the great commandment ‘Love God with all your heart and mind’ is jettisoned (that being the first 4-5 commandments), all that is left is the social law ‘Love your neighbour’ of Godless communism, the last 5 commandments, with abominations such as sodomy for rejecting the first 4.
    The killing off of communist socialism in all its forms requires an end of chalk statue and image idolatry, and the ritual eating of food offered in sacrifice to idols called communion at Mass.
    The healing of America is contained in Isaiah 27:9 RSV. This cure re-includes God via the first 4 commandments.
    “America has forgotten God.” – Abraham Lincoln.

  • Ole Shep sounds pretty hateful himself, but I doubt he’ll admit it.

  • nuncha

    Richard speaking of haters. You are an ass. You make a broad statement like that having nothing to do with the thread. and BTW the REAL indians in the west BANNED gay mar. you are clearly a troll.

  • nuncha

    leave it to a left wing nut to bring up the gun agenda. crawl back under your rock you look better there. The gay marriage act is unconstitutional but you wipe your ass with that right?

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    Smith is one of the most prominent “useful-fools” at Fox Channel News, What’s the point of watching him when one can get the same rubbish from any of CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and the rest of leftist sewers that futilely think will make us –non-leftists, and particularly grassroots-conservatives– believe they are news sources.

    What’s the logical remedy to it?

    Just don’t watch him, and ask others do the same; his ratings will go down, and so will the number of advertisers during his distasteful show, hence Fox will have to fire him…on his way to any of the leftist sewers posing as news outlets.

    Of course, more than one deceiver will come up with the tired trite “don’t take it against the messenger, take it against the messenger’, but here message and messenger are one and the same.

    Probably the only alternative left is visit, and read the headings at Drudge (being careful not to click on headlines leading to leftist sewers in the TV networks and the printed media), WND and a few others. By the way, everyone should be aware that the CEO of NewsMax, Christopher W. Ruddy, is a big donor to the Clinton Family Foundation, giving indications thast NewsMax is either a mole or just a cruel deception on conservatives.

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    furthermore, Marx and Engels “identified” the family as the origin of private property and, consequently, individual identity aka individualism –of course, not in the vulgar connotation of avarice–, hence, the mortal enemy of collectivism, that is, socialism and communism. In Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, Engels expands amply on the abhor the hardcore-Left feels toward the family.

  • Debbie Riall

    This guy is totally off the planet. I saw his show yesterday, and he was acting like a 2-year-old because he didn’t get his way. What a jerk

  • Norma Ulivo

    I used to juggle my time between looking at Fox News, Animal Planet, and EWTN (the Catholic Channel) for most of my TV viewing. Lately I’ve become sick and tired of FN’s phony conservative, neo-con lack of reporting the truth about the growing threat of the One-Worlders in the destruction of America. I don’t look to FN for truth and honesty in reporting national and international news anymore. Shepard Smith, Megyn Kelly and a few other small minded “journalists” made it easy for me to decide where to spend my valuable time. It’s with Animal Planet and EWTN from now on.

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    Smith is not a reporter; he is a homosexualism activiist.

    There is a big difference between being a homosexual and a homosexualist; the former practices the abnormal sex-life style; the latter, advocates it as a normal –and even desirable for society– sex-life state, demanding also privileges and preferential treatment.

    As for hating homosexuals, this it the land of the free; no one can impose it on anyone to like or not to dislike or not to hate someone else. We all are not gold-nuggets to be liked by all.

    However going from just feelings and opinions to action to commit physical aggression on homosexuals –or on anyone else, except in legitimate self-defense– is definitely anti-social and against the law, ranging from misdemeanor to crime.

    Christians just follow their religious beliefs when deeming homosexuality an abomination and Christianity, delectable..

    Homosexuals just follow their sexual-life preferences deeming homosexuality delectable and Christianity, an abomination.

    Thus, both sides are even and, as long as things do not escalate to physical violence, everything will be okay.

  • Colorado Conservative

    The author of this article sent an email today with the phone number directly at Fox News for Shepard Smith. I have copied and pasted the email here for you.

    America’s Survival, Inc.

    Dear Friend of America’s Survival:

    Shepard Smith called Christians “haters” on his show yesterday because they
    support Kim Davis and traditional marriage. What’s he going to do for an encore?
    Perhaps come out of the closet? Shepard Smith’s direct telephone line at Fox
    News is 1-212-301-3711. Give him a call and let him know what you think.

    John Moody,Executive Editor and Executive VP of Fox News, can be reached at

    Tell Moody (or his secretary) that anti-Christian bigotry is not

    I tried yesterday to reach Fox New CEO Roger Ailes; his office would’t take
    my call.

    Watch part of Smith’s anti-Christian rant here.

    America’s Survival,

    Cliff Kincaid, President

  • Colorado Conservative

    We turned the channel off several months ago, do not miss it at all. Lifted our boycott and recorded the GOP debate and were just disgusted. Will not make that mistake again.

  • Colorado Conservative

    I read that Fox News was one of the biggest donors to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation too.

  • Colorado Conservative

    Out magazine “outed” Shep and he has never disputed the claim. Plus there is this Gawker article about Shep and his 26 year old male lover.

  • Colorado Conservative

    Fox News knew when they hired him. With the militant homosexual groups like the Human Rights Campaign screaming for more homosexuals on every television show the stations have no hope. It is why there are a ridiculous number of shows with homosexual characters, representing far more than the less than3% of the homosexual population.

  • Colorado Conservative

    What law? SCOTUS cannot make law. Congress never passed a law permitting homosexuals to marry.

  • Colorado Conservative

    Good point. The Marxists have been using the homosexuals as their “useful idiots” for several decades now in order to advance their agenda of power and control, as well as perversion and destruction of the marriage/family.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    Right ! The Indians were haters too and that’s why the White Man came and stole all their land ! First they wanted them to stop worshipping the Great Spirit and then they started drawing over First Makers drawing in the caves but when they started chasing the little Indian Boys around the teepees naked and singing , one little two little Indians – it became to much for the American Indians – As of today they are still listed on the Army’s Domestic Hate Groups List and have
    encaptivated their self into large enclosures to protect their self from the gay white man !
    Or did you mean to say Gay Martians ?
    Actually in many tribes that was un true ! : )

  • Richard Hellstrom

    Here’s the Army’s list of Domestic Hate Groups –
    And Obama’ And His Long War Against The Christians –
    Pentagon Hires Radical Christian Hater To Head “Tolerance” In The Military

  • John Cunningham

    Great! I am going to make a stinker of myself!

  • YeahRightPal

    Shep Smith a penis smoker. Who would have thought?

  • johmill

    There’s nothing unnatural about Fox News being his home. They promote the establishment GOP agenda, let their hosts lie to the public and then support them as “good” journalists, and are phonies pretending to offer conservative viewpoints while actually attacking them. Rupert Murdoch has said he would like a Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton presidency and now that they are both having some problems he’s promoting a Michael Bloomberg run for the office. Megyn Kelly was proved to have lied about Trump’s past comments and actions regarding women during the debate and instead of holding her accountable and apologizing for the lies, Roger Ailes doubled-down and stood behind her saying she’s a good journalist. If they’ll lie about one thing, how do you know they’re not lying about other things? Fox is no better than MSNBC or any other mainstream media and people need to wake up and quit watching them. All it does is drive their ratings up, which means more profit for them. They need to be ignored and rejected by conservatives. You can get better news coverage by reading it than by watching it anyway. If you feel you have to watch your news, then turn on Newsmax or One America News. While they’re not perfect, they certainly give conservatives more fairness in their coverage.

  • johmill

    And O’Reilly, and Gutfeld, and Perino, and, well, the list is too long to name. The only people who do a decent job on Fox anymore are Van Susteren (who is not conservative, but she’s very fair), and Hannity (but he can’t conduct an interview without a shouting match between guests so that no one can hear what’s going on). By watching them all you do is give them ratings that drive their income up. And you are indoctrinated with their GOP establishment views.

  • Armageddon

    Thats just bigotry, you being a Christian explains your childish display tho, believing in an imaginary all power thing whos gonna save you from some super power imaginary enemy.

  • Armageddon

    “Smith seems not to understand the difference between Christianity, a
    foundation of the American system that protects religious rights and
    liberty, and Islam, an authoritarian religion which wants to impose its
    values on others.”- Hell no, Christianity doesnt protect religious rights and liberty, it does exactly what you say Islam does, forcing it onto other people.

  • Armageddon

    Your weird. gtfo

  • Brad Truitt

    My friend, it’s obvious that you have not discovered the difference between tradition driven religionists and true believers in Jesus Christ.

  • I like Fox News, but who cares what Shep Smith actually thinks? He is a news anchor, not being paid to express his opinion, but to give the facts.

  • James Deboard

    It is very easy to turn the channel !!!! I was a fan at one time but I do not view this a fare and balanced reporting.

  • Awakened Saxon

    Brad Truitt, you are using the very same argument that Muslims use to distance themselves from their more radical co-religionists, i.e., “They are not true Muslims. They do not represent Islam.”

  • Clifford S

    He would know about Hate he is full of Hate…..not fair, not balanced but a typical Liberal

  • Awakened Saxon

    You are both right and wrong. Anchors are paid to express the opinions of their bosses. They are certainly not paid to give facts. The entire production is a stage act. All the seemingly casual commentary is scripted.

  • sharon

    Wow…I’m not a left wing nut. But if being for equal rights for all is considered “nutty” then I’d rather be considered nutty than a bigot. There is no “gay marriage” act actually it’s just considered marriage. Under the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth
    Amendment, no State shall “deprive any person of life,
    liberty, or property, without due process of law.” The
    fundamental liberties protected by this Clause include
    most of the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights, See
    Duncan v. Louisiana, 391 U. S. 145, 147–149 (1968).

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    The bourgeoisie IS the traditional family.

  • Jake Spooz

    No, we just hate fággots.

  • Colorado Conservative

    Please make sure to post the info on social media (if you do it) and pass it onto all your contacts asking them to call too!

  • rupertmundy

    Shep is a homosexual.

  • John Cunningham

    Be there done that!

  • Tbear

    The best days for Fox News are behind them.

  • TheKnowerseeker

    Jump off a cliff.

  • Steven Barrett

    MSNBC wouldn’t have him. Surely, Rachel Maddow would love some company but she’s demonstrated a much higher set of standards for respectable unbiased journalism (when she’s clearly not delivering a piece or “rant” wherein she wants to make a particular point…which is very permissible so long as the reporter/editorialist is up front about it as Maddow is very circumspect to make known in advance … a basic, but manifestly crucial skill that the pretentiously boring and detestablel Shep Smith is incapable of matching. I don’t know what’s keeping him in such a prominent position. It’s not his sexual preference. Let’s face it, Murdoch and Aisles can find beaucoup gay reporters eager to have a shot at a national/international news outlet as big as Fox. For a short while I was an assistant editor of a small three-town weekly shopper that took on regular news service. If I found any of our reporters behaving in such a flagrant manner as Smith often does, I’d [have] to write him up to my superiors because of the unprofessionalism. This isn’t a gay/straight issue, it’s just plain commonsense and respet for honest journalism. No respectable news outlet is doing gays or anybody any favors by keeping overly biased scowls on their staffs. They intimidate possible sources and that means a loss of credible sources, which in essence, dries up the very marrow of credibility any network or even three-town weekly has to have in order to maintain enough of the public’s trust to turn on or reach for at any newsstand.

  • missieb2000

    one wonders then, why if the channel is as awful as you claim-it receives 7 times the viewers on any given day vs the obama lackey channels

  • 2011RedSox

    Homofascists such as ShipsMeth must attack all opinion other than what accepts their self-definitional demands… light shown by Freedom of Speech and/or Freedom of Conscience in opposition to their dialectics destroys their argument.
    The dark silence of political correctness is the god to whom their soul is sold.

  • Brad Truitt

    I anticipated a similar response. May I ask you a question which I believe illustrates the difference. Have you read the Koran and the Bible? If you do, you will discover that “God (Jehovah) is love”, while Allah is never once said to love anyone. Contrasting the two is the difference and explains much of what is happening in the world today. Whose followers are the first to respond to natural disasters? Why do you suppose that is? Whose followers are the terrorists determined to destroy any who do not convert? What do you suppose illustrates the difference? Both groups are imitating their deities.

  • 45calSandW

    I’ve never been a fan of Shep (not knowing anything of his alleged sexual orientation). Just have never liked his tone or delivery.

  • nuncha

    sweetheart the point is he wants to defend muslim agendas he should worry about what happens to gays in the muslim world. I am not a biggot cunt you are commie. So fuck off. And you are sure as FUCK not an expert on the constitution. Drop dead soon and dont vote or procreate

  • nuncha

    really? Indians? get over it America is mexican now and no longer a minority. YOU are not a very smart man

  • Richard Hellstrom

    No but I can predict Future Wars – – The Mexicans are Catholic and the Catholics are Haters – Since their the majority now , your little plan to replace the haters with the haters worked – I think – The Muslims are haters too ! So now that you gave them nuclear weapons they will use them on you because they hate you – I think – Then your probably have to start all over with the Great Spirit or The First Maker – This is the era when we first started practicing inverted Darwinism – : ) Signed Dilbert !

  • nuncha

    the Catholics you dumb ass are the ones helping muslims relocate. You are an idiot. Do not breed

  • nuncha

    poor baby so destitute you have internet and no clue

  • Lawrence Puckett

    If their were no laws governing conduct, Christian’s would rise up and start killing everyone would did not follow their faith and when we were all dead they would turn to killing each other for the differences between their own beliefs

  • Michael Lee Pemberton

    FYI, you’re illiterate.

  • Jake Spooz

    Homos like Shepard hate.

  • Steven Barrett

    Do you think MSNBC fans or its brass wants somebody like him? The best “therapy” for a guy like this is to yank him down to the “minors,” local news, where his act will get him called out and tossed out a lot quicker because he’d no doubt get the local ad buyers freaked out and they count for a hell of a lot more even in the top editorial offices more than a man’s “right” to offend, or piss off potentially millions of would be customers. Shep might finally remember some of his (real) journalism 101 basic facts of reporting life … don’t piss on the shoes of those whose checks make it possible to write yours. This man has such a low opinion of his fellow human beings, that one’s sexual preferences wouldn’t make a difference to him so long as he can always find some “superior edge” he believes he can hold over and against others, money, neighborhood, church or synagogue, hell , even favorite sports team and college alma mater. Snobs are snobs, thus making themselves unwanted by people from all corners is their life’s work and/or worse — a “calling.”

  • alex

    its the law of the land now. we are a nation of laws. if she didnt want to issue the gays licenses, she should have requested a different position or quit. i dont believe she should have been arrested though. that is ridiculous. she should have been removed from her position for failing to do the job. i am concerned about government overreach when they came to take her away. that stinks of totalitarianism. that is good for no one.

  • Steven Barrett

    Larry, what drives anti-social plagues like Smith to become the snots they are and always will be is PRIDE, not homosexuality. I’m heterosexual, but I’ve worked alongside some of the humblest most talented workers, reporters or not, and never had a problem. Always willing to help and often uncomplaining. But some of the heterosexuals I’ve had the DIS (lol) “pleasure” of having to share even the same building with, well, they were just obnoxious to the point no space in the building seemed a safe enough haven from the mental b.o. they left in their wake. PRIDE is the worst disease of all office-borne ills and the hardest to get rid off until the biggest perpetrator of spreading this anti-social mental b.o. and his/her biggest sychopants are rooted out completely. Smith’s anti-Christian bigotry is simply symptomatic of the greater ills flitting around inside his cranium, and same goes for homosexuality. That the two symptoms when combined directly are let loose, that’s when Fox has to really watch out. Regardless of how anybody views Fox’ politics, never forget that it is corporately owned and the stockowners can take it out of Murdock’s hide, and he’s not going to take all the pain on his shoulders. He’s going to be very generous with it and “share” with his “most deserving suborinates.” One of those ideally should be Shep Smith. And the last should be Smith, too. The same chain o’ blame command structure exists in almost any company and news organizations are no different. They can’t be. Somebody has to own his words in any newsroom when he goes off and willingly attacks people without warrant; no matter who they are. After all, advertisers earn their income from what the public, which includes millions of potential gay customers for all sorts of things from tooth brushes to gardening tools and car tires … and if they (or Christians) see the companies they buy from giving bums like Shep Smith a pass, supposedly because of the network or station’s “known ideology” … that’s going to eventually take its toll, as well it should. I’m surprised that even a profitable network like Fox actually believes it can still afford this man’s conduct which is not helpful to gay viewers as well. it’s an embarrassment to all. There’s a way to point out where some Christians may have well indeed sinned and violated Jesus’ and their respective Church’s teachings. There’s no cherry picking verse big enough and red enough that’s ever been printed in any version of the Bible condoning unwarranted un-Godlike mistreatment of people just because they happen to be homosexuals; at least not within the NT.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    The funniest part about the whole thing is now they want all laws to be abolished on adultery and plagiarism so they can jump right in there and start enjoying the privledges of marriage – lol

  • nuncha


  • Terri Horn

    It is funny. Christians hate the action and not the person yet seems like these gay activists are getting their followers all hyped up to start murdering Christians and they will be whining “I did mean for anyone kill Christians” yet right. The most intolerant people we have are the gay community. 3% holding the rest of us captive. Likening their “struggle” to the African American civil rights struggle. The two do not compare. Talk to any African Americans and see if they agree it is not the same thing. I compare it to a child that is doing wrong(stealing, fighting etc) and if anyone says anything you can be said to be judging that child when if you love them you let them know why what they are doing is wrong, just like Christians will tell someone they do not agree with their lifestyle and why but they still love that person. since when did acting converned become a hate crime. Oh yea with the President. Well, I have heard God gives us the kind of leadership we deserve or want. Just like this Pres was against gay mariage the first time he was elected, he was against abortion nad he was supposedly a Christian. All that turned around and in order to get re elected the 2nd time he disavowed what he said the 1st time around. He has not disavowed Christianity HOWEVER, read what he says about Christianity and what he says about Islam. The main thing is that all religions can get to heavens and Christians know that is not the truth. Anyone can say they are Christians but not everyone is.

  • Starland sound

    You got a problem Sheppard, bring it up with God, HE makes the rules.

    Just because you want to practice your perversion doesn’t mean that society must accept it as normal because of it… many people still believe in God and His word as the only firm basis for morality in the world.

  • nuncha

    Your a fucking moron Muslims of always been hater stupid asshole read your fucking history somewhere besides the mainstream liberal left-wing not communist fucking media and fuck you cry when you walk if you’re such a predictor for such a Nostradamus do you make a lot of money do you live in expense of town or just some dumb fuck living under a rock out in the middle of Vermont with Bernie Sanders

  • Cahil Daniel Chalk

    This article stating that Shepard Smith is somehow less of a journalist for his views regarding Kim Davis is rediculous at best. Fox,CNN,CNBC, AND OTHERS have staff that routinely voice their opinions or editorialize the news. Since this article pertains to a Fox news anchor, let’s stick with Fox news. Whether it’s Megan Kelley, Bill O’Reilly , or Shepard Smith, none of them hide their conservative opinions or their willingness to call their opinions fact. How many times I’ve heard Megan Kelley say ,”and that’s a fact”, when indeed it is an opinion based on loose evidence, I can not count that high. Please oh please Mr Expert, recommend a journalist to follow and I’ll find a hole in your recommendation. Please refrain from recommending yourself, your story is flawed.

  • Cahil Daniel Chalk

    The next issue with this story is the support for Kim Davis. I agree that she has her religious freedom. However, once the law was enacted, she, as a Christian should have made a choice as to whether to follow the law or step down from her position. As a Christian, I am aware that there is a separation of church and state. She could have asked for a transfer or stepped down and sued. She and her supporters could have peacefully demonstrated in front of her place of work. She could have stayed in her position, followed the law, and awaited transfer. We have a problem in this country when a business owner is forced by the PC police to perform services for gay weddings when it is against the tenets of their faith. Gays can choose another business. We have a problem as well when a government employee refuses to do their job in regards to civil matters.

  • Dietrdeb

    There is a big difference between Christians and sharia law…this is a false argument. We don’t stone you for being a sinner, but we still believe that sin exists. But hey Shep, if you want to invite all the Muslims over here and turn this country into the same kind of hellhole that the middle east has been turned into go right ahead. (Hint, they will leave the Christians alone until long after they have thrown you from the top of a building.)

  • James

    The best thing for conservative Christians to do is turn off Shepard Smith and let the libs prop him up. Maybe his ratings will fall. Daytime is a good place for him because people who really matter aren’t watching.

  • Stanley Gron

    Shepard Smith should take his boyfriend to a Mosque, stuff lard into the Imam’s mouth, scream out to all the goat lovers Allah likes to see all their posteriors high up, the Shep could kiss his lover good-bye

  • mikeinnc232

    Smith should be fired so he can go to the Huff Post where at least people will understand while he is anti Christian, anti conservative, and anti female.


    Yeah cuz we all know that everything came from nothing

  • ookie19

    Sorry, Shepard is ruining Fox news.I cannot stand listening to this mans liberal
    views. I can watch a plethora of other news channels and get that! I am watching Fox less and less and many of my friends feel exactly the same way.

  • theGOONIES

    Is that Maddows sister?

  • PursueJustice

    He sounds a bit Christophobic.


    Fuck you and all illegal aliens Nuncha. The Civil War that is coming will wipe you and all the other invading illegal assholes off the face of the earth; the sands will drink the blood of you and all those invading hordes as well. I am licking my chops at the thought of Freeing the USA of your scum riddled illegal alien pus filled heads. We will come for you first. Has a nice day Pedro Putah.

  • Davey Dunn

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  • justanotherpixel

    yes it is homosexuality IE Fags

  • Steven Barrett

    Hmmm, what did Jesus say about loving your neighbor as yourself? And what did St. Paul write about love to the Corinthians? It appears as if a lot of you folks need to try other churches that aren’t so damn ideologically strict so-called”Bible Christian churches” and start attending the more liturgically-centered, actually Christ-centered churches, such as the Catholic, Anglican, Orthodox, Lutheran and Methodist. They focus on the sacrifice of the Lord and His resurrection and forgiveness of all sins: not berating the daylights out of one segment or another for the sole purpose of pointing fingers and making themselves appear all the more virtuous by virtue of their dependence on the Bible. Well, which version? And by what ordaining authority other than the local hiring churches pastoral search committees that “called” these preachers can also claim any shred of authority to “ordain” their wives as bishops if they don’t have any valid ordination papers themselves. A marriage license doesn’t count. Ohh, but don’t these lokel yokel infallible ones love to bang their Good Books and behave just as if they were as infallible as the Pope in Rome. (I’ll get it for saying that. But it’s true. Just have to watch your local popes in action in many different evangelical churches, all claiming to teach the only authentic word of God through the Bible. Like I wrote above: which version because just as fake news isn’t news, but lies, fake theology is even worse. Especially when it comes to spewing hatred which Jesus specifically spoke against while He walked the earth and St. Paul warned against a few decades later. He had to learn the hard way about hatred, his own hatred of the people he later joined and championed their Lord like no other man has ever done since, save for St. Francis.