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The nephew of the black African who brought Ebola to the United States doesn’t blame his uncle. He blames us. He writes in The Dallas Morning News that his uncle did everything right in Liberia, but still got Ebola, and wasn’t treated correctly in the U.S. The claim is that he had a right to be on U.S. soil and that it’s our fault he’s dead.

I suspect this is how President Barack Obama views Ebola. How else do you explain his opposition to a common-sense ban on travel to the U.S. by people from Ebola-infected countries? Tragically, Obama’s alternative is for the U.S. to become infected. Then, he must figure, there will be more pressure to find a “cure,” or at least a vaccine. But who knows how many will die in the process? It could be hundreds, or thousands, or more.

Ordinary Americans are scratching their heads, and some are getting angry, over the “flawed” approach to Ebola by the U.S. government. These people don’t understand that Obama views restrictions on African travel to the U.S. as racist. He won’t say this publicly, but as someone who has been documenting Obama’s Marxist background and approach to public policy for six years, there is no other logical explanation. He sees the people of much of the world, including Africa and the Middle East, as victims of American foreign policy. We are responsible for their problems.

Speaking for the Obama approach, black Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-WI) says it is “reactionary” to propose a travel ban. It is “unreasonable and dangerous” to keep Africans out, she says.

Rush Limbaugh delivered a commentary that was posted on his website under the headline, “Liberals See Ebola Through Prism of Slavery.” He quoted a liberal guest on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show as saying, “…we in America, how dare we turn our backs on Liberia, given the fact that this is a country that was founded in the 1820s, 1830s because of American slavery. We have a responsibility to stay connected with them and help them see this through.”

Limbaugh commented, “It’s our fault, see. If it hadn’t been for us and our evil ways back at the country’s founding, why, there might not even be an Ebola wiping out people in Africa. So we have a responsibility, a shared responsibility.”

Dinesh D’Souza wrote a book, The Roots of Obama’s Rage, on Obama’s anti-colonialism. I argue that Marxism, rather than anti-colonialism, motivates Obama. Still, D’Souza’s point is a good one. For whatever reason, Obama hates the West and all that it stands for. Permitting Ebola to be imported into the U.S. is one way to make the U.S. pay for its sins.

Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine Information Center has written a series of questions that illustrate how the Obama administration has facilitated the spread of Ebola to the U.S. Her conclusion is that “some people in industry, government and the World Health Organization did not want the Ebola outbreak to be confined to several nations in Africa because that would fail to create a lucrative global market for mandated use of fast-tracked Ebola vaccines by every one of the seven billion human beings living on this planet.”

The flaw in this thinking is that Ebola could spread so fast that millions will die and economies will collapse (including our own) before a vaccine is developed.

One can argue there may have been a similar motivation behind the federal response to AIDS, and yet an AIDS vaccine has still not been developed. Billions of dollars have been spent on it, however, as 39 million have died of AIDS-related causes. AIDS has mostly been dealt with through other drugs and treatments. It’s not clear if an Ebola vaccine will be effective or if it can be ready in a short period of time. Fisher is correct, however, that a vaccine is on a fast track, and that a vaccine would affect millions of people who would never have come into contact with Ebola if it had not been for the Obama administration’s decision to let infected people in. Fisher’s group, the National Vaccine Information Center, warns of deadly side-effects from various vaccines.

Obama’s use of the race card in the case of Ebola will become overt if members of Congress persist in calling for a travel ban. However, Obama can argue that a travel ban would violate a U.N. resolution against the “isolation” of the Ebola-infected countries. That measure calls on U.N. member states “to lift general travel and border restrictions, imposed as a result of the Ebola outbreak, and that contribute to the further isolation of the affected countries and undermine their efforts to respond to the Ebola outbreak…” It also “calls on airlines and shipping companies to maintain trade and transport links with the affected countries and the wider region…” Obama’s administration voted for this U.N. resolution.

The first member of Congress to call for a travel ban wasn’t a “reactionary” right-winger. Rather, it was liberal Democrat Alan Grayson of Florida. He made this common-sense request to the administration in a July 29 letter. “I believe that you have the legal authority to implement” a travel ban, Grayson said in his letter to Secretary of State John Kerry and Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. But since the crisis has accelerated and his President has come under fire for the federal response, Grayson has gone mostly silent. He doesn’t want to hurt his party’s chances in the November elections by criticizing the Democratic President.

Isn’t it strange that a President who uses and abuses his executive authority to promote his own far-left agenda has failed to exercise his power to protect the American people from a deadly disease?

As Obama’s vote for the U.N. resolution that requires open borders and continued flights from West Africa shows, it seems as if the President of the United States wants to deliberately inflict pain and suffering (and death) on the American people. The U.N. approves of his actions, but the American people don’t. The Washington Post reports that a poll from The Washington Post and ABC News shows that 67 percent of people support a travel ban.

If Obama’s dereliction of duty in this life and death matter isn’t grounds for impeachment, what is?

In the House, where impeachment would have to originate, Republican Speaker John Boehner (OH) has just announced he believes that Obama should “consider” a travel ban. This is too little, too late to avoid the death and suffering which has already occurred. And he didn’t go far enough in his polite request.

Meanwhile, the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, chaired by Rep. Tim Murphy (R-PA), scheduled an oversight hearing on the Ebola outbreak for today (October 16th).

Full committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) says, “The Ebola outbreak is a global public health issue that demands an all-hands-on-deck response. We cannot afford to look back and say we could have done more.” Clearly, much more could have and should have been done, if only the Obama administration had acted on the need for a travel ban earlier.

Upton went on: “The United States has a first-class health care system and we will do everything necessary to treat the sick, contain the threat, and protect the public health.”

Again, that is clearly not the case. The American people are scared and will not tolerate this “don’t worry” rhetoric from Democrats or Republicans. They have seen for themselves how federal officials will lie to them.

Being the opposition political party, it is up to the Republicans to confront the criminally negligent and reckless approach to Ebola that threatens the lives of our families and loved ones. It is time for Congress to act against the President who has knowingly permitted this deadly disease to take root on American soil.

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  • Realistic Realist

    Oh this isn’t a biased article at all. Do research on travel bans: They don’t work. In fact, they make things worse by decreasing our ability to track individuals who are traveling. Plus, are you going to ban all foreign flights? If not, then a travel ban would do NOTHING to help.

  • miguel

    Really? Is That why African countries are imposing travel bans, why Spain quarantined the Air France plane and on and on. Of course it will help and we should do everything we can to slow it down to control it and to defeat it.

  • miguel

    Most Americans came to this country after slavery and never had anything to do with it. We are sick and tired of this racist nonsense…who cares anyway? Just close the borders, impeach BO and destroy the Democratic Party and, ah!, we will have sanity and peace.

  • stlouisix

    To make a blanket comment that travel bans don’t work is nonsensical. We can at the very least stop travel coming in from the infected countries along with closing our porous borders that are doors for terrorism and disease courtesy of the free American hating tyrant Obama who flouts constitutional law at his whim if it doesn’t jive with his Marxist Socialist Ideology of transforming America into something unrecognizable to the founding fathers.

    This ban is already being employed by countries caring for the common good of their citizenry which isn’t on Obama’s radar. Today at a Congressional hearing, the moronic CDC head said the same thing that we can’t track the infection if we ban travel.

    BS to that serial sociopathic lying Obamunist rot as we’re supposed to trust Obama’s corrupted beyond belief government to track this infection based on filling out questionnaires and taking temperatures when, in fact, you can have Ebola without a temperature, without fatigue, and without vomiting and diarrhea depending upon the individual involved which was breaking news today.

    Moreover, the CDC head continued that if we did ban travel, then the infected would find other ways to come into the country over land, read our open southern borders which the CDC head has previously unconscionably argued should not be closed as Ebola is not a threat to come in via that route, the stopping of which would crimp Obama’s goal of increasing the number of brain-dead drone voters to keep him and his tyrannical anti-American ilk in power. No doubt it doesn’t occur to the drones that if this insanity continues, they stand a good chance of being “literally dead” along with the rest of us.

    This is an INSANE gross violation of The Fundamental Principle of Non-Contradiction in that “Something cannot ‘be’ and ‘not be’ at the same time in the same respect”, i.e., you cannot argue that you are fighting Ebola while concurrently not doing everything that you can to stop the spread of Ebola for the common good of your country which Obama couldn’t care less about.

  • Gringo_Cracker

    Josef Stalin, one Ubama’s most admired “uncles,” was wont to say, “One can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.” Howdy, eggs!

  • boysenberry

    Exactly right. My family came here legally about 40 years ago. What do we have to do with slavery or racism. To tell you the truth sometimes we feel like going back to our old country.
    The constant drum of racism is getting to everyone. They also forget that their own people sold them into slavery.
    Another thing is why is this country responsible for Africa. They do have their own government, don’t they? 0bama acts as if its all up to us and now is sending American troops to Libera? What are they supposed to do? Shoot ebola? I am sure some of them will bring the virus back.
    It makes you wonder if this is by design.

  • joshuasweet

    they isolated during the flu epidemics national health. they love the numbers of people that just stay at home venturing out only if they must to be around others that might be infected. sure will cut the numbers of voters going to vote so many more time write in mailed in votes that will be counted.

  • Soxtory

    The CDC head was Commisioner of Mental Hygene for NYC before BO picked him for this job. How does mental hygiene dovetail with contagious disease?

    This fellow is unqualified as is Obama!

  • Michael Blum Show

    I think Duncan knew he was ill, lied about being healthy when he left Africa and figured he would get better treatment in US. He then took a flight, his illness got worse, the hospitals didn’t know what they were dealing with, or ignored the obvious and then he died.

  • MrSpacemonkeymojo

    That’s plausible, I believe there was an interview with a friend who mentioned that he had said that the hospital did nothing for him despite what he expected. I also think he intentionally flew to Brussels to stay under the radar so to speak and make it easier to return.

  • Jennifer
  • Joel

    Hey, at least we have Obamacare. Or, as Hillary would say, “What difference does it make … !?!?”

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    You are correct Cliff, in saying that Obama is a marxist. A marxist’s position is always to lie. He can say he is a christian, or a muslim, or whatever is needed for the situation. It doesn’t bother him, because the ends are greater than means. A marxist does not believe in morality, but conflict. In the eyes of the dialectic, everything Obama does is to facilitate the conflict that will produce the reaction needed to further his goal. The goal is the same as it has always been, to so alter life in America, that it can be comfortably merged into a regional and then, a world government.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    That’s right, creating conflict is the name of Hegel’s game.

  • OBlamo Binlyen

    Ditto, my parts came from Australia in the 20’s and from Germany/Austria before that. So do I feel any guilt, not a lick. I don’t see Barry’s ‘kids’…still waiting for that DNA test….going to aid the poor anywhere. Maybe when Mooch is done dancing with a turnip….

  • dontdoitagain

    I keep hearing about our “first class” health care system. Incidentally the same one that caused the continuing problems in Texas. This first class health care system costs are “first class” as well. I read somewhere that treating Duncan cost almost a half million dollars. How many of these cases can we have until our first class system collapses? How many of our own people are going to be denied medical care because some African has either gotten a Visa or, alarmingly, been given immigration papers due to the “expedited” immigration being offered to the people in the Ebola areas and comes here sick? How many hospitals will be shut down due to contamination or bankruptcy?

    Obam says that his primary purpose in life is “to make sure Africans are safe”. This “larger role” of his definitely puts Americans behind Africans. And behind Mexicans, Guatamalans, Hondurans, Salvatorians, Syrians, Iraqis, (muslims of any stripe) Russians, East Indians, the Chinces, Viet Namese, etc. We Americans might be higher on the list than the Irish people. At least according to our immigration mess. The rest can come here and kill us through disease or violence with the full blessing of our president and part of the congress.

  • amygries

    You people are a bunch of ignorant fools. You are right about one thing, this has nothing to do with racism. Still, closing the borders is a horrible idea. Do you want to know why? Because those countries desperately need supplies and help. Closing the borders would mean that they wouldn’t have the means to contain the disease, and it would spread. There would be no way to close the US borders to EVERY country. Besides being physically impossible, we NEED the rest of the world for our economy to survive.
    And boo hoo about the Dallas health care system. I guess you are really just that ignorant, so I will tell you. The country of Liberia had just 45 doctors to serve 4.5 million people BEFORE the Ebola outbreak occurred. And, those 45 doctors had never seen anything like Ebola before (it previously had occurred only on the other side of the continent), nor did they have the laboratories necessary to diagnose the disease. Samples had to be sent to France to even determine what this mystery disease was. Basic medical equipment necessary to protect medical staff from getting infected was already scarce; the people didn’t even have enough water to drink so it wouldn’t even occur to them to wash their hands. Could you imagine that?
    Probably not. I won’t expect you to. Had to try though.