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The black scholar who previously revealed Obama’s personal relationship with Communist Party operative Frank Marshall Davis is now speaking in detail on the record. Professor Gerald Horne says that while the relationship is noteworthy and should have been uncovered by the press, there is no evidence that Davis turned Obama “into some sort of Manchurian candidate.”

However, Professor Paul Kengor’s book about Davis, The Communist, argues that Davis had a significant influence on the formation of Obama’s Marxist views and policies as President.

Horne, who holds the John J. and Rebecca Moores Chair of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston, is a contributor to Communist Party USA publications such as Political Affairs magazine. He spoke at a March 23, 2007, event at New York University’s Tamiment Library to celebrate the donation of Communist Party materials to the library.

It was at that event that Horne, speaking before an audience that included Communist Party leaders, discussed then-Senator Barack Obama’s relationship with a Communist Party figure in Hawaii, Davis, who died in 1987.

The revelation that a U.S. senator preparing to run for president was linked to a high-level official of the Communist Party, a party which had been funded by Moscow and used to infiltrate the U.S. government, seemed like big news. Yet, despite coverage of Horne’s remarks by blogger Trevor Loudon and Accuracy in Media before Obama won his first presidential term in 2008, the major U.S. media ignored the relationship and the matter of whether Davis had influenced Obama’s politics, and even had recruited him to the Marxist cause. It was apparent that the media did not want to publicize anything that might inhibit the election of the first black president in the U.S.

In my interview, Horne said he came across the activities of Davis while researching his book on labor unions in Hawaii, Fighting in Paradise:  Labor Unions, Racism and Communists in the Making of Modern Hawaii, 2011.

“So as I was reading about Frank Marshall Davis there was the simultaneous ascension to influence of then-Senator Barack Obama and I read his memoir [Dreams from My Father], where he talks about a character by the name of Frank and I just put two and two together,” Horne told me. “I don’t think it took a great logical leap.” He added, “The press should have uncovered this, not some obscure professor in Houston.”

In that 2007 speech at Tamiment Library, entitled, “Rethinking the History and Future of the Communist Party,” Horne had referred to Davis as “an African-American poet and journalist” who was “certainly in the orbit of the CP—if not a member …” and had become a friend to Barack Obama and his family in Hawaii.

Horne also noted that Obama, in his memoir, spoke “warmly of an older black poet, he identifies simply as ‘Frank’ as being a decisive influence in helping him to find his present identity as an African-American…”

The Horne speech was subsequently published in the Communist Party newspaper People’s World.

New Zealand researcher Trevor Loudon, who has written two books on Marxist influence in the Obama administration and Congress, discovered the Horne speech identifying “Frank” as Frank Marshall Davis and treated the revelation as a significant fact regarding Obama’s presidential run. We confirmed the information in a February 18, 2008, column, “Obama’s Communist Mentor.” Later that year we obtained the 600-page FBI file on Davis, confirming his actual membership in the CPUSA and raising suspicions that Davis was a Soviet espionage agent.

But the major media refused to treat the information as a serious impediment to Obama’s fitness for office. The Obama campaign lied about Davis, portraying him as just a civil rights activist.

I argued in the interview with Horne that the failure of the press to uncover or publicize the evidence of the Obama-Davis connection was the result of liberals or “progressives” thinking that the relationship would hurt Obama’s chances to be president.

Horne said he wasn’t convinced that was the case, at least in terms of how the black community would react, since Davis had a reputation as a noted black literary figure who had been an associate of the prominent black novelist Richard Wright, a former CPUSA member. Horne said membership in the CPUSA did not “carry as much opprobrium” in the black community “as it might carry in other communities.” In addition, he argued, “if you start digging deep in terms of the public and published record about Obama and Davis, you quickly find there’s not much there. I mean we know that Obama mentioned him. We know that Davis was a radical. But we’re not able to make the link that Davis turned Obama into some sort of Manchurian candidate.”

In fact, however, Obama makes at least 22 explicit references to “Frank” in his memoir, talks about how Davis influenced his thinking on race and other matters during eight years in Hawaii, and in a recently discovered 1995 speech promoting his book acknowledged that Davis had “schooled” him on the subject of white racism.

Horne countered, “Some of my friends on the left who are quite hostile to Obama would say that if Davis schooled Obama, he didn’t do a very good job.”

Back in 2007, however, Horne had predicted that Obama, then a somewhat obscure political figure, would go down in history.

Horne said, “At some point in the future, a teacher will add to her syllabus Barack’s memoir and instruct her students to read it alongside Frank Marshall Davis’ equally affecting memoir, ‘Living the Blues’ and when that day comes, I’m sure a future student will not only examine critically the Frankenstein monsters that U.S. imperialism created in order to subdue Communist parties but will also be moved to come to this historic and wonderful archive in order to gain insight on what has befallen this complex and intriguing planet on which we reside.”

The role of Communist parties here and abroad is a favorite subject of Horne, who has written more than 30 books. These books include:

  • Counter-Revolution of 1776: Slave Resistance and the Origins of the United States of America (2014).
  • Black Revolutionary: William Patterson and the Globalization of the African-American Freedom Struggle (2014).
  • From the Barrel of a Gun: The U.S. and the War Against Zimbabwe (2001).
  • The Final Victim of the Blacklist: John Howard Lawson, Dean of the Hollywood Ten (2005).

The Communist Party USA backed Obama for president in 2008, and in 2012 said his re-election was “absolutely essential.”

Current policies and programs of the CPUSA include support for Obamacare, rights for homosexuals, and Pope Francis’ encyclical on climate change.

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  • john4637

    The media missed nothing, they buried it! Yellow journalism at its finest.

  • Donna Mohler

    Barry’s entire life s make believe. A Hollywood story. George Clooney has been with Barry for years! Why?

  • Eduarde Berkos

    If obama had a father he’d look like ole Frank?

  • Ted

    Either way, who cares at this point? The guy was elected twice … he’s served six and a half years … with another one and a half to go. End of case. Period. The horse is out of the barn. The water is over the dam. The water is under the bridge. The milk has been spilt.

    Why don’t you spend more time coming up with and suggesting positive solutions to the REAL problems facing this country in terms of the economy, education, the increasing lack of affordability of everything, failing national infrastructure, alternative energy sources, reducing disease and continuing health problems, etc.

    So, Obama is a communist. Nixon was a crook. Kennedy was a philanderer. Reagan was a lousy movie actor. Carter was a bleeding heart. Bush II was a bimbo. What the hell difference does it all make NOW? What’s done is done.

  • madhatter46

    Speak truth to power? Not the mainstream press–shame on the voters for abetting this cluster—-.

  • madhatter46

    Obviously, we don’t learn from history not think it’s important? We do love our entitlements though–that benefit history– we won’t forget. Sell your vote, sell your soul just to get your piece of the pie before it’s gone—survivor of the greediest, sadly. Alas, the past does matter, it should be a guidepost for the future and for developing character. Character? Lie, cheat, steal, cronies, bribes, blackmail, political correctness, o for victim hood status. Don’t learn, and to paraphrase the end of your post, ‘what is done, will be done again–because we so easily forget the past. Psst, cut in front of the line.

  • AndRebecca

    O.K., why don’t you tell us your fix for the economy, education, inflation, out of sight healthcare insurance premiums? What exactly do you mean by failing national infrastructure, why alternative energy sources would actually help solve any problems, and how do you think disease could be reduced? Do you think we should become like Cuba or Russia, North Korea or China, or would Fabian Socialism do the trick? Do you think legalizing prostitution and starting up sex tourism would help? What are your ideas? Do you have a realistic grip on what communists want for the USA? Do you think Obama is the only communist out there and when he goes, that’s it as far as communism is concerned? Give us your thoughts.

  • Jess Thinkin

    I’ll tell you exactly what difference it makes to bring this up – again and again – if necessary! One of the key protagonists in this sordid tale is still active and influential – and will continue to be so – for the duration – far beyond your parochial view …. .. and that is the mainstream Media! It is extremely important to recognize the institutional and deeply entrenched influence the press maintains to the distinct advantage of the political left. This historical treatise can, and should, act as a recorded example of the perfidious tactics they utilize in order to further their commonly preferred tyranny of collectivism! Social media’s exposure of the MSM has now become essential to our individual freedoms since the integrity of a free press is at issue and under attack by the political philosophy of those from within.

  • JR Kipling

    And at the core of the “real problems” you mention is ONCE AGAIN the MARXISM of this Manchurian President. Its the agenda he follows that is at the core of that agenda is Frank Marshall Davis..Obama’s father and tutor. And making it all go round is the denial and lies of the media and a million dupes like you. Or perhaps you aren’t quite so stupid…you know very well that your schtick is just another gambit to keep the fraud going.

  • JR Kipling

    Only a fool would deny that FMD is the father. Of course he is.
    You have every bit of evidence you need except the act of intercourse..but then you almost have that too. A nude photo of
    Stanley Ann ..on Davis’s couch…a confession letter tot he affair
    by FMD..and of course the missing birth certificate with the name of the real father. ..


    THE COMMUNISTS gradually bought-out and have OWNED major mainstream media for many years, simply because they knew that who controls the majority of people’s minds ….controls the majority of people!!!!

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    That technique by Thorne of denying what never was suggested, let alone contended, or very much less asserted by anyone in a debate, the denier himself/herself being the one party making an insinuation of it in the body of the denial –i.e., that Obama was a “Manchurian Candidate”– is an old trick of gross sophistry in the sophist’s sack of debate-techniques.

    It is clear that Obama was never a “Manchurian Candidate”, for he never hid his hardcore-Left ideological adherence, which he asserted publicly, not only rhetorically but also by his Marxist-Leninist (i.e., of the cultural communism strain) praxis.

    What happens is that the Democrat Party ideological (hardcore-Left, of course) nucleus fostered him, the Democrat Party cytoplasm accepted him, and the Left sector of the “mainstream” media hid and still hide the Marxist-Leninist in him.

    There is no “Manchurianism” at all here, so there is no need to deny it; Thorne can go fly a kite with his cheap shenanigan. However, Thorne cannot deny what grassroots-conservatives veridically, veraciously, factually, objectively sustain: that “Frank” (as Obama criptically refers to him about 22 times in his autobiography “Dreams from My Father”) chiseled Obama’s mind with Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Maoism, and other hardcore-Left ideological and praxis scum, during Obamar’s formative teen years.

    Of course, Obama can and will perpetrate enormous harm on the America that the Founders instituted (“conceived”) via The Declaration of Independence, and that they constituted (“delivered”) along those lines, having left testimony of such great deed in five sheets of parchment manuscript that they very felicitously titled The Constitution of the United States of America.

    But the much more danger we should pay attention to is the undeniable fact that the traitorous domestic hardcore-Left has its complete and perfect embodiment in the ideological nucleus of the Democrat Party, with Obama a the very tip of the spearhead of such nucleus.

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    Oh yeah, Hilllary!!! (You are just parroting Hillary’s attempt to “move on” when the House interrogated her on Benghazi.)

    Of course, in the year and a half for his term to end, Obama can and will perpetrate enormous harm on the America that the Founders instituted (“conceived”) via The Declaration of Independence, and that they constituted (“delivered”) along those lines, having left testimony of such great deed in five sheets of parchment manuscript that they very felicitously titled The Constitution of the United States of America.

    But the much more danger we should pay attention to is the undeniable fact that the traitorous domestic hardcore-Left has its complete and perfect embodiment in the ideological nucleus of the Democrat Party, with Obama a the very tip of the spearhead of such nucleus.

  • RMThoughts

    We have revolutionaries on both sides of the aisle. Obama and the Dems on one side, the GOP and the Neocons on the other. The Neocons are the more dangerous.

    Neoconservatives with their Trotskyite global revolution roots provide the ideological basis for U.S. foreign policy, Ledeen to Reagan and Bush. The ideology has not been repudiated by Obama.

    “The permanent revolution” has been substituted for “constant conflict,” and “creative destruction;” Stalinism has been substituted for Islamofascism; Russia has been replaced by the USA as the “one truly revolutionary country in the world;” “exceptional country” and the “world proletarian revolution” has metamorphosed into the “global democratic revolution” and “regime change”.

  • ItsJo

    You also forgot to add Hillary’s “What difference does it make?” When She covered up Her involvement in Benghazi….Or, is That Also OK with you Ted? You are an idiot who doesn’t understand WHAT Obama has done to this Republic, OR, you just don’t give a p h uck? Stupid Liberal
    that was in awe of the lst black president-who Also took DOWN this Republic….thanks to you and your ilk-

  • ItsJo

    This MOST important article, that NO Liberal Media Wanted Disclosed, as they IGNORED these facts, as Obama has Deliberately set out to ADVANCE Communist, Frank Marshall Davis’ Agenda. BOTH these Two hated White America, and this is the thing that Obama “Tried to Cover up, as he referred to him as “a civil activist”(More Lies from Obama) JUST as his Terrorist Pal- Bill Ayres was “just a guy in the neighborhood.” Really?

    In Obama’s Marxist quest to “Take Down Arrogant(His Words) America, he has also followed other radicals, like 60’s Marxist Saul Alinsky: “Rules For Radicals” that Obama Taught to Acorn Thugs.

    He also followed at Columbia-“Cloward-Piven” whose agenda was to:

    End Capitalism(Just as Obama has all but erased small business/middle class.

    Cause Chaos(he’s certainly done that in following their Lessons on HOW to
    turn a nation upside Down, in forwarding your agenda(slight of Hand??)

    Overload ALL the Systems that are in place
    *he’s decimated the coal industry,
    * shoved socialized medicine down America’s throats, upended the role of
    the crooked IRS-putting Them in charge of other issues,
    * inserted him and his wife into the food industry-including the pathetic lunches forced on children in our schools who are throwing the garbage away,
    * given special Power to IRS, DHS, FEMA, etc. WITH Ammunitions/Firearms to be used against American Citizens,
    * Purged OUR Military-when he asked IF they would FIRE on American Citizens(guess those who said “NO” were ousted.
    to push their racist agenda AGAINST whites, while emboldening the blacks to “continue rioting, looting, using attacks on whites ‘in their knockout games’
    and NOT bringing blacks before the courts as criminals.”

    The list goes on and on, but you get the idea-
    As Mr. Kincaid has shown, there is a GREAT possibility that Obama’s REAL father may well BE Frank Marshall Davis, as the likeness is NOT to be denied- Obama would NOT have wanted That information to stand in his way
    of being “ushered into office of POTUS.

    With his equal hatred of our Founding Fathers(White Colonialists)-
    -Our Constitution(that’s he’s all but shredded, and our Declaration of Independence, ALL of which he is turning us into HIS Ideology of Marxism.

    “We are Sheeple being Controlled by Obama and Elitists/Communists, Marxist/Muslims….which he protects MORE than Christians, that are also being attacked world wide, as he says NOTHING about HIS Muslim Brother
    hood who ARE Killing Christians.

    Obama made US the sitting ducks in our OWN Nation with “HIS ILLEGAL ALIEN INVASION” AND “OPEN BORDERS
    that HAVE brought forth terrorists, gangs, criminal elements that PUT Americans In DANGER, as he also ‘stacks the deck in the SCOTUS, as his special Political Arm.’


  • ItsJo

    Thank you Mr. Kincaid for reissuing this article, that EVERY American Should have been able to have the media expose. We would NOT be in this mess, had they DONE their jobs, but as you state-they Wanted to elect this Marxist Obama, and Make History. Sadly, ALL Americans have to suffer as a result of their pushing him onto our Republic.

  • Gringo_Cracker

    Davis was, as mentor, obviously one of Obama’s important Leftist influences, but he was by no means the Lone Ranger. Both of his Dunham grandparents were Pinkos and grandpa was even a Davis pal. Mom Stanley Ann was a doctrinaire Leftist, probably as a result of her anthropological training, who insisted Barry mentor under Davis as a condition of his returning to Hawaii from Indonesia. Obama admittedly sought the company of Marxist professors and students throughout his academic career and his White House administration is filled with fellow-travelers like Valerie Jarret, Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Samantha Power, Cass Sunstein, etc. Davis certainly helped get the red ball rolling for little Barry, but he is hardly the ideological Rasputin or Svengali some make him out to be.

    Oh, yeah – Obama bears an uncanny resemblance to Davis and none to alleged “father,” Obama pere. In this instance, believe yer lyin’ eyes.

  • terry1956

    There are several competitors for world domination and although US neoconservatives is one( actually two one wanting the US to dominate the world and the other wanting Isreal) to they are not one of the top as they were 14 years ago.
    Today the eight top is the1. The US Congress, 2. The Chinese Communist Party,3 The Multinational Business Roundtable/ International Chamber of Commerce, 4. The EU/IMF/UN Technocrats.
    5. The International Socialist/Marxist including the Trots as a subgroup competitor.
    6. The Moslem Brotherhood and other Sunni subgroup competitors wanting Sunni Sharia world domination.
    7. The radical Shia leadership of Iran wanting Shia Sharia world domination.
    8. Russia.
    Others include German Nazis, Holy Roman Empire Catholic advocates, Orthodox Church Empire advocates, Japanese Empire advocates, French Fascist, Greek Fascist, Austrian/ Hungarian Empire advocates, Turkish empire advocates, off shoots of fundamentalist Protestant Christian Dominion advocates,
    Indian Hindu Empire advocates , White control Supremist, Black Control Supremist , Mayan Empire advocates, Inca Empire adocates and others.
    Most of the nationalities, religions, political ideologies, various fields of top corporate business interest, sexual orientations, all the races, both sexes have people that wants their group to rule the world plus there are millions of individuals who wants to rule the world.
    The two at the top basically have no ideology or other group loyalty or really even loyalty to their own group.
    With the CCP it is mostly about various individuals and families trying to increase their own power.
    In the US Congress that is also the case with a majority of congress although a small percentage has a loyalty to communist, democratic socialist, as well as other ideologies and a hand full are actually loyal patriot Constitutionalist Americans.
    Back in 1890 Mark Twain said America had no native criminal class except Congress and they are even deeper in than they were 115 years ago.
    We rightfully condemn presidents and federal judges when they deserve it but the fact is it is Congress that controls America in this post Constitutional era and a majority wants to dominate the world.
    The President and federal judges can not run a member of congress out of office although they can throw some of them in jail but Congress can run a president and federal judges out of office.
    Congress has no terms limits, the vast majority of incumbents gets reelected even easier now that millions vote by machine.

  • terry1956

    Fix= except for foreign affairs and defense pretty much get the federal government out of everything.
    Although the militia of the several states ( not the National guard) must have a much higher role in defense, the states should also do custom inspections of imports and immigrants along with the federal government but only the federal gets to keep custom duties.
    Have the US get out of the UN and get the UN out of the US, get the US out of the IMF, the World Bank, NATO, the WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA,the TPP etc.
    End all current federal taxes and replace the revenue with just three sources.
    An American price plus 10% tax on imported goods, imported services and noncitizens working in the US.
    A 9% or less federal tax on corporate sales to consumers.
    A 7,000 dollar per year per capita direct tax( with a interest free 100% deferment on household income at 140% or less of the poverty level) but each household and individual in a state will get a 100% tax credit if the state governments assumes the responsibility to those who paid federal payroll taxes, other obligations not connected to service in the US military including federal civilian employee retirement& disability for those already vested, black lung, Indian Healthcare, the existing federal debt.
    Every household and individual will get the 100% credit on the equal amount direct tax because all 50 state governments will assume the above responsibilities and debt using state revenue.
    Other wise a family of 4 would owe 28,000 dollars a year to the federal government wither they had it or not.
    If the poverty line for 4 is 25,000 then 140% of that would be 35,000 dollars so while they would owe the tax they would not have to pay it as long as the household income was under 35,000 dollars a year but every dollar in income they make over 35,000 a year would go to pay the current direct federal tax and any past direct tax they owe.
    Since the federal head tax would take so much of the income( at the time and future) of a majority of the voters naturally the state government of all 50 states will assume the responsibility so the state can get a 100% credit on the federal head tax.