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The Moscow-funded propaganda channel, Russia Today (RT), is featuring a Ron Paul column titled “Leave Ukraine alone!,” even while Russia threatens an invasion of the sovereign nation and former Soviet republic. “The usual interventionists in the US have long meddled in the internal affairs of Ukraine,” Paul says, promoting the Kremlin line to an American audience.

Using an American to reinforce a policy favored by Moscow is a technique from old Soviet propaganda operations.

This isn’t the first time the pro-Putin network, which is available in English in the U.S. on the Comcast and Time Warner Cable systems, has highlighted the former Congressman’s “libertarian,” or “non-interventionist,” views benefiting Russia. It also recently featured his petition calling for clemency for Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contract employee who stole classified documents and leaked them to America’s enemies. Snowden is under the control in Russia of the FSB, the Russian intelligence agency.

Direct attacks on the freedom fighters in Ukraine continue to come from the Alex Jones’ website, which supported the Russians against Georgia back in 2008, and is now siding with the Russians against the Ukrainians. The show is syndicated by the Genesis Communication Network on over 60 AM and FM radio stations across the United States, and claims a large Internet based audience.

An Alex Jones writer named Kurt Nimmo has said that those struggling for independence from Russia may well replace the Lenin statues being toppled “with statues of the man who worked behind the scenes to overthrow the country’s democratically elected government—billionaire globalist George Soros.”

The so-called “democratically elected” government opened fire on peaceful protesters and had a plan to blame more violence on the freedom fighters. The Financial Times reported that captured documents demonstrated that “The operation would have used as a pretext an alleged plot by Right Sector, a radical wing of the protests, to engage in terrorist acts, setting off bombs at government buildings.” Documents also showed that snipers who killed dozens of protesters came from Ukraine’s “Omega” special forces.

The smear of the protesters as Soros puppets, from the Alex Jones crowd, is a deliberate exaggeration designed to take the focus away from the Obama administration’s failure to confront Russia’s designs on the region. As AIM has reported, Soros and his foundations are involved in literally dozens of countries around the world, including Ukraine, but there is no evidence he has had anything to do with the anti-communist revolution in the country. In fact, Soros has called capitalism the major “threat” to the world today and has been soft on socialist and communist regimes.

AIM has been exposing Soros and his operations long before Jones put his peculiar spin on the subject.

In fact, on the matter of legalizing marijuana and other dangerous drugs, Jones and Soros are in striking agreement.

For his part, in regard to Ukraine, Soros has declared, “I established the Renaissance Foundation in Ukraine in 1990—before the country achieved independence. The foundation did not participate in the recent uprising, but it did serve as a defender of those targeted by official repression. The foundation is now ready to support Ukrainians’ strongly felt desire to establish resilient democratic institutions (above all, an independent and professional judiciary). But Ukraine will need outside assistance that only the EU can provide: management expertise and access to markets.”

The anti-communist sentiments of most of the protesters run counter to the Soros agenda and the “progressive” and even Marxist groups he funds in the U.S. and various parts of the world. While an agreement of some kind with the EU is perhaps inevitable, and definitely preferable to subservience to Russia, it is likely the case that many in Ukraine will want to avoid economic entanglement with the European socialist bureaucracy. Indeed, Ukraine can and should develop independently.

In Ukraine, the new government is so anti-communist that it is threatening to outlaw the Communist Party.  The communists had supported Viktor Yanukovych because of his determination to “strengthen international ties with Russia and countries of the Shanghai Co-operation Organization,” notes the U.S. Communist Party newspaper, People’s World. The Shanghai Cooperation Organization includes Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Echoing Moscow, the Communist Party of Ukraine is now claiming the new government is run by Nazis and fascists.

In his commentary, Soros urges German Chancellor Angela Merkel to “reach out to President Vladimir Putin to ensure that Russia is a partner, not an opponent, in the Ukrainian renaissance,” a curious suggestion considering Putin’s threats to the country and his announced desire to reconstitute the Soviet empire and put Ukraine under Kremlin control. This comment demonstrates that, in the end, Soros wants to accommodate, not confront, Putin. That would be suicide for Ukraine.

In addition to Ron Paul, RT has featured the views of a Russian senator who claimed that Ukrainian freedom fighters sound like the Taliban, the group which harbored the 9/11 terrorist plotters in Afghanistan.

Interestingly, however, Mikhail Margelov, a member of Putin’s United Russia Party, did not want to associate his government with Viktor Yanukovych, the Putin puppet overthrown in the revolution and now on the run.

RT asked him about the “2 billion dollars” already sent by Moscow to Ukraine.

This exchange ensued:

MM: That’s a good question. I think when Mr. Yanukovych finally shows up, we shall ask that question.

RT: Well, no one really knows where he is, but since you keep bringing him up, what if he asks Russia for asylum?

MM: I know for sure, he is not in Russia.

RT: So, Russia will under no circumstances give him asylum?

MM: Well, I know for sure that he is not in Russia.

RT: What if he asks for an asylum in Russia?

MM: I will not invite him to my home.

The hands-off approach, which did, in fact, leave open the possibility of asylum for him in Russia, undoubtedly has something to do with the fact that Ukrainian media, including bloggers using YouTube videos, have gained access to and exposed his opulent presidential compound since his overthrow. As a result of the international attention, RT has even been forced to cover the corrupt practices and lifestyle of the pro-Russian former president.

“Pictures show a luxurious estate with a private zoo, exotic gardens, ships, and a garage full of Rolls Royces,” RT noted. “The luxurious home is located in Mezhyhirya, Kiev region. The 140-hectare property had previously never been seen by the public; only family members and a small number of others have ever had the privilege of being invited inside. The compound has always been heavily secured with high walls and security personnel.”

Ukrainian journalists have also visited the “forbidden palace” of former Ukrainian attorney general Victor Pshonka, where they discovered and took film and photos of gold, holy relics, ancient icons, and stolen masterpieces. One photo depicted Pshonka, now on the new government’s wanted list, as a Roman Emperor. He apparently had a picture of a Roman Emperor photoshopped, replacing one head with his own.

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  • Sodom Hussein Obama is an idiot…

  • Richard Hellstrom

    I can remember that during the break up that Russia accused the U.S. of using microwave weapons and dropping leaflets encouraging the people to rebel against Russia.
    I don’t agree with the Russian form of government but the propaganda glory days for America are forever gone. 75 percent of the post you read on the internet from our citizens are complaining about psychological and electronic warfare , privacy invasion , programs of information and class warfare , out right control of the social order and public policies by the federal government or something associated with a bitter disagreement with the conduct , regulation and dictation of this country. The idea that their an evil government and were the good people that should be controlling the earth is gone. You probably have as many as 20 states that are ready to jump ship at any time and their all as corrupt as the federal dictators.

  • Byrd Preston

    Wow, I thought this was AIM not Media Matters or wait…is this really the MSNBC site in disguise. This article is a complete joke. You guys act like we are still the good guys. Nice try you Obama schill!

  • Rebecca

    Thank you for pointing out the Soros connection and explaining it. Your critics, the Communist denying trolls… are everywhere. What is it that they find so wonderful about people in chains? Soros wrote two anti-Capitalist books. And, he has a website where he states he funds the Democratic Party in the USA. Just like in WWI and WWII the Russians are working both sides of the aisle to every person’s detriment.

  • American Kulak

    Alex Jones responds to Clifford Kincaid’s ‘Russian shill’ allegation and AIM’s sudden apologetics for George Soros

  • American Kulak

    AIM is the neocon Media Matters — they were even holding events discussing how ‘problematic’ Matt Drudge is because Drudge isn’t beholden to Fox News or anyone in the bankster-owned Establishment but links to who he damn well pleases last summer. AT THE VERY SAME TIME MEDIA MATTERS WAS GOING AFTER DRUDGE! Gee what a coincidence…

  • American Kulak

    You know what else makes AIM unintentionally hilarious? Roger Aronoff brags in his bio about appearing on Russia Today, among other outlets. Quick Cliff you’re on to him he’s part of the vast Putinist Commie plot too!

    “He is also AIM’s Executive Secretary. Aronoff has worked as a journalist, TV producer, director, writer and distributor. He also hosts AIM’s show on BlogTalkRadio, “Take AIM.” Roger joined AIM in May of 1997 and has written, produced and directed award-winning documentaries including Confronting Iraq: Conflict and Hope, The Clinton Legacy and TWA 800: The Search for the Truth. Aronoff has appeared as a guest commentator on National Public Radio, Air America, CNN, Fox News, CNBC’s “Kudlow & Company,” Court TV, Russia Today, and CTV (Canadian TV), among others. A University of Texas graduate with a B.A. in History, Aronoff has worked as a freelance journalist in South Africa and a columnist for the Jewish Herald Voice.(202 364 4401, Email)Full bio”

  • terry1956

    I think here in the US some of both sides are being played by different chest masters who are seeking to rule the world through a one world central body.
    On one side there are those being played by RT and the Putinist, then on that side of this issue at least are those being played by the International Marxist and others likely will speak up later in support of the position of the CCP leadership in China.
    The three groups are enemies of each other in seeking to rule the world but they will work together against other groups seeking to rule the world as well as those in favor of liberty, justice and local sovereignty.
    Some on the other side are being played also by various competitors seeking world domination such as the International Corporate Davos Roundtable set or by the UN/EU bureaucratic/ technocrat fascist set or the ” neoconservative” who are seeking for a Post Constitutional Post federal unitary United States government to rule the world under a powerful executive branch.
    For creditability sake it would be best for Ron Paul and other constitutional federalist system loving Americans to find other venues that the mouth piece of America’s largest enemy- Russia.

  • terry1956

    Soros is actually one of those competiting to rule the world, he will work with others but he is competing with the International Marxist, Putin, the CCP of China, the Multinational Corporate Roundtable, the UN/EU Technocrat Fascist, the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood, Iranian Shia leadership, the US leaning ” neoconservatives”, the Israel leaning” neoconservatives”, German Nazis, the Theocratics pushers of the Catholic Church, The Theocratic pushers of the Russian Orthodox Church.
    It just hit me this morning that Soros is seeking his own brand of ” Open Society” one world government.
    Like Putin and Obama, Soros wants to be “The Leader” but the three are competitors, they and the above group work towards centralization against the rest of humanity. Soros and Obama tends to work together than they do with any of the other groups.

  • terry1956

    Of Course the states have the authority to leave the federation but it would be extremely foolish to do so for defense reasons.
    Putin and the CCP of China are licking their chops on how to divide the US between each other.
    RT has been agitating for the break up of the US for years.
    The CCP news reported of a military alliance with Russia against the US and military alliance with Mexico.
    The government of Argentina reported of a security alliance with China.
    Pakistan ( which has nukes and maybe subs) as made an alliance with China and they made efforts according to a Wall Street Journal to get the Afghan government to drop ties with the US and join in a alliance with Pakistan and China.
    In the US we have 5 boxes to fight tyranny of centralization as well as local tyranny, the soap box, the mail box, the ballot box, the jury box and the ammo box. Use them in that order.
    Fredrick Douglas said free people must be able to access to the ballot box, the jury box and the ammo box.
    We must demand an end of black box voting because as the people of McMinn County decided at the Battle of Athens ( yes proper identification must be demanded to lower voter fraud but vote count fraud is a much larger problem)Tennessee in 1946 an open count in public of hand marked paper ballots is a must.
    the people of McMinn county used the last box against the boss hog democrat party machine.
    Jews For the Preservation Of Firearm Ownership tells their story in their archives
    The elected county sheriff and elected county district constables having higher authority than even the governor and president within their jurisdiction must demand that the fourth box be used right in the county with the jury made up of citizens living in the county if that is what the defendant wants.
    The federal or state court judge should also allow the jury to be fully informed of their authority to veto in order to be just to the defendant in the case ( either criminal or civil case).
    If necessary the Sheriff should deputize the entire adult citizens of the county willing to serve to interpose between the federal or state government and the defendant seeking a local just jury trial.
    I don’t endorse all the viewpoints of the above’s founders and leaders especially some of the Ron Paul type naïve views on foreign policy or any hints of any of the occasional commenter at any of the above sites or any where that 9/11 was done by either the US government or Israel (The best ally of the US of any nation although Russel Kirk was right in saying some of the neoconservatives act like they forget that the capital of the US is in DC and not Telvev).
    I’m not saying some in the DC power structure would not do a 9/11 if they thought they could get away with it but Occam’s razor I think here that just a few radical Moslems did the act with just a small amount of money, it shows the failures of an inept bloated federal government including DOD , the CIA etc which should be restricted to only helping defend the states and the people in the individual states where the sovereignty is under our constitutional federalist system .
    DOD should only help other nations when it is in the clear defense interest of the US to do so( and doing so would actually be productive) and never through a permanent alliance with our unconstitutional alliance with either the UN or NATO.
    On most present and past foreign ventures that the US is in or was in the private sector and local freedom fighters likely could have done a better job, at less cost, with less lives lost, less property damage and in a shorter time.
    Of Course if WMDS are involved its best that the US take them.

  • terry1956

    Interesting article about the Five Eye Alliance at the Atlantic from a link from the Oathkeepers website.
    Sounds similar to the Anglo/American Rountable push for world domination that Carol Quigley wrote and talked about.
    The US, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, another competitor in seeking a one world central government allied more closely with the Mutinational Corporation Rountable and the EU/UN bureaucrat Facist which the German and French governments has the largest control over.
    Of course its silly for the government of Germany to fake surprise that the NSA had been spying on their leaders when its likely the Germans and the EU has been spying on the US and its leaders.
    Of Course Russia where Putin also wants to rule the world like Stalin did has been spying on the US and its leaders.
    That fact Snowden went to Russia makes him suspect and if the Russian secret service got hold of his hard drives how much data where they able to chance.
    Another article at Oath keepers makes to much about the president of the Ukraine being properly elected and that a rebellion caused him to leave.
    Yes maybe Neo Nazis were a big part of the rebellion like the Moslem Brotherhood was a big part of the first rebellion in Egypt to remove Mubarak but far from the only part .
    Yes the Miltary was a big part of the removal of the elected Moslem Brotherhood but far from the only part.
    The fact is Mubarak had no right to rule the way he was ruling, the Moslem Brotherhood had no right to rule just because they got the majority of the votes and the military has no right to rule.
    In the Ukraine the former president ( a corrupt associate of Putin)had no right to rule and its likely who ever is put in his place( Likely a corrupt associate of the IMF and the EU technocrat fascist) has no right to rule.

  • Rebecca

    I like what you are saying. V. I .Lenin pointed out that fascists are right wing Socialists and they are not Anglo-Saxon type republicans. Only the republicans/conservatives in the capitalistic countries have gotten it right, along with any counterparts in non-capitalist countries. They are the ones the Marxists-both on the left and right- want to get rid of. All of the Marxists want world domination- not western style democracy. They say they want rule by the underclasses, the proletariat and peasants, when what they really want is the lack of education and morality, and the weak mind set which goes with the very bottom of society. Makes it easy to control them/us, if they/we have no self-control. It causes a two class system, the rulers and the ruled. And, it allows the rulers to get away with whatever they want because no one sees it. Get on any of the available websites like CPUSA or the U.N. and see what they are doing and saying. It isn’t any different than the original Marxists. For a while, the UN website had really ugly anti-capitalist stuff on it. Right now not so much… The recent articles on Uruguay and Soros and marijuana are very interesting…Soros works with all of them, and most of the money for world domination comes from the good old USA via the leftists in the various movements with their 501c groups, or out of the taxpayers hides through support of Planned Parenthood, solar energy, etc. Lenin also said the first step to communism is atheism. And, when they say they are against religion, they mean they are against believing Christians and believing Jews…. Oathkeepers…I’ll look them up, thanks.

  • Dr. Carlos Diaz Lujan

    Conservative may have thought this was Accuracy In Media, not Media Matters or wait…is this really
    the MSNBC site in disguise? This article is a complete joke. It’s a literal copy of Hilary Clinton’s hate speech against Putin. Nice try you Obama-Hilary-Soros schill!

  • dennbo49

    And, Soros is one of the few surviving Nazi war criminals yet to be prosecuted.