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The problem of Russian aggression in the Middle East was not brought up in the New Hampshire Republican debate. Instead, the candidates were asked about the outcome of the Super Bowl and urged to attack each other. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) was mocked by Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) and many in the media for saying several times, “Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

But what if Rubio is right? And what about the argument that he needs to keep saying this because so many of his competitors are content to let Obama off the hook for his repeated “failures” in foreign policy?

Senator Rubio is trying to make a point when he talks about Obama’s deliberately destructive policies. In addition to his socialist policies at home, Obama’s foreign policy actions as President are designed to make things worse for the United States and its allies around the world. A current example is the Middle East, where a military offensive by the combined forces of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah is threatening any chance for peace in Syria. After five years of war, the Russian client, Bashar al-Assad of Syria, may survive.

However, this would actually be a victory for the regimes outside of Syria, primarily Russia and Iran. Assad is their puppet. Israel may be their next target.

The network news programs are finding it impossible to ignore the ugly truth about what is happening in Aleppo, Syria. Holly Williams of CBS News covered the destruction of that city, which is the main rebel stronghold. Tens of thousands of new refugees are now fleeing the area seeking safety.

French journalist Natalie Nougayrède notes, “The defeat of anti-Assad rebels who have partially controlled the city since 2012 would leave nothing on the ground in Syria but Assad’s regime and Islamic State.” In other words, the so-called Russian war on the Islamic State, or ISIS, was a fraud. The Russian intention all along was to weaken and then destroy the anti-Assad rebels who want a real democracy in Syria.

As Nougayrède puts it, “Russia has all along claimed it was fighting ISIS—but in Aleppo it is helping to destroy those Syrian groups that have in the past proved to be efficient against ISIS. If there were ever any doubts about Russia’s objectives in Syria, events around Aleppo will surely have cleared them.”

“Aleppo will define much of what happens next,” she points out. “A defeat for Syrian opposition forces would further empower ISIS in the myth that it is the sole defender of Sunni Muslims—as it terrorizes the population under its control. There are many tragic ironies here, not least that western strategy against ISIS has officially depended on building up local Syrian opposition ground forces so that they might one day push the jihadi insurgency out of its stronghold in Raqqa. If the very people that were meant to be counted on to do that job as foot soldiers now end up surrounded and crushed in Aleppo, who will the west turn to?”

Obama’s response to all of this has been to let the Russians and their Iranian allies run the show. He is betraying the anti-ISIS, anti-Assad rebels.

As Rubio indicates, this cannot be considered a misguided policy. Making excuses for Obama doesn’t make sense anymore.

Like the Soviets before, the Russians are diabolical masters of manipulation. Nougayrède notes, “…if Europe sees a new exodus of refugees, Russia will stand to benefit. The refugee crisis has sowed deep divisions on the continent and it has helped populist rightwing parties flourish—many of which are Moscow’s political allies against the EU [European Union] as a project.”

Those “populist rightwing parties” have their counterpart in the United States, in the form of the Donald J. Trump presidential campaign. Curiously, he is anti-Muslim immigrant while pro-Russian. The candidate who failed to understand a question about the nuclear triad during one debate seems willing to let Putin run rampant in the Middle East, oblivious to the fact that Russia is making the refugee problem Trump complains about far worse.

Trump may not know what’s he’s saying or doing, but Obama clearly does. He cut a nuclear deal with Iran that has emboldened the main allies of Russia in the Middle East.

“Without Washington’s interference,” reports Avi Issacharoff, the Middle East analyst for The Times of Israel, “Moscow continues its incessant bombing of Aleppo, killing hundreds of innocent civilians. And Iran is taking over large parts of Syria and in the future may establish strongholds that will threaten Israel, whether in northwestern Syria or in its next target, the Deraa area close to the border with Israel and Jordan.”

Rubio kept saying, “Let’s dispel once and for all with this fiction that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Rubio keeps saying this because it’s true. Nothing that Governor Christie said in response to that line of attack disproved the truth of Rubio’s words. And if Rubio has to say it over and over again, in order for people to understand what’s happening in the Middle East and elsewhere, then please say it once again.

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  • Aaron1960

    That’s why Rush Limbaugh said upon Obama’s inauguration, “I hope he fails!”

  • Doom Sternz

    Get real the entire US political elite are criminals……..Secretary of State John Kerry’s stated “We call upon the regime and its supporters to halt their bombardment of opposition-held areas, especially in Aleppo, and to lift their besiegement of civilians in accordance with UN Security Council Resolutions 2165, 2254 and 2258….”

    How is it that Kerry is defending The Army of Conquest’s control on the city? Abdullah Al-Muhaysini runs the judicial system in Aleppo.

    How is it that Kerry missuses UN resolution 2254 which reaffirms in point 8 the 2249 resolution (2015) that all member states should fight against ISIS and Al-Nusra and all other groups, individuals that support them, and that aforementioned ceasefire will not apply to these groups and individuals and that they ought to be eradicated”

    How is it that Kerry is pushing for a ceasefire to protect the Army of Conquest and other terrorists on the ground in Aleppo. Kerry is not only going against UN resolutions that he himself is quoting, but worse still he is defending Al-Qaeda and their affiliate groups.

  • Kuni Leml

    Russian aggression in the Middle East?

    Russia was not the country that invaded Iraq based on lies.

    You forget that our lapdog, Tony Blair, has publicly confessed that getting rid of Reagan’s proxy in our conflict with Iran, Saddam, is responsible for ISIS/Daesh.

  • patriotrenegade

    The ONLY thing ruby was right on. bama IS muslim broHOOD. All of his actions are deliberate. Otherwise ruby has an arrest at age 19 in a car with a know male prostitiute in a gay cruisin park after closing hours. A foam party and an all male dance troupe are included in the YET TO BE RELEASED breitbart/wapost reports. Are they that desperate to beat TRUMP by protecting this “KID”???

  • Obama I believe is complicit but considering his inexperience in government before entering politics he may seem complicit whereas in reality he is getting very Leftist advice from those with an anti-US eye on policy. This is basically the same thing,but to think Obama is the mastermind is to me laughable. For a man saying 57 states and reading from a teleprompter as has been written, why and how would he now become Einstein ? Trump isn’t stupid. He, I believe is a master dealmaker and can work better surely than Obama with enemies and still have a strong America. Why support a turncoat on immigration like Rubio and then say he is right on Obama subverting the country ? Wouldn’t Rubio be doing the same thing, only slower with massive illegals ? This doesn’t make a lick of sense about Cliff’s support for Rubio. True, Trump is untested though I disagree he is naive to the world’s evils.

  • AndRebecca

    Get real- yes, Russian aggression in the Middle East. It’s been going on for years and years.

  • AndRebecca

    Rubio is right on about Obama, Trump or no Trump. Trump and Christie are wrong about Obama. Obama has been involved with Left-wing politics since childhood and knows exactly what he is doing. We’ve been watching Obama for 7 years…time to wake up, don’t you think?

  • C K

    He has failed…BIG TIME!!!! Can’t wait for 1/20/2017 to roll around…IMPEACH NOW!!!!

  • reggie

    0b0 is sun ni. Is = sun ni. He is the puppet with many puppeteer strings. Both he and Killery are Alinsky disciples. As far as Rubio goes if he can’t stop campaigning for an important vote on the backbreaking budget of December 18, he does not need to go to the WH. We already have 1 absent president, we don’t need another. He has the worst voting record in the Senate. Can’t be bothered to go to work? You’re fired!

  • reggie

    He can’t be bothered to vote for bills, that’s his job. Worst voting record in the Senate. He’ll let every ill eagle in the world in. Who needs it. Just another 0b0, Killery, Bush.

  • Aaron1960

    What Rubio (and Rush meant) is; the wreckage we’re seeing nationally and abroad is to Obama and his supporters, succeeding.

  • BakkenBill

    At least the young and inexperienced senator called the proverbial Kettle Black. I just amazes me the blind eye that everyone is turning to this worldwide epidemic of Muslim infiltration. How can anyone be smart enough to gain public office as a world leader and be so stupid as to continue turning the other cheek?!
    WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Before you wake up dead, your wives and daughters sold in the market as slaves as your lifeless heads stare blankly up from the ground, severed from your body. Perhaps you’ll be lucky not to witness their rape or have them witness your execution.
    Will you meet your creator as a ‘Martyr’ or as a denyor of the Living God, Jesus Christ?

    Our time is drawing nigh.


  • RMThoughts

    Poor Kincaid, all the tears, hand ringing and pearl clutching over jihadist in Syria. What a shame is see the Russians, Syrians and Iranians eraticate Jabhat al-Nusra/Al Qeuda and its coalition partners in the (aptly named) Army of Conquest and their kindred spirits in the Army of Islam and Ansar al-Sharia. With them vanish hope of neocon regime change.

    Sorry Cliff, the shocking violence of the Wahhabi jihadi terrorists in Syria – and of their comrades who have recently rampaged around Europe – has simply made too strong an impression for the Western public to be persuaded that they are the good guys.

    Truth is that the possibility that a non-crazy Syrian opposition might have a say on the country’s future was destroyed when White House allowed Saudia Arabia and the CIA to funnel weapons into Syria that consistently ended up with the most radical elements of the rebellion.

    Yes those evil Russkies, they intervened just as much to thwart the Stalinist ISIS, as they did to rout the Trotskyist Al-Qaeda and the Menshevik Ahrar ash-Sham.

  • John Cunningham

    Of course Marco Rubio is right. Just look at the speech Barack Obama made before elected. He said America was five days from fundamentally changing America. That was not a campaign promise, it was a threat. One he kept. The fact Obama is naive and inept is beside the point.

  • Steven Barrett

    Amen Reggie. The best packaged but worst “national” politician proved himself to be way in over his head. It’s as if the biggest and loudest batboy for the Marlins somehow by the mother of all flukes got his shot to crack the line-up and in his first game, with the bases loaded each time at bat, he whiffed on three of the biggest and easiest pitches to hit because the pitcher was practically telegraphing what was coming, no less … as Gov. Christie had done in the days leading up to his big chance.
    Mario at the bat was worse than Casey. Over and over he’s trying to make the same point, but he’s so lacking in talent when it comes to making his point without having to repeat himself like a wind up tin-toy, the poor man couldn’t get out of the way of his own waggin’ tongue.
    Mario’s not ready for the big leagues now any more than we was when he blew his State of the Union reply moment. Just when I was beginning to think the Republicans were so bereft of providing good clean political humor, at least Mario demonstrated he could come through, even if it was a horrible “selfie moment” in the art of crafting good political comedy.

  • reggie

    Oh yeah! Maybe the fools are going by the peter principle. If he can’t do his present job, promote him. Cool analogy to the batboy. The other thing that crossed my warped mind is that we started out with a cross section. Black, brown, white and female. Hot damn! The democraps offered up one fat old lady and one old man. Something is missing here folks.

  • reggie

    All part of the plan. He probably became a ‘Constitutional scholar’, just to learn how to get away with the bs.

  • John Cunningham

    Can’t even prove he is a Constitutional Scholar, nobodies seen the school transcripts.

  • Gz7

    Kerry has been a traitor to this country since his lying Vietnam days. He belongs in prison with the rest of the traitors in DC. We are being sold out.

  • Gz7

    I think it’s a little of both. Surely, he was groomed to be a mole, but he also doesn’t come across as being very bright. I guess they go hand in hand.

  • Steven Barrett

    Only thing missing SO FAR, is the victory by the “old man” in November, esp. when the nation finds out he’s not nearly as socialist as any of the Republicans. Remember, it’s common practice for the Republicans and their oligarchic pals/enablers on K-Street and Wall Street, and in GOP-funded “think tanks” to support a perverse form of socialism for the wealthy and rugged dog-eat-dog individualism for the poor. And they pull all this shit off while proclaiming what great Christians they are. Even Heaven’s laughing at this!

  • sandra-paquette-

    He hasn”t failed in what he was set out to do, that is to bring America down with in. That is what his goal was that is what the elite group wanted him to do. But, the average American who voted him in who were hoping for the better, he did fail them. They didn’t see him for what he was, and really for who he was working for. He was no more than their puppy on a string. Sores and the elite group.

  • Daniel Mount

    Marco Rubio will say anything to get elected. In real life Rubio is the #1 Obama yes man!!! Do not trust Marco Rubio.

  • Doom Sternz

    “The Army of Conquest controls Aleppo whose judicial body is administered by Abdullah Al-Muhaysini who is a Saudi national with links to Al-Qaeda. Their army consists of Al-Nusra, Ahrar Al-Sham, Al-Aqsa brigade, The Army of Muhajirin & Ansar, they are located in, and around Aleppo with various other groups.

    Al-Nusra has a judicial court in Haritan and Idlib and it has control over granaries near the city of Al-Bab and cotton conclaves and the tractor factory and other sources of supply, and Kerry wants them to remain under Al-Qaeda control.

    The Army of Muhajirin & Ansar, the majority of their combatants are from Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, and Uzbekistan. There is no doubt that Kerry is not worried about those who are a danger to Russia, and Kerry is defending them even if they were named on the US terror list in 2014.

    “Ahrar Al-Sham was founded by Sheikh Abu-Jabir who fought the Americans in Iraq, and was appointed as Amir of Aleppo after the death of Abu-Khalid the Syrian.

  • Doom Sternz

    Left wing politics has nothing to do with it, i see what you did there. Obama is extreme right wing, he used neo Nazi’s in Ukraine to overthrow the elected government while also using IS terrorists to overthrow the Syrian government. Obama et al must stand trial for crimes against humanity.

    Oleg Tsarev, the man who warned parliament one day prior to the start of the Euromaidan demonstrations in November 2013, who subsequently alleged that in mid-May of 2014, was phoned by the oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky, a friend of the Obama White House, he was told to leave Ukraine or else he would be killed because some unnamed individuals had placed a million dollar price on his head.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    Think about the areas in which he’s betraying his own people to the extent of mass genocide – The first area would be imprisonment for non payment of child support – In some counties their are as high as 20 percent of the jai population made up of people who did not pay their child support and some states arrest you after 7 days of non payment. Many of these people that are in jail and prisons just aren’t marketable ! Their in prison for being ugly , fat , stupid , black , Mexican , marked with tattoos , under educated , stutter or slur , or may have other physical or psychological handicaps and etc…. The U.S. doesn’t keep quotas so theirs no telling how many people are in jail and prison for non payment. The second area would be the new Gender Neutral Policies ! These young females are forced to join the service because they can’t find jobs and support their families and in turn the government wants to embed them in combat positions that will result in their deaths simply because their women and cannot over come the physical endurance or strength of men. Many of them will simply die because their cramps are so pain full their not able to evade the enemy. Mark Felt leaked the information that the Executive signed into the system – A System To Delete The Need For War that exempted secret societies and the elite and their associations from having to participate in combat. So in turn these women will be forced into these combat positions to re enforce our battered and crippled military forces. Obama won’t lift a hand to help any one unless their an illegal , illegal Muslim , Illegal criminal or a Mexican.

  • Jack brennan

    THE SOLUTION—— to Totally Dishonest/Grafting Politicians.
    ALL Officeholders; and unelected Politicians, Must submit to Monthly Polygraph Tests, Before , During, and ten years after serving or running for Office.
    Like wise all major Political Donors. jake Brennan

  • Jack brennan

    Richard-Women in the Armed Forces?????
    First——-Women must be MANDATED to play 5 starting positions on eall Pro-Football, and, College Football Teams in every American College and University with the Sport.
    If we had co-ed Sports, no one would waste their time to Watch.
    If women can’t perform in Men’s College and PRO Sports, then they cannot Physically and Psychologically perform under the Terror, Duress, and, Death of the modern Battlefield.

  • Gz7

    You misunderstood my post completely.

  • reggie

    So true. The only reason I’d even give him “credit” is that the U of Chicago said he taught there. Of course, now that I think of it, that is Chicago….

  • Mark Midas

    Thanks for noting the plight of men, Mr. Hellstrom. I remember Kasich on his Fox News Saturday show a few years ago and when asked about men being arrested and imprisoned, he said, “Ah, they probably just want to get out of paying child support.” I’ve detested him ever since.

    I read a book a few years ago, “Karla Marx: How feminism has seduced the West.” I think of it every time I see Hillarious Clinton. She is Karla Marx, and if she wins, the war on men will go in to overdrive. It’s also sad that not a single GOP contender talks much, if at all, about men’s rights and feminism’s persecution of the male population.

  • larry


  • John Cunningham

    I just can’t wait until the tell all books once his staff are on their own. He will make the word horror tame in comparison.

  • Doom Sternz

    The answer is to limit peoples wealth, this will limit the damage they can do.

  • George Evans

    it would be a great start if they started to pay a proper tax….

  • Poupon Marx

    “Marco, let me have a scoop of pistachio and a scoop of almond fudge. Keep the change.” I think you should stop selling the artificial stuff, though.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    I don’t really agree with the American perspective either on child support ! If you end up having children with some one who suddenly decides they want to be the community whore and facilitate a life of drug alcohol abuse while dragging your children on their psychological peregrination to live of the government , your have a political agenda that some how your responsible for the inability of a vast network of judges who are unable to calculate a simple application of parenting and the betterment of social and psychological welfare of these children based on class warfare who will quickly encompass you as the defining quantum of fault and impose you to a life sentence of working 120 hours a week or being a persistent felon for not being a member of their communist privatization of America and their social and political prejudices with a vast array of political smugness ! If the government is of mind that this is in the best interest of your children , then the only responsible party of this process should fall entirely and completely on the government as the responsible party !

  • LaTisha Jackson

    RMThoughts is a pro provocateur, paid by the russians to muddy the waters to such an extend that an average reader stops grasping the truth…that’s a trait of a PRO…he was TRAINED to subotage, manipulate and mislead (like most russians, who are Pro Liers)…If you check his posts, they are always intentionally misleading, i.e. lead AWAY from the truth, and always pro russian.

  • Peter

    ‘A lie made feasiible in a few neat words’ defines ‘political correctness’. Muslims and aliens move in on America under this cover. Obama and the UN are masters of this. Of course Obama’s lips are simply moving to mouth the words of his ventriloquist mentor, the UN. The reason is the American people are the world’s last stand, standing in the way of the ghastly horrific One World Order. That is why Americans must WAKE UP, and on the other hand, be kept fast asleep by their own controlled mainstream media.

  • His Excellency

    Marxiet Zimbabwe jails white farmers only for being white.