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Longtime Democratic political operative and pollster Pat Caddell told the AIM “ObamaNation: A Day of Truth” conference on September 21 that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney should run against the press as well as Barack Obama. Romney should be strongly “pushing back” against the media bias, he said.

Caddell, who has become critical of the liberal direction of the Democratic Party, has recently declared that Romney is running an incompetent campaign. He said about Romney’s strategists, “They are incompetent, they believe that you can sit and an election will automatically come to you.”

At the AIM conference, he mentioned that criticism in the context of urging the Romney campaign to launch a vigorous attack on the major media. He said major news organizations are serving “as off-shoots of the White House press office,” and will destroy America unless their power is monitored, exposed, and checked.

He added, “Why isn’t Romney himself getting up and saying, ‘I’m running against two organizations—I’m running against the Democrats and the President, and I’m running against the mainstream media, which will not tell you the truth.’”

Caddell said Romney won’t do this because he is running a “cautious” campaign. He explained, “…they don’t do it because this man dares to be cautious. He’s going to dare-to-be-cautious himself right out of a race that was his to lose, and he’s losing it…”

As if to prove this point, Mitt Romney has now told Jan Crawford of CBS News that the major media are not in the tank for Obama and that he has no plans to challenge liberal media bias.

“I think we have a system of free press, people are able to provide their own perspectives, based upon their own beliefs,” he said. “I think there’s some people who are more in my camp, there are a lot of people that are more in his camp. I don’t worry about that.”

In fact, as Caddell and other speakers at the AIM conference noted, the media bias is overwhelming. A recent example, which illustrates the general pro-Democratic Party bias, was the complicity by the media in rehabilitating the disgraced and impeached former president, Bill Clinton.

On page 2 of Time magazine’s October 1st issue, featuring Bill Clinton on the cover as a global problem solver, managing editor Richard Stengel acknowledged that Time was a “media partner” behind the Clinton Global Initiative’s 2012 annual meeting.

Time reports that Stengel moderated a panel on “Creating Value for Business and Society,” in which the magazine says that he “made plain the core challenge: That the profit motive is sometimes at odds with the broader interests of society at large.”

What about involvement with the former Democratic president being at odds with the need for objective news reporting about Clinton, whose wife is Obama’s Secretary of State? Also, Obama White House press secretary Jay Carney served as Washington Bureau Chief for Time magazine.

Some of those listed as speaking at this year’s Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) were, in addition to Stengel:

  • Nicholas D. Kristof, Columnist, The New York Times
  • Piers Morgan, Host, CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight
  • Charlie Rose, Executive Editor and Anchor, “Charlie Rose”
  • Fareed Zakaria, Host, CNN-GPS

Investigative journalist Marinka Peschmann tells AIM that the media relationship with the CGI is another example of the “unholy alliance” that existed during the Clinton Administration.

“This is nothing new,” she told AIM. “The media have been sacrificing the truth for access to the Clintons and other power-players for a long time now.”

This year, Mitt Romney spoke to the group, endorsing foreign aid and free trade and praising Clinton for helping “the downtrodden around the world.”

“Once again President Bill Clinton is playing politics masterfully by having President Obama and Romney speak at the CGI,” she said. “Now they both owe him, instead of just Obama for his keynote speech at the DNC. Bill Clinton did the same thing during the 2008 Presidential contest with Senator John McCain and then Senator Obama attending. It was a smart move on his part.”

In the CBS News interview, Crawford pressed Romney about the media, asking him, “So you think you’re getting a fair shake?”

Romney replied, “I don’t think anybody in my business thinks they wouldn’t like to re-write the stories, and write the media accounts in a way that’s more favorable to them, but I don’t worry about that. I take my message out. I know I’ll have a chance through ads, through the debates, to get my message home to the American people.”

Caddell suggested that one of Romney’s advisers, Ed Gillespie, is unconcerned about the media bias problem and winning the race because he has been a partner in a lobbying firm with former Clinton White House counsel Jack Quinn and will make money no matter what happens on Election Day.

He said, “The corruption in this town is so great. Everybody in Washington seems to almost be on the take…when you have firms that have Ed Gillespie in business with Jack Quinn, who was the counsel for Bill Clinton, and responsible for the pardon of Marc Rich, among other things, is because everybody in this—those people on K Street, in both parties, are about arrangements and money.”

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  • BeautifulAmerica

    This is tragic. Not that I’m a big Romney fan. But why won’t he do as Caddell suggests and take a strong stand against corruption in the media? Could this have been pre-arranged for another loss?

  • James Dunlop

    I will not forgive Romney for saying the media is not in the tank for Obama. I will not forgive him for losing this election.

  • jennfire

    Romney has an uphill battle getting elected as it is let alone taking on the media. He can only do so much, so allow him to get elected first. He has a lot to do even once elected. We the people are going to have to boycott the lying media.

  • binky354

    I have to wonder why in the heck he’s running? One has to wonder if he’s as smart as people thinks he is if he doesn’t think the media isn’t in the tank for Obama. Clueless!!!!

  • Charlie Seng

    Cliff, Romney will not win this election if people like Cadel uses such negativity in his comments about Romney. Who is the bad guy here, Obama or Romney? Remember that in effect, it is the world against Obama. We do not need people on our side criticizing Romney. The Democrats will do that by themselves.

  • Joseph E Simon

    Media bias is alive and well……If Romney can win without calling out
    the liberal media for their bias, this will be a stronger win for his administration and that would be
    great…but I do not trust the dumbed down American Voter along with the
    number of illegal voters to identify the difference between
    the truth and those lies expressed by the current administration and the
    liberal media

  • Murphy

    Liberal media bias is now not just bias – it is criminal and treasonous. To quote Democrat Pat Caddell “The media has now become the enemy of the American people”. It is up to us, all Americans who have a TV and a computer, to make sure the MSM is irrelevant. If Romney calls them out, he will be on the defensive – exactly where they want him to be.

  • roblimo

    Let’s see… Romney has already told pensioners, disabled veterans, children, and poorly-paid workers that he doesn’t care about them. Now some idjit is saying he should antagonize the media, too? Hahahaha

  • dancingontheheadofapin

    I pray not, but it has crossed my mind. Frightening. I wouldn’t think he would be a part of that, but we never know.

  • Caddell suggested that one of Romney’s advisers, Ed Gillespie, is
    unconcerned about the media bias problem and winning the race because he
    has been a partner in a lobbying firm with former Clinton White House
    counsel Jack Quinn and will make money no matter what happens on
    Election Day.

    Whoa. This caught my attention.

    Personally, I think that Romney just doesn’t want to look like he is whining. Those of us on the outside can afford to talk about this and expose the media, but I don’t feel that the Romney camp has that luxury.

  • muchbemused

    I’ll start taking AIM’s views on fairness, balance and accuracy in the media seriously when it starts writing about the media’s lack of fairness, balance and accuracy when it comes to climate change reporting. 97% of climate scientists state that humans are causing climate change, there is not one peer-reviewed study that shows any support for alternative theories, yet the media still gives disproportionate voice to skeptics. Do they give as much time to those that preach that smoking is not bad for you or the holocaust didn’t happen?

  • Steve Russin

    Where did you get the 97 percent figure?

  • Annie041

    Wake up Romney!!!!!

  • muchbemused

    How about just to start with; more than happy to provide other sources.

  • Kelly Speaks

    Seriously I read that article and I felt like I was reading the script of a Glenn Beck show.. Personally I am sick and tired of the so called fair and balanced show, who think they can just make stuff up, throw it out there to its minions who will blindly repeat it as fact and hope that it sticks to something. News is about facts and not the ones that are imagined in one’s head. If you don’t like the facts, you cannot change them to suit your ideology. Some of the issues that were being brought up in the article were just plain dumb which is probably why the citizens who raise up these causes “sound dumb”.. Maybe Fair and Balance Reporting needs to join the rest of the universe, because pretty much the world thinks that they are just plain “dumb!!”…

  • While we are on the subject, I hear from Fair and balanced about this so called liberal media bias. Who is this liberal media? Can you identify them or is this just everyone who doesn’t agree with Fair and balanced? While you are at it, why don’t you explain why Fair and Balanced could not get a broadcasting license in Canada.. I know why, but I would love for Fair and Balanced to claim that it was the Obama’s Administration from keeping them from sharing the “truth” to the Canadians.. Of course the real reason is Canada has a law – literally has a LAW – that prevents the press regardless if it is newspaper, radio, tv or internet, for telling lies, any kind of lies. The Press in Canada is only allowed to tell the truth… But I am certain Fair and Balanced will spin that to their motives..

  • The World is not against Obama.. Where did you come up with that nonsense??.. Have you SEEN any shoes being thrown at him?? No however the Chinese did write a letter to express their disgust with Romney, Ryan and Associates.. Libya is siding with Obama and securing the country, and charging the murderers, so that doesn’t sound much like the World against Obama…

  • Kelly Speaks

    No one with a brain thinks Romney is smart… Obviously you do not get out often as you would find that majority of Americans and the rest of the world thinks Romney is a puppet for the Koch Bros and has no brain whatsoever.. Heck if you guys had a brain, you would have done a lot better with 9-9-9..

  • Of course, that’s why “Fair and Balanced” has so many liberals on their staff: Pat Caddell, Juan Williams, Kirsten Powers, Joe Trippi, Alan Colmes, Tamara Holder, Leslie Marshall, Lani Davis, Bob Beckel, and more.

  • Your objectivity is so obvious. See reply above.

  • binky354

    Kelly, I get out plenty often and evidently I have more of a brain than you. A Koch brother’s puppet is better for American than a George Soros’ puppett!

  • Grace


  • Grace

    If Romney loses the election he would of done it all by himself.

  • Perfect example. That’s not what he said, it’s what you’ve been fed, and you swallowed it, hook, line and sinker.

  • Steve Russin

    I don’t think it is the goal of climate change skeptics to deny that our existence on this planet is increasing the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and causing a chemical reaction. People are speaking out against climatology because thier severe and apocalyptic predictions do lack science. Looking at the current climate science I think it is very reasonable to think the earth can still correct whatever climactic impacts the human race has inflicted and this will probably not require an ice age or any other end to human existence.

  • Nobama Yo Mamma

    Either Romney is a panty-waisted fool or he wants to lose the election.

  • Nobama Yo Mamma

    Romney comes off as a wanker.

  • Nobama Yo Mamma

    Puppets are puppets. There is only political party…..The War Party.

  • muchbemused

    Agree, but I think that you and I are in the conservative minority. Most American conservatives reject the science, which can be attributed largely to the media. I can say that because conservatives in most other developed countries (where the media is consistent with the scientific view) do accept the science and are more concerned with finding the most market effective mechanisms for reducing carbon emissions.

  • .
    Arthur S. Brisbane, former public editor (ombudsman) of The New York Times: “Across the paper’s many departments, though, so many share a kind of political and cultural progressivism — for lack of a better term — that this worldview virtually bleeds through the fabric of The Times.” ~

    November 7, 2008 @ C-SPAN | , Media?Obama :

    @ 50:38 ~ Stuart Rothenberg: “Certainly the national media is in love with the guy. Democrats on The Hill are in love with the guy. He is entering office in a troubled time. And when he enters, he is going to tell you it’s more trouble than you know. That will give him a couple of years of leeway.”

    @ 52:08 ~ Mark French (moderator) asks about media bias for Obama.

    @ 52:30 ~ Charlie Cook: “They were star struck by this Obama phenomenon. Let’s face it, is there a Democratic and liberal bias in the media? Of course there is. But, they also love a good story.” “The media had more than a finger on the scale on the Democratic side.”

    ~ Stuart Rothenberg: “I agree completely. I’m sure they preferred Obama, they’re Democrats. Obama got better treatment. Uh, but um… it is what it is. That’s the nature of the political environment every two years or four years. Those are the reporters, and you’ve got to deal with that.”


  • Jessy S.

    Agreed. AIM wants Romney to be the bad guy, but he can’t be the bad guy and attack the media. The best he can do is mention the media in his speech on November 6th. Besides that, Mitt Romney is letting Rush Limbaugh do the dirty work for him. It is better for Rush Limbaugh to criticize the media during a Presidential campaign than it is for Romney to do the honors.

  • rafael

    The reason??? Romney is not running for Media Pundit in Chief, he is running for the President of the United States.

    Any attempt by any Presidential candidate to attack media bias will make him look small. I cringed when Ryan touched on the subject Sunday. He also should not be getting into the media bias cesspool. It will be lose-lose-lose.

    Sorry, it is our job as supporters, those interested in the integrity of the mediaas well as others to fight the biased media.

    Off to battle, see you in the trenches…

  • When Al Gored gives up his Learjets, and SUV’s,etc, I’ll give up mine.

  • pg

    So you follow Al Gore’s lead then?

  • Caddell is right Romney should make the Media an issue, 60% of the puilic believe that the Media are hopelessly biased according to Gallup.