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In a column on the “remarkable lives” of some people who passed away in 2013, Republican strategist Karl Rove writes that British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, in concert with Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, and Pope John Paul II, “transformed the world.” He’s right that Reagan, Bush, Thatcher and the Pope did transform the world. In saying that Thatcher stood up to Soviet communism, however, he neglected to mention that the Soviet Communists fought back, attempting to assassinate Pope John Paul II. The Soviets lied about their involvement in this plot.

Referring to Nelson Mandela, Rove says he “spent 26 years in prison before emerging to end apartheid and serve as the first president of a multiracial South African democracy.” However, Mandela’s debt to Soviet communism, which armed his movement, went unmentioned in Rove’s Wall Street Journal column. Rove also failed to note that the communists who run South Africa today counted Mandela as one of their own. The “democratic” South Africa of today is effectively a one-party state, and the white minority is under siege and facing genocide.

Rove writes that Mandela went “on trial for his life,” neglecting to mention that he was convicted of terrorism and could have been hanged for his crimes. Instead, Mandela received a prison sentence. The white government was actually quite lenient and offered to release him if he would renounce violence and terrorism. He never did. His terrorism cost innocent lives.

Karl Rove should know better, and probably does. He apparently has his own reasons for shading the truth. Those reasons include appearing to be “moderate” in one’s public comments and accepting certain myths about public figures. That means, in Mandela’s case, accepting his false claim that he never joined the Communist Party of South Africa.

It is a sad fact that telling a lie these days has become more convenient than telling the truth. This is a terrible commentary on those with access to our major media.

Consider the coverage of the inauguration of Bill de Blasio as New York City’s mayor. The term “progressive” is used in most accounts to describe him and his backers. De Blasio accepts that term. Yet, by any objective measure, he is a dedicated Marxist, and has been for most of his life. For example, he never disavowed his support for the communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua. He claims to have honeymooned in communist Cuba, when such a trip was illegal. His wife was a member of a Marxist collective.

As if to demonstrate that his views haven’t changed, one of de Blasio’s inauguration speakers was the entertainer Harry Belafonte, who performed at a “concert for peace” in communist East Germany in 1983. He claims he did not join the Communist Party USA, but acknowledges in his book, My Song: A Memoir, that he used to attend lectures in 1947 at the Jefferson School in New York City. He says the Jefferson School “openly billed itself as an institute of Marxist thought affiliated with the American Communist party.” He says he heard such speakers as I.F. Stone, the so-called “independent journalist” later unmasked as a Soviet intelligence agent.

At the time he attended lectures at the Jefferson School, Russia “seemed to be leading the way” internationally in achieving a “classless society,” Belafonte writes in his book.

Belafonte also endorsed and raised money for Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren when she was running for that office. The Massachusetts GOP tried to make that an issue, but the media paid no attention.

When it comes to children, the truth has to be concealed as well. Indeed, this target audience has to be “educated” intensively to become young recruits to the “progressive” movement.

Consider that a firm called Bluewater Productions has released a new “tribute comic book biography” on Nelson Mandela, insisting on page nine that Mandela was “never a communist himself” but only worked with the communists. The fact is that the South African Communist Party and the African National Congress have both acknowledged his membership on the SACP’s central committee. Mandela lied about it all his life.

Bluewater publisher Darren G. Davis calls the comic book “a great tool for kids to read about him in a different medium.” He adds that, “Our biography comic books are now taught in schools and libraries for students and reluctant readers.”

I asked Davis why the comic book lies about Mandela’s membership in the Communist Party. He told me, “I will check with the writer on that and get back to you on it.” That was over two weeks ago. Clearly, they have no justification for this striking omission.

It would seem to be important for our young people to understand the role that communism played, and continues to play, in national and world events. After all, this philosophy killed more than 100 million people, made millions more economically destitute, and continues to deny freedom to more than one billion people worldwide.

If used in schools and libraries, this comic book will deceive “students and reluctant readers” about how communism has come to power in South Africa. What purpose is served by that? It will enable the same forces to make even more gains around the world, including in the United States, by operating as “progressives.”

Part of Rove’s column was devoted to remembering two conservative businessmen, Bob Perry and Harold Simmons, who died in 2013 and were “passionate about their state and country and were generous donors to conservative candidates and causes, including American Crossroads.”

Rove is referring to his own political campaign organization, which refused to call President Obama a Marxist when buying millions of dollars of advertising against him during the 2012 presidential campaign. As a result, Obama and the George Soros-funded “progressives” won.

Rove says about Perry and Simmons, “These two self-made men never forgot that from those to whom much is given, much is required.” But the $300 million that went to Rove in 2012 was mostly wasted.

What the country desperately needs are donors willing to underwrite the organizations that are not afraid to tell the truth about the dangers we face. Being polite and politically correct when the survival of our nation’s democratic institutions and traditional values are at stake is nothing less than national suicide.

The “progressives” have to be exposed as the hard-core Marxists they are.

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  • RightVote

    The Political Correctness / Thought Police have succeeded.
    WE are afraid to speak The Truth…..Afraid!
    Oh and about Karl Rove…..He made $38,000,000. for handling Finance$/Romney……….
    Result$: Romney Lo$t and Rove Won!!!!

  • terryk

    So apartheid was OK because they didn’t execute Mandela?

  • Janet Williams

    And that’s a reason to lie about it all these years later?
    What are you afraid of?

  • terry1956

    Russel Means was a radical but in his book ” Where White Men Fear to Tread” he describes how he learned on a trip to Central America how the communist were persecuting, torturing and killing Indian men, women and children, whole villages.
    When he reported on the events after coming back to the US most of the left turned against him including some key people in the American Indian Movement.

  • The Major

    Mandela was a Commie,,,so what,,,did the USSR send troops to liberate him? No!,,,My Union leader Mike Quill was a Commie ,,but allegedly gave it up to become the 1st Int’l Prez. of the TWU,,so what.,,did the Repubs have him kicked out under Ike?,,No! Hillary & Bill were at DeBlazio’s ‘Swearing in” & we all know where they stand ,,You say tomato,,& I say tomaHto,,THEY say Progressive,,& I say Marxists who also Hate our Military (ala obama). Hillary hadbetter be careful were Deblazio’s buddies stand ,,when she runs for POTUS in 2015-16 (you know she will),,,for if Bill Deblazio stumps TOO loudly or Often for her,,it might take away some regular Dems from Hill’s camp (we can only Pray)
    DeBlazio was born Warren Wilhelm,,,dad a German & mom an Italian by lineage ,,,just like I am,,,but I did NOT change my name after Pop died ,,nor am I ASHAMED of my ancestry,,as I can not change it,,,BUT,,,I can change Politics as DeBlazio did AFTER hooking up with the Commies at Columbia Univ.,,just like Obama did,,,sound Familiar??? Think about it??? I am so glad I moved when I retired,,as my home town will now sink under it’s own weight of Liberal progressive “Give it all away at taxpayers expense” comes to fruition.

  • The Skeptical Chymist

    Frankly, I don’t care whether Mandela was a member of the Communist Party or not. He found support where he could. The US certainly wasn’t supporting him during his struggle. He lived in a country where 8% of the population severely exploited the remaining 92%, denying them a large number of basic human rights. More than any other individual, Mandela brought freedom to the exploited black Africans. Further, he showed tremendous grace after the shift to a more democratic government. He refrained from subjecting the former oppressors to the justice that they deserved, in the interest of creating a stronger, more unified country.

    Mandela sought justice in an unjust country. He sought freedoms for the vast majority of the citizens of his country that we take for granted here in the US. How he can be viewed as anything other than a great patriot is beyond me.

  • sanford sklansky

    See, here’s the thing about these accusations of terrorism: It’s only “terrorism” if one supports the government that acts of violence were used against. Kincaid surely had no problem with Yitzhak Shamir, who committed acts of violence in helping to create Israel. In fact, Accuracy in Media had a glowing column devoted to Shamir when he died. He didn’t have any problem with the Nicaraguan Contras, who committed a vast range of violent attacks and human rights abuses. In fact, he used to work for one of Ollie North’s “patriot” organizations. So why are those people heroes while Mandela is a terrorist? Because Kincaid supported the white apartheid government of South Africa, I’m betting.