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At the AIM conference in September, “ObamaNation: A Day of Truth,” attendees heard from Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) on the subject of media bias. Smith is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee,  and the founder and head of Congress’s Media Fairness Caucus.

Rep. Smith reminded the conference, “Our national media should be held accountable just like every other institution.”  In holding the media accountable, Rep. Smith emphasized, “We need to remind the media of their profound obligation to provide the American people with the facts, not tell them what to think.”

He cited several studies supporting the view that the media need constant reminding of their duty to inform, not persuade.  In 2008 Investor’s Business Daily noted, “the amount of money journalists contributed in the last Presidential election cycle favored Democrats over Republicans by a fifteen-to-one ratio.”  And other examples of media bias are plentiful when comparing economic “news” today with similar coverage during Republican administrations.

During the Q&A portion of his speech, Rep. Smith explained an easy test to detect media bias: “Ask yourself this question—and this is a question that I hope the American people will ask themselves more often.  This is a good way to gauge whether the media is biased or not.  The question is this: Would the media treat Republicans and Democrats the same way?


You can watch the highlights of Rep. Lamar Smith’s speech here:


Watch Rep. Lamar Smith’s full speech below, or watch it with the transcript here:

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  • Does Lamar Smith think Fox News should be held accountable for its bias as well?

  • Kevin Cousins

    Terry, if ignorance is bliss, you are one happy camper.

  • You will find more real liberals and false conservatives on FOX than you will find conservatives on all of the other channels combined.

  • R

    The media has become a national disgrace and not only should they be held accountable, but there should be huge fines and even jail sentences for those that lie and misrepresent what a candidate has said or done. It is not up to the media to sway the public, but to tell the truth about what candidates say and do. I am not only ashamed of our media, but also totally frustrated about what they say and do. Romney and the Republicans are being screwed and the media and democrats are getting away with it. When will our legal system address this issue. If America cannot trust our system, then why vote, why participate, why do anything other than look out for yourself?

  • greatj

    Rep.Smith must investigate M.S.N.B.C.because they work for Obama and the Democratic party.

  • Chris Miller

    Throw in the sports media as well. There are several people who work for both NewsCorp and Time Warner. They are Bernard Goldberg, Larry McReynolds, Kyle Petty, Matt Yocum, Adam Alexander, Adam Lashinsky, Pam Oliver, Dick Stockton, and Ralph Sheheen.

  • JES

    Yes, and those of us from Central New York feel that Dan Maffei and his dirty campaign should come clean about all their lies about Ann Marie Buerkle, too. He has been spreading (like crazy, I might add) a very nasty ad stating that Ann Marie Buerkle has chosen to “redefine rape” and insists that as part of HR3, she voted to exclude from government funding any other sort of rape other than “forced rape and incest”. In TRUTH, that language was written in the 1970s as part of the Hyde Amendment, and thus she never voted on that issue at all! HOWEVER, when HR3 was about to be introduced to extend the Hyde Amendment is was actually ANN MARIE BUERKLE and her staff that INSISTED that they needed to broaden the language to include ANY RAPE AT ALL! So, in essence, Dan Maffei and cronies are telling the exact OPPOSITE of what actually happened. They continue to lie through their teeth, and I, for one, would like to see them be sued or at least fine by the national board of elections for their infamous, outright lies and slander!!! Dan just cannot vote on his lousy pandering voting record, that’s why he is abusing a really loyal and true patriotic Congresswoman who listens to her constituents. He has not other leg to stand on, and there’s no one to blame for that other than HIMSELF!! Eric Cantor spoke in Syracuse a few months ago, and he stated exactly who Ann Marie really is: “There are two things you can always count on with Ann Marie Buerkle… 1) Her integrity, which never changes, and 2) She always keeps her promises.” Then he proceeded to state that he needed another 2 DOZEN more Conservative Legislators just like Ann Marie in Congress right away! Now THAT’s the Ann Marie Buerkle that I’ve known for over 2 1/2 years! She’s a real trouper who plays fair, fights the good fight for America and who listens to and is DEVOTED to the people of our district! What a contrast from the dirty politics of Dan Maffei, the Nancy Pelosi “lap dog” who only spews out lies, distortions and bitterness.

  • ranchdancer

    Obama was never vetted and one day the truth will prevail. It is beyond imagination that 90% of the people know little to nothing about this man . Uninformed kool aid swallowing lapdogs, following the liberal media like the pied piper. Most too lazy to become informed and many who think a marxist (communism) isn’t a danger. Every dog has their day…we are about to show them some teeth and a bite worse than our bark.

  • Hambone

    Since the “media,” and I use the word advisedly, are given special protection under out Constitution, they, like our “leaders,” and again I use the word advisedly though the lead lemming over the cliff is in fact a true leader, have a unique responsibility.
    They have taken their privilege and abused the hell out of it, starting at least in the Kennedy-Nixon election if not before.
    They are like cliquish adolescents. “Cool” JFK, despite some serious moral and ethical shortcomings, had their admiration, while the Jack Armstrong, all-American boy who pulled himself up by his bootstraps Nixon was not “cool” and therefore did not get speshul treatment.
    I don’t for the life of me understand how actual adults can act like Chris Matthews & Co. In another day, CM would’ve been given the hook and “voluntarily” admitted–or lose his job–into a mental institution for a 30-day evaluation.
    I worked in psych for quite a while, I recognize insanity when I see it.
    They are either delusional, pathological liars, or imbedded members of communist and islamofascist cells whose mission is the destruction of the USA.
    They are in no way worthy of the title “newsman” however.
    Historians studying our civ in 1000 years will be shaking their heads in disbelief.

  • indy1600

    Hate-speech to manipulate the public is not free speech. Lib-speak should be challenged in the classrooms on college campuses to reduce the liberal influence of godless professors whose egos are out of hand. Both parties owe it to the youngest of minds to teach civics and american govt so that the electorate is an educated one, and we know the COST of the decisions we make with our votes. A dropout nation can’t recognize bias because they’re just too dumb. We are a bankrupt nation, and not one question during the presidential debate reflected the danger of the *fiscal cliff* we face. Media types are no more journalists than anyone writing in the comments section of a story. They represent lib-speak only, and will eventually kill the freedoms and rights of the individual if left to their own devices. Irony has been called the *policeman* of the free mind, but absolute power corrupts abolutely and the media should be policed by the people, as the internet allows.

  • ItsJo

    Are you That Stupid? At least for the first time in Media History, when Fox came into being, they have shown BOTH SIDES of MANY ISSUES. If you only want to bash, go ahead as I know you will, but have you NOT seen the Hannity show, where 3 panel guests are often Liberals?? Can you name any OTHER channel that has BOTH or all Three Parties participating? No you can’t, as the Liberal LapDog Media For Obama has been ‘in the tank from day one’. This media is complicit in ALL THAT IS HAPPENING TO OUR NATION AND IT’S DEMISE UNDER THIS CORRUPTION OF OBAMAS REGIME. YOU SOUND LIKE A MERE TOOL. WISE UP.

  • So you admit that Fox is biased? If so, shouldn’t it be held accountable the way you want to hold the “liberal media” accountable? Bias is bias, is it not?

  • Really? Doug Schoen and Pat Caddell are “real liberals”?

  • In the end, the truth will come out despite them. They are actively participating in a cover up involving the death of four Americans in an effort to persuade an election. They most certainly need to be held accountable even to the point of criminal charges or treason.