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Bryan Cranston is famous for his role as meth cook “Walter White” on the AMC drama series, “Breaking Bad.” He may become infamous for something else later this year. He is playing the role of Stalinist Communist and Hitler apologist Dalton Trumbo in the new film, “Trumbo.”

The film is said to be in its “post-production” phase, and Cranston may not have known what he was getting into. It’s hard to believe he would have played this role had he known the facts about Trumbo’s service to the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. Once the facts get out, his role could derail what looked like a promising career.

Allan H. Ryskind, author of the new book, Hollywood Traitors, anticipates that the film “Trumbo” will be “celebrating Dalton Trumbo, a major Hollywood Ten figure and longtime Communist enthusiast…” He notes that the advance publicity for the film says that Trumbo bravely took a “stand against the Communist-witch-hunt at the height of the Cold War” and was “punished for his principled stand for free speech and the Constitution.”

Indeed, the conventional wisdom is that Trumbo and all other members of the “Hollywood Ten were innocent victims of a ‘blacklist.’” The facts show something very different. Trumbo was in fact a Soviet/Nazi agent of influence in Hollywood. All of the “Ten” were communists but Trumbo was one of the worst.

Ryskind, the son of famous Hollywood screenwriter Morrie Ryskind, reports that “Trumbo, in truth, was a full-fledged Stalinist who had the distinction of siding with three of the most barbarous dictators in the 20th century: Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler and North Korea’s Kim-Il Sung.”

Ryskind, a long-time editor of the newspaper Human Events, worked on this book for many years and combed through Trumbo’s papers at the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison. He goes on to write, “Like so many of his comrades, he [Trumbo] became a Hitler apologist after Stalin joined Hitler in that 1939 pact. In order to poison the well against Hitler’s enemies, he demonized the Fuehrer’s foes. England was no democracy, he argued in his 1941 novel, The Remarkable Andrew, because it had a ‘king.’ FDR was guilty of ‘treason’ and ‘black treason’ for his pro-England policy. No drop of American blood should be risked or spilled for the selfish and deceitful British.”

On the matter of Trumbo’s support for the communist North Korean regime, Ryskind notes, “When North Korea waged war against South Korea in 1950, where did Dalton stand? In an unpublished movie script dedicated to several Hollywood Ten figures, he has the heroine declare that North Korea’s invasion was perfectly justifiable, for this is “Korea’s fight for independence, just as we had to fight for our own independence in 1776.”

Ryskind provides more details in a special report that accompanies the release of his book. He says, “Communist Dalton Trumbo, a prominent screenwriter, a Hollywood Ten figure and a Hollywood icon, led the fight in America to ease Hitler’s burden of conquest. He did this by demonizing Hitler’s enemies, assailing Great Britain as deceptive and dishonorable and suggesting it was unworthy of assistance because it was a monarchy not a democracy. England, he also noted, had declared war against Hitler, not the other way around, and he accused FDR, previously a Communist Party favorite, of being guilty of ‘treason’ and ‘black treason’ for giving England military assistance. Trumbo vigorously presented his views in speeches and in writing, and laid out his case most explicitly in his 1941 novel, The Remarkable Andrew.”

The rest of the story is also provided by Ryskind: “The Hollywood Communist contingent, including Trumbo, quickly turned against Hitler after the Fuehrer betrayed Stalin in June of 1941, launching a massive invasion of the Soviet Union. Then, and only then, did the radical screenwriters switch sides again, now demanding America give massive assistance to the Soviet Union to combat fascism and help it survive the Nazi onslaught. Only after Hitler invaded the USSR did the Communist screenwriters become ‘patriotic,’ since they believed US assistance was crucial to the Soviet Union’s survival.”

After examining the historical record, including Trumbo’s papers, Ryskind concludes, “…I’ve never found a paragraph, or even a phrase, where he ever publicly or privately condemns Stalin’s Soviet Union in a meaningful way, certainly not when the Caligula in the Kremlin was dispatching his own citizens by the millions, egging Hitler on as he invaded the Western democracies, cheering Goering’s air force as it rained death and destruction on London and eagerly devouring Eastern Europe in the post-World War II era. Not a peep of protest or regret from a man whom Hollywood longs to lionize.”

It may be the case that Cranston was not aware of the facts about Trumbo’s service to the Soviet Union and Hitler’s Germany. That is why I recently sent him a letter setting forth the facts contained in this column. If he was deceived about Trumbo’s true character, he has the right to raise hell.

Whatever the ultimate fate of the film and Cranston’s role in it, Ryskind’s book about the days when communists were trying to dominate Hollywood has suddenly taken on more importance.

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  • John Cunningham

    For those who haven’t been paying attention, I sincerely feel sorry for you. While you were sleeping, the Soviet Union dissolved in Russia and quietly moved over here to the good old USA.

    If you don’t believe me just check out the Democrat party. many and more everyday are joining up for the American Communist Party. Back in the late 80’s a meeting of the American Communist party was filmed and all their goals stated.

    If you can find this video on You Tube, please watch. All the goals they set here in America has been achieved. From infiltration of the American Church to the destruction of our Children’s Schools. The Democrat party has been taken over by this group and they are damn proud of it.

    This didn’t happen over night and it started way before this meeting in the late 80’s. Americans only get up and fight when a massive intrusion happens. Like the frog in the boiling water we have been slow cooked and now we have some really serious work to do.

  • Emily

    I looked on youtube…can’t find it. Do you have a link?

  • John Cunningham

    It has been a while since i have seen it. At the time it was sent to me, they were worried Liberals who control almost all electronic communication, got rid of it. That is Conservatives biggest problems, getting the message out. Nothing much has changed since Radio Free Europe. That was a time when the West was trying to get information to the People behind the Iron Curtain. Now, Liberals (Communists) have control of the media and make sure all Conservative truth quickly gets eliminated.


    “punished for his principled stand for free speech and the Constitution.” How can you be a communist and try to claim protection under the constitution in the same breath, when your very purpose in life is to get rid of the constitution and steal everyone’s freedoms away? You know, just like Obama and his crew are doing now!

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    When referring to the Democrat Party, conservatives and libertarians should call it the Socialist Democrat Party. Sadly, there’re few Blue Dog Democrats left in Congress.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    That’s the purpose of the First Amendment, to protect the speech of even those who’re hypocrites and worse and say unpopular things. Only when it reaches the level of sedition can much be done about it legally. Of course with Mr. Obama et. al, it’s reached the level of treason.

  • John Cunningham

    Seems to me the National Socialist Communism Party. That would be as if Hitler and Stalin got down for a little gratuitous sex. Who knows, maybe they did? Seems everyone is doing it now, present company, not on your tin type.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    Haven’t heard the phrase “not on your tin type” before despite being an old codger. By the way, you’re not the Lone Ranger despite what certain hedonists might want to claim. Many agree with you, fortunately.

    Your name the National Socialist Communism Party sounds right if we add into it Democrat as in National Socialist Communism Democrat Party. Sometimes I think we shouldn’t forget the RINOs as well.

    By the way associating Naziism with Communism is a good idea. Fascism is but the other side of the coin where socialism resides.

    I found a great definition of Fascism on the Internet. “Fascism is an economic model in which the state dictates the allocation of privately held assets to achieve public policy goals.” Seems pretty much what has been happening for several decades.

    Thanks for you comment.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    A “soviet” is simply a diverse group of people dialoguing over a social issue in a facilitated meeting. It’s also called (hegelian) dialectic process, the consensus process, the delphi technique, total quality management and more. It is manifested everywhere from the U.N. to the occupy movement, to most Sunday school classrooms. It is the conduit that is building collectivism and the New World Order.

  • N.P. Lee

    What serves as a breeding gound for hosting communist sympathizers in the
    U.S. is a subject worthy of reconsider at the this time in point or a waste of time
    in loss of focal point in effort of finding right direction why the U.S. is at the verge of crumbling is in repetition at infinitum.

  • John Cunningham

    YES! I was just going to say that. Thank you for saying it first.

  • PR8ZS8N

    Tell that to the Putin-Loving-gay-bashing Christians who are betraying our principles and taking sides with that despot.

  • John Cunningham

    I can hate Putin Liberals, and Gays all in one sentence.

  • Erudite Mavin

    It is the Libertarian loons who support Putin

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    We are probably the only two people who know!

  • John Cunningham

    …a wink, and a nod!

  • Loni Hull

    I’m pretty disappointed in this article and with the comments I’ve read thus far. Worrying about how a communist uprising in the U.S. might disrupt democracy entirely misses the elephant that took a big dump all over democracy long ago: corporate fascism.

    With so many multinational corporations that are wealthier than superpowers and ignore any and all national laws and sovereignties, isn’t an article like this just another diversion from the truth that governments of every country have long been puppets ready to dance for the highest bidder?

    Who’s with me?

  • sabelmouse

    i am.

  • Loni Hull


  • Some Guy

    I’d still rather be beholden to some companies whose products and stock I can chose to buy or not to buy than be beholden to a hostile government with a loaded gun placed at the back of my head.

  • Loni Hull

    My point being, however, that those companies long ago took control of the government that has the gun pointed at your head.