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Having established relations with the Castro regime in Cuba, President Obama has now signaled his willingness to sell weapons to the Communist Party dictatorship that runs Vietnam. It is the successor to the regime in Hanoi, North Vietnam, which overran South Vietnam, while in the process taking the lives of more than 58,000 Americans resisting communist aggression.

Media coverage of President Obama’s announcement in Hanoi portrayed the move as an attempt to counter Chinese influence in the region. This is pure propaganda from another “echo chamber” established by the Obama administration to sell a controversial policy. While China and Vietnam have some disagreements over territory, they are still both communist countries that share the same objective of defeating global “imperialism,” led by the United States.

Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech on China-Vietnam relations at the Vietnamese National Assembly in Hanoi, Vietnam, on November 6, 2015. He referred to how relations have assumed “strategic importance.” China is Vietnam’s largest trading partner. These communist countries are not enemies. They are friends.

Obama is more than happy to bolster another communist state. His comrades in the Hanoi Lobby made sure a liberal Congress cut off U.S. aid to South Vietnam in 1975, guaranteeing a communist takeover.

In addition to more than 58,000 Americans dead, 304,000 Americans were wounded during the war started by the communist regime in Hanoi. The number of South Vietnamese military personnel killed was estimated at 440,357. The number of Vietnamese civilians killed in the war is believed to be 587,000. Hundreds of thousands of “boat people” tried to escape when the communists took power, but more than 800,000 remained and were sent to communist “re-education” camps. The communist Khmer Rouge took power in neighboring Cambodia, murdering almost two million people.

“Obama ends U.S. arms embargo on Vietnam during visit to former enemy” was the USA Today headline. But this “former” enemy is still a communist dictatorship that imprisons its people for seeking freedom.

Most stories we reviewed on Obama’s decision to arm the regime neglected to even mention that Vietnam is a communist country. However, it was big news that Obama dined in Hanoi, Vietnam, with CNN personality Anthony Bourdain. “The President’s chopstick skills are on point,” Bourdain said.

The more serious issue is a lack of political freedom under the dictatorship.

Time magazine’s story, “Vietnam Gets to Vote in Elections, but the Communist Party Picks Who’s on the Ballot,” provided some elementary facts about how the communist dictatorship orchestrates and stacks its “elections.”

We were led to believe by much of the media coverage that the government of Vietnam has suddenly turned capitalist and pro-American. However, its official website declares, “Over the past 80 years, the Communist Party of Viet Nam (CPV) has been in the vanguard of the struggle for national independence, liberating the country from almost a century of domination by western colonialists and leading the people to total victory in the 30-year resistance war against powerful aggressors.”

Those “colonialists” and “aggressors” were the French and then the Americans.

To understand the nature of this dictatorship, consider that the Constitution of Vietnam declares that a citizen “shall enjoy freedom of belief and of religion…”

In truth, religious groups have to be registered with the atheist regime. The State Department’s International Religious Freedom Report states, “Some members of unregistered groups in particular reported various forms of governmental harassment, including but not limited to assault, short term detentions, prosecutions, monitoring, restrictions on travel, and denials of registration and/or other permissions.”

Desperate for money, like any socialist or communist regime, Vietnam managed to get the U.S. embargo on trade with them lifted in 1994. The dictatorship received permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) in 2006.

Here’s what an official communist document, “Viet Nam’s Present Foreign Policy,” says about that: “As the world becomes more globalized and the science-technology revolution advances with high speed, one major task of the Party and State is to proactively promote international integration, first and foremost in the economic field. In this process, high on Viet Nam’s agenda are to expand external economic relations, widen and diversify markets and take advantage of capital, managerial experience and advanced technology for national industrialization and modernization.”

It’s the same strategy Communist China has used to build up its economy and military.

Going beyond current favors to the regime, Obama wants a Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal that includes communist Vietnam.

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  • IronChefSandwiches

    “While China and Vietnam have some disagreements over territory, they are
    still both communist countries that share the same objective of
    defeating global “imperialism,” led by the United States.”

    Dear Cliff,

    The 1950’s called. They want their silly anti-Communism scare tactics back. It’s 2016, you propaganda-spouting moron. It’s called diplomacy. I can send you some literature on it since you’re obviously unfamiliar with the concept.


    PS LOL on nominating Trump and hastening the end of the GOP. YOU played a role in that, buddy!

  • gbyrneg50

    One of the problems is that many Americans (also British, Canadians, Australians etc) see little wrong with Communism. It is just another political party or another political system no better or worse than our own. I think that because anti-communists failed to win the philosophical battle they ultimately lost the military battle. In the 1960s and 1970s this was where the Vietnam War was lost. And even today many people still do not believe in what America was doing in Vietnam. Johnson and Nixon believed in what they were doing but eventually the tide turned against them in the media and on campus. America is unbeatable militarily but it’s greatest weakness is in the political arena. If America loses there it loses everywhere else

  • Gringo_Cracker

    Dear Leader believes there’s no downside to selling military arms to our totalitarian former enemies. Fine, we have a tradition of reconciling with adversaries and perhaps the Vietnamese will help check Chinese hegemony in the China Sea. He also believes there’s no downside to letting bat guano-crazy Iranian mullahs acquire nuclear technology, which is likely to further destabilize the Middle East. He also believes the repatriation of surplus WWII/Korean War era M1 rifles for sale to American collectors would lead to higher domestic crime rates. That speaks volumes.

  • Raptormann

    Odummy has the mind and philosophy of a Third World Despot. All of the problems of the Third World are caused by Western Imperialism and if the West had not raped the pristine Third World the West would be poor and backwards and the Third World would have been paradise. All Third World Peoples are wiser, kinder and their religions are all peaceful and it was the Western Christians that vandalized the whole world reversing their fortunes.
    Africa was all King and Queens without the evil West taking advantage of their peaceful and docile societies. They lived in peace and harmony with nature and Islam was at peace with all bringing prosperity wherever they went.
    Well, this is the Obama world view in a nutshell,,,,, that is his head!

  • AndRebecca