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Remember when the media were complaining about the “militarization” of the police in Ferguson? ABC News is now reporting that the police have reason to be worried and well-armed. ABC News Justice Department reporter Pierre Thomas says the FBI is warning about violent extremists and outside agitators targeting the city.

The ABC News report says, “The FBI assesses those infiltrating and exploiting otherwise legitimate public demonstrations with the intent to incite and engage in violence could be armed with bladed weapons or firearms, equipped with tactical gear/gas masks, or bulletproof vests to mitigate law enforcement measures.”

The FBI also warns that electrical facilities, water treatment plants, and computer networks could be attacked by groups such as “Anonymous.”

So it looks like some of the agitators could be “militarized” themselves, and may in fact be part of an international plot.

You may recall that the Senate was rushed by the media into holding hearings on the alleged police “militarization” problem, as if the police were overreacting to the riots in the city after a police officer shot and killed a violent thug named Michael Brown.

The FBI report confirms what we reported back in August—that terrorist elements have been active on the scene. We said, “Ferguson has become a ‘war zone’ because of outside agitators…The real story out of Ferguson is that a national network of agitators is ready, on a moment’s notice, to arrive on the scene to cause violence and mayhem.”

Now, the FBI confirms the existence of a sophisticated network of violent extremists, including computer hackers with the ability to strike on a global basis.

We have reported on participation in the Ferguson protests by members of the Workers World Party, a Marxist-Leninist group, and its front, the ANSWER Coalition. The group supports regimes in Russia and North Korea.

The media have extensively covered the protests without noting the outside agitators who, in some cases, lead and manipulate them.

The result has been a propaganda bonanza for anti-American elements. The party newspaper, Worker’s World, reported, “The protests demanding justice for Brown were covered nationally and internationally. CNN, Al-Jazeera America, Press TV, Russia Today, the Guardian in London, as well as thousands of other news sources and media agencies…”

Al Jazeera and Russia Today are foreign-owned and operated propaganda channels. Al Jazeera is sponsored by the Middle Eastern Arab government of Qatar, while Russia Today is funded by the Vladimir Putin regime in Moscow.

The communists say the Ferguson “rebellion” is designed to expose U.S. “racism” to a global audience. Regimes such as the one in China use such reports to accuse the U.S. of failing to deal with its own problems and unfairly focusing attention on human rights issues abroad.

The FBI report gives the media the opportunity to finally tell the truth about the “spontaneous” nature of these well-planned demonstrations, which are deliberately designed to turn violent.

But it’s not clear that the FBI has actually infiltrated the protest groups in order to gather information about planned violence. The FBI may simply be gathering information from open or public sources.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon had called out the National Guard to maintain the peace when the local police, supposedly armed with military-style weapons, were overwhelmed.

Now, as the public waits for word on whether or not the police officer who shot and killed Brown will be charged with murder, Nixon has called out the National Guard again. Most reports say the grand jury in the case will decline to indict the officer, Darren Wilson, as a result of clear and convincing evidence that he shot and killed Brown in self-defense.

While Congress has failed to probe the role of outside communist agitators in the Ferguson protests, the media have, on occasion, been forced to concede the violent nature of some of the demonstrations and riots.

Reuters quotes one agitator as saying, “Rioting and looting are the tools of those without a voice… There is no revolution without violence.”

Despite CNN’s sympathetic coverage of the protests, the communist Workers World paper singles out CNN for its alleged “sensationalized images” of violent protesters and “repeated character assassination” of Brown. The group helped organize a protest outside CNN headquarters in Atlanta.

The “character assassination” of Brown is a reference to video showing his strong-arm robbery of a convenience store and reports of him attacking Wilson before he was shot.

As the local police and Missouri National Guard brace for the anticipated violence when the grand jury verdict is handed down, it has becoming increasingly clear that the stories of alleged police militarization were a diversion from the real problem—outside communist agitation in Ferguson and the manipulation of black America for political and revolutionary purposes.

Some of this has been deliberately unleashed by President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, always eager to stoke racial extremism.

Katie Pavlich, News Editor at, revealed that former FBI Assistant Director and Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund President Ron Hosko says in a letter to Obama that Holder has been an “antagonist” to local police and that “his ill-timed decision to launch a full investigation into the Ferguson Police Department at the height of racial tensions in that community” amounted to “throwing gasoline on a fire that was already burning.”

He added, “Many officers were disgusted by such a transparent political maneuver at a time when presidential and attorney general leadership could have calmed a truly chaotic situation.”

Many of the anti-police reports originated with Washington Post blogger Radley Balko, a supposed expert on police “militarization” who also serves as a “media fellow” with the Cato Institute. His writings have been characterized by the need for corrections, and unwarranted assumptions in his accounts of alleged police misconduct.

But much damage has already been done by this kind of erroneous reporting.

“We are the Militant Resistance against this corrupt police state, that includes the national guard,” says one Ferguson group called RbG Black Rebels.

The group claims to be fighting for Uhuru, the “liberation” of blacks worldwide, and has announced they will pay $5,000 for the “location” of Officer Wilson.

Wilson is said to be in hiding, while black radicals and communists plot openly to destroy the city, attack police, and destroy businesses.

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  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    You Can Trust the Communists to be Communists

  • William Fisher

    Communists believe in that old tried and true concept of ‘divide and conquer’, and that is what they are doing with Ferguson, MO.

  • Lisa Smith

    In general, I have found black people to be much more racist than white people.

  • Gringo_Cracker

    “Liberation” back to Africa might be the ticket for anyone who’s unhappy being here.

  • AndRebecca

    Thank you for this report. The Left-wing sites like the IWW and ACLU, are connecting Ferguson with border problems, and with cops in general and with their other usual targets. This is a communist backed protest. By the same communists who are supporting the BDS instead of Israel. They are being very bold and threatening on their sites. They want riots in this country for a communist takeover, or possibly a socialist takeover for now. They have been bringing illegals into this country for their cause. They seem to have full knowledge that the presidential branch of the government will do nothing except support this.


    So Obama’s Liberal Socialists have paid to bring in outside agitators to cause problems, we already knew that by what has been going on in Florida since Treyvon. The difference is they are always ready to engage in violence in Chicago, it’s one of only a few pockets of black racists left in the country. They weren’t able to amp up any violent outbursts in Florida, so they decided to blow up their own backyard.

  • bob570

    Wasn’t Obama just telling Sharpton to keep the pressure up in Ferguson.

  • ljm4

    Cloward/Piven all the way with a double helping of Alinsky.

  • Bud Wurzberger

    It the riot occurs in Ferguson and any of the rioters using guns, which are not registered should be sentenced to 5 yrs in Fed prison..As we know, most bad buys use non=registered guns in their commission of crimes

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Why wouldn’t the Community Organizer in Chief give his support?

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    “One Step Forward Two Steps Back” – V.I. Lenin

  • AndRebecca

    Now that is a rhetorical question, if I ever heard one.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    His executive order is a new level of arrogance. The statement he’s made with his own words, is this: “I know this is illegal, but I am going to do it anyway.” What better signal of defiance could he make to a communist agitator? This country needs to resist the devil before things truly get ugly.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Have you spoke to your congressman about your concerns?

  • AndRebecca

    I haven’t spoken to my Democrat Congressman on this issue, yet. But, I do know how to email him, and will. He sends out mass emails to me once in a while. I am in touch with my local conservative group(s) and tea party and they have sent me phone numbers and fax numbers to get in touch with all of the Republicans in Washington. I used to send emails to Obama on the White House site, but I was taken off the list a long time ago. For some reason, they didn’t like what I had to say. As I said elsewhere on this site, I am a republican PC, and work in the Republican Party. My co-PC and I had a 93% Republican turnout in the Romney election in our district. Something we are proud of. I don’t know turnout numbers for any of the more recent elections. Another PC friend goes to churches and registers voters and hands out non-partisan info on voting when she can. We do what we can do. Oh, and we attended the National Day of Prayer.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Let not this country go down with a wimper.

  • AndRebecca

    Exactly. Our enemies are here in America as well as abroad. I think we need to re-infiltrate our society. Charles Colson wrote a book “The Christian in Today’s Culture,” and not only is it a good how to book, it has a great list of other Christian authors with books on the Christian worldview and on dealing with post-modernism.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Mr Colson was a supporter of the ecumenical church, which is part of the NWO. Ecumenicalism uses the hegelian-dialectic process of merging all the religions together, through dialogue, to create a one world church. The NWO wants a one world church, albeit not a true church. The only way to fight marxist dialectic is to dig your heels in and refuse to budge, i.e., resist them. Marxists are well aware that this is the only way, that is why they call it a “resistance.” The Bible says in James 4:7 KJV “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” I’m not saying you don’t try and gain ground, what I’m saying is you don’t give them any ground.

    A Christian goes to battle the same way that Caleb went to battle. The same way David slew Goliath. The Christian goes to battle with God at the helm. The Christian does not go to battle without God at the helm, as they did at Kadesh Barnea, Numbers 14.

    Richard Wurmbrand wrote a short book on evidence that Marx was a Satanist. It’s only 79 pages, well worth reading. It’s a little course in the translation to english. Makes James 4:7 quite applicable.

  • jdd

    Start lynching a few of them and the problem will take care of itself.

  • AndRebecca

    Colson listed all the socialists and communists in his book “The Christian in Today’s Culture,” without calling them what they were. The book was still worth reading since I happen to know John Dewey was a socialist. and so on. The book is about getting out in the world and doing one’s Christian duty. People in Leftist religions don’t need to hear it because politics is their religion. The Communists have been able to infiltrate even churches and take them over, in America because Christians do not know how to stop them.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Christians don’t know how to stop them, because they’ve got one foot in the world that John Dewey helped to create and one foot in the church. Most Christians are rebellious, when it comes to what the Bible actually says. They love their sin, more than they love God. They don’t want to repent of their wicked ways. So when someone comes along and presents a gospel that says they can live like they want to and God will forgive them, they are like an Obama supporter with a free cellphone. You aren’t going to convince them of anything. To them, you are the one that is taking the toy away from the child.

    You stop a communist by not going into “dialogue” with them. Eve got herself into trouble when she went into dialogue with the devil. She left her authority. Conversely, when the devil tried to dialogue with Jesus, He said, “it is written.., it is written…, it written…” He never left His authority; the Word of God and obedience to the Father.

    “So I’m going over and I’m sitting down with them. I’m introducing myself. I’m visiting with them. I’m trying to get…you know you have to form relationships [dialogue] in order for you to be able to pass legislation. But out of their mouths it continues to be the same thing: ‘It’s unconstitutional.’ [authority] Everything to them is unconstitutional. ‘It’s unconstitutional.’ ‘It’s unconstitutional.’ ‘It’s unconstitutional.’” — Loretta Sanchez, Dem, California (during an interview on an LA talk show, talking about the newly elected tea party conservatives, April 2011)

  • AndRebecca

    The anarchy in Ferguson has the O.K. of people elected to office in this country. Somehow the Christians managed to let them get elected, with or without dialogue.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    I don’t know of any Christians who voted for Obama. My senator is very much aware of dialogue. He responded in a recent letter to me on Obama’s attempt to undermine our permanent member status at the U.N.

    Obama is trying to push the U.S. into dialogue as an equal with the rest of the world with the arms treaty, reversing the rules agreed on by the Bush Administration. The Senator stated “however, the Obama Administration reversed this decision, and announced that the United States would support negotiations on the condition they were, “under the rule of consensus decision-making needed to ensure that all countries can be held to standards that will actually improve the global situation.”

    The anarchy in Ferguson today is about the dialogue AFTER the crisis tomorrow. That is where the synthesis or social change takes place. In the dialogue that the fomented crisis then demands. Problem, Reaction, Solution. If you are not focused on the dialogue, you are missing the entire game.

  • George

    The oblivious majority is like an elephant that is not yet aware that there is a rat chewing on it’s leg. Hopefully it will wake up before an artery is reached, in time to stomp the rat.