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The Dutch Safety Board has issued a report indicating that a Russian BUK missile destroyed Malaysian flight MH17, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board, in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine. The only question is whether the missile was fired by Russian troops or terrorists under Russian control. In any case, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who ordered an invasion of eastern Ukraine, has blood on his hands.

The Dutch took the lead because most of the dead were from the Netherlands.

The results were not surprising, since circumstantial evidence already pointed to the Russians as the culprits. Russia refused to cooperate with the investigation (led by the Netherlands, Ukraine, Malaysia, Australia and Belgium) and vetoed a U.N. tribunal established to try those responsible.

At the time of the mass murder, Kremlin-financed Russia Today (RT) television tried to obscure the truth about Russian terrorists bringing down the Malaysian plane, even though the facts known at the time implicated the terrorists in eastern Ukraine in the mass murder of nearly 300 people.

RT is carried by such giant media companies as Comcast. But in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, the channel is not carried with disclaimers identifying the material as foreign propaganda. President Obama’s Justice Department is refusing to enforce the law.

As part of the disinformation campaign to divert attention away from Moscow’s bloody hands, RT released a “documentary” entitled “MH-17: the untold story,” claiming that a BUK missile did not hit the MH-17 plane. Instead, it was suggested that the plane went down because of cannon fire from a Ukrainian jet.

The lies were too much to take for Sara Firth, who had worked at Russia Today for five years. She told The Guardian that the channel’s coverage suggesting Ukraine was to blame for the crash was the “straw that broke the camel’s back.” She quit, saying, “It was the most shockingly obvious misinformation and it got to the point where I couldn’t defend it anymore.”

A variation of the Putin propaganda held that Ukraine downed the plane, thinking Putin was on it. Hence, it was an assassination attempt. We noted at the time, “This bizarre piece of disinformation surfaced on RT…[and] was linked to by the popular Drudge Report, used by many conservatives as their homepage, and then picked up by the Alex Jones’ site, a reliable outlet for pro-Russian propaganda.”

We reported in 2010 that RT has been eager to publicize Alex Jones and his various anti-American conspiracies because “they divert attention from the increasingly totalitarian nature of the Russian regime and the military threat that Russia still poses to American interests.” Jones was a regular guest on the RT propaganda channel, and defended Moscow’s invasion of its former Soviet republic of Georgia in 2008.

Matt Drudge, who made his name by posting the story about the stained dress, implicating President Bill Clinton in adultery, is considered a major player in the conservative media but has been living as a virtual hermit and rarely makes public appearances. However, he recently gave an interview to Jones and his show. Drudge, who didn’t allow his face to be seen, raised rumors about Hillary Clinton’s sex life and talked at length about the control of the flow of information, wondering if his website would be shut down. He was concerned that copyright laws could close down his popular site because he links to the work of others. “I had a Supreme Court Justice tell me it’s over for me,” said Drudge. “They’ve got the votes now to enforce copyright law, you’re out of there. They’re going to make it so you can’t even use headlines.”

In one interesting foreign policy exchange in the conversation that lasted about 45 minutes, Jones wondered if Putin was looking good in the Middle East, by claiming to target Islamic terrorists. This time, Drudge didn’t take the bait, and he moved on to other topics. Tina Trent, a commentator who has written about the impact of the Drudge Report, says it appears that Drudge is “dialing back” on his use of pro-Putin material supplied by Jones and other sources like Russia Today. “Maybe he’s travelled the world a bit and understands more about totalitarianism now,” she said.

Picking up the slack, another player in the Putin disinformation network is Don Hank, who claims to be a Christian conservative activist and runs a website. He distributed material claiming that the name of the Oregon killer had been included on a list of 87,000 “known/suspected” Islamic terrorists that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) had “refused last month to accept from Russia.”

Hank told his followers that Putin “was concerned enough about you and me to take time out of his busy day to warn us of a real and present danger!” But the U.S. government, he said, wanted us to die and ignored the warning.

The source of the information was said to be the Russian secret police, the FSB, making the whole thing suspect to begin with. However, the embedded link was to a different story on the FSB website that had nothing to do with the Oregon massacre.

Hank, who lives in Panama, said that the story had appeared in a “filthy rag” known as the European Union Times, and that he should have known better.

When the Dutch Safety Board pointed fingers at a Russian missile for the destruction of MH 17, Hank was up to his old tricks, telling his email list that the government of Ukraine brought down the plane, not the Russian terrorists. His source for this claim was the Moscow-funded RT channel.

The use of dubious sources like RT is what threatens the credibility and viability of legitimate websites that are truly independent and offering real facts and information.

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  • emaleroland

    How much is Hillary getting paid?

  • Steve Tanton

    But the unanswered question being (at least I’ve not seen it yet), What was Malaysian Airlines doing flying over a war zone? Pretty stupid in my book.

  • Steve Tanton

    To do what?

  • Trevis Scott

    Wonderful article, Mr. Kincaid! As always! Russia is the birth place of LIE and the global source of lies. Lie is a norm of life there. Unless you lie – you die. If you lie – you get promoted. It installs its lie agents in every corner of the planet. For a comparison – remember, a long time ago, how it was in THIS country? If you lied – you died! When the majority was HIGH – QUALITY people, the superior beings. A sure way to spot an inferior from a mile (the inferior are the ones that do not produce anything beneficial to humanity, they are just making money, the more the better, on whatever) is by their relentless appetite for manipulation and a controlable world.

  • sybarite123

    Cliff, you certainly have it in for Putin and Russia. Myself, at worst, I consider Putin to be the ‘Best of a Bad lot’. The Western leaders are taking us for a ride…toward totalitarianism! A retired Catholic priest in Canada. BTW I’d take RT over CNN anytime! P.S. I watch your channel ‘American Survival’ and enjoy very much its ‘Catholic’ content. Cheers and Thanks.

  • RMThoughts

    Kincaid concludes that the missile was made in Russia and had to have been fired by a Russian. Yet there is nothing in the Dutch report whatsoever that leads to this conclusion. Kincaid either is incompetent or lying or he is expressing his view and not the report’s conclusion.

    Kincaid’s Neocon and MSM already had “the-Russians-did-it” story ready the moment the airliner was reported to be shot down. This story was very useful to Washington in hardening its European vassal states into sanctions against Russia

    The only conclusion that the report reaches is one that we already knew: if a Buk missile brought down the airliner, it was a Russian-made missile. The Dutch report does not say who fired it.

    The report places no blame on Russia, but it does place blame on Ukraine for not closing the airspace over the war area. Attorneys have stated in response to the report that families of those killed and the Malaysian airline itself are likely to file lawsuits against Ukraine for negligence.

  • Erudite Mavin

    You are a long time propagandist for Ron Paul and his love of Putin, Iran and hate for Israel.

  • RMThoughts

    Just a rejection of all kinds of totalitarian tyranny; be it neocon NWO globalist, Communist, Nazi’s or Zionist. The irony is that you put yourself on the side of the pro-ISIS, Al Queda Neocon foreign policy..

    Putin called bullsh#t on the entire US operation. Putin basically said that Russia would begin bombing terrorists in Syria, but the problem is that the U.S. is supporting terrorists in Syria. This is undoubtably true, which is the real reason Obama is pulling back. He needs to get out now before Putin proves to the whole world that the CIA is fighting with al-Qaeda in Syria.
    We should all be thankful for the role Putin and Russia have taken in their support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the fight against U.S.-sponsored terrorism.

    The whole idea, that those Russian untermensch “got it right” and are the last vestiges of Western Civilization drives western liberal “elites” and neocons mad

  • Trevis Scott

    Hey, bro, does RM stand for Russian Mole? You sound like a Pro Truth Manipulator…who trained you? Your statements are intentionally misleading and opposite the truth. I sense a Pro here. Who is paying you?

  • RMThoughts

    Your welcome to refuting anything I said that was wrong and I promise I won’t use a silly, “you must be paid by George Soros or AIPAC routine” just because you argue their positions.

    Neocon NWO types like Kincaid try to convince the the public that Putin and Assad are worse than the white basketball shoe-wearing, black flag-waving, sword-wielding desert bandits that until recently were cutting people’s heads off and burning people alive on the nightly news in slickly-produced videos complete with eerie-sounding music in the background that we finance and support..

  • RMThoughts

    You may not realize it but pilots don’t just decide all of a sudden out of their own mind what flight plan they are going to use. They are put on a flight plan by each country they fly over. Ukrainian ATC put them on that route over a war zone. Pretty stupid isn’t it?

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Anyone who understands communism, knows that it is based on the hegelian-dialectic, creating conflict to effect social change. Putin does nothing that does not advance the NWO. The EU was created on the ashes of a brutal war. The African and South American Unions also rose out protracted bloody conflicts in various countries. The Middle Eastern Union will be no different. Why? Because drawn out brutal conflicts bring people to a point where they are willing to surrender sovereignty for dialogue in parliament buildings.

  • Julio Severo

    Mr. Kincaid: during the Ronald Reagan administration, an Iranian passenger flight was shot down by the U.S. military. All 290 men, women and children on board died. America had and has the most sophisticated precision weapons ever, but even so she committed this “error.” There was no international court to impose sanctions to the government responsible for this crime.

    Hey, I admire Reagan and I consider him the best world president in the last 100 years. But a crime was committed. Different of the Malaysian plane, where there is obscure culpability (Russia has BUK missiles? Ukraine too!), in the American case there was clear culpability (the Iranian Airbus A300 B2-203 was destroyed by SM-2MR surface-to-air missiles. Only America had such missiles. Iran had no one of them).

    If you have a case against Putin because of a missile owned by Russians and Ukrainians, why have not you a case against Reagan because of a missile owned only by Americans?

    And why do you call Ukrainian separatists “terrorists”? Have you forgotten Alamo? This is Alamo in Ukraine. If separatists cannot do it, please urge the U.S. government to return Texas to Mexico, because in your logic Americans who fought to secede Texas from Mexico were terrorists.

    I am sure that a radical leftist Kincaid would have called Sam Houston and Reagan “terrorists.” Conversely, a radical rightist Kincaid would call Ukrainian separatists and Putin “terrorists.”

    I admire the conservative stances of Russia today, but I think that Reagan was better. Come to visit me and you will see the Reagan biographies I cherish.

    Do you know what I call “terrorists”? Days ago WND (my favorite conservative website) reported, “U.S. delivers 50 tons of ammo to Syrian rebels.”

    Other WND reports say that these rebels fight, with ISIS and al-Qaida, against Assad, a Russian ally that, notwithstanding, protects the Christian community in Syria. This is one of the oldest Christian communities in the world. WND has said that these rebels torture, rape and kill Christians. Even so, the U.S. intentionally sent 50 tons of ammo to them. This is a crime against humankind. This is a crime against us, Christians. And you are worried about THIS U.S. keeping its demonic supremacy at the expense of our Christian blood?

    Why has the U.S. never sent this much of weapons to Christians persecuted by rebels?

    Why has the U.S. never sent this much of weapons to Christians persecuted by ISIS? Why has the U.S. been helping these Islamic rebels, who torture, rape and slaughter Syrian Christians? These irresponsible aircraft should have been shot down.

    Anti-Russian activists are strange creatures. They maximize what they like and minimize what they dislike.

    One of your anti-Russian friends, Brazilian Catholic philosopher Olavo de Carvalho, plays down the horrors of the Inquisition. He said about the Inquisition:

    Even in the popular image of the Inquisition fires lies are predominant. Everybody believe that condemned individuals “died burned,” amid horrible suffering. The flames were high, more than 16 feet high, to hinder suffering. The condemned individuals (less than ten a year in two dozen nations) died suffocated in a few minutes, before the flames could touch them.

    A few days ago, he said:

    The myth of the Inquisition was the most extensive and lasting campaign of slander and defamation in the history until today, with multi-million dollar funding, and it seems this campaign will have no end. Who created it were not Illuminists or communists. It was created by Protestants, who keep promoting it even today, and the irradiant center is U.S. churches. This is a historical fact that all professional historians today know, and it has nothing to do with “theological debates.”

    So, has a “myth” tortured and killed thousands of Jews? Usually, Carvalho says that Russians create destructive myths. But in the case of the Inquisition, he says that it was created by Americans.

    So to defend the conservative stances of Russia is not OK. But to defend the Inquisition and its horrors is completely OK.

    D. James Kennedy, a pro-life conservative leader, said about the Inquisition, especially the Spanish Inquisition: “It was deplorable in the highest degree—a monstrous epic of brutality and barbarity. It was diabolical in its nature.”

    Even so for Carvalho, the Inquisition was not so diabolical.

    A common problem in Brazilians is hypocrisy. During the military rule in Brazil, leftist activists, who complained against capitalism, chose exile in England, Sweden and even the United States, the most capitalist nation in the world. That is: anticapitalists chose to live in the most capitalist nations in the world.

    Carvalho frequently complains about the U.S. Protestantism (not the liberal Protestantism, but all the U.S. Protestantism), but he chose exile in the largest Protestant nation in the world. That is, an anti-Protestant chose to live in the most Protestant nation in the world.

    Carvalho exalts Catholicism as the greatest bulwark against Marxism, but he has fled Brazil, the largest Catholic nation in the world, because he thinks that Marxism is controlling Brazil. See my comment on this:

    Catholic Brazil is rife with Marxism and Progressivism because the Brazilian Catholic Church is rife with Marxism and Progressivism!

    As a Brazilian, I can tell you: the Catholic Church is to blame for the dominant Marxist ideology in the Brazilian society.

    See my point, Mr. Kincaid. Anti-Russian activists are inconsistent from a Christian perspective. I am TOTALLY against the Soviet Union and pro-Reagan. But an anti-Russian activist is against Russia before, during and after the Soviet Union.

    You have inconsistencies and people like you, including Carvalho, are also rife with inconsistencies.

    I fear that a strident anti-Marxism can be a cloak for other radicalisms. See:

  • donhank

    Aren’t we lucky to live in a country where the media don’t lie? Oh, wait! Cliffy’s blog is dedicated to debunking the LIES of the US media. Or was it the lies of the Russian media? Or does Cliffy just hate all media everywhere? So where does that leave us? Is Russia the liar or is it the US? Or does it depend on how you feel? I understand that Cliffy is a conservative. But how is it that he supports Obama’s policy of demanding the Assad step down and of attacking Russia for defending the Christians in Syria? Is there a new definition of conservative? But I think this is the real cause of all this bile today:
    Now if I were a shrink, I would say “go ahead, Cliff, just let all that anger out.” But just don’t hurt yourself.

  • Jim Mooney

    I would say the NYT and WaPo are liars. Remember WMDs? Also, I was in Fl when the vote was stolen in 2,000. WaPo SAT on proof showing how it was done. Proof I got hold of and published on the net.

  • Julio Severo

    I forgot to mention, Mr. Kincaid. In the 1980s, people called me a paid agent of Americans because I supported all the conservative stances of Reagan, even his wars.

    About Don Hank, he understands Russian and Portuguese. So he is in a very better position than you to address Russian issues.

    And if you understood Portuguese, you would see the many nonsensical views Carvalho holds, especially on the infamous Inquisition. Your lack of language skills on Russian and Portuguese make you vulnerable and even an exploitable idiot in other hands.

  • Kincaid is seriously ill. He’s whining because nobody is listening to the MSM baloney anymore, and rather than change his tune and start becoming a journalist, he’s burned up because nobody believes him anymore.

  • As it should be.

  • Wow! A bit long-winded. Reagan and Tower Commission, Nicaragua rebels, Leaking Pres. Carter’s attempt at freeing the yanks in Iran? He traded guns for money and killed a few Navy Seals in the process. He was more successful playing with rubber ducks in the bathtub. Anyone who played second fiddle to a chimp should never be given any authority.

  • Where’s that Wayne Simmons when we need him? Surely he could offer some perspective here….

  • GoodNews

    Cliff is one of those rare guys that appears to be working for justice and truth. But the filthy rag term seems to be pretty universal. Heads up you Alex Jones deadheads. Greed is going to usher in the NWO and Jones has his share.

  • GoodNews


  • GoodNews

    It’s all baloney. Seeking control over peeps perceptions: It goes with the territory. Look up the centurion reply to Jesus who offered to come to his home.

  • RaisingMac

    That wasn’t the plane’s original flight-path. It was re-routed in mid-flight by Kiev ATC.

  • RaisingMac

    Really want to get to the bottom of the MH17 mystery? Then have the Pentagon release their satellite and radar data of E. Ukraine on the day of the incident. Have Kiev release their air traffic control transcripts from the flight. And have the Dutch Safety Board release the contents of the plane’s black box. Until that happens, the cui bono points towards Ukraine, which wanted the EU to sanction Russia.

  • Julio Severo

    You made the most important point in the whole issue!

  • Kincaid’s opening paragraph is proof of his paranoia over Russia.
    Like…,duh…all buk missiles were made in USSR/Russia!! Ukraine has thousands of them. Kincaid totally ignores the facts about the whole scenario. The Ukraine military had control of the firing location, not the freedom fighters of Donbass. He also conveniently ignores the data and testings by the manufacturer and the Russian satellite data.
    That Accuracy in Media actually prints this tells one how “accurate they are in doing any research on articles.

  • Steven Barrett

    How the hell would those yokels from Ukraine have been allowed to be anywhere near those missiles if they weren’t vetted by the Russians several times over before they could be entrusted to do Russia’s dirty work? Even Vladimr Puting must laugh out loud (IF) he reads remarks like RM’s. Does he (Putin) care if they’re neocons or MSM, or even loyal fans of Vladimir Posner … remember the Brooklyn Born Bolshie darling of Phil Donahue’s show and ABC’s Nightline back in the 80s. Putin’s a lot more pragmatic than we give him credit for being. He’s only going to tolerate as much as his country can handle if crap hits the fan due to what some other bozos do on its behalf. The same happened during the years Reagan’s “Contras” were screwing up the works for the West in Nicaragua, giving the most inept Ortega brothers one PR victory after another. (To be fair, the Contras had equally inept pals in the Right up here in DC that backed them in print if not cash. Thank God, and this is my moment of ‘fession, I only supported the Contras in print, much to my relatively less expensive lesson in shame. Those guys were bums, and brigands; just as the pro-Moscow Benedict Arnolds of the Ukraine are today.
    But let’s face it, this is nothing new and what Putin’s doing is hardly much different than what the Czars over there did in their back yards and what some of our presidentes, both Republican and Democratic did over here, esp. to put Castro out of business. Time to sigh and take a chill pill more often. Trust me, nobody’s blood pressure needs to rise on account of what the Russians are up to any more than what Putin’s BP is according to what we do. It’s all part of the international game of one-upsmanship that’s been around for eons and will stay around for eons.

  • Ayax Gudziol

    RT is propaganda, so does CNN and the rest of most western media. Liars at the service of political, financial and warmonger interests.

  • Palaeologism

    Isn’t Mr. Pooty Poot on y’all’s side now?