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Commentators such as radio host Michael Savage have been claiming that the new government of Ukraine is either run or supported by “neo-Nazis.” It is a charge expanded upon by Russian President Vladimir Putin himself. He claimed in a Tuesday news conference, “We have neo-Nazis and Nazis and anti-Semites in parts of Ukraine, including Kiev.”

The claim, designed to justify the invasion of Ukraine, is pure Soviet/Russian disinformation. It has the added attraction of diverting attention from Putin’s own personal embrace of anti-Semitic lies and propaganda. In a curious turnabout, he now blames the Jews for the Soviet communism that he once served as a KGB officer.

Another example of this insidious propaganda campaign came on radio station WMAL in Washington, D.C. last Thursday, when Michael Savage, advertised by his syndicator Cumulus as a “legendary conservative spokesman,” interviewed former conservative Paul Craig Roberts, who alleged that American neo-conservatives were secret Israelis provoking Russia. “Many of them [neo-cons] are dual Israeli citizens,” he claimed, without citing any evidence.

The bizarre claims came during an exchange which featured Savage praising the paranoid “Prison Planet” website of pro-Russia and pro-marijuana commentator Alex Jones.

In Ukraine, the Jewish news agency, JTA, confirms the existence of a Jewish-led militia force that actually participated in the revolution. JTA quotes one of the commanders as saying “the Kremlin is using the anti-Semitism card falsely to delegitimize the Ukrainian revolution, which is distancing Ukraine from Russia’s sphere of influence.”

“I never saw any expression of anti-Semitism during the protests, and the claims to the contrary were part of the reason I joined the movement. We’re trying to show that Jews care,” said the commander.

Eli Lake, a national security reporter for The Daily Beast, quotes Jewish leaders in Ukraine as saying they believe “pro-Russian provocateurs are behind the attacks on their synagogues” in Ukraine.

Lake reports that “…leaders of Ukraine’s small Jewish community (experts estimate there are between 80,000 and 350,000 Jews in Ukraine) say they are more worried about anti-Semitic attacks from Russian operatives and Yanukovych loyalists than the nationalists who gathered in Kiev and other cities to oust him.”

Yanukovych is the corrupt pro-Russian leader overthrown by the protesters.

Joseph Zissels, the president of the Ukrainian Jewish community known as the Vaad, told Lake that “Russian propaganda has exaggerated the role of neo-Nazis in the new Ukrainian government” and that “There are more neo-Nazi groups in Russia than there are in Ukraine.”

On Tuesday, CNN brought on former Soviet propagandist Vladimir Pozner, who claimed the U.S. media had not reported that the chief rabbi in Ukraine had urged Kiev’s Jews to flee the city. What Pozner did not mention was that this reported statement resulted from the chaos and confrontations in the city and not from the alleged anti-Semitic orientation of the protesters. What’s more, the article that was the source of this statement was wrong in attributing it to the city’s chief rabbi. The mistake has been corrected in an editor’s note.

The confusion stems from a report in the Israeli Maariv newspaper that a Ukrainian rabbi, Moshe Reuven Azman, had called on Kiev’s Jews to flee the country.

But Rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich, a chief rabbi of Ukraine, told radio host Aaron Klein that he had spoken to Azman and that the comments “were taken out of context.” He said that there were no plans to evacuate Ukrainian Jews. Bleich confirmed that Azman had simply told people to avoid the city center or leave Kiev, if necessary, because of the confrontations between the government and the protesters.

In a report on the Aaron Klein interview, WorldNetDaily said, “The rabbi affirmed the majority of the protesters are ‘grassroots, regular everyday old people from Ukraine that were fed up with living in a corrupt society, and they came out to protest against it to try to make change and they were successful in making change.’”

The rabbi said, “That’s the majority. They are not anti-Semites. They are not right-wing nationalist neo-fascists or Nazis the way the Russians are trying to paint them.”

Bleich is now being quoted by the JTA as accusing Russia of staging anti-Semitic “provocations” in Crimea in order to justify its invasion of Ukraine.

JTA reported, “At a press conference in the Manhattan office of the United Jewish Communities of Eastern Europe, Bleich compared Russia’s behavior to that of the Nazis prior to the Anschluss invasion of Austria in 1938.”

Bleich said, “Things may be done by Russians dressing up as Ukrainian nationalists,” adding that it’s “the same way the Nazis did when they wanted to go into Austria and created provocations.”

In addition to spreading disinformation concerning the role of alleged neo-Nazis in the protests, radio host Michael Savage wrote a column citing Stephen F. Cohen as saying that the U.S. has been “provoking” Russian leader Vladimir Putin and is therefore responsible for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Cohen is a columnist for the far-left Nation magazine who contends that Putin “saved Obama’s presidency by persuading Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to eliminate his chemical weapons,” and that “Putin then helped to facilitate Obama’s heralded opening to Iran.”

Cohen concludes that Obama should be grateful to Putin for these supposed breakthroughs in global affairs.

For these and other statements, the New Republic labeled Cohen “Vladimir Putin’s American apologist.”

On Fareed Zakaria’s “GPS” show on CNN, Cohen praised Putin’s treatment of Jews, insisting that he “has been better for Russian Jews than any leader in Russian history.”

While it is true that Putin has refrained from open anti-Semitism, he made the controversial assertion that at least 80 percent of the members of the first Soviet government were Jewish—a claim exposed by Jewish journalist Yori Yanover as an anti-Semitic lie.

“Some anti-Semitic lies just don’t die,” noted Yanover, in a story about Putin’s incendiary claim. “But it is incumbent on Jewish reporters to refute them every single time, especially when they’re being espoused by a brutal Russian politician with the capacity to inflict a lot of pain on the Jews in his country.”

Writing in the Jewish Daily Forward, J.J. Goldberg said Putin’s message was that it was the Jews who ruined Russia. He said Putin’s comments, made during the course of presenting documents stolen by the Soviet communists to the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow, were designed to come across as “friendly,” but left the impression that he believes “the Jews cooked up the revolution” that devastated Russia.

Putin’s comments reminded this writer of the claims of Alexey Komov, of the Russian branch of the World Congress of Families, that Wall Street bankers were behind the Soviet communist revolution in Russia.

A variation of this theme has been offered by David Duke, the former Ku Klux Klan leader who views “Zionist-driven Globalism and its collaborators [as] the greatest enemies of mankind.” In his book, The Secret Behind Communism, Duke argues for the existence of “the Jewish Supremacist role in the creation, execution and maintenance of world Communism, and the ‘Russian’ Revolution in particular…”

Back in 2005, Duke wrote of traveling to Moscow “to interview Russian leaders in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the real policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin.” He said he met “with members of the Duma, some nationalist newspaper editors, and some leaders of the Russian anti-globalist, nationalist community.”

Putin “is Russian,” Duke said. “A real Russian.”

Duke went on, “The biggest roadblock to the New World Order and a sublimation of America and Europe to Jewish-supremacist globalism is Vladimir Putin. As important a figure Putin is for every freedom-loving Russian, he is just as important to those who love freedom in the United States of America, in Britain and all over the European world.”

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  • Joe Westphal

    “In a curious turnabout, he now blames the Jews for the Soviet communism that he once served as a KGB officer.”

    Interesting that Putin is saying this.

  • M T

    Accusing Ukraine’s new government of being anti-Semitic is like accusing Tea Party of being racist.

    Surprised to find Michael Savage among Putin’s “useful idiots”.

  • AmericanKulak76

    Maybe Savage says there are neo-Nazis in the Ukrainian government because of this? Trying to make neo-Nazis into freedom fighters is going to work out about as well for the neocons as their propaganda about the anti-Assad Salafist fighters loving Christians and Israel!
    Svoboda party won 37 out of 450 seats in the Rada in 2012. Here’s their leader ranting at the funeral for a Ukrainian Nazi collaborator in 2004 about ‘K*kes’ —

    Here’s Cliff Kincaid’s hero John McCain with Mr. Tyahnybok:

    You neocons really think everyone is stupid, don’t you? That conservatives are mindless sheeple — just keep showing them Red Dawn reruns and they’ll believe anything you or Obama’s State Department says.

    PS I don’t support Russian troops roaming the Crimea and think they should return to base.

  • AmericanKulak76

    Savage isn’t going to take your orders Cliff, and neither will Drudge:

  • AmericanKulak76

    Alex Jones has two million daily listeners. What does Cliff Kincaid have? The crumbs from Richard Mellon Scaife and the NSA/CIA’s table.

  • M T

    Svoboda party won 37 out of 450

    That’s less than 10%… There are, probably, more anti-Semites than that among Americans… There are certainly many more than that among Russians. I wish, more people knew the language — I’d be able to share some really “nice” Russian web-sites… Worse than that — Stalin is enjoying a revival over there as a national hero. Myself a Jew, I’d take a Bandera-follower over a Stalinist any day of the week — and so should you.

    But, suppose for a second, Ukraine really has wide-spread anti-Semitic sentiment. Is that a reason to look the other way, while Putin has his way with the country? Will you shrug your shoulders and keep walking away from a robbery or rape in progress simply because you know the victim to be an anti-Semite?

    You neocons really think everyone is stupid, don’t you?

    Let’s not go into fighting strawmen, shall we?

    I don’t support Russian troops roaming the Crimea

    Yes, you are. By giving Putin an ounce of credence, by allowing any sort of “on the other hand” equivocality, by questioning the need to help Ukraine herself against the ongoing invasion, you are supporting his troops roaming Crimea — and annexing the peninsula.

  • AmericanKulak76

    “Myself a Jew, I’d take a Bandera-follower over aStalinist any day of the week — and so should you.” Bandera’s boys and their predecessors at Babi Yar shot Jews and left them in pits, while slaughtering Gentile Poles who supported the anti-Communist Polish Home Army partisans too later in the war. If the new Ukie government wanted to move on from this past while acknowledging it, why the hell did their Ambassador to the UN just complain about Bandera being demonized? Shouldn’t he have just kept his mouth shut about it? Israel Shamir was right, there really are some in Israel who say Bandera was good for the Jews. I guess psychotic Russophobia can trump dishonoring Bandera’s Jewish victims any day of the week.

    But believe whatever you want, you’re probably being paid by the hour or comment anyway — just like Cliff is whoring for the NSA. I’m glad at least I merited some immediate dispatch by the Beltway cyber troll brigades.

    Sooner or later that arm will shoot up in the Rada among these a-holes and it will be on tape, and even Cliff or neo-Nazi hugging non-Gentiles like Jamie Kirchick or Michael D. Weiss won’t be able to bury the truth.

  • M T

    Bandera’s boys and their predecessors at Babi Yar shot Jews and left them in pits

    Although there were Ukrainians helping Germans in Babi Yar, there is nothing linking them to Bandera. Quite the contrary — those collaborators were, most likely, born and raised in Kyiv whereas most of Bandera followers were from Western Ukraine. But you are welcome to offer proof — prove to me, that Ukrainian collaborators in Baby Yar had anything to do with Bandera. Put up or shut up, so to speak.

    I guess psychotic Russophobia

    One does not need to be psychotic to be wary of Russia — one simply needs to know Russian and visit Russian web-sites. The amount of support Putin is enjoying from his electorate over the ongoing rape of Ukraine is staggering.

    why the hell did their Ambassador to the UN just complain about Bandera being demonized?

    Because he is being demonized. Unfairly and unjustly.

    you’re probably being paid by the hour or comment anyway

    Back at you, dear, back right at you…

  • Dr. Carlos Diaz Lujan


    WARNING! Accuracy in Media Has Morphed Into INaccuracy in Media.

    For Cliff Kincaid to compare freedom fighters and dissidents in Venezuela and Cuba with the neo-Nazi thugs that are rampaging in Kiev is a despicable insult against Venezuelan and Cuban freedom fighters and dissidents.

    As a politically active, anti-Communist, conservative Cuban-American, I believe that it’s high time for responsible conservatives to stay clear of Cliff Kincaid and expose his descent into lunacy.

    He should move in with corrupt, anti-Christian George Soros and stop masquerading as a conservative. Shame on Accuracy in Media for hosting a fraudulent “conservative” like Kincaid! That is unless Accuracy in Media is a front for the Culture Subverters and Masters of Deceit unmasked by the legendary FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

    Sincerely, Dr. Carlos Diaz Lujan, Editor in Chief, El Nuevo PATRIA, newspaper.

  • American Kulak

    “For Cliff Kincaid to compare freedom fighters and dissidents in Venezuela and Cuba with the neo-Nazi thugs that are rampaging in Kiev is a despicable insult against Venezuelan and Cuban freedom fighters and dissidents.

    As a politically active, anti-Communist, conservative Cuban-American, I believe that it’s high time for responsible conservatives to stay clear of Cliff Kincaid and expose his descent into lunacy.” Agreed. I hope Venezuela finally shakes off the socialist thugs who rule it before it becomes a ChiCom colony. Because neocon fools like Cliff said there are no spheres of influence, right? So let’s have NATO extended up to Kharkov and Chinese bases in Nicaragua where they’re building their new Panama Canal alternative.

    Maybe Cliff not being the sharpest tool in the shed needs to read “New World Order Globalism for Dummies”. We aren’t going to be played by his stupid left right paradigm stunts, the only people who want war with Russia over Ukraine are the banksters, who will happily support Nazis like they did in the 1930s when Hitler was rising and he and the heir apparent to the British throne were best of friends. Even the the King’s Speech” downplayed that true history a bit, the adultery with a married woman thing was just the cover story. The Prince was deposed because he like his banker friends was a Nazi. Hitler returned the favor by letting the British escape at Dunkirk and then was stunned when England didn’t make peace before his planned invasion of Russia, when he sent Rudolph Hess to confirm the ‘deal’.

  • American Kulak

    Interesting that Ciff somehow overlooked this:

    The Israelis rolled out the red carpet for Putin. Shhhh just nobody tell stupid American neocons like Cliff who think they speak for Israel that their ‘buddies’ already cut their deals with the Russians and Chinese.

  • American Kulak

    “Because he is being demonized. Unfairly and unjustly.” Holy crap, even the Kremlin-friendly Israel Shamir is right. There really are Israelis and Jews who will tell you Bandera was a friend of the Jewish people.

    You know the crap is about to hit the fan when The Tablet magazine is engaged in full blown apologetics for Bandera, just as the Jewish Telegraph Agency turned on a dime from reporting the banning of Svoboda Party members from entering the U.S. to saying they’re not so bad after all…

    “Phil Tertest

    “their ideology wasn’t fundamentally anti-Semitic; rather, it was pro-Ukrainian, and anti- everyone who appeared to be in the way of that, which included the pro-Soviet Jews.”

    “Yes, of course–and Palestinian Arabs were never fundamentally anti-Semitic, just pro-Arab, and anti-everyone who appeared to be in the way of that, which included the Zionist Jews. And the Nazis weren’t fundamentally anti-Semitic, just pro-German, and anti-everyone who appeared to be in the way of that, which included non-Aryan Jews.”

    “Funny, though, how in each case the primary obstacles to Arab or German or Ukrainian “nationalism” just happened to be concentrated among, of all people, the ordinary Jewish residents of Hebron, Warsaw and Lviv–and how the mass slaughter of these Jews somehow seemed so strikingly compatible with the nationalists’ not-really-fundamentally-anti-Semitic visions. And how there are always a few politically blind Jews willing to spring to the defense of each new generation of Jew-murderers…”

  • American Kulak

    You mean the ongoing rape of a peninsula that was awarded to Ukraine on a drunken whim by the Ukrainian born Communist boss Nikita Sergeyevich Kruschev? The same scary looking bald man who pounded his shoe on the table at the UN and said, ‘We will bury you?’ to the capitalist West?

    Irony abounds. Not unlike your ‘Jews for Banderists and SS Galicia division memorializers’ club.

  • M T

    peninsula that was awarded to Ukraine on a drunken

    I don’t see, how this is relevant. When the Soviet Union dissolved, Ukraine kept Crimea — with the consent of all parties involved. Today the peninsula is being taken over by Russian military — I don’t see, how an honest man can approve.

    But I’m sure, Saddam Hussein had similar arguments about Kuwait “always belonging” to Iraq as Putin has about Crimea… You are in a good company.

  • M T

    Quoting some op-ed is no substitute for providing facts. And facts are not on your side.

    While nobody has ever said, Bandera was especially friendly to Jews, there is no evidence, he was an anti-Semite either.

    You posted rather long rebuttals already without offering a single fact to support your accusation.

    Meanwhile, the actual real Nazis of our time have already dismissed the Ukrainian government as “judes”.

    Funny, how your kind and theirs never argue with each other — while honest people end up defending themselves from both sides.

    You’ve posted nothing, but rhetoric cover for Putin’s invasion. One may be forgiven for suspecting you of having taken the Kremlin’s schilling…

  • M T

    neo-Nazi thugs that are rampaging in Kiev

    The entire “neo-Nazi” canard is a lie. There aren’t any — not in Kyiv, not in the rest of Ukraine. Nobody is “rampaging” in the city — if anything, people are more polite to each other than before (a possible effect of the enemy’s ongoing invasion — helps national unity — see Israel).

    It is very convenient for Putin to see the lie propagated — thus throwing a tanglefoot over any American efforts to stop his annexation of Crimea — but it is a lie nonetheless.

    Meanwhile, actual Nazis have condemned Ukraine’s new government as “judes” — funny how neither of these two sides ever argue with each other, while honest people have to defend themselves on both fronts…

  • M T

    And Barack Obama won the Presidency. Twice…

    Masses can’t be wrong, can they?

  • Peranutz

    You are a Red propagandist and a typical leftist ignoramus of so- called academia. Cuba and Venezuela are thug regimes and the people of Ukraine are not Fascists. Putin and his thugs are Neo-Soviets and friends of Fascists. Just like his ideological master Stalin who was friends with Hitler before Operation Barbarossa in WWII. That is where Hitler turned on his Socialist Friends, the Communists. You Leftists in academia have been peddling the difference between Facists and Communists for decades. When in fact they are the rotten fruit from the rotten Socialist tree.