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The nation is fiercely debating the Iran nuclear deal and the significance of the Ayatollah’s “death to America” tweets when the real problem is Iran’s sponsor, Russia, and its lunatic ruler, Vladimir Putin. By controlling the media, killing off the opposition, and smearing Ukrainian freedom fighters as Nazis, the former KGB colonel has his country worked into a collective frenzy over a concocted Western threat. Some experts believe Russia is preparing for nuclear war on a global scale. If Putin carries out his threats, America is no more.

In this case, the U.S. is facing not only a nuclear weapons program, which is the case with Iran, but what our top generals are calling an “existential threat” to our survival as a nation.

As the National Institute for Public Policy documents in the report, “Foreign Nuclear Developments: A Gathering Storm,” Russia has a new military doctrine that anticipates using nuclear weapons, and the regime has embarked on “a massive strategic modernization program to deploy new nuclear weapons and delivery systems.”

Not only that, but Russia has a ballistic missile defense to use against us.

Geopolitical analyst Jeff Nyquist tells Accuracy in Media, “The Russians became angry and threatening when NATO tried to build a very modest missile defense system to stop an Iranian missile. Yet Russia has over 10,000 dual purpose SAM/ABMs for defense against our missiles and will be deploying a new ABM prototype next year.”

He adds, “Russia has potential war winning advantages over the U.S. and NATO—not necessarily in the number of nuclear weapons but in the number of its ABM batteries, and the upgrading of these batteries with a new generation of interceptor rockets while the American side makes no effort in this direction. The U.S. ABMs in Alaska and California would be lucky to stop 12 Russian warheads.”

Despite the preoccupation with Iran’s nuclear program, Iran currently has nothing of that nature which can threaten the homeland of the United States. Yet, Russia can obliterate the United States, a fact that has been highlighted recently by no less than three top American generals. The term, “existential threat,” has been used repeatedly to describe the Russian challenge. That term means the Russians can destroy the United States as a nation.

Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford, nominated to become chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said, “If you want to talk about a nation that could pose an existential threat to the United States, I’d have to point to Russia.”

His statement, made during his Senate confirmation hearing on July 9, got a significant amount of media attention. Similar warnings came from Army General Mark A. Milley, commander of U.S. Forces Command, who has been nominated to become the next Army chief of staff, and Air Force General Paul Selva, nominated to become Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

Dunford and the other generals acknowledge the real or potential nuclear threats from Iran, North Korea, and China. But it’s Russia that is deemed an “existential threat.” It is the most significant.

Some conservatives have been complaining that patriotic military officers are being purged from the Armed Forces. Well, it appears that the purge missed Generals Dunford, Milley, and Selva. These generals are taking a risk by going against the conventional wisdom of the Obama administration. Indeed, the White House and the State Department have gone out of their way to say that the Obama administration does not agree with the assessment that Russia is an existential threat to the United States.

For the generals to go public in this manner—and to contradict the official stance of the Obama administration—suggests that the threat from Russia is very real indeed, and may be more serious than they are willing to publicly acknowledge.

When you consider how the Iran nuclear deal came about, you begin to realize how serious it is. Obama actually thanked Putin for bringing it about.

The CNN story, “Obama, Putin congratulate each other for Iran deal,” demonstrates the nature of the problem. Although the story is designed to highlight the alleged positive roles Obama and Putin played in the deal, CNN reported that in a readout of the conversation between the two leaders, “the White House said Obama thanked Putin for Russia’s role in the Iran nuclear negotiations.”

Thanked Putin? This demonstrates something worse than the deal itself and the real nature of the Iranian threat. Putin should thank Obama because the U.S. is helping Iran, Russia’s client state, get tens of billions of dollars in international financial aid. Down the line, Russia gets U.S. approval to supply more weapons to the anti-American regime.

Iran is certainly a potential nuclear threat to Israel, the so-called “little Satan.” But the U.S. is the “Great Satan,” and our biggest nuclear threat at the current time is Russia, as our top military officers have said. Yet, Obama is treating Putin as an ally.

Israel and its defenders have to come to grips with the fact that Iran is a threat to the Jewish state, the region, and the world because of its Russian sponsorship. Iran can’t be viewed in isolation, apart from Russia. Indeed, Iran is considered to be part of a “strategic alliance” with Russia.

As we have noted on several occasions, the Iranian Ayatollah, Ali Khamenei, is KGB-trained, having been “educated” at the KGB’s Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow. This means he is under Russian influence, if not an agent.

Obama has a blind spot regarding threats from the Islamic world, and that includes Iran. But his unwillingness to face up to the Russian threat, which is more serious than any on the face of the earth today, puts the very existence of the United States in jeopardy.

Remember that Obama mocked Mitt Romney’s statement during the 2012 campaign that Russia was our geopolitical adversary. Obama hasn’t learned anything, despite the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He keeps refusing to supply Ukraine with heavy weapons to defend themselves. Praising the Russians for their role in the Iran deal signals something worse than just incompetence. It appears that Russia is exercising some sort of control over the Obama administration.

We got a taste of that control when it was reported that, on Independence Day, the Kremlin announced that Putin had sent Happy July 4th greetings to Obama. We only later learned that Putin, on the same day, had also sent nuclear-capable Russian bombers off the coast of California that had to be intercepted by American aircraft.

This duplicity is another sign of the lunatic mindset of the former KGB spy running the show in Moscow. This nuclear blackmail is much more serious than a tweet from the Iranian Ayatollah showing Obama with a gun to his head. Putin has a nuclear gun pointed at America and we have practically no defense against it.

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  • Obama and Putin are in cahoots. To what end is known to the intelligentsia !!

  • John Cunningham

    Putin is backed up by China. Iran is backed up by Russia which, gets it’s backing from Russia. North Korea is also a bad actor in all this also backed by China.

    America is of course under the worst president in American History and for one, not sure there will be a History by the time this Administration ends. If it was anyone else other than the black shining Knight so dubbed by the Liberal media, the Person would be re leaved of command.

  • stringman

    I must have been living under a rock not to see this coming. Are the Russian people are being fooled by Putin the same way that the American people are fooled by Obama? How is it possible, with all of the freely available information and knowledge in today’s world, that people are so easily lead around by the nose? It flies in the face of logic for anyone to listen to Putin or Obama and then, say to themselves ‘This is an honest and righteous person that I can believe in to do the right things for the betterment of everyone’. Anyone should easily be able to see that those two are full of excrement. They talk out of both sides of their mouths with almost every sentence.

  • Box

    Russians probably believe Obama and Americans probably believe Putin which makes things all the worse.

  • Box

    Thats right….and nobody backs up America, least of all the so-called allies who will run like the dickens when they are needed most. Put a real live threat against the US and watch how fast the allies disappear. Who ran to help in 911 vs. who ran? This makes US a sitting duck and the decades of chest-beating and bravado will all go up in a nuclear fog.

  • korn8131

    For what it’s worth;
    In responses to Cliff Kincaid. Putin is many things but one thing he isn’t, “STUPID”. I wish I could say that about this guy we have running this country.

  • marlene

    Same as North Korea and ISIS. Thanks traitor-in-the-white-house. You took our taxes for national security and safety and gave us THIS!

  • John Cunningham

    Yes, the rest of the World had counted on America and that is our fault. We should made sure they maintained an Army. The biggest threat to America though, is Liberalism. It is the cancer that has been allowed to fester until they have taken over everything.

    The United States is due for another Civil War and the subject is America and the Constitution vs Liberalism. It is one that has many tentacles but, they will expose themselves during the confrontation.

  • garrettryan

    That appears to be the general consensus .

  • Tucker Matthew Rain

    This is old news. I knew this years ago.

  • garrettryan

    The USA is about to implode ! The perfect storm is already formulated . The amount of Muslim infiltration into the USA is staggering , all the conditions are ripe . In the last two years alone over 500,000 yes over five hundred thousand were allowed to immigrate to the USA , that was the number of US solders used to destroy IRACK . Don’t forget that the Muslim religion has TWO main objectives OVERPOPULATE IN ORDER TO EFFECT POLITICAL VOTES AND convert the Gentiles or Kill them . It is just a matter of time when one of their leaders calls them to duty and like THE BOSTON MARATHON BOMBERS they will be the spark to ignite TERRORISM , SENDING IT INTO KAOS MAKING WAY FOR THE REAL BLOW . ON TOP OF THAT YOU HAVE ALL THESE UNPROTECTED BOARDERS ALLOWING – God only knows what to come in to the US .

  • alex

    i dont think obama is too stupid. i think he is accomplishing just what he envisioned. (in his eyes) this slave loving, white elitist, too powerful country run by rich white racists should be brought down to its knees. his attacking police, christians, the wealthy, (unless its his buddies ie. pritzker,buffet,ken griffin, etc…) “i do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money”, calling thugs victims,”if i had a son he’d look like trayvon…” i could go on & on. he is no genius, but he doesnt have to be. all he needs is the power & he has it.

  • Jim Kube

    Put down the crack pipe, and slowly back away from the keyboard.

  • Ted

    I don’t know where the stupid comment … “Putin has a nuclear gun pointed at America and we have practically no defense against it.” … comes from … but, as in the Cold War, if Putin or anyone else should attempt to “annihilate” America … they will almost immediately be annihilated in return. This is just recycled ‘Red Scare’ crap from 60 years ago!

    Putin is a tough guy … and Russia is one of the three biggest players in “The World Game” … so it would have behooved this country to make nice with Russia beginning with the collapse of the Soviet Union … Bush, Clinton, most certainly Bush-Cheney, and Obama have not done a good enough job with that. In any threesome … you gotta partner up with one of the other two … and I’d take Russia over China ANY day! Any dunce, even Bush II, should know that.

  • It is true that “In this case, the U.S. is facing not only a nuclear weapons program, which is the case with Iran, but what our top generals are calling an “existential threat” to our survival as a nation”. Yet the BIGGEST threat to our national security is not that potential one, but very actual, already in place since 2008. This is a UFO (Unidentified Foreign Operative) with uncertain names Obama (and 3 more), stolen SS#, and forged papers, on a mission, whose goals are destroying of this nation: Which ever nation in the world does have an enemy agent at its highest office?!

    And by the way, though “Russia can obliterate the United States” acting from afar, here are millions of muslims already here which can do it at a moment notice. But it’s Russia that is deemed an “existential threat”: not the muslim UFO as a commander-in-thief, nor millions of muslims training at their legal military camps in Ameirca (!) like Islamberg, Virginia!

    The real nature of the Iranian deal is that Putin should thank Obama because the U.S. is helping Iran, Russia’s client state, get tens of billions of dollars in international financial aid. And US is helping islam by helping one of the strongest centers of islam – Iran. So much about accuracy of the media…

  • The supporting picture worth thousand of words

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    About our only reliable ally was Israel, but Mr. Obama has gone out of his way to alienate them? Why? Could it be because he’s a Muslim who wants to see the elimination of a Jewish state and the establisment of a Palestinian read Arabian) state in the region?

  • RMThoughts

    Mr. Kincaid seems to blindly accept the MSM/Neocon narrative. Russia is not the Soviet Union, it is not our WWII ally and it is not our Cold War adversary.

    The problem is Russia, unlike Ukraine, won’t accept Western hegemony. Our neocon policy teams flooded post-Soviet Russia with “Harvard boys” to put Russia onto its back on its feet as a dollarized energy exporting economy, as they shared in the plundering of Russia’s assets by helping a few friendly “oligarchs” become billionaires in a Western imposed crony and oligarchic capitalism.

    Recent history showed that Russia was not prepared to silently watch the US/NATO swallowing Ukraine causing Russia to challenge the whole concept of the American-style uni-polar world order. We called Russia the aggressor because it rises against the right of America to determine what is right and what is wrong should be severely punished.

    For the American Neocons, the emergence of a nationalist, Christian, and undemocratic Russia is perhaps too reminiscent of the “bad old days.” And despite very different circumstances, a non-conforming Russian state demanding any form of parity with the world’s “only remaining superpower” is out of the question.

    The US attitude remains where do you think you are pushing in with your Russian world, Eurasian union and anti-globalist ambitions? Russia is the last seawall on which the waves of the NWO break. For America’s sake we should hope it holds.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Obama Presidency is thanks to the all or nothing pures who sat at home election day because they only vote 100%, if not a 100% Conservative the all or nothing pures will settle for a 100% Democrat Leftist.
    This same crowd will settle for Hillary rather than a 95% Conservative Republican

  • Erudite Mavin

    A needed article to remind some who and what Putin is and what we face along with Radical Islam.

    Russia Lifts Its Ban on Delivery of S-300 Surface-to-Air Missile System to Iran

    13 April 2015 WSJ
    Also both Russia and Iran have been arming Latin American countries with missiles.
    The Left and Libertarians are blind to Putin and his sidekick Iran.

  • Peter

    I looked at this picture – and thanks. And every one of these jackasses which includes the Clintons and Bush and Obama (pseudonym) are laughing at every single one of you – and God. I will multiply thousands of copies of this picture and do all the damage I can with it.
    For those of you who do not know why they are laughing. It is not because Obama was laughing, it is because he deliberately mumbled and slurred the words the whole way through. This caused the dickheads around him to start laughing which caused Obama to start laughing as he could see that among these dickheads he was a hit.
    He might be the Ayatollah’s bum buddy, and he might be Putin’s bum buddy, and he might be Michael’s (Michelle’s) bum buddy, but he is not God’s bum buddy.
    This maggot Obama blasphemed when he proclaimed recently: “Be still. Know that I am God! I am exalted among the nations. I am exalted in the earth.” Isaiah 46:10 (RSV)
    What you blithering Americans don’t know is that the next part of that verse is about your sorely needed, imminent RESCUE – following your imminent demise in slavery. Here it is from the Living Bible: – The Commander of the heavenly armies is here among US ! He, the God of Jacob, has come to RESCUE US ! Psalm 46:7,11.
    I call Psalm 46 the gospel to Anglo-Saxon Israel. It will be my turn to laugh when God destroys Obama (pseudonym). [ Shakespeare’s favourite Psalm ]
    Without any doubt whatsoever, this ‘prick’ is the worst enemy the American citizen ever faced. He is your greatest threat.

  • Peter

    They got rid of Tricky Dicky Nixon. Now’s the time to get rid of Bum Buddy Obama.

  • AndRebecca

    What you say is not what is freely posted on the communist websites. Russia has been the enemy of America and Christians since Lenin. You are a propagandist. The NWO is the takeover of the world first by the Socialists and then the Communists. Obama is in on it.

  • AndRebecca

    You don’t make nice with people who want to kill you.

  • pp pp

    Nuclear war it’s not possible Putin knows if can’t do it. The Muslim from other side they don’t care

  • Ivan Davidchenko

    Funny to read. Believe me, if we wanted to capture the America, we would long ago have seized it. We really have a strong army, but no one will fight and neither of which America can not be considered. We do not need it, we just do not care about it, here in Russia, nobody cares about America, we now have is a positive thing in the country.America is destroying itself. And all that is written about Russia just headlines of the yellow press. We want to live peacefully, but Europe and the US prevents us from doing it. We can only defend, but we will not attack.Let’s live in peace. In the world there are a lot of other issues that need to be addressed together. Just who wants to embroiled us all. And my english not good I know. Have a good day Americans 😉

  • TRUEonly


  • Box

    I dont think anyone will disagree with that. But I dont think Israel was ever our ally, US was theirs. Couple years ago i was in Los Angeles and met a (current) Israeli Army officer and he laughed at the idea Israel should support US in anything. He believed US was on its own and the relationship was tired and strained and he thought Israel didnt need US anymore and didnt want the help. Thats a very odd statement when so many events have said otherwise or so people thought, or something. I know very well how that attitude will change when Iran points a nuke at them and, to the point, when Iran points one at US, watch how fast Israel doesnt lift a finger.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    I’m sure some Israelis feel that way. After all, Mr. Obama seemingly has gone out of his way to offend them and leave them wondering if we are their ally anymore.

    But should Israel believe that Iran was ready to launch an ICBM with a nuke, something they don’t have yet, I think they’d take out Iran. I could be wrong, but… Should Iran throw nukes at Israel, I believe they’d resort to the Samson Syndrome and take out all the Mideast Muslim capitols and major cities.

    By the way, at least before Mr. Obama, the Israelis gave the US some interesting electronics for aircraft and other uses.

    But with Mr. Obama’s disdain for them, you could be right.

  • RMThoughts

    Putin the Russian equivalent of what Ronald Reagan was to the United States. Reagan took America out of a deep depression and economic stagnation and Vladimir Putin did the same thing. Liberals hated Reagan as much as neo-con globalist types hate Putin.

    In the 90s when Soviet Union started to fall apart, Vladimir Putin took the side of his country when the US and Western financial institutions were actively trying to “part out”, and make Russia an economic colony.

  • RMThoughts

    And we back Saudi Arabia and the Sunni Wahhabis author of every terrorist attack on the US in the last 30 years.

  • RMThoughts

    We are the cat’s paw in the Middle East.

  • John Cunningham

    True! It isn’t a necessity anymore and we need to pull out of the Middle East all together. We don’t need their oil especially if we get a seine president. Leave them and the World, if you mess with us, we will find out where it came from and turn you into a glass factory.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Apples and oranges.
    Don’t compare Reagan with Putin.
    I actually worked at Reagan’s headquarters for Gov. I saw him many times as Gov and President in person and spoke with him.
    I actually was in a country Putin was in charge of the KGB, that was East Germany in 1983. A typical Communist oppressive country.

  • RMThoughts

    It seems that settles it. You spoke with him, pretty decisive arguments.

    P.S. Putin was a mid-level officer in the foreign intelligence service of the KGB, a lieutenant colonel. I can assure you mo matter what Ron said, Lieutenant Colonel’s didn’t “run” the KGB anywhere.

    he rose from the position of First Deputy Chairman of the Government of the city of Saint Peterspurg where he was key in thwarting the coup against Yeltsin by KGB hardliners. Under Yeltsin, he rose to the position of the Prime Minister of Russia. When the deranged and alcoholic president Boris Yeltsin announced his resignation, it cleared the way for Putin’s ascension to the presidency. .

    Putin has a history of consistent collaboration with
    the West, specifically on the event of 9-11.
    He ordered his intelligence agencies to alert the US in the summer of 2001 that suicide pilots were
    training for attacks on US targets. Putin aided the US in Afghanistan.. He opened the Russian airspace and provided the logistical support to US to facilitate the entire operation – from the invasion
    of Afghanistan to continued occupation that country.

  • RMThoughts

    Russia has never been the enemy of the United States. Russia stationed its fleet in NY and San Fran Harbors during the Civil War to keep European powers from interfering.
    Russia was overthrow by the Russian hating Bolsheviks and lost the their Civil War to the Western supported and funded communist.

  • garrettryan

    It is nice to know that have few words to insult but do you have enough intelligence to carry out a constructive conversation about the very serious state the US is currently in . Do you understand that all of the elements are already in place for the perfect storm that will strike the final blow . The US has been slowly dying for some years now and just needs that final little push . Read down the list of discussion for a lot of my other comments . If you need further details to help you understand it’s demise , I will gladly go into much detail . One more war would totally destroy it . Where will the money come from to fight it – CHINA ? The USA was BATED INTO ALL THESE WARS BY – CHINA – RUSSIA – IRAN and so on because they knew it would kill the financial back bone of the US and that it would destroy the POLICE FORCE OF THE WORLD – THE MOST POWERFUL NATION ON EARTH ( WITHOUT EVEN FIRING A SHOT ) . Now it finds itself negotiating with Iran and other world powers from a point of weakness . So hold the one liner insults and use any amount of intelligence to join in on the discussion , I know you can if you really try .

  • garrettryan

    Russia would still be in financial ruin today had it not been for the worlds thirst for OIL . The price of oil was very cheap when the Soviet Union was together so when the Berlin Wall came down , Russia with no manufacturing to rely on , needed much higher OIL PRICES to pump some much needed money into is TREASURY and the worlds greed and thirst for oil drove the oil prices higher than one hundred dollars a barrel . Russia now with all this new GREAT AMOUNTS OF MONEY , COMING SO FAST , PUTIN TRADED IN ALL THE RUST INFESTED MILITARY HARDWARE FOR A WHOLE NEW ADVANCED ARSENAL . HIGH OIL PRICES MADE RUSSIA STRONG AGAIN AND WE AND THE OIL COMPANIES ARE TO BLAME .

  • Jim Kube

    Get a better Russian to English translator program, Ivan. Troll.

  • AndRebecca

    O.K., the Russia you are talking about was controlled by a different group than those in control today. Putin is hardly trying to go back to a pre-revolutionary times, although his propaganda sites say otherwise. Lenin had operatives in place in America before the Russian revolution and they did work to garner support for the revolution. Americans did build the Russian manufacturing industry as well. We have bailed out all of the communist regimes who ask for help. Our leaders are not as pro-American as they should be. Lenin wrote about these things. The communists in America wrote about these things. The communists today write about what they are up to, and they are against Christians and capitalists and America. And Russia is still behind the communist regimes around the world and they are still trying to start new ones.

  • RMThoughts

    Unfortunately your appreciation of today’s Russia is based on Cold War rhetoric and mental habits and the assumption that “nothing has changed” when facts tell us everything has changed.

    There is nothing “soviet” about todays Russia, Scientific Materialism and the “dictatorship of the proletariat” is the ideology behind the current Russia state as Medieval Kingship is behind ours.

    In many ways, we have reversed roles with the Soviet Union as Russia becomes the leading conservative power in the world and we become the vanguard of global revolutionary transformation.

  • garrettryan

    Ivan , there are three hundred and fifty million people living in The USA ( 350,000,000 population ) and each person owns at least 10 guns or automatic rifles , try and invade it . The US would not have to use it’s military to fight the Russian invader . Ha . Ha .

  • Box

    Cats paw? Absolutely true and there is no better place to learn what that means than the story of the USS Liberty. Google it and research the coverup and the horrors of US being the cats paw in the middle east. It will make you sick.

    That said, though the relationship with Israel hasnt been good for a long time, I was surprised at the overtly disrespectful tone of the Army officer who, yes, has directly benefited from US hardware and funds. I guess I wouldnt expect love but a F-U attitude? Really? But that didnt shock me as much as his belief that I knew the true relationship too and I could barely hide my ignorance of the real truth that americans never got from any Pres or news.

  • Box

    You may have followed recently that Putin is extremely popular in US, people even calling for him to be the Pres. This is really ignorant because Putin hates the US and we are moving back into Cold War status. He would be no savior to the US but who can blame anyone for wanting one right now? That part I get but Putin, NO. But its laughable really, that you know things are pretty bad when Putin looks good.

  • Ivan Davidchenko

    I do not argue. It is better to live in peace with all, even with Iran, through with Korea. War is not the best way. Better to let play DotA or counter strike HAHA.
    Information warfare – the best way to annoy people in all corners of our planet. Do not believe what they write and say in the news. It is better to know it in person and see for yourself.

    Have a nice day 🙂

  • Richard Hellstrom

    I’m not sure if America could substance a politically collected army or not – You have a high percentage of people that just hate the country because of their tyranny , you have a high percentage of people dependent and co dependent on substance abuse , you have executive orders protecting secret societies from having to participate , you have a large amount of people wanting to defer out of the country any way that if faced with such a social reality they may be more imposed to do so , your age groups of combatants have changed from the harsh lifestyle of the early 1900 hundreds to a more feminine physical posture which was not designed for combat and no one should expect it to be utilized in that facet , about 50 percent of the country is on some kind of psychological drug or drugs and are hearing voices , and about 90 percent of the country believes that most of our political policies over seas incumbent more to wagging their tale and no longer host any patriotic ideology or commitment or even feel a responsibility to do so , Most people have never shot a gun or hunted or killed any thing , missed a meal or endured the harshness of exposure to the outdoors and the social surmounting prejudice being superimposed on blacks from people like Obama have left them with no patriotic obligations and in all honesty if push comes to shove , most Mexicans would probably go back to Mexico until any war time period ended and then would returned to America. No ones afraid of America because outside bullying third world nations and public racketeering they have no backbone and every nation in the world knows it !

  • RMThoughts

    By ‘threat’ the Wolfowitz Doctrine means a country sufficiently strong enough to have a foreign policy independent of Washington. ‘Threat’ does not mean a military threat or a plan to attack the US. It means any country capable of standing up to Washington. Today there are two such countries, Russia and China. While the Washington neoconservatives were absorbed in their decade-long wars in the Middle East, Vladimir Putin revived Russia from the Yeltsin debacle, and China rose much more rapidly than Washington expected.

    Washington always needs an enemy in order to justify the $1 trillion annual budget of the military/security complex. When the Soviet Union collapsed, this budget was in jeopardy until the “Muslim threat” was created. The problem with the Muslim threat is that Muslims lack ICBMs, navies, air forces, and armies that can be portrayed as “existential threats” to the US.

  • TheYoutubeNuclearExpert

    I dont believe anyone would survive a global nuclear war . 9 years of Nuclear winter would proceed the sun’s deadly radiation through a blown out ozone layer. Nuked, freeze, fried critters is all that would be left ” top side ” . Underground however @ssholes like Putin and Obama would be living in their underground cities for the rest of their lives . Therefore i think if Putin had a deathwish to go thermal nuclear he would have done so already

  • TheYoutubeNuclearExpert

    I suspect China would ” play ” neutral in a global nuclear war event. Unless a preemptive strike were initiated against them , with their massive man power they would try to make a land grab for global domination of the few remaining countries left . Ones if any that were untouched by nukes . A futile attempt though as mother nature would eventually finish the job top side anyways

  • TheYoutubeNuclearExpert

    No one would survive a global thermonuclear war ” top side” that is. 9 years of nuclear winter would proceed the sun’s deadly radiation through a blown out ozone layer. Although Putin and Obama could just retreat to their governmental underground cities to live out the rest of their lives. Therefore i think if Putin were going to go thermonuclear he would have done so already. Although a rogue state like Iran or a misinterpreted nuclear strike could kick off a nuclear apocalypse at any moment . And it has almost happened many times in the past already .

  • John Cunningham

    Now, they are all seeing how far they can push Obama. Probably enjoy him messing his pants. All will depend on who replaces Obama.

  • RMThoughts

    Cliff does his reseach and takes his cue on Russia from the “Open Society” institute, also known as the Soros Foundation.

  • Kay Jay

    The pres just signed our death certificates

  • RMThoughts

    Finally, after over two decades of unipolarity in global affairs, a multipolar world is being born. Finally, after over two decades of ultra-liberal decadence and a global cultural decline as a result of Americanization, Globalization and Western pop culture, a traditional Christian power is back on the world stage.

  • Putin’s Russia as a traditional Christian power? A HUGE exaggeration!

  • Ry

    Tell me Mr. Kincaid, exactly who sponsored you to write this dross? Fear propaganda of the highest order, and in a sane and fair society you would be held accountable for your lies. Hopefully your readers are educated enough to shake their heads and walk away, and not take this false information seriously.

  • Ry

    This photo is an obvious photo-shop, not an actual picture.

  • Peter

    Ry. Yes, I got in touch with Alexander Gofen’s website, and it was an artists work.
    My comments still apply unchanged.

  • Bob Cat

    The USA has plenty of its own Nuclear weapons. Not a worry Russia is well aware….. 🙂 I stand here and Breath Free Air!!! 🙂

  • Bob Cat

    Guess you have to give the little regional boys a attitude adjustment once in awhile. I breath FREE AIR…. 🙂

  • Bob Cat

    Regional power boys… 🙂 Russia is NOT a Super Power. 🙂 I breath FREE AIR. 🙂

  • Bob Cat

    The USA is running a special right now if you would like to order. We can deliver a ICBM in 30 minutes or less from our home land or the next one is free:) We promise the next one is Free if not delivered in 30 minutes or less. We can serve many or all Russian Cities at the same time as a service promise of course. The hint about this great deal is we have lots more on the ready to deliver if you like to order? We also do are special Ocean Deliveries from Ohio and Virginia Class Submarines if you need something sooner? We also can deliver faster with a B-2 Stealth bomber and for Russia no extra charge. In this case just take a few minutes. We love to serve in the USA so much that we are open 24 hours a day seven days a week and ready. How you like it delivered? A ground Tactical delivery that is more personal from a US Soldier turn you on? Many other ways surely we can do it as service is millions of people strong. None of those options sound good to you stupid bastards?? The Navy can send it from a ship if you like? Oh yes our special this month is a Nuclear Sandwich with your address on it. 🙂 Maybe you stupid Dictating bastards might want to rethink how useful your nuclear weapons are. If you care to order you know how to get that delivery with are special on time promise. 🙂 You Russian people the ones in power are STUPID! You do not scare Americans I will vote for who ever I see fit or choose. You have no power to influence a single thought we make over here. Drink some more Vodka and dream but rethink stupid!!

  • Bob Cat

    Russia has Nuclear weapons….. Russia has Nuclear weapons… Russia has Nuclear weapons. Every single week a reminder from little man syndrome Dictator PUTIN that Russia has Nuclear weapons. Russia has Nuclear weapons. OH DAM all most missed it a reminder from Putin to the USA Russia has Nuclear weapons. A month almost went by another stupid article Russia has Nuclear weapons. Again a reminder every single day almost as bad as North Korea Russia has Nuclear weapons. A message to Russia the USA also has Nuclear weapons and we really do not give a shit about what Russia has. Russia can win no kind of wars here. We have known about your weapons since 1948 when you took the technology from the USA. First country in the world to have this weapon? USA.The country that invented the weapon? USA. Only country in the world to use the weapon? USA. Americans do not care to hear anymore about Russian weapons. All this talk is getting old and your point is? Russia has no power or influence on USA soil. We are not Pussy Riot Girls you can order around or imprison. We really have free speech in this country unlike Russia. Russia is a poor country with a annual GDP smaller then the state of California alone. The USA out spends Russia ten to one every twelve months on Military. Russia can not bullshit Americans in to thinking Russia is a Super Power. Russia is not a Super Power any longer since the fall of the rotten Communist Soviet Union. The Russian Military is in sad shape and antiquated. A promise is Russia can win no wars here. Why not put articles about how Russia is going to feed its poor starving people. Or maybe how Russia plans to provide jobs above the poverty line for its people. Something useful as all this talk and propaganda is making the entire country of Russia look childish and stupid. Getting to be as I say as bad as Dictator Kim from North Korea.

  • Melody Szabo

    LMFAO The writer of this article hasn’t read a single thing about Russia since the USSR collapsed. It can defend itself, but not much more.

  • Melody Szabo

    This site is a joke. It’s all fabricated fascist nonsense.

  • Diane

    I cannot wait for america to be flattened because the King of the South will push the King of the North and we all know how that will turn out.

  • southern ohio trail cam videos

    Haha.who is exactly “the king of the south”? Putin won’t dare send nukes to the U.S. It would ruin the land with radiation for years,and it would also mean the end of russia as well.Who ever the king of the south is,i imagine they could be taken out with one nuke…..

  • ChiefSaladRunAway

    Well. I have always said that we need an impenetrable defense system. Now. Maybe the American people will wake up and stop all of these foreign military adentures. And focus instead on strengthening our defenses here at home.