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An advocate of Marxist-oriented “liberation theology” and recipient of a Lenin Peace Prize has returned to his duties as a priest in the Roman Catholic Church, after a 29-year suspension.

Miguel D’Escoto, who served as President of the U.N. General Assembly from September 2008 until September 2009, had been suspended from his priestly functions by the anti-communist Pope John Paul II in 1985. D’Escoto had joined the communist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua as foreign minister, after which the Soviets recognized his service by giving him the International Lenin Peace Prize.

His reinstatement is another sign of the leftward drift of the papacy of Pope Francis, a worldwide media favorite, who recently said, “I can only say that the communists have stolen our flag,” because the Marxists claim to be concerned about the poor.

In a “Dear Brother President Barack Obama” letter, dated August 25, 2013, D’Escoto declared that U.S. foreign policy was being guided by Satan and constituted “terrorist, murderous and genocidal U.S. imperialism.” He urged Obama to have “the courage to acknowledge also that capitalism is, in fact, the most un-Christian doctrine and practice ever devised by man to keep us separate and unequal in a kind of global apartheid.”

An August 1 statement on his complete reintegration into the Roman Catholic Church, carried by Christian News Wire, said, “The Holy Father has given His benevolent assent that Father Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann be absolved from the canonical censure inflicted upon him, and entrusts him to the Superior General of the Institute [Maryknoll] for the purpose of accompanying him in the process of reintegration into the Ministerial Priesthood.”

This controversial decision, which is certain to anger conservative Catholics, means that the pope has given a stamp of approval to D’Escoto resuming his priestly duties, including celebrating Mass and providing communion with Christ.

Mike Virgintino, communications manager at The Maryknoll Society, confirmed to Accuracy in Media that the ruling means that Pope Francis personally approved the return of D’Escoto to the priesthood. He said D’Escoto had approached the Vatican directly.

D’Escoto graduated with a Master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of Journalism in 1962.  He was born in 1933 in Los Angeles, California.

D’Escoto emerged as not only a strong critic of U.S. foreign policy, but is outspokenly critical of Israel’s role in the Middle East. He became a favorite of the Al Jazeera propaganda channel for urging the expulsion of Israel from the U.N.

In January 2009, Al Jazeera highlighted his accusation that Israel was guilty of “genocide” against Palestinians.

One senior UN official said, “I cannot remember any Assembly president so publicly vocal in denouncing Israel.”

The decision to bring D’Escoto back into good standing in the Roman Catholic Church sends a strong message worldwide about the direction of the papacy, but it has received surprisingly little media attention so far.

In March, the Pew Research Journalism Project reported that “One year into Francis’ papacy, an analysis by the Pew Research Center finds that the former Jesuit archbishop—who was named Time’s Person of the Year—ranked among the top global newsmakers in major U.S.-based digital news outlets.”

In recent months the pope has used his popularity and media notoriety to criticize capitalism, make overtures to Islam and entertain Russia’s Vladimir Putin at the Vatican.

Jeanine Pirro, host of the Fox News Channel’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” recently criticized Pope Francis for “failing to take action on behalf of Christians in the Middle East.” She said, “I’m a Christian. I’m a Catholic…I mean no disrespect but it is time for the papacy, and Pope Francis in particular, to start protecting his Christian flock.”

Despite communism’s record of atheism and persecution of Christians, D’Escoto’s service to various communist causes goes back decades.

The website of “World Citizens for Peace” reports that after the death of former President Ronald Reagan in 2004, D’Escoto told Pacifica Radio that he prayed that God forgive Reagan “for having been the butcher of my people, for having been responsible for the deaths of some 50,000 Nicaraguans…crimes he committed in the name of what he falsely labeled freedom and democracy.”

In fact, Reagan supported Nicaraguan freedom fighters trying to bring democracy to the country. These efforts resulted in free elections deposing the Sandinistas from power.

D’Escoto is also a supporter of the “green” movement. As we reported in 2009, he gave a speech as president of the U.N. General Assembly in which he declared that “There is a growing awareness that we are all sons and daughters of Earth and that we belong to her.” He urged “a planetary civilization” that is “more respectful of Mother Earth, more inclusive of all people and with more solidarity with the poorest, which is more spiritual and full of reverence for the splendor of the universe and which is much happier.”

The official press release about the lifting of the suspension mentioned that D’Escoto had once served as an official with the World Council of Churches (WCC). Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, who worked on KGB operations as head of Romanian intelligence, described the WCC as a Kremlin pawn infiltrated by the KGB.

The communist-dominated religious body was the subject of a January 23, 1983, CBS “60 Minutes” broadcast entitled, “The Gospel According to Whom?” As AIM noted at the time, the program exposed the Marxist orientation of the WCC and even its funding of terrorists.

Despite being banned from priestly functions, D’Escoto has remained a member of the Maryknoll Society, with residence in Nicaragua.

The Sandinistas have returned to power in Nicaragua, with President Daniel Ortega having met on July 12 with Vladimir Putin, after the Russian leader decided to make a “surprise visit” to the Central American country. Ortega said, “It is like a ray of light, like a flash of lightning. This is the first time a Russian president has visited Nicaragua.”

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  • madhatter46

    John Paul fought communism and its intrinsic evil, while the Jesuits advocate for ‘Liberation Theology.’ Saw communism first hand as a Marine in Nam–it is evil.

  • albertbryson

    As a American catholic I agreed with Judge Jeannine about the behavior of our current pope. He unfortunately does not see the threat of communism and marxism does to the world.

  • stlouisix

    Obama meets Pope Francis, looks for Catholic boost

    Someone Catholic in more than name only needs to remind the Pope that an antichrist persecuting Catholics worldwide with his diabolic policies straight from the bowels of hell shamelessly looking for a political photo-op does NOT need a blessing but rather an EXORCISM!

    The reason that the Pope bears watching is very simple when one understands the Marxist Socialist Liberation theology that he’s come from, per my understanding while in Argentina, which is something that he and Obama have in common, i.e., a sympathy for communism.

    The supernatural, i.e., the spiritual is the priority of the Church, i.e., getting souls to Heaven, NOT hell. Jesus gave us that priority when He told us in the Gospel that the poor you will always have with you, but Me only a short time! That priority is the ONLY reason for the Church and her priests existence with everything else in the Gospel supporting that seminal Truth Who is a Someone, not a something, per the Gospel.

    This is how I see it. The Marxists have individuals that they’ve long coveted in positions of power. It will be up to Catholics and Americans in more than name only to fight the forthcoming intended Red Revolutions by standing up for the invariant Teaching Magisterium of their Church on faith and morals that has been allowed to be bastardized by apostates, clergy and laity alike, masquerading as Catholic, and the founding documents of a free America in The Declaration of Independence that was fulfilled in The Constitution respectively, a Constitution that is not living in that it can be changed or ignored at the whim of traitors masquerading as Americans to suit their nefarious ends but rather a firm rock upon which to stand as a beacon of freedom worldwide with the Church’s traditional beacon on faith and morals being a guide, not dimmed by the likes of enablers to the demise of an authentic freedom not to be confused with license needed to survive morally as well as materially!

    A Catholic friend made the following observation:

    “If the Pope wants to demonize Capitalism, then he must state what he’s FOR, i.e., what system would he recommend instead. He may as well endorse Socialism. The truth is that free-market Capitalism is the best economic system ever devised by man to lift people OUT of poverty. It’s designed to lift them up if they want to be lifted up. If they want to lay on their butts, then they won’t be lifted up. It’s really that simple. Sure, a few bad actors can give any economic model a bad name, but in general, American Capitalism has done more for humanity in two centuries than all other systems COMBINED have done in two millennia.”

    Milton Friedman and Phil Donahue On Socialism v. Capitalism

    In the very short time of the pontificate of Pope Francis the Pope has managed to get praise from practically every major organ of dissent masquerading as Catholic within the Church, to especially include the Jesuit rag, America Magazine, defending the indefensible in regard to the Pope’s very problematic flippant statements causing nothing but grave confusion in the Church, and the antichrist masquerading as president and his minions, which is no small accomplishment!

    All we ever hear from the pews is preaching about the physically impoverished but NEVER any preaching about the morally impoverished which is the only reason for the Church’s existence, and her priests, i.e., to get souls to Heaven instead of hell.

    Jesus said that the poor you will always have with you, but Me only for a short time showing that THE priority in the Church is the SUPERNATURAL!

    Last I saw the Spiritual Works of Mercy are the priority over the Corporal.

    It remains to be seen whether or not Obama got the intended “blessing” that he arrogantly expected from the Pope for political exploitation purposes only as the disciple of the devil, Obama, will use anyone or anything for his advantage.

    Prayerfully that won’t be the case. We will find out if it was per the reports from traditional Catholic organs specializing in the Truth Who is a Someone, not a Something, per The Gospel of Saint John, as opposed to the serial sociopathic liars of PRAVDA USA specializing in Obama agitprop worldwide doing the work of the “father-of-lies”.

    The name of shameless Obama’s game with his photo-op with the Pope is the MID-TERMS, i.e., The Senate, in particular, that the “thing” in the WH wants to influence in any way that he can by duping people that he’s something that he’s not in being the “mother-of-all-sociopathic-liars”.

    At this point, you really have to be doing crack before each meal to not see through Obama “the user’s” charade, which I hope some in the Vatican do which would certainly include Cardinal Burke, given his most recent two statements coming out publicly against the antichrist’s Obama’s persecution of the Church worldwide!

    The problem with Catholics in name only is that they’ve been so dumbed-down by heterodoxy instead of orthodoxy masquerading as Catholic education due to the woeful catechesis since Vatican II, a catechesis that accommodates the world firmly in the grip of the father of lies instead of standing in contradiction to it, the latter being the Church’s traditional priority for salvation’s sake, that they’re prime targets to be Obama’s dupes!

    For the sake of the well-being of the world, I believe that it was a grave mistake for the Pope to meet with Obama giving diabolic Obama a photo-op that he never deserved.

    The Pope refusing to meet Obama would underscore the fact that Obama is an antichrist figure that promotes the entirety of a culture-of-death, a culture-of-ETERNAL-death, to be sure that is summarily condemned, in no uncertain terms, by the invariant Catholic Teaching on Faith and Morals, i.e., the Teaching Magisterium of Holy Mother Church, and, as such, does not deserve to be feted in the Vatican, PERIOD!

    Disciples of the devil don’t deserve smiles from the Pope and the Curia, but rather their condemnation for eternity’s sake for putting souls on a fast track to hell as a warning to the world!

  • Steven Barrett

    I trust the Holy Father has the Nicaraguan cleric on a very tight leash with a metal choke collar. But Albert, out of curiosity, why did you ID yourself “As an American Catholic” when the Church is Universal, which is what Jesus wanted when He founded it? I’m not trying to denigrate your patriotism here. But when when the subject at hand is the Holy Father and his actions involving a foreign cleric, (however loathsome, and I share your disgust with D’Escoto as politico and priest who should’ve known and done better), ahhhh, hmmmm, I’m willing to give the Successor to St. Peter more slack and prayerfully come to some kind of understanding on what just passed; however much I might not like his decision. After all, if Catholics start putting their ideological/national and ethnic ID “credentials” ahead of our Catholic ID, which is superior to all because of Who created both, the Church and the world we live in … don’t we risk enganging in “pick n’ choose cafeteria catholicism,” much akin to “cherry picking protestantism,” or any other ism?
    I used to be a lot harder, more abrasive and sometimes downright nasty in my criticisms of Rome, our nationally prominent clerics (from their respective chanceries to parish halls) . . . but all it did was increase my cynicsm, erode my faith and make my life and others’ around me, including loved ones, more miserable.
    LOL Brother, that ol’ Sandinista ain’t worth it! And man, oh man, are you losing sleep over the strangest “judge” to come along … since Bean. At least Hollywood made him more interesting and fun to watch!
    Madhatter46, I agree with you about Communism, having toured that great cosmopolitan urban center aka “Der Mitte” of East Berlin as a military dependent. What sparkle, what glitz, man, Potsdamer Platz in the early 60s just blew Times Square off the map, didn’t it? And haven’t those Vietnamese put forth a shining example of a socially just economy. Rest assured the “captains of industry” there make damn sure no copies of any papal documents of any kind dealing with economics see the hot light of day in any of their cities, towns and villages. But I still remain a “Papalist” if for no more than remembering Who created the Office Francis was elected to and Who reminds him every day when he gets on his knees asking for wisdom to do his best. In the end, Poppa has the final say and we can all be thankful for that! Hey, even today’s Der Mitte and Potsdamer Platz attests to this much!

  • Auston

    The pope is not infallible except on rare occasions. We need to use reason and civility in disagreeing but it is not catholic, I believe, not to challenge him–especially in the light of our history’s many, many bad popes.

  • professor91

    Unfortunately, Judge Jeannine is right. Lord, give the present Holy Father the mind of St. John Paul II.

  • Jim Delaney

    I too am a Catholic, and would like to know the Vatican’s rationale for the reinstatement? Simply showing Christian mercy? If so, will his performance of “priestly duties” be in accordance with church laws/teachings, or Marxist ideological tenets? Very concerned. It’s enuf that our own country is swinging dangerously to the far left, but the Vatican too? In any event, the reinstatement needs to be fully explained, and D’Escoto needs to be closely monitored and duly punished if he again strays. I’d like to think he has recanted, but I hear or see no evidence of that.

  • jhmdeuce

    What can anyone expect from a late 20th century, South American, Jesuit? The Jesuits were not part of the Marxist revolution in South America. The Jesuits WERE the Marxist revolution in South America. This “pope” spits on the graves of the martyrs practically every time he opens his mouth.

  • janemarple

    A man who espouses a murderous atheistic ideology cannot be a priest. It is absurd– and diabolical. I stick to my diagnosis of Francis — there is something seriously wrong with his heart, mind, and soul

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    I think Pope Francis is stupid, dumb as a box of hammers. I am a Catholic, is that allowed?

  • janemarple

    It is NOT a coincidence that Obama and Francis reign at the same time.


    I don’t think “anger” is the correct word here, it really should be “scandalize”.


    Precisely jhmdeuce, why does no one seem to get this?

  • rodlarocque1931

    Rather the mind of Pope St Pius X

  • somnipod

    What the Hell is Francis doing to the Church?
    I want pope Benedict back, or we need another Pius X. To clean up the evil from Vatican II

  • somnipod


  • jhmdeuce

    Why does It seem that no one gets anything in this progressive world? All the progressives in the West, including this “pope” and our “president” are interchangeable. They all sound alike. Where does their message originate? Follow their progression through life; their influences, their education, their companions and mentors. Marxism bears a heavy theme. And, especially in the case of politicians, follow the money back to their godless puppet masters. Is evil a living entity in this world? The answer is obvious.

  • s;vbkr0boc,klos;

    I’m sorry I was so disrespectful, but the simple Polish maid of my youth would not even THINK of insulting a gift of any kind given in good faith. Pope Francis insulted a gift of rosaries said on his own behalf. He insulted the gift-givers in a talk to OTHER people who were strangers to him and he knowing full well that his words WOULD GET BACK TO THE DEVOUT PERSONS WHO SENT HIM A SPIRITUAL BOUQUET. and certainly confuse and hurt them. I have never forgotten that. I still cannot grasp him doing this and much else he has done is ‘of a piece with this’.

  • Rebecca

    Benito Juarez, in Mexico in 1855, tried to establish the private ownership of land, and the separation of church and state. The Catholic Church fought against him, and they have supported dictatorships south of the border, ever since. The Catholic Church is not bothered by all the atheism in South America. What they really hate are the Protestants. Many of the non-Leftist uprisings in S.A., have had a Protestant component to them, like the anti-Communist movement in Central America during the Reagan administration. Ever heard of White Mexicans? According to the Left, they are Protestants, capitalists, and small business owners. Finding Jesus is a threat to the Catholic Church. It leaves the church without peons, tax money from the government, and could even leave them without land.

  • CT

    Frank the Prank is just one more antipope in history, brining the tally to 45 of them altogether. There is no possible way–in this life or the next–that Roncalli, Montini, Luciani, Wojlyta, Ratzinger, and Bergoglio are and should be recognized as true Catholic popes.

  • Andrew Russo

    If Bergoglio is the answer, it must be a very stupid question!

  • Antiphon411

    Unfortunately, JPII put his trust in Anglo-American Liberalism instead.

  • Antiphon411



    The above priest recently declared that the “Holy Spirit spoke through Fidel Castro to all of Latin America. ” The Holy Father is deceived and has a strange way of caring for the flock. ‘Sic the wolves on them’, seems to be the thrust his actions. Maybe he is being blackmailed and/or he is Freemason. He could not teach error, but he sure is free to do error. Think of Pope Alexander VI who fathered 9 children while Pope.

  • susiepuma

    Ummm…..Jesus did not found the Catholic Church….

  • stlouisix

    Let’s tell it like it is.

    There is a reason that the antichrist Obama is one of Bergoglio’s biggest fans which is not something that a Catholic should want on his resume, i.e., “Commies of a feather stick together”.

    The sane world now understands that there are serious problems with the Bergoglio pontificate demanding that Catholics in more than name only be grounded in the invariant moral teaching of their faith per the Magisterium of
    the Church on faith and morals which Bergoglio flouts in the same manner
    that Obama flouts the Constitution in that there is no difference whatsoever with Bergoglio’s attempt to reinvent the Church from within into something unrecognizable as Catholic in the same manner that Obama is reinventing America from within into something unrecognizable to the founding fathers as American.

    Accordingly, both Bergoglio and Obama must be opposed with every fiber of our being for the common good of mankind leading to a supernatural good in a Kingdom NOT of this world which was Almighty God’s intent for His Creation.

    To not recognize this seminal truth is to put your material and most
    importantly your spiritual life for eternity at peril as the father-of-lies has had the welcome mat put out for him in Rome and DC.

  • Steven Barrett

    Pray tell Susiepuma, who did?

  • susiepuma

    Check Wiki for the answer….Jesus founded Christianity……as a former Catholic, I left because of the hypocrisy…..leans to the cult side like Mormons, etc. R

  • Common Sense1

    Mickey Brockmann was a North Hollywood a-hole before he became a Nica a-hole. He’s a murderous thug responsible for a lot of violence and death as one of the commandante prix.

  • Capnmikey

    Argentina is a perfect example of the failure of Marxism, communism, and socialism, a once prosperous capitalist country until the Peron’s took over. With the help of the Catholic church and their Jesuits like Pope Paul, they destroyed this country and its people. The Peronistas bankrupted the country with welfare payments in exchange for votes. Obama is trying to do the same to the USA! The Marxist leaders become wealthy, their supporters become poverty victims. Shiela Jackson Lee lives in a 4.5 million dollar mansion not even in her district where the crime is.