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Socialist Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is ecstatic over the pope’s address to Congress. In a message to his supporters, titled, “Why we must listen to Pope Francis,” he was particularly pleased with the fact that in his address to Congress, “Pope Francis spoke of Dorothy Day, who was a tireless advocate for the impoverished and working people in America. I think it was extraordinary that he cited her as one of the most important people in recent American history.” Day was a Marxist apologist for socialism and communist regimes. We covered this territory in my column, “With Pope’s Help, U.N. Bypasses Congress on Global Socialism.”

With Republican congressional leaders under fire from conservatives for cowering in the face of a Democratic Party onslaught, all that they needed was to roll out the welcome mat for a Marxist pope who would put them further on the defensive. But that’s exactly what happened.

Phyllis Bennis of the Marxist Institute for Policy Studies was right: “Pope Francis’ address to Congress was almost certainly not what John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and other congressional leaders had in mind when they invited the pope to speak.” Speaking for many on the left, including the pro-abortion lobby, she said, “His clear call to end the death penalty was the only example he gave of protecting the sanctity of life: Even amid a raging congressional debate over Planned Parenthood, he never mentioned abortion.”

The list of left-wing causes in the pope’s address was extensive. Bennis noted “his calls to protect the rights of immigrants and refugees, end the death penalty, preserve the planet from the ravages of climate change, and defend the poor and dispossessed.” And then there was the attack on the policies of peace through strength, which keep us free. “Being at the service of dialogue and peace also means being truly determined to minimize and, in the long term, to end the many armed conflicts throughout our world,” the pope said. He then asked, “Why are deadly weapons being sold to those who plan to inflict untold suffering on individuals and society?”

He should ask that of Vladimir Putin.

Most Americans understand the rationale for legal immigrants. But illegal aliens who commit crimes are something else. The pope seems not to recognize a difference.

The death penalty is a punishment reserved for heinous killers. But he doesn’t mention abortion, which has taken tens of millions of innocent lives. This seemed strange to conservative Catholics, who are starting to come to grips with the fact that this is a “progressive” pope, who is not hostile toward what anti-communist Pope John Paul II called the “culture of death” through population control and reduction.

Francis’s answer on the arms control issue was to challenge the United States alone and blame its spending on national defense on monetary motives. “Sadly, the answer, as we all know, is simply for money: money that is drenched in blood, often innocent blood,” said the pope. “In the face of this shameful and culpable silence, it is our duty to confront the problem and to stop the arms trade.”

That’s a slander of our brave fighting men and women, many of whom have given their lives or sacrificed their limbs to bring freedom to people around the word, especially Muslims in such places as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Against the global Jihad, what does the pope expect the U.S. to do? Disarm?

Praising “his uniquely progressive papal perspective,” far-left radio host Amy Goodman noted that “The pope has been frank in his criticism of much of the core of U.S. society: capitalism, consumerism, war and the failure to confront climate change.” This is a fraud, of course. They used to warn us against global cooling. It then became global warming and now climate change. The cause always changes until they find something to lure people into schemes for bigger government and higher taxes.

Recognizing the socialism of the pope, Al Jazeera posted an article, “Bernie Sanders, the pope and the moral imperative of systemic change,” by Gar Alperovitz, the co-chair with James Gustave Speth of The Next System Project. Speth, former administrator of the United Nations Development Program, put his name on its 1994 “Human Development Report,” which openly promoted global taxes for world government.

The “Next System” is another name for the replacement of global capitalism by global socialism.

Those endorsing this project, in addition to Alperovitz and Speth, include:

  • Jane Mansbridge, Harvard University
  • Gerald Hudson, Service Employees International Union
  • Annie Leonard, Greenpeace USA
  • Robert B. Reich, University of California at Berkeley
  • Dean Baker, Center for Economic and Policy Research
  • Barbara Ehrenreich, Author
  • Jeffrey D. Sachs, Columbia University
  • Gerald Torres, Cornell University Law School
  • Larry Cohen, Communications Workers of America
  • Julie Matthaei, Cornerstone Cohousing
  • Leo Gerard, United Steelworkers
  • John James Conyers, Jr., 13th District, Michigan
  • Bill McKibben,
  • Saskia Sassen, Columbia University
  • Frances Fox Piven, City University of New York
  • Manuel Pastor, University of Southern California
  • Phillip Thompson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Oliver Stone, Academy Award-winning Filmmaker
  • Medea Benjamin, CODEPINK
  • Timothy E. Wirth, United Nations Foundation and Better World Fund
  • Sarita Gupta, Jobs With Justice
  • Noam Chomsky, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Van Jones, The Dream Corps & Rebuild The Dream
  • Lawrence Mishel, Economic Policy Institute
  • Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, California State University
  • Daniel Ellsberg, Author
  • Herman E. Daly, University of Maryland
  • Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate, Author, Former Presidential Candidate
  • Ai-jen Poo, National Domestic Workers Alliance
  • Anna Galland, Civic Action
  • Danny Glover, Actor, Social Activist
  • Tom Morello, Musician, Activist
  • Jill Stein, 2012 Green Party Presidential Nominee
  • Nancy Fraser, New School for Social Research

“We have fundamental problems because of fundamental flaws in our economic and political system,” the New Project proclaims. “The crisis now unfolding in so many ways across our country amounts to a systemic crisis. Today’s political economic system is not programmed to secure the wellbeing of people, place and planet. Instead, its priorities are corporate profits, the growth of GDP, and the projection of national power.”

The group goes on, “Large-scale system change is needed but has until recently been constrained by a continuing lack of imagination concerning social, economic and political alternatives. There are alternatives that can lead to the systemic change we need.”

Yes there are. They are called socialism and communism. But they would rather call it “sustainable development,” in order to confuse people about how the American way of life is being targeted for extinction.

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  • reggie

    Difficult to even write a civilized statement. Who is this piece of **** in a long white dress, who controls trillions of dollars, to tell us about poverty? He is the quintessential ‘do as I say, not as I do”. Wonder how much money he is trying to extort from his Catholics in the Middle East as they are bombed, starved, raped, and killed. They no give him money, he no care about them, but we should take pity on the murderers, thieves, druggies, rapists who are in this country illegally? Global warming? Since when is he an expert. Bernie Sanders, you ruined VT, you’re old, you need to retire.

  • jaimelmanzano

    Francis finds himself cast by his peers as the leader of the Church
    bracketed by the legacy of a Polish freedom fighter and a German
    theologian. The
    legacy of Pope John Paul was largely promoting the values inherent in
    individual freedom, made politically and economically functional through
    religious freedom, democratic government, and market economics. That
    of Pope Benedict seems to have been the need to confront European
    history and the distortions of its heritage crafted by governments
    pursuing group loyalties, diminishing, by and large, fundamental values
    championed by the Church, that is, those based on the preservation of
    life, human dignity, and the discipline needed to respond to nature and
    the yearnings of individuals. Pope Francis’ own life experience is pockmarked with teaching moments
    facing Argentine dictatorships, fascism, populism, economic
    mismanagement, bankruptcy, and Latin American Liberation theology.


    Francis choose(s) St. Francis as his spiritual model, underscoring the
    need for a more natural and moral
    response by individuals in the conduct of their daily lives. The
    loyalty and affection
    given Pope Francis clearly responds to the simpler, and more humble
    routine he follows despite his elevation to the pinnacle of Church
    hierarchy. Historically,
    St. Francis, among other things, undertook initially to rebuild a
    nearby church. and then, the entire Church organization. He chose to
    live simply, loving nature, and personally helping the needy. Pope
    Francis’ leadership reflects this understanding, as well as an
    allegiance to
    Christ’s life and teachings. So far, so good, as guidance for the new
    Pope. However, being human, the Pope can make mistakes. Chance, and
    history would inform him that the world is a dangerous, unsettled,
    creation. He may (be) tempted to lead the Church as an active
    participant in secular political and economic directions. That
    may clash with an admonition, and guidance of Christ.

    doctrinal authority, while tempting, does not apply to the political or
    economic. Historically, in the secular world, papal interventions
    routinely turned out to be tragic, and mistaken. For example, when the
    Church condemned Galileo for being helioocentric, it erred
    scientifically, as well as doctrinally. The assumption, and ultimate
    loss, of papal authority over the legitimacy of secular rulers, is a
    long record of failures and internecine conflicts. The recent schism of
    elements within the Church over population growth, in part, formed the
    basis for
    viewing human existence as a negative, and viewing reproduction as an
    activity to be diminished by government. Currently, Pope Francis’
    venture into issues of global warming is likewise troubling. Its wheels
    seem to be caught in a scientific and doctrinal rut of Galilean
    proportions. The phenomena isn’t settled science.
    Science never is, and secular programs based on its errors run the risk
    of being built on shifting sands. The actions proposed by climate
    zealots, believing in the negative impact of warming, may be not only
    damaging, but also beyond the control or ken of humanity.

    attempts by the Church to frame and enforce its teachings through
    secular rulers and
    institutions of government demonstrably failed. Interestingly, in the
    narrative of creation, the Devil, exercising his free will, chose to
    challenge the Almighty. For his attempt to organize belligerent
    angels, and become the equal to God, the Devil lost and
    was exiled to Hell. In an imperfect parallel, the Church ventured into
    the secular, legitimizing governments, and actually becoming a temporal
    state. It instigated religious and secular wars. In the end, its
    actions failed, and resulted in its being corralled, and relegated, to
    the residue
    of its worldly empire – the Vatican. What it retained effortlessly,
    however, was its suasion over individual beliefs, and the life lessons
    of Christ. These were, and apparently continue to be, consistent with
    human experience and nature.

    was not Christ’s chosen field. Specifically, he advised his
    disciples, and his followers, to keep away from it, using the words,
    “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the
    things that are God’s.” And when he asked them to join him, his offer
    was for them to, “Come after me, and I shall make you to become fishers
    of men.” In these examples, Christ seemed to advise staying away from
    secular pursuits and challenging the power of rulers. Christ’s words
    seem directed more toward individuals and the common man, advising them
    to be true to their better nature. He seems to recommend distance,
    perhaps separation, from governance, and the use of power. Misinterpreted, he was crucified.


    Francis ought to take heed of this history. Rushing in a direction
    where “angels fear to tread” – while tempting – may not be best for the
    Church. The secular world is not easily tamed. It is a world fraught
    with material hazards, and conflicts over power. When the Church
    attempted to creatively work within governments, it overreached. The
    experience suggests that secular governance is not in its nature. Such
    attempts would best be left to the machinations of Caesars. Better for
    the Church to keep teaching its disciples to fish. It has its lasting
    effect on the individual, human nature, and, in the long run, may
    actually enhance mankind’s ability to achieve peace on earth.

    Jaime L. Manzano
    Federal Senior Executive and Foreign Service Officer (Retired)
    7904 Park Overlook Drive
    Bethesda, MD 20817

    301 365 4781

  • hap46

    The Pope can invite all the illegals in the U.S. and Syrians to come and live at the Vatican, at its expense; not the U.S. hard-working citizens! America’s success is capitalism;– not socialism. That is why Donald Trump is doing so well. Trump has had his failures, too, but learned from his experience. He knows what needs to be done and how to get it done.

  • Steven Barrett

    I can’t tell whether or not Cliff’s been kissing Cardinal Burke’s ring or rear. He sure seems to be suffering from a serious case of Rip van Winkle when it comes to knowing who our enemies are, and no longer. Russia’s no longer Communist Cliff. Or haven’t you heard the news since Gorby handed the keys over to Yeltsin decades ago.
    And yes, as usual Cliff’s taken out his whip to lash out at his favorite whipping boy, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the only politician who bothered to take on the Smithsonian’s gift shop network for its willingness to sell shoddy Americana souvenirs “Made in China” instead of American-made products .. and get positive results for American manufacturers of Americana items to be sold in their nation’s museum. Some “socialist.”
    Rest assured, if Cliff doesn’t have Bernie Sanders to whip, now he’s got a new fav bete noir, no less than the successor to St. Peter. Some loyalist Catholic you are Cliff; just like a lot of handwringing uber traditionalist Anglicans who came over only to discover (gasp, choke, liberals in the Catholic Church) … which of course, let them believe their license to bitch, bitch and bitch some more was somewhat automatically extended because, they were purportedly trying to protect the Catholic Church from becoming more like the Episcopalians. Hell, what’s next? An article in AIM calling Francis’ trip here the first step in the revitalization of the Anglican Communion’s American branch? Please, I hope what I just wrote will be taken as a good natured ribbing, not an idea for a serious shot at the Catholic Church under Pope Francis’ leadership. Ya never know, tho.

  • steve8714

    There are traditional Anglican churches in the US. My guess is they’re more likely to use Latin than the Catholic Church as currently run.

  • steve8714

    A very well reasoned and complex statement. I wonder though, if Francis’ archetype was not chosen for style over substance; anyone who disagrees with him is sent to offices deemed insignificant and he seems to have unbounded faith only in government control.

  • Steven Barrett

    This development precedes Francis’ new reign. Nice to know there’s a place where I can use my trusty old St. Joseph’s Missal, published in ’62 when the Masses were bilingual before bilingual became cool. Have a great weekend, Steve.

  • Adolph

    “The fairies in what nation soever they converse have but one universal king, which some poets of ours call King Oberon; but the Scripture calls Beelzebub, prince of demons. The ecclesiastics likewise, in whose dominions soever they be found, acknowledge but one universal king, the Pope.”

    Thomas Hobbes. Leviathan, 1651

  • Adolph

    “When the fairies are displeased with anybody, they are said to send their elves to pinch them. The ecclesiastics, when they are displeased with any civil state, make also their elves, that is, superstitious, enchanted subjects, to pinch their princes, by preaching sedition; or one prince, enchanted with promises, to pinch another.”

    Thomas Hobbes. Leviathan, 1651

  • Capnmikey

    I told my Mother back in the fifties that Catholicism and Communism were too much alike for my personal faith, dictatorial, mysoginist, greedy, pedophiles, not be be questioned, it was the Bad Popes Julius II and of the Medicis that caused the Protestant Reformation and Henry the Eighth with the Church of England. This Argintinian marxist with his “revolution theology” and anti-American politics should be exposed as a fraud, being elected Pope does not make you a saint, nor an expert on “climate change”, enviromenatlism is communism colored Green instead of Red!

  • Mary Brewwer

    Like you say, the Pope is not a Saint. He is a human being, with opinions on various matters. He is only infallible when speaking on faith and morals. It’s OK to disagree with him on some of these things.

  • J. Glenn Hanson

    I wonder how many low-information
    cretins remember that Phrancis the Phony became pope only after a sitting pope was
    forced from office, and that it was the first time in more than 600 years that a sitting pope was replaced. Then Phrancis the Phony was shipped in all the way from Argentina and, I believe, at
    George Soros’ behest. Maybe this is a teachable moment.
    The current pope seems to be an example of what happened in Galileo’s time
    and how the prosecution of Galileo is now blamed mainly,
    if not solely, on the church — though it was actually an opportunistic
    academia and the politicians of that day who caused the sorry affair, not religion. Maybe
    centuries from now, Phrancis the Phony will be held responsible for the
    global warming hysteria instead of the lying, greedy and plundering politicians.

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    This piece must be made go viral; send it out and ask others to do the same, and so on.

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    Once that the huge “scientific” fraud uncovered at East Anglia University discredited to the floor the “global warming” canard, the Left changed it name to “climate change”, which is something that has kept happening since the very time when Earth came into being, so it is something undeniable. The caption must be made, though, that, of course, by “climate change” they actually mean the old canard “global warming”, that, in turn, meaning that it is humans who are causing the ostensible warming of earth, which if it in really were happening, would be due to (duh?) the sun, the ecliptic, volcanic activity, breathing, farting (humans tweet an average 18 farts/day, add to it the rest of vertebrates on earth– for example, my two pet king doves are big farters), etc.

    When I was in college, the “scientific” canard the Left came up with was “global freezing”. When it didn’t materialize, they gradually changed gears to “global warming”, and, now, to “climate change”. Of course, the objective remained the same, using it (and the rest of environmentalism) as another tool to help smother –and, if possible, destroy completely– the free enterprise system via “environmentalist” regulation, reform, and legislation.

    Jorge-Mario “Pope Francis” Bergoglio has been an activist advocate of theology of “liberation” (TOL), which is nothing but a sheer Marxist spin of the Gospel, truculently “based” on the catacombs-Christianity that Luke implicitly refers to in Acts 4-32, and 4-34 to 4-37. By the way, the Bolshevist (i.e., systemic terror and violence) spin of the Gospel in TOL is spuriously “based” on Acts 5-1 through 5-11. Remember that many catholic TOL priests have, through the decades, joined Bolshevist guerrillas in Latin America, where TOL came from in the 1960s (i.e., at the apex of Soviet Expansionism, and invented by Peruvian Dominican priest Gustavo Gutierrez, now a tenure professor at Notre Dame University, and Brazilian theologist Rubem Alves, at the time a graduate student at a sort of Episcopal seminary operation of Princeton University)

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    You’re right, “Russia’s no longer Communist”; Rusia is “only” sheer fascist.

    In fascism, (i.e., corporatist-socialism, colloquially aka “half-baked socialism”, and, lately “crony capitalism”) government must CO-own or at least cozy up to –or control tightly to either boost or bust them– SELECT ways and SELECT means of SELECT production and SELECT distribution of SELECT goods and SELECT services in society, so that government (usually, central government) becomes the most prominent owner and employer and, at the same time, the kingmaker and the Grim Reaper of private sector enterprises.

    And Bernard Sanders is not “democratic”-socialist at all, he is a disguised Marxist, and probably even a cultural-communist.

    Jorge-Mario “Pope Francis” Bergoglio a leader? Malarkey!!!

    A leader inspires those around her/him to good endeavors and end; he/she who drags those around to doom are NOT leaders, they are VILLAINS. Bergoglio, as the world hierarch of Theology of “Liberation”, is but a vulgar villain.

    A last caption, Marx, Engels and Lenin deemed socialism “the lower phase of communism”, i.e., only a steppingstone towards communism.

  • Steven Barrett

    How few people have taken even the basics of Christian History 101. They’re great name callers and twisting facts to suit their bigoted pleasures. But not so hot at digging for real facts. Facts will screw up bigots every time. And some of the worst bigots are those self-righteous jerks calling themselves “recovering catholics.” They might as well say they’re recovering thinkers.

    A real serious thinking-man’s conservative named Peter Viereck, a Lutheran, no less, had this to say about Catholic bashers: “Catholic-baiting is the anti-Semitism of the liberals.”

    Small wonder I find so much hatred of both Bernie Sanders and the Catholic Church on this site, especially when the Catholic baiting is directed directly at Pope Francis.

    LOL, what great company you guys want to keep. Anti-semites, professional bigots, social ignoramuses, run of the mill haters … and I’ll bet all of you think of yourselves a “good Christians.” Nice try.

  • gwsmith

    “Targeted for extinction”, indeed!! “Sustainable development”, the new name for socialism, bingo! Great article, Cliff!

  • Capnmikey

    Maria, you are as wise and astute as you are lovely, all of this “global warming” nonsense came right out of the Soviet “think tanks”, like the United Nations and the EU, all designed to weaken America and promote socilalism and communism, One World Governmnent and the downfall of the United States. India and China are the biggest polluters in the world! Obama is just another Soviet agent, carrying Putin’s water, and embraccing the marxist, “liberation theology” he learned from Rev. Wright and Elena Kagan at Harvard Law.

  • janinec

    Nobody is bashing Catholics. I’m Catholic. But the Pope is a phony political plant by the tyrants. Socialism always ends in tyranny

  • janinec

    He’s not infallible in any matters. Not even faith and morals.

  • Wakeupcall

    The Papacy is all for the U.N. Agenda 21 and One World Government controlled by communism. In their past statement of agreement by the Pope they stated Communism is the only government that can control the people.

  • Steven Barrett

    janinec, just let me ask you if you attended a college or university established through the Morrill Land Grant bill passed in 1863. To be fairer, I should just rest my case right there because I doubt if any sensibly minded conservative could find fault or a dark and sinister outcome resulting from the establishment of so many excellent public colleges and universities from Massachusetts to the other and much larger academic factories located throughout the Midwest which owe their existence to this excellent gov’t investment in public higher education. Socialist? Buckeyes football machine some kind of socialist experiment? A lot of smaller public non-Morrill institutions not to mention private colleges might say so. You’ll be pleased to know the UMass Minutemen aren’t so socialized (LOL) as their recent records indicate. But the school has one of the best business departments in the nation, agribusiness training programs and is one of the nation’s leaders in natural sciences. Looks like taxpayer dollars are being put to good use in some of these socialist investments in higher education.
    What the hell, you guys might as well add Lincoln to your new list of usual suspects, the Pope and Bernie Sanders. At least you’re being ecumenical, a Catholic Pope, rustic rural Protestant President and a Jewish Senator. But that looks like some pretty good company. Where’s the beef and all this tyranny you’re so worried about. LOL, I’m NOT backing Hillary, but I’m sure she might let you borrow her “restart button.” Looks like you need it. But hey, Mitt Romney’s old company Staples that he damn near ran into the ground was the company that came up with the restart button. See if he’s got an extra one. If he’s not out on some boat docked in a tax haven harbor.

  • Adolph

    “For, from the time that the Bishop of Rome had gotten to be acknowledged for bishop universal, by pretence of succession to St. Peter, their whole hierarchy, or kingdom of darkness, may be compared not unfitly to the kingdom of fairies; that is, to the old wives’ fables in England concerning ghosts and spirits, and the feats they play in the night. And if a man consider the original of this great ecclesiastical dominion, he will easily perceive that the papacy is no other than the ghost of the deceased Roman Empire, sitting crowned upon the grave thereof: for so did the papacy start up on a sudden out of the ruins of that heathen power.”

    – Thomas Hobbes. Levithan, 1651

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Your conclusion is the very heart of the matter, Cliff. They hide behind semantical deception, instead of having the integrity to tell the American people what it is that they are advocating. It has always been a power grab by those who lack goodness.

  • Adolph

    The Beast has many faces… the Papacy only has two of them…

  • tom_menkowitz

    Yet you undo any and all substantive good that your post might otherwise convey, with that Swastika –

    Which makes me virtually certain that you are a DemonRAT – Leftist scumbag False-Flagger, and that you were put up to posting here, to discredit any opposition to this Marxist “Pope”.

  • Adolph
  • ItsJo

    I understand the Vatican took in “TWO FAMILIES” of refugees. But this Pope wants America to have an OPEN BORDER, to let the Southern countries have their wonderful people just flow into our Republic, as he said: “They have great gifts to bring….WTF…they come with the clothes on their backs’ and then the Catholic Org. takes them in hand, and gets them into certain cities, (which the Catholic Org is PAID BY EA.HEAD they Resettle) THEN, the refugees are set up with welfare, places to live, food, etc. ALL ON AMERICAN TAXPAYERS’ BACKS.
    Why aren’t the American people enlightened about this “secret resettling
    of refugees, that get SPRUNG on their cities? It’s Obama and the Pope’s Little Secrets….
    Let the Vatican take in these people-just as their swarming into Italy and also, let Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim Places take them in. Instead of that, Saudi Arabia sent Money to Germany to “Build Mosques”, as they REFUSED to have the Refugees go into S.A. But America is SUPPOSED TO TAKE IN MORE THAN OBAMA’S ALREADY SNEAKED IN, BEHIND EVERYONE’S BACK-and he Continues with “His Illegal Alien Invasion that is turning America into a DUMPING GROUND.”
    As a Catholic, I was Very Uneasy with What this Pope was suggesting and his veiled swipes at our people, as he implies WE need to do More…..Jump right in there Yourselves Pope/Vatican!!!!

  • tom_menkowitz

    I agree with you, and you are almost 100% right. It’s “Liberation Theology”, not “revolution theology” (even though this “theology” is indeed of the Red revolutionary stripe).

  • emaleroland

    You misspelled Islamic

  • emaleroland

    He’s fallible in all things and so far, he’s batting 1000.

  • Adolph

    jewish mammonism = baphomet = mahomet = muslim brotherhood

    It is the same two face hermaphrodite devil

  • USmaleman

    As the Vatican correspondent Edward Pentin noted recently: “Critics have warned that by falling in with proponents of climate change science, the Pope risks getting too close to other key supporters of the theory who support population control and abortion.”

    I see the pope as a sorry little man from a very backward country who is unwittingly supporting worldwide moral
    decay, financial ruin and even atheism. Maybe he is the false prophet of
    the end times. Imagine if a pope in the 1920s and ’30s had sided with Margaret Sanger who unabashedly took up the cause of selective breeding?

  • Sean Kelly

    Bernie Sanders, my hero. Here we have congress dictating to a non-profit organization what items they can sell, as though the customers offer no clues. I guess he figures if they can dictate what the public must buy (like health insurance and probably savings bonds not too far behind), then they should be able to dictate what to sell. Watch the Smithsonian’s sales drop as people do not wish to pay more for a union-made trinket.

  • Steven Barrett

    Sean, take it from one fellow American of Irish descent to another, your last insult to American workers (“union-made trinket”) betrays the mindset of some of our thickest bog-trodding Micks who would’ve sold their blood ancestry out to the damn Crown before parting with a single copper … even to help save their own Gaelic culture. Have you no shame?

  • Sean Kelly

    Hi Steven,
    It is not clear to me how I have “insulted American workers” as you state. And I have nothing against Mr. Sanders personally. He is a kind man. My mention of “union-made” reflects my exasperation with the patronage of labor unions, both public and private, by politicians, in order to procure their support at election time. It’s the system forced upon us, let us call it the “City of Man” to borrow from St. Augustine. Mr. Sanders merely operates within that system, and he is not alone. But because you have resorted to bigotry, implying that I have the faculties of a “bog-trodding mick”, I will say a little about my experience with labor unions, on both a personal and wider scale. As you stated in an earlier post on this thread, “facts will screw up bigots every time”.

    First, as a family physician in Vermont, I received seventeen verbal threats of violence directed toward me and my family by union workers, because I refused to sign-off their fraudulent disability claims (like, “I have a mosquito bite and therefore need to convalesce for six weeks while getting paid out of the state’s workmen’s comp fund). I have since left Vermont to practice in another state in order to protect my family. So the union boys got what they wanted (me outta there), and the rural community I lovingly served has one less physician in an area where there a dearth of them.

    Second, I teach CCD to public middle-school students, and the majority of them can neither read nor write, period. Yet the school majority of the handsomely-paid school administrators continue to operate blithely and ignorantly as though it is someone else’s problem.

    Third, why is it that the Smithsonian elected to sell souvenirs made in China to their customers? Perhaps to remain competitive with other retailers? Why do American-made, more specifically, union-made, goods cost more? Easy: wage inflation. People will only pay so much for an ashtray, or a Twinkie (ask the people in Schiller Park, IL). My uncle is paid over $247,000/year painting cars for GM; priced a Chevy Silverado lately? Not one of my public school district’s administrators (assistant principal and above) makes under $127,000/year. Yes, they continue to supply lots of education, but actual learning? Not so much.

    The labor movement (in cooperation with their government enablers) may be the “folks that brought us the weekend”, as the bumper sticker states, but they can also brought us high prices, high taxes, and crappy schools.

    By the way, I am only 12.5% Irish, so your bigotry missed its mark.

  • Steven Barrett

    Dear Dr. Kelly, I’ll gladly stand in my bog, duly corrected on some, but not all the parts of your mind-stimulating reply. Rest assured, I have not been so plagued to suffer from a mosquito bite to have the nerve to apply for SSDI, on such grounds, either. I’m on disability for some pretty chronic long-seated and deep rooted neurological reasons, (or as one doc put it, “ADHD in spades), but had I been in your office when the bug bite fellow came in, I would gladly volunteered to assist you in giving the guy what he deserved most, a lengthy toss out the closest window. Imagine the hell we’d both pay from the gov’t for that act of righteous civil disgust and outrage. There are the disabled, and there are people like that who give the vast majority of us a black eye.

    While I won’t deny that childhood education isn’t what it could be or used to be, Sanders isn’t the guy to blame for that either. This is an old old problem. Having taught CCD myself, I empathize with you greatly on that score because Catholicism’s tough enough for adults to get the basics down pat, kids who’ve been shortchanged in the basics of schoolin’ are even more at risk of missing out on what’s most important … learning how to save their immortal souls. (How quaint that sounds today.)
    Bernie’s complaint about the Smithsonian buying this stuff from Red China instead of from an American manufacturer should still have more heft than worrying about whether the item might cost a bit more because it was made in a union shop . . .after all, we’re talking about saving American jobs or at least taking the effort to make sure we put employment opportunities available to Americans first, not competitors abroad. That’s one of the reasons’ Bernie and his many other supporters inside and out the Senate, Vermont and New England in general are outraged with the Obama admin for getting in bed with Asian countries like Vietnam and the sultinates in the old East Indies for their atrocious labor laws allowing for the execution of strikers (VN) and slavery in the sultinates. (And now Hillary Clinton’s decided to wake up to this? I hope Sanders cleans up on this jane-come-lately flip-flopping act.)
    So, being a man with a healthy respect for persons of good wit, authority and skills in applying hypodermic therapy in parts arear when necessary, I’ll gladly acknowledge where I went amis and we’ll call it a good outcome. You demonstrated good humor in your reply as well and I appreciate that. Wow, if you came from that other state to the east of you … well, we know about New Hampshire-ites.
    I am baffled … how could a guy named Sean Kelly only be 12 percent Irish? I’m one hundred percent, though my parents wondered how much of it was “bog trodder” out of County Mayo.

  • Steven Barrett

    CapnMikey … c’mon, aren’t you willing to grant that the Reformation in England began more out of Henry’s libido, sexism in nearly all his efforts to produce a male heir, not to mention a different kind of wealth redistribution where the nobles booted the priests, monks and nuns who ran the very monasteries and converts which kept many of the peasants gainfully employeed. Henry was no slouch, theologically speaking, but let his lust for power dominate whatever reforming ideas he had, unlike Luther who was by far braver and didn’t have a kingdom to fall back on. Y’know, for all of Henry’s efforts, the only male king he produced, Edward, turned out to be a physically weak young lad who died, and the most powerful heirs he produced were women, Mary I and Elizabeth. But about that English Reformation style of wealth redistribution, the less Evangelicals and other Protestants crow about the better.

  • Robert Lunsford

    Yet not a word from this “great man” regarding the evils of socialism/communism. The pope is promoting the evil of the hard left, while ignoring the South American socialist hell holes Catholicism presides over.