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The Federal Reserve’s monetary policies have manufactured a “super bubble” that “…may give us the worst economic downturn including the Great Depression,” economist Peter Schiff declared during an interview with Accuracy in Media. Schiff is the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, and a guest commentator on CNBC.

He explained that low interest rates prop up the government’s feckless fiscal policies and generate “…really systemic structural problems in the economy…” that “manifest themselves in bubbles that then burst.”

“…the Fed’s policy does not work and has not solved our problems, it has simply exacerbated our problems, and…we’re gonna have a currency crisis, we’re gonna have a sovereign debt crisis and it’ll make the financial crisis of ’08 really look like the Sunday school picnic,” he said.

Schiff, who publicly warned about the Great Recession before it actually occurred, said “…the problems I see now are basically the same problems I saw then. …we never really had a solution, we never let the markets fix the mistakes that underlie the economy because it was short circuited by more bad monetary policy. So now we’re in even worse shape than we were going into the financial crisis. But it’s the same bad monetary policy that’s caused the problems …”

Condemning the Fed’s manipulative monetary tactics, Schiff asserted, “… no matter how smart you are you can’t outsmart the market. You don’t want a centrally planned economy, you don’t want monetary policy made by a group of bankers…you don’t want interest rates fixed by a group of central bankers. It doesn’t work. It didn’t work when a politburo in the Soviet Union was fixing the price of bread, and it doesn’t work when a similar organization fixes the price of money.”

Asked why the media reject his economic predictions but accept the Fed’s statements, Schiff quipped, “… I think that people want to believe in the Fed, maybe just like little kids want to believe in Santa Claus.”

“But people want to believe that things are going to be okay, and they’re not.” He explained, “…people don’t want to give me the credibility that I deserve because then they have to deal with what I’m saying.”

Alex Nitzberg is an intern at the American Journalism Center at Accuracy in Media and Accuracy in Academia. Follow him on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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  • fwupow

    I believe him! It’s not just him either. There’s a Rothschild, Rockerfeller banking cartel that controls most of the planet. Worse than the Great Depression is scary but worse than The Great Depression the world over is super triple more scarier.


    Schiff stated that people don’t want to give him the credibility that he deserves. He makes it sound like everyone is against him.. This is not true. Many people listen to his statements, and heed his advice, and warnings, and take action!.. It’s not everyone.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    If you look at cities like Detroit and Chicago you can quickly understand that the Democratic Party and their policies are deteriorating America – – July 13, 2016 Chicago’s Collapse Has Begun By Michael Bargo, Jr.

  • Jonathan Buttall

    Doomsday sites like this are common on line, and there are a lot of naive people who fall for these wacky conspiracy/end of the world sites. If you’re one of those people, have a mature adult you trust handle your financial life. The comments here include people clearly not capable of handling their affairs without mature and rational help from a friend or family member.

  • Jonathan Buttall

    Case in point.

  • Jonathan Buttall

    Wow, not just a case in point, but full on psychotic. Psychiatric help is indicated, and quickly!

    The Rothchilds never had that much power and the little they had ended during WWII.

  • Jonathan Buttall

    Case in point.

  • I made my monthly salary from Peter Schiff’s firm just two months after switching investment firms. Wacky indeed. Enjoy the great advice of the Federal Reserve though. I’m sure it’ll serve you well.

  • Joseph English

    Jonathan are you mad 19,000,000 later open border wellfare state and communists knocking on the door for president?? Your sick and deranged login onto the saunders site. Your in the wrong arena.

  • Joseph English

    I guess you didnt follow his fathers story against is a understatement.

  • Joseph English

    You are a troll get lost and watch the debt clock spin around on steroids with a 0 % never ending interest rate.

  • B

    This person won’t understand what 0% interest rate means and won’t be able to correlate that to the national debt. You need to explain to them that the unicorns that Bernie sanders promises do not exist and that the laws of economics exist outside of Pokemon go!

  • ChingatchCroute

    Yeah right… Just don’t look behind the curtain! ;-/

  • Keith Koala

    Ok, I’m broke as a joke. How does anyone suggest I make money before these bubbles pop?

  • ChicoCDM

    It’s called the normalcy bias. It’s the same thing that prevented established and connected Jews from leaving Germany no matter how bad things were getting in the Nazi era. No matter how much the Nazis continued their open “final solution” they stayed and thought things would go back to normal. Normalcy bias is what makes people ignore potentially catastrophic information in hopes that it will be alright. How in the world are we ever going to pay off $20 TRILLION?! It’s never going to happen.

  • Ginger

    Can’t do anything about it except be prepared. My family is prepared.

  • Anan

    This charlatan has been around selling fear since 2000. Nothing he says is to be believed. Many have lost their life savings bc of this man

  • He was not alone in predicting an economic collapse, moreover he didn’t see the cause of it. The reality is that it was really a side-show to the current malaise. moreover, he offers no explanation for why there ought to be a collapse….other than his book sales compelling people to liquidate their portfolios, lol.

  • mac carrol

    He never says when it will happen. Are you saying it will never happen. You should try reading AustrIan economics. It might help you understand. ….. wait ….. lol

  • mac carrol

    20 Trillion? What about all the unfunded liabilities. Thosé unfunded liabilities are going to cause economic turmoil and social tuoil when they are reneged upon.

  • mac carrol

    When the market hits the top invest everything you have and everything you can borrow in 3x short etfs. Problem: you will never know when the top is in until it is too late.

  • Never say never; but see no reason for it too collapse.

  • mac carrol

    Did you see a reason in 2007?

  • ChicoCDM

    Unfunded liabilities should be in the $175 trillion ball park. Unfortunately the federal government is already insolvent. This is why the federal reserve bank can’t raise interest rates. It’s about $200 billion for every point they raise it and would instantly bankrupt the US.

  • Laura Umphenour

    You must not live in a Republican state. I DO….and it’s horrible. Hateful people that say they want fiscal responsibility…but spend millions on their pet projects. Tear up Federal checks to make a point. There have been more jobs created under Democratic rule and the markets always do better. The only thing Republicans are good at is declaring war.

  • Laura Umphenour

    Don’t have children and compound the problem.

  • Yeah, I had a reason to think asset prices were too high. I had the same concerns as him. I was oblivious to the reasons why it needed to collapse. But those reasons didn’t come, so because of people like him, I was unnecessarily tragic. Now, I know better than him I believe. But maybe I’m in the same position as 2007…or in my case 2005-2008.

  • He’s not a charlatan. He’s just ignorant projecting opinions, and people who know less are vulnerable if he is wrong. That’s the vulnerability any person should accept if they take other’s advice. Why are you so entitled to think he can guarantee you perfect advice? Markets are risky.

  • mac carrol

    Fair enough. The timing is key and no one knows that.

  • I think the ‘upside’ timing is recovery in Chinese manufacturing index, signalling expansion. The downside in assets is the prospect of inflation in 10-20 years. The reason why I see no reason for a collapse is because in the next 10-20 years a lot of debt can be paid down at ultra-low interest rates. So I see consolidation until Chinese growth repeats. Of course govts can stimulate that outcome with public works before hand because its partly a confidence problem.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    Like Detroit and Chicago – Chicago had 440 school aged children shot with guns in 2012 and had the highest amount of millionaires leave the state and lost the highest amount of population that was replaced with illegals and about 46 percent of their school system is made up of Hispanics – in NC Illegal Aliens Were Charged with Nearly 4,000 Incidents of Child Rape in North Carolina for 2014 – and in 2007 a study by Deborah Schurman Kauflin of the Violent Crimes Institute in Atlanta, Georgia stated that since 1999 there have been nearly one million victims of rape, child molestation, sexual homicides, and rape and molestation of handicapped children by illegal immigrants here in the U.S. and the report found that nearly 63% of the illegal immigrant sex offenders had been deported at least once before prior to committing a sex crime in the U.S. and that there are approximately 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States. As a woman you’d have to be astounded by the conduct of the party , their policies and inefficiency to run government – Hillary Clinton’s chief lobby is known around the world as an economic war criminal ! Need I say more –

  • Laura Umphenour

    These are all baseless comments. Typical of a Republikkkan

  • Kate

    No one knows where the bottom is, either. Could be as high as 10,000, because there’s a lot of useless paper floating around.

  • Jonathan Buttall

    What is it like to live in an imaginary world of personal demons that doesn’t even exist?

  • Jonathan Buttall

    Straw man argument, kiddo.

  • Jonathan Buttall

    Wow, that was full on psychotic LOL. Never go full on psychotic, kid.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    It’s the only answer a Democrat has – So what’s the real facts ! Nobodies getting shot or raped or being subjected to violent crime and illegal immigration has had no effect on America and nobodies responsible –

  • Laura Umphenour

    Richard….I bet your a white person living in a decent neighborhood. Has a decent job. A white, male. No, your NOT being discriminated against. Never have been. Thank goodness your White…your one of the lucky ones.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    I don’t mean to be evil or really mean but you’d have to be pretty heartless as a woman to ignore the human misery of all these women and children that have been raped and exposed to violent crime ! No ! I’ve lived in gross poverty and under political persecution since I was a child and almost all the black people in America have lived a more productive and better financial lifestyle than I have – I’ve never shot at a cop or tried to fight one for just inquiring about what I’m doing !

  • Artemis

    Because old, rich, white men, never get together to conspire on how to make large sums of money?
    Nope, that’s looney, tin-foil hat wearing stuff.

    Fact: 6 corporation control 90% of the media in the US.
    Fact: The Federal Reserve is not Federal at all, it has private share holders, meaning it is not a public entity.

    Sure sounds like an awful lot of power and control is concentrated in the hands of a very small, unelected, group of individuals.

  • Aczewolf

    No, we are not going to collapse, just because we borrow 40 cents on every dollar to pay out bills, we go in debt 1-1/2 trillion a year. we spend 6 percent on the economy while the economy grows by only 2 [percent. We print worthless money with nothing to back it’s value, we give up manufacturing jobs very year. our trade deficits are growing bigger every year, out national debt has doubled in 8 years, and check out the national debt clock, we owe 103 trillion in unfunded liabilities. There isn’t 103 trillion in existence in the whole world. Collapse, no, we are doing fine. Just because Peter Schiff called it in 2007 when no body thought he was right, just because he said the fed wouldn’t raise rates in 2016 even though they planed 4 rate increases, don’t give it a second thought. In 2008, the stave off a collapse, they dropped interest rates to zero, 8 years later, they are at 1/4 of one percent. They borrowed money and threw it at the economy, they printed worthless money to pay out bills, and QE1, 2, 3 which is nothing more than borrowing money, and buying your own bonds. That’s like having an apple pie store, and borrowing money from the bank to buy your own apple pies. We can’t do anything to stave off another recession, it didn’t work the first time. Collapse, BROTHER WE ALREADY HAVE, and when people realize it, it’s over.

  • I don’t think you realise that ‘growing debt’ means very little if its ultra-low interest rates and its hedged. Most of these ‘dollars’ are caught up in a vortex. They are not flooding the real economy where they would cause inflation. That debt will persist in this way as long as govt wants it. When the govt wants to ‘release it’ into the market place, upon seeing signs of real growth, it will raise those rates. Money will then flow from derivatives into real ‘long’ assets. Why? At some point the cost of financing those positions gets too high. So don’t ignore that there real assets behind those debts, and that there is no huge capacity overhang in the economy. The economy is rather mute, with little consumption because most people are paying off debt. Only the wealthy have the surpluses to support asset speculation.
    Peter Schiff doesn’t understand this. Understand that the global economy is still in a period of low inflation, ‘stimulatory’ labour market, and that this can continue for another 1-2 decades. This Schiff also fails to see, and why I say, there is ‘no reason’ in the near future to expect a collapse in asset price, but the opposite. Your thesis that money is being devalued is precisely the reason to hold assets. The eventual recovery in the market is another reason to hold assets – moreover a certain type of asset, and its commodities, but ‘demand based’ commodities – not gold. Gold is going to $960-1000/oz. Its turning a corner now, so Schiff is going to lose you a lot of money. He will eventually be right, like all prophets eventually are. But not before demand based commodities have tapped out, and also negative bond prices have impacted. For now, money is flowing back into equities, so gold will fall. but probably by the end of 2017, early 2018, gold will finally make sense. In the meantime, Schiff has cost you money.
    PS: I was once as tragic as you, but then I looked at the evidence and used my analytical skill to differentiate myself from others, including the monetarist and Austrian economists, schools of compartmentalised thought.

  • Smith

    You can call him what you want, if that is going to make you feel any better! He is NOT the only analyst that has that opinion! They repeatedly have kept on saying this for the last 7-8 years. If you had any idea of macro-economics, you would seriously consider what he is saying, historically analyzing the markets over the last 3 decades, pay attention to what the Feds have been doing during this time – or what they have NOT been doing, watch, the at times obvious manipulations of the markets, and then perhaps you would start agreeing with some of these so-called rogue financial experts. If you know the least about financial markets you would immediately recognize that at least since 2006-08, we have been experiencing unusual behaviors of the markets, unlike any characteristics that Macro-Economics 101 will teach you.
    If you can not recognize that fact, you do not know markets! It has been expressed by many market analysts in the last 5 years!
    There has NEVER been more manipulations of currency, stocks, or money funds than these days.
    These days nothing is real – everything is a product of your own imagination. The cycles that we see are consequences of manipulations created by the ones that “own” the market.
    Just one little simple thing to wrap your little mind around; it is NOT a normal actions for the Feds to artificially keep rates low or zero, simply because they do not know what else to do at this time! Our interest rates have been kept too low for too long. The market cycles have been overridden by market manipulations. But like Schiff says, “the market cannot be fooled”!
    So if you do nothing else(!), then at least stick your head in the sand!
    All this created due to overwhelming, self-centered greed from the bankers and the Feds. In the meantime, due to super-low interest rates, bubbles are created in some areas of society, bubbles which certainly are going to burst, if the rates are increased. And regular people are going to get hurt – because of someone else’s greed! We are sitting on a big bubble; it is simply waiting to burst – and you can take that to the bank!

  • Mike S.

    Yes, in theory. But having a working knowledge of these exchanges — most of which are in Chicago, if you get my drift, like the CBOE — aren’t very likely to pay off in the event of a major collapse. Options pricing has no steadfast correlation to underlying indices or stocks. Market makers may adjust prices quickly and outrageously, up and down, on a whim, blaming volatility and a lack of buyers/sellers.

    Also, highly leveraged index products don’t track the markets well, and an “investor-gambler” stands to lose a significant amount just waiting for the collapse you describe due to options expiring worthless and then having to be repurchased at full premium tied to a later date.

    People are told to complain about Wall Street, but it’s South La Salle Street that wags the dog and a lot of these crooks associate with George Soros and his Marxist hedge fund managers. They crash markets by short selling on steroids, that is, the use of options trading.

  • Harry Kays

    You idiot . The supposed strongest economt on earth only has 6? of its economy from manufactured exports and much of that is not what other nations need in US government subsidizeded Military Industrial and the massive Farm Bill . On top of that 20 trillion in debt, over 4 Trillion on the feds balance sheet with no collateral to pay it off with. You are the epitome of stupid.

  • Harry Kays

    There is no real assets behind the 4 trillion plus of the Feds balance sheet you moron. The housing bubble toxic debt is still there and the US economy has nothing the world needs to survive . All the other nations make what they need (china makes more GM cars than in the United States ) No one needs the terrorism plagued United States and it’s joke of a Federalist government

  • Harry Kays

    Chicago has all the shootings you see on the news but it never hits CNN because it’s NORMAL .

  • Harry Kays

    And Hillary Clinton’s son in law founded a collapsing hedge fund based on nothing . Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin.

  • Oh someone who thinks they know what they are talking about. There is the obligation for you to pay your taxes, and a considerable pool of assets people hold. Hold assets tool boy, and you’ll be fine. People are paying off their housing debts at a rapid rate; the US deficit is nearly in balance. The US is the technology capital of the world, and everyone wants to live there. Ask any Asian. But I agree ‘your govt is a joke’.

  • Good one tool boy. That’s typical for a service economy. You mean the US has the power to undermine the value of the dollar, so the debt means little. Sounds like the same proscription as WWII, when debt levels were similar. With the rapid growth in immigration as well. This is one stupid who knows how to make money though. 🙂 Not on gold though. That’s going down.

  • tim

    You’re right, because the Obama and Clinton did not declare war, they just bombed nations and (now) drone strike individuals without approval from congress as constitutionally required.

    Not to fuel the illusory deomcrat v. republican dichotomy debate, but more wars have been declared by democrats;)

    People like you think there is a difference between evil people like the bush’s or clintons. People like you are part the problem.

  • tim

    Like all of those mature and educated adults who lost everyones money in 08 or 00 or 87 who know nothing but buy-the-dow because they think the government/fed has a clue what it’s doing?

  • tim

    After reading all of your comments, I’m convinced you are engaging in some pretty blatant satire. Or you work for the Fed 😉

  • But you are not addressing the issues. Issues – not ad hominem attacks. Why not collapse today or in 2 yrs? Whats stopping it?

  • Yep. Flexible thinking is paramount. Schiff is a dogmatist with half a story. The medias goto man for tragic scenarios after Casey and the guy in HK/thailand lost credibility.

  • tim

    I wasn’t trying to evade the issue, I genuinely believed you were joking. You obviously are not.

    We have been collapsing since 2008. When the stock, student loan, auto loan, housing, and dollar bubble all collapse in nominal value, where will the fed bring rates to? Tough to cut when their at zero, and I hardly believe most people would keep a dime in the bank knowing they would lose money on the investment.

    Currencies not backed by anything but the promise of its (unemployed) population have historically always collapsed, without fail.

    You say the debt can be paid down with low interest rates. Interest rates are not just set by a person, they are set by the market. As we keep printing money and paying off our previous debts with bigger debts in the future as we continue to spend and spend, the market will demand higher interest rates on our debt as our currency becomes worth less and less. Rates are kept low by effectively printing money – keep them low for too long and you will have a very expensive price to pay.

  • tim

    Why do you insist on calling people with reasonable beliefs crazy? The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed 2 days before Christmas when very few representatives were there. The act was written by the richest and most influential banking families and institutions in the world at the time.

    The President (Woodrow Wilson) who signed the act publicly confessed that he believed he ruined the country by giving that power to a group of un-elected people.

    We voluntarily borrow money and pay interest to a group that creates the money they lend us out of thing air and all hell breaks lose when anyone suggests their power needs to be taken away or hold them publicly accountable for every action they take.

    At what point can you accept that “conspiracies” are real? Very wealthy people, groups, companies, etc. do whatever they can to increase their wealth often by influencing government to legitimize their act. Two people working together to accomplish a their questionable end – that is a conspiracy, and it is all around you.

    I’m not saying Janet Yellen is a shape-shifting reptilian – although I am not saying she’s not 😉 – but when there is a revolving door between government, regulators, and big “quasi” private/public entities made up of PhD’s and people who know whats “best” for us better than we do, it is really offensive when someone tries to tell me there isn’t a very blatant conspiracy going on, and in more aspects of life than not.

    What’s it like to live in a world of denial?

  • Harry Kays

    Not talking about obligation never mentioned that. Why did you ? Simply stating this is not a free country . Never has been since articles of confederation ended .
    There are massive bubbles in big law, big market, big health big pharmaceutical big school loan etc. It’s all a stock buyback massive bubble that dwarfs the 2007 bubbles . You are an idiot .tech is not solving any problems . Cancer is much worse now than ever before . Drugs simply prolong misery . Longevity but with more pain ? Give it up fool. 1 in 2 men get cancer . It was close to 1 in 15 in the 40s . Even if misdiagnosed cancer occurred much less. People were healthier . War has been the biggest contributor to global climate change . US government and US military lead the destruction of the earth but they blame the average hard working guy who must drive a truck to survive . REV1918
    It’s all coming to judgement.

  • The US has a huge deficit. True. But it equally has a lot of corporations paying little tax, at a time when economic surpluses are mostly in the hands of corporations. Obligation is the foundation of the tax system, used to repay state debt. Given that interest rates are staying low for 2 decades, the US debt is manageable. No, its not a free market. People don’t know what freedom looks like (hint: anarchocapitalism). Nonsense, tech is not solving problems. Just it leaves unemployment, but those jobs are being absorbed by service sector. Not that I believe the 5% unemployment number. But the low workforce participation is made up of people like me who could work, but we are comfy doing what we like, or early retirees. More are getting cancer because we are living longer. Live too long and your immune system will give you cancer. Life expectancies are longer than ever. Climate change is nonsense. I think you read newspapers too much.

  • That’s not a ‘collapse’, its a wealth redistribution to the wealthy/financially astute, after centuries of wealth distribution for the last 110 years. Proof the system doesn’t work…I’d suggest focusing on the big picture that prompted it. Dollars collapsing; not asset prices. Reiteration – unemployment 5% around the world, and asset prices not collapsing. That’s the outlook over the typical term of an investment – 16-20 years. So if the attention to distorted economy continues, then no problem. Sorry, but rates are superfluous. Govts are running capital markets now, so not set by market. The market has not set rates since the 1980s. The Fed had proactively intervening at the short end since mid 1980s, setting the stage for long rates. With no inflation due for 2 decades, you are way off. The market will not demand higher rates as long as there is no inflation. People have been saying rates are ‘too low for too long’ for ‘soooo long’. lol. The reason your ‘faith’ is misplaced is that you don’t appreciate that those dollars are not going into the real economy, that’s real spending, only recycled into spec assets, i.e. asset inflation.

  • tim

    Hmm so no inflation? Guess you don’t consider housing prices, automobile prices, healthcare costs, education costs, food prices, or rent in your inflation index. You should work at the Fed, they’d love you!

  • Rich Tateo

    Asinine! Comments like yours perpetuate victimization among minorities. I grew up in foster care, having been removed from home because of extreme poverty. Only to age out of foster care at 18 with a garbage bag of clothes over my shoulder and whatever I earned the previous week washing dishes in my pocket. Managed to earn an MBA and a seven figure net worth in 20 years. Did my color make a difference? Did color matter to my neighbor who moved here from Cambodia in the ’84 having lost his parents to genocide? He and his siblings came to this country with the clothes on their back knowing no English. He now owns five convenience stores and his daughter starts school at Harvard in Sept. Enough of this nonsense! Race is irrelevant, personal responsibility and desire is what counts and THOSE characteristics have no affiliation.
    Blacks don’t own poverty you fool, it’s their response to poverty that makes it generational.

  • No ‘cost of living’ inflation. There is currency debasement that makes assets more expensive. In real terms, cars are cheap. Houses cost 10x earnings, compared to 3x in the 1960s. ‘Cost of living’ inflation is a ‘wage expectation’ driven event. Unskilled western labour, indeed globally labour doesn’t have that market power because they will be ‘out bid’. Schiff et al (Austrians) ignore global market context, so by default, and thus thought process, they are dogmatists/rationalists. i.e. Praxeology a clue.

  • tim

    You just epitomized why people dislike “professional” economists. You spoke a lot of words that may have grammatically made sense, but you made absolutely no sense. But hey, it sounded pretty good.

    Buy stocks, long live the Fed!

  • Makes sense to me. I’m sure ‘professional economists’ are disheartened by your view. I’m a commodities market analyst – studied finance & economics et al. I just summarised the entirety of the Austrian problem; without wasting time. But feel free to sell your house and buy gold. Good luck with that. Really!! My grammar was good?

  • tim

    Based on your economic “education,” I am going to guess you were ridiculing Schiff in 06/07 while he was raising alarms, or in 2000, or in 87. But yes – don’t buy gold, that is crazy. You should own a piece of paper that has lost 97+% of its purchasing power since the Fed started “managing” things for us in 1913.

    Can’t wait to see what you say of the Fed’s power when stocks drop another 30 or 40%.

  • No I agreed with him then….I didn’t know any better. In fact, I was critical of Fed policy from 2005, when I started blogging. Incensed enough to make a submission to the Finance Committee for the Australian Parliament. And whilst Peter Schiff was in a position to see aspects of the US housing market better than I, projecting that every ‘high begets a low/crash’ is dogmatic. This market context is different. Gold vs fiat is a ‘false dichotomy’. Buy hard assets whilst they are going up; knowing what will take them down. You assume too much.

  • David

    This video shows he fully understood the cause of it.

  • Uncle Lerts

    What’s terrifying is that they most likely know exactly what they’re doing.

  • Richard

    They believe in the government because most people are optimists. However, unlike Santa Claus, this reality will cause much suffering.

  • JamesHovland

    Crashes are not predicted. They are created with doom and gloom propaganda when investors listen to people like Schiff.

  • Ken Ramsey

    I have not seen anyone more stupid or dumb than you. Not sure if you understand economics at all..

  • Sheila Skipper

    Time For Big Change In Government
    I’m Tierd Of The Same Old Lies And Deceptions