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On November 8, the election will come down to Donald J. Trump’s “people power,” a largely spontaneous uprising of the “silent majority,” against Hillary Clinton’s scientific manipulation of the electorate, using personal data to identify and provoke people to go to the polls. In this effort, Mrs. Clinton has the support of the giant company Google and the president of its parent company, Eric Schmidt. Experts say the effort resembles how the Communist Chinese dictatorship monitors people and modifies their behavior through media manipulation and censorship of the Web.

As Trump suggests, the election process seems “rigged,” and the evidence has come in the form of another John Podesta email.

One of the internal Clinton campaign emails disclosed by WikiLeaks shows that Schmidt, chairman of the Google parent company, offered a detailed campaign plan for the Clinton campaign. The April 15, 2014, message, addressed to Clinton aide Cheryl Mills, said, “I have put together my thoughts on the campaign ideas and I have scheduled some meetings in the next few weeks for veterans of the campaign to tell me how to make these ideas better.” The details included “Size, Structure and Timing” and a campaign budget of $1.5 billion, with more than “5000 paid employees and million(s) of volunteers.” The Schmidt email was sent along to several key Clinton people, including campaign chairman John Podesta.

The plan examines how information is received and reviewed by voters, and what provokes them. Indeed, in a section titled “The Voter,” Schmidt says, “Key is the development of a single record for a voter that aggregates all that is known about them. In 2016 smart phones will be used to identify, meet, and update profiles on the voter.” Schmidt goes on to say, “For each voter, a score is computed ranking probability of the right vote. Analytics can model demographics, social factors and many other attributes of the needed voters.”

Patrick Wood, editor of Technocracy News, comments that Schmidt’s scoring idea “is just like China’s social scoring of citizens to see who is for them and who is against them.”

On one level, this means that search engine results are manipulated. In his evaluation of the Schmidt email, Michael Cantrell comments, “For some time now, people have wondered if Google, the world’s largest search engine, might be a tad bit slanted when it comes to politics, favoring left-wing candidates over conservatives in how search results are displayed. Well, it seems those suspicions may not be so far-fetched after all.”

Earlier this year, in a column carried by Accuracy in Media, Seton Motley documented how Google was designing its search engine to maneuver people away from the issue of Hillary Clinton’s health problems.

It’s a fact of life that in this era of access to many different sources of information, some people go to the Google search engine and rely on the first item that pops up. That’s how I got banned (temporarily) from the campus of the State University of New York at New Paltz. A feminist professor used Google to search my name and passed around derogatory information from the first source on the search engine page—the Southern Poverty Law Center. She then passed around the information, creating a stink that caused the campus administration to cancel the debate I was scheduled to participate in.

A new book, Islamic Jihad, Cultural Marxism and the Transformation of the West, examines the role of Google as a new media “gatekeeper” that determines how people see the reality of the world. The author, William Mayer of, examines how Google produces search engine results on the subject of Islamic terrorism that play down criminal activities of leading Jihadists. Mayer says the results can be confusing unless the search terms are assembled with scrupulous precision, “a difficult task when one isn’t exactly sure in advance the extent of the associations being pursued.”

In his excellent book, Mayer documents in detail the “leftist/Obama/Media merger” that played a significant role in Obama’s 2012 victory and figures prominently in Hillary Clinton’s plan for victory on Tuesday.

Mayer comments, “…if we think of the Internet as the largest depository of information ever to be created, it assumes in many sense the role of the book of common wisdom. When the universal storehouse of information obfuscates and hides knowledge it becomes censorious, preventing or at least stifling access to non-ideologically approved ideas and information.”

When Barack Obama campaigns against Trump by citing the KKK, you can rest assured this has been determined by analysts in the Hillary campaign to be at least somewhat effective in scaring blacks. Getting blacks to vote against Trump is a part of what they hope will be their winning strategy. Similarly, when Hillary Clinton campaigns with a profane rapper named Jay Z, the calculation has been made by some brain in the campaign structure that using such a spectacle will inspire other blacks to turn out for the former secretary of state on Election Day. Hillary hopes that the rapper’s popularity will somehow rub off on her.

These two campaign events are more evidence of how truly “scientific” the progressive movement has become. People are perceived by the Clinton campaign as subjects to be manipulated.

Even with the use of these scientific techniques, victory is not assured for the “progressive” forces. That is why reports of vote fraud are mounting as Obama sounds the alarm about the KKK. For Trump to win, the “silent majority” will have to be a real majority with millions of votes to spare, surpassing the artificially created “progressive” bloc bolstered by fraudulent votes and created by an emerging technocratic dictatorship of access to information.

The “media monopoly” that the left used to rail against is now controlled by them.

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  • Steven Barrett

    If Trump’s supporters care to show any sign of self-honesty, they need point to nobody further than FBI Director James Comey and his clever deliberate back n’ forth (mishandling) of Mrs. Clinton’s emails. Maybe a coincidence, maybe not; but let’s face it, two weeks before the Democratic Convention he made his first announcement with a backhanded “clearance” … followed that with a fortnight’s decision to reopen the damn case just as she’s really beginning to take off in the polls due to Donald Trump’s collapse due to his personal relationships with the opposite sex, and finally yesterday, just two days before the chief election day tomorrow, he clears her. The fact Comey’s a Republican shouldn’t ever be discarded lightly in the minds of voters who take this sly manipulation of facts and key dates seriously. He might’ve thought he could pull off the “disinterested good civil servant” facade, after all, he was appointed by President Obama who up to this moment, for all we know, still backs his choice of him.
    Not that I want to give an inch to the Trump campaign, having worked on several campaigns in years past, there’s nothing so frustrating as to have a clearance of one’s opponent on any ethical questions because it gives the other side a boost, not to mention a kick in the teeth, stomach and other places that’ll demoralize them to some degree. It’s human, and understandable, no matter who the candidate is or party he or she belongs to. On the other hand, nobody could blame folks on Clinton’s side from suddenly realizing that Comey, in his supposed exoneration of Sec. Clinton at this late hour only served to toss even more red and rawrer red meat to Trump’s volunteers as if the die hard workaholic volunteers (all campaigns rely on) need any more. Furthermore, Comey’s letter of exoneration during this key all-hands and hearts on deck last 24 hours for Clinton’s campaign only thrusts the damn issue back in her face and the faces of the millions of voters who won’t be voting till tomorrow. If that’s not clever manipulation of the calendar, I don’t know what else to call it. Maybe Comey was trying to exonerate himself for his previous display of horrible timing two weeks ago. If so, he bombed badly.
    Clinton supporters reading this will say I’m being too even-handed with this latest development. At first I was overjoyed and relieved. But the more I thought it over, this began to look more like a heavily mined political no-man’s land, loaded with peril for opportunist on either side to begin gloating.
    There’ll be little time and precious little to gloat about on Wednesday morning since the nation appears to be even more divided on ideological, class, racial, ethnic and even geographical lines. God in Heaven, I pray we will wake up and grow up fast enough to realize the dangers of playing heavy hands of political retribution and counter retribution. Let it go and let the next president and his or her party govern without the constant threat of having to deal with the small minded people with gigantic egos who believe they were put on earth to become the Republic’s perpetual pourers of sugar down somebody’s oil, gas and radiator spouts. There ought to be a new definition of treason included in the criminal codes for people like this because they and their ego-filled, campaign-cash filled chests have no business in mucking up the “…Government of the people, by the people and for the people.” All three hundred million+plus of every man, woman and child. Yeah, for once grown ups, start looking at ourselves and start thinking of how we look in the eyes of our children who may be our nation’s only hope for survival because the Boomers, Gen Xers and now, Millenials doing a hell of a bang up job of mucking every thing up for their future.

  • jug

    And you are helping the “muckers”!

    Just another fast talking liar folks!
    Still pushing the Wikkileaks proven commiecrat dirty trick of hiring women at half a million per crack, to lie about Trump “supposedly” molesting them!

    At least one has backed out of the paid lie deal, (good for her), but the lame mainstream media certainly isnt going to publisize it!

  • Steven Barrett

    Yeah, I’m with the Muckers. What the hell, it’s Monday, the day before the ultimate day of Mucking over a lot more people besides yourself and your heroes. Monday’s one of those “mutually mucked through” days we all have to go through and the best day of the week for Muckers like myself to have fun. And looking at it this way, even guys on your side can do the same. In fact, when it came to mucking everything up in their efforts to support all the goody-two-shoes “reforms” proposed by the Muckrakers who know how to really open corruption to the healing light of day, only the GOP’s version of muckrakers could manage to screw up a one car funeral or find it impossible to pour warm wet water through a paper bag and produce a hole at the other side.

  • jug

    What a bunch of BS, all saying absolutely nothing!
    You sound just like Tim Kaine, who is a total clown, but without the suit!

    Put on your red bulb nose, you will be more convincing.

  • efred1

    “Let it go and let the next president and his or her party govern without the constant threat of having to deal with the small minded people with gigantic egos who believe they were put on earth to become the Republic’s perpetual pourers of sugar down somebody’s oil, gas and radiator spouts.”

    That’s what the last several Republican candidates and last Republican President did, and by allowing the infection of voter fraud, biased reporting, foreign interference and influence in our electorial process to fester and grow, causing more damage. The Clintons STOLE furniture from the White House, vandalized the offices and equipment, not to mention their minions in Congress stonewalling Bush’s appointments to the point of causing an intelligence failure that resulted in 9/11. And since then, the graft and corruption has gotten considerably worse. If America is going to survive, we need a President that will excise the dead and infected tumors in our government, our education system and our Press. Then, AND ONLY THEN, will we have a “…Government of the People, By the People and For the People”, and our country can and will heal.

  • Bertharina Rina

    Nothing will remove these mongrel bastards from ruling our country. This gang wants one of their sluts under the dome !

  • Steven Barrett

    Since you’re on the topic of total clowns, what’s this I hear about Der Trumper wanting to put in “America’s Mayor,” (or think of Eli Wallach playing the role of Don Altobellow in Godfather III) as Atty Gen’l, Newt (ROFL) GIngrich and Gen’l Mike Flynn as DefSec. What’s next, letting Hannity run the Voice of America and John Bolton becoming the UN amb. and Jerry Falwell Jr. Ambassador to the Holy See? I wouldn’t put anything past this clown car called the Trump campaign. Nor should you before you go vote and do the sensible thing, change your mind and vote Clinton.

  • jug

    I just got done doing THE RIGHT THING, VOTED TRUMP!

    But you sure fit the description of how Hillary wants her subjects, she described it perfectly when she said, “Unaware and compliant!”

    Since you qualify on both, we can just call you “UC” from now on!

  • Steven Barrett

    Whatever you say. But if you win, don’t be too underwhelmed by the clown car ride you’ll be bound to take as it sends you careening through the land of Trump. I’d rather take my chances in Freedonia with the Marx Brothers. At least their madcap political satire could get people laughing instead of gasping.

  • Reddy Martin

    Very clever phrasing; but goes to show that you are so smart (probably University ‘educated’) that you are just plain stupid! What part of corruption do you not understand?

  • jug

    Cant be any worse than the “ride we have been on the last 8 years”!

    Unemployment north of 30 percent, no matter how they lie about it!

    Vast segments of the populations killed in Lybia and Syria.
    Lybia just to give the The Benghazi Beast some sort of “legacy”, she certainly has nothing else, unless you grade her on the negative side!

    Now, as to her “private” comment, (we know she believes in having both public and private positions), wanting the population “unaware and compliaint”, yes, “You are with Her”!

    Reddy, I call them “Educated Idiots”!
    Between the UC and the EI, it pretty well covers them all!

  • Anthony Duhe

    WikiLeaks Email Ties Apparent Clinton Pay-To-Play to Port Canaveral Deal with Family of Saddam Hussein’s Nuclear Mastermind – Breitbart

    Sweetheart Deal Handed Port Canaveral’s Cargo Container Terminal to Family of Saddam Hussein’s Nuclear Mastermind – Breitbart

    Florida is in mortal danger, in fact the country is…This is madness!

  • 60PP25a

    Remember this experience of the past eight years and don’t be fooled again. Such a lot of time and money wasted on small issues to entrap us into bad ideas and loss of individual power.