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In remarks to the AIM conference, “ObamaNation: A Day of Truth,” on September 21st, former Democratic pollster and analyst Pat Caddell said, “I think we’re at the most dangerous time in our political history in terms of the balance of power in the role that the media plays in whether or not we maintain a free democracy.” Caddell noted that while First Amendment protections were originally provided to the press so they would protect the liberty and freedom of the public from “organized governmental power,” they had clearly relinquished the role of impartial news providers.

Nowhere was this more evident than during the tragic death of a U.S. ambassador in Libya that was covered up for nine days because the press and the administration did not want to admit it was a terrorist attack.

“We’ve had nine day of lies over what happened because they can’t dare say it’s a terrorist attack, and the press won’t push this,” said Caddell. “Yesterday there was not a single piece in The New York Times over the question of Libya. Twenty American embassies, yesterday, are under attack. None of that is on the national news. None of it is being pressed in the papers.”

Caddell added that it is one thing for the news to have a biased view, but “It is another thing to specifically decide that you will not tell the American people information they have a right to know.”

He closed his talk with these words: “The press’s job is to stand in the ramparts and protect the liberty and freedom of all of us from a government and from organized governmental power.  When they desert those ramparts and go to serve—to decide that they will now become an active participants—when they decide that their job is not simply to tell you who you may vote for, and who you may not, but, worse—and this is the danger of the last two weeks—what truth that you may know, as an American, and what truth you are not allowed to know, they have, then, made themselves a fundamental threat to the democracy, and, in my opinion, made themselves the enemy of the American people.  And it is a threat to the very future of this country if…we allow this stuff to go on, and…we’ve crossed a whole new and frightening slide on the slippery slope this last two weeks, and it needs to be talked about.”


You can watch highlights of his talk here:


You can also watch the entire talk along with Q&A below, or watch along with a transcript here.


  • what

    …………And he is right……

  • aposematic

    Caddell has finally realized the Media/Press as a threat to our Freedom. I have been saying the MSM/Press is Americas number one enemy for a very long time. Glad at least some Pundits have finally awakened to that fact.

  • James Dunlop

    It’s all done deliberately Pat.

  • James Dunlop

    Jamie Dupree of Fox Radio say’s bias is only in the minds of the listener, another words Jamie Dupree say’s there is no media bias.

  • Dan

    this is what i posted on tweeter and facebook yesterday…..

    The Main Stream Media should be considered the Enemy of the
    People…they are co-conspirators in treasonous acts against the
    People…what they have allowed and who they have allow to do it should be considered treason and i include Fox new
    in this (by reporting Polls as fact when they are out and out lies
    PROPAGANDA PURE AND SIMPLE) they too have become enemies on the
    People…what should be done???? REVOKE THEY’RE CITIZENSHIP AND DEPORT
    THEM TO CUBA…they would fit right in…………

  • Sounds like Jamie is conspirator in it.

  • As I change channels, not only did I notice the slant in the news but also things that were spoken in foreign news sources that also use AP and Reorters, but were ignored. They can critisize Fox for slanting right, but what are the rest? I find the mainstream news media so wanting to sway this election that they are willing to ignore any news that might shed a negative light on their candidate. They remind me Georbles or whatever his name is. (ministry of propaganda for hitler).

  • jennfire

    This is not new news! It has been like this for the last 20 years at least but getting so bad lately, there are no more excuses, or any possible way of covering it up. We need to can them all and start over with an entire new set of news people, and college instructors that taught them their “trade”

  • So very true, they are not doing their job, they have become dictators of what we are aLLOWED to know, they protect the power elite, not the standards of truth that we count on them for, to protect our liberty and our freedom. They have not kept to informing, they are now a player in politics, as such they have become our enemies. Our attempted jailers, our controlers and our dictators, they take a certain kind of power from this, that power is what they want and they have abandoned any honorable roll in our system that they once held.

  • The Madhatter 46

    Orwell’s 1984 is no longer fiction. Stalin and Goebbels would love the Lame stream media of 2012. Between their propaganda and the indoctrination of schools, Big Brother is just around the corner. How else could the great divider, narcissistic, incompetent leader of the Progressives stay in power. Shame on the 4th Estate, the President of the United States, and the American citizens who accept this garbage as truth!!!

  • 5843supie

    Ole Pat Caddell… washed up and angry, reduced to Fox News and Accuracy
    in Media… all deserving of each other 🙂

  • AnygryAmerican

    This is so true. Never in my life have I been so disgusted with this government and the lying media which covers for him.

  • LeftsIgnorance

    Poor ole troll hoping to earn a worthless obama dollar. Do you look as stupid as you sound?

  • Conservator1

    Pat Caddell is correct; the progressive MSM with regards to the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya have acted in a concerted effort to protect another Obama failure. The Post is one such leftist newsoutlet and below is the most recent article on the terror attack in Benghazi.

    Attack on U.S. Consulate in Libya determined to be terrorism tied to al-Qaeda – Thursday, September 27, 2012

    U.S. intelligence agencies have determined that the attack on the U.S. mission in Libya involved a small number of militants with ties to al-Qaeda in North Africa but see no indication that the terrorist group directed the assault, U.S. officials said Thursday.

    The determination reflects an emerging consensus among analysts at the CIA and other agencies that has contributed to a shift among senior Obama administration officials toward describing the siege of U.S. facilities in Benghazi as a terrorist attack…”

    “…The intelligence picture assembled so far indicates that militants had been preparing an assault on the U.S. compound in Benghazi for weeks but were so disorganized that, after the battle started, they had to send fighters to retrieve heavier weapons.

    U.S. intelligence officials said they think the attack was not timed to coincide with the Sept. 11, 2001, anniversary. Instead, the officials said, the assault was set in motion after protesters scaled the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo as part of a protest of an amateur anti-Islamic YouTube video.

    “There’s never been any intelligence, nor any I’m aware of now, that indicated this was a plot planned months in advance to get turned on on 9/11,” said an Obama administration official…

    I’ve only posted a few lines from this putrid progessive piece, but it does prove the accuracy of Caddell’s concern of the MSM. Just think, as of yesterday/today the Obama administration is still trying to you use the YouTube video as a reason for the attack on our Consulate in Libya.

  • skhpcola

    A poignant rebuke of the sleep-walking liberal media, yet one that will go unheeded and ignored by that same liberal media. As with liberal voters, the progtard media curls in on itself like a roly-poly when its facile ideology is threatened with truth.

  • MicahStone

    I actually believe that d-cRAT pollster caddell has atoned for his sins in working for and helping THE SECOND WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY, carter. These days, caddell certainly seems like he’s trying to be honest in forthright in political matters.

  • pete pochkowski

    this is scary, Caddell is saying what we as a people have known for over 25 years….I have not trusted the liberal media and never ever will.

  • Amen brother Caddell! RonPaul2012!

  • marah

    Vote Romney/Ryan get everyone to vote republican and pray, pray pray.

  • on all 23 embassy’s at once , naw just spontanous I have a bridge for sale

  • d1comment

    So what do we do about it..? There are no checks and balances.

  • Just Sayin

    That is a lot of paranoia. If it seems everyone is way to your left, maybe you are too far of the right wing.

  • Steve Russin

    Caddell’s words were well spoken. He touched on the tepid Romney campaign and my only assumption has to be that Romney doesn’t want the job. Gas is four dollars, a drought ravished the midwest, our ambassadors in the middle east are being ass-raped and on and on. As soon as he is elected it will all become his fault and the MSM will chuck thier spears into him. Plus, the republicans will get another round of campaign contributions in 2016 when everyone is on their knees for change. The worse job Obama does, the more money Romney gets in campaign contributions…and round it goes.

  • JB

    In a museum in Vilnius, Lithuania there is a panel that states how the journalists in Lithuania were complicit in the takeover of Lithuania by Stalin’s Communists. Seems the journalists are doing it again RIGHT HERE.

  • 5843supie

    yup 🙂

  • Ryan Jones

    This is very important stuff that I’ve agreed with since I read Bernard Goldberg’s book BIAS back in high school. I would disagree with Mr. Caddell only when he mentioned Romney attacking the press. I feel doing so may lead him to spread himself too thin. He has about a month to make his point with the American people who (60%) already know the press is biased, majority of which are republicans and independents. Attacking the press as well as the democratic party (mainly Obama) would create too many enemies and be too time consuming. This strategy probably would have worked in June or July, but there isn’t enough time on the table now. It’s time organizations like AIM rise up to become well known. Get sponsorship, get your name out there on the news networks, publicize any news network that turns you down, and become the watcher of the watchmen. Fox News has been decently fair (by comparison of all other news networks). Start there. The GOP and its affiliates must direct people toward your organization. Political support groups must run advertisements showing the bias of the media and again, publicize the political organizations that are not actively seeking news bias.

  • WTF

    I first became aware of this when the main stream media never questioned the immediate need to attack Iraq in 2003. I heard plenty of voices from independent investigative journalists and many others that there was no immediate threat or evidence of WMD. But the mainstream media was nothing but a megaphone for the administrations drumbeat to war. Listen not to corporate controlled media, people.

  • Nobama Yo Mamma

    Pat Caddell is one of the good guys.

  • Nobama Yo Mamma

    Perhaps you have been bribed with an obama phone or an EBT card?

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  • Maria

    It is reassuring to know that there are people of the caliber of Pat Cadell that have the ability to transcend party lines as well as talking points and have the courage to indite the flagrant abuses of the liberal media.
    In the days of Jimmy Carter the news purveyors were not this flagrant in the abuse of their power.
    So I say thank you Mr. Cadell for having the courage to defend our constitution and our right to make up our own minds with accurate instead of manufactured information. You are an example of the standards America used to have more of, regardless of party lines… decency, honesty and pride!


  • Maria

    my apologies Mr Caddell for just having just misspelled your name twice in my previous comment

  • John V

    Those “Special Privileges” extended extended, to the press, in parallel with the 1st Amendment, are not unalienable, they can just as well be retracted to those organizations who abuse those “Special Privileges” by hiding the truth from the American People for political gain or to usurp power and cause harm to American Democracy.