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Conservative columnist Pat Buchanan, who once declared that Vladimir Putin was a Christian “planting Russia’s flag firmly on the side of traditional Christianity,” has decided that his support for the virtual dictator’s regime has its limits.

The veteran columnist and former anti-communist communications director for President Ronald Reagan has decided that he cannot justify the Russian shoot-down of the Malaysian civilian airliner.

Buchanan is the author of a well-regarded new book on Richard Nixon’s political comeback. His old friends and associates have been wondering when Buchanan would make a comeback himself, by disavowing his vocal support of the Vladimir Putin regime in Moscow.

In a column on the website of his American Conservative magazine, Buchanan still tries to get Putin personally off the hook for the mass murder of nearly 300 people by calling the shoot-down a “horrendous military blunder” on the part of Russian-backed forces. But he does admit that the Russians have blood on their hands.

“They have been armed and advised by Russia,” Buchanan said of those who conducted the shoot-down. “And it was a Russian SA-11 that brought the airliner down. While the separatists say they got the surface-to-air missiles from an army depot, there is evidence the missile was provided by Russia, and Russians may have advised or assisted in the fatal launch.”

Nevertheless, Buchanan doesn’t want to do much about it.

The title, “Don’t Let the Hawks Hijack MH17,” is a warning from Buchanan against increasing sanctions on the Putin regime and sending weapons to the government of Ukraine as a response to the shoot-down. A confrontation with Russia could lead to “something unthinkable,” he says, suggesting a nuclear war if the U.S. stands up to Putin’s aggression.

If we antagonize Russia, he says, Putin could tighten his ties with Beijing, and break up the U.S.-led sanctions regime on Iran. However, he also thinks the U.S. and Russia can still cooperate against terrorism.

We had called Buchanan a modern-day Russian dupe for his enthusiastic support of the Putin regime.

While Buchanan’s policy of appeasement continues, he does seem to have had an awakening that Putin is not the choir boy he previously thought he was.

In a December 17, 2013, column, “Is Putin One of Us?,” Buchanan wrote that “Putin says his mother had him secretly baptized as a baby and professes to be a Christian.”

In an April 4, 2014 column, “Whose Side Is God on Now?,” Buchanan wrote that Putin is actually not only leading the Christian world by standing up to “America’s arrogant drive for global hegemony,” but is also engaged in a “tribal defense of lost Russians left behind when the USSR disintegrated.”

However, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February of this year violated a 1994 agreement pledging to respect the sovereignty of the nation that had suffered tremendously under Soviet imperialism. The pro-Russian president of Ukraine, exposed for his corruption, fled the country for Russia.

In his new approach to Russia, Buchanan acknowledges the Russian role in the shoot-down of the Malaysian airliner, and does not seem to accept the lies emanating from Moscow that attempt to blame the U.S. or Ukraine for the destruction of the plane.

One lie which surfaced on Russia Today (RT), the Drudge Report and the Alex Jones website was that Ukraine destroyed the plane, thinking it was Putin’s jet.

However, Buchanan would only go so far in holding Putin responsible for the shoot-down of the plane. He insisted that “Putin did not order the plane shot down,” even though the Ukrainian government says it has evidence that a Russian officer actually ordered the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17.

Perhaps Buchanan’s next column on this matter will be an acknowledgement that his Putin-worship went too far, and that Putin, in fact, isn’t the Christian he claims to be.

Putin’s Christian façade will be difficult to maintain when parents of the Flight 17 crash victims are accusing him of committing mass murder.

Simon Mayne, the father of one of the victims, math student Richard Mayne, is quoted in the Daily Mail as saying, “Everyone knows what is going on out there is Russian-sponsored. This is a man who rides bare-chested on a horse because he thinks people will admire him, but he’s murdered my son essentially.”

In addition to such posturing, Putin also appears regularly at functions of the Russian Orthodox Church, to give the impression that he is a religious believer. These photo ops have clearly had an impact on conservatives like Buchanan.

Indeed, one day after the Malaysian plane shoot-down, Putin was photographed at the Trinity St. Sergius monastery outside Moscow after meeting with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, an identified Soviet KGB agent.

Journalist David Satter had written about Kirill’s service to the KGB, which was undoubtedly a factor in the Kremlin denying him a visa to travel to Russia. Another factor had to be Satter’s reports that terrorism in Russia, blamed on Islamic terrorists, was actually the work of agents of the Federal Security Service, or FSB, a successor to the old KGB.

While Satter was denied the right to travel to Russia and report on the situation there, Russian journalists from RT are able to work in the United States without interference or censorship, and have an American audience through cable TV of tens of millions.

It is believed that the RT headquarters in Washington, D.C. employs 80 staffers. Two have resigned in protest over its broadcasting of lies about the situation in Ukraine.

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  • Richard Hellstrom

    I think the loss by Mitt Romney in the last election speaks volumes on where Christianity is heading in America – Our Bibles are being re wrote , Christians and Jews have been reclassified by the Pentagon as the same extremist as Al Qaeda and they’ve pulled the crosses out of the military churches just to prove how powerful they are ! They’ve taught their children that they don’t have to be accountable for anything – They freely sell and use drugs with out fear of being arrested , 1 of 5 college students get raped – their fraternities set agendas to turn they girlfriends gay and to date rape , gang rape young girls and they use the local escort services like their a social privilege and then their leaders have the nerve to stick some pathetic pervert on a microphone and have him going around telling the poor people about morality – America’s traded gay marriage for an Anti Semitic opinion and no country in the world has ever successfully converted back from communism. Because if theirs no moral guidelines , it’s just social engineering !
    Minister of state for home Kiren Rijiju said according to UN Crime Trends Survey 2010, the US recorded 85,593 cases of rape in that year followed by Brazil with 41,180 rape cases.

  • bravo

    No one in the USA’s phony free press ever talks about the CIA role in all this.Aggresive in your face attacks on eastern Ukrainians that hate the puppet quislings in Kiev.

  • Steven Barrett

    What the heck does all this have to do with Buchanan’s withering bromance for Vladimir Putin? It was overdue, but better than not voiced at all. When’s the elder Paul going to get the picture. Ah, but then the poor guy’s a libertarian and … well, they’re not conservative in the true sense of the noble term. Libertarians are just out for themselves.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    His underline for Putin was based on reform and Christian ethics which seems too and not too exist – But America is moving away from this kind of political based system. We lead the world in rape and contend where the moral base of the world – The UN data said in the US, 27.3 rape cases were reported per lakh population, followed by 21.09 in Brazil and in case of India, there were 1.8 cases of rape per lakh population. The United Kingdom has reported 15,892 cases of rape in 2010 (28.8 cases of rape in per lakh population) and in Mexico, there were 14,993 cases of rape (13.2 cases of rape in per lakh population).

  • Erudite Mavin

    Buchanan long ago was Conservative but then fell into the Libertarian camp years back.
    His Magazine is mainly Ron Paul talking points and propaganda.
    Republicans who support national security are called NeoCons, the usual
    libertarian code word.
    For Buchanan to move a small step away on Putin who the libertarians adore,
    is to Pat’s credit. He will probably get flack from the PaleoCons.

  • jamesmace

    Yes – how did they ever get all those used tires to Kyiv without the world witnessing it?

  • Rigel

    It’s important to note many countries don’t accumulate their statistics same manner as the US. Regardless the two countries that have the weakest immigration laws are having the most problems. Spending all our compassion on the wrong people.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    Considering that most rapes aren’t reported here either it probably brings a lot of balance to your statement but the article at AIM Illegal Alien Sex Fiends Andy Selepak — January 16, 2007 – denotes that there are approximately 240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States. Since 1999 there have been nearly one million victims of rape, child molestation, sexual homicides, and rape and molestation of handicapped children by illegal immigrants here in the U.S.

  • churchill


    Buchanan doesn’t have a magazine.

    NeoCons named themselves- Irving Kristol started it- and they support a militant Liberal Internationalism, far different than national security.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Deflecting won’t work for you.
    A person who writes for a Magazine can be called, their magazine.

  • churchill

    That’s fine, because the deflecting here is being done by you.

    Buchanan is published in maybe a dozen publications. Using your ‘logic’ each and every one of them is “his magazine” reflecting his personal opinion. A good trick considering that the various sites that publish Buchanan have a variety of editorial positions. It must be very confusing for you when writers for the same magazine voice contradictory positions. But then for the rest of us, editors and publishers get the say on what a publication stands for and the writers are just voicing their personal views.

    And you failed to acknowledge your error in trying to pass off ‘NeoCons’ as a ‘libertarian code word’. Irving Kristol called himself the ‘godfather of Neoconservatism’ and gave the movement its name.

    There’s nothing wrong with you being ignorant EM, you can just say that ‘Erudite Mavin’ is supposed to be ironic.

  • Erudite Mavin

    The Mag. referred to “American Conservative”

    Pat Buchanan is a founding editor of The American Conservative magazine.

    Libertarians use Neocon as a pejorative
    Don’t attempt to take on adults, you will continue to embarrass yourself.

  • Chris

    Russia responsible for MH17??

    Perhaps “Accuracy” In Media ought to be called Pravda??

  • churchill

    Look what the little man posted. How cute.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Speaking about yourself, little man.
    I am a woman.

  • churchill

    I should have guessed. Pajama boys and shrewish women come across the same over the internet.

  • Erudite Mavin

    and Alter Kockers come across the same as your comments

  • churchill

    Hey, it’s almost Christmas- you’ll soon be getting a new onsie and some cocoa

  • churchill

    I bet few can tell, butch.