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It’s no secret that the Trump administration has established a “new paradigm” in dealing with the press. It’s something we have advocated from the start of the new administration. One major aspect of the new approach is accepting the conservative media as legitimate members of the press. After this produced changes in how the press covers the State Department, the gnashing of teeth really began.

Liberal reporters weren’t interested in the anniversary of the conflict in Syria that has taken 500,000 lives. They wanted to know why a reporter from a conservative outlet was allowed on a State Department plane to Asia. They saw it as a challenge to their power and authority, and peppered the State Department spokesman with hostile questions.

“Can we move beyond this?” pleaded Mark C. Toner, the acting spokesperson, as reporters displayed their selfish attitudes on press access.

The liberal media were in meltdown mode over the decision to bring Erin McPike of the Independent Journal Review (IJR) on the official plane carrying Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to Asia.

A Reuters story, “Conservative website only media on Tillerson plane to Asia,” captured the sorrow. In the briefing room, the sorrow erupted into grief and barely-controlled anger.

“This is a conservative outlet,” protested Michelle Kosinski, a Senior Diplomatic Correspondent for CNN, referring to IJR. She added, “For the White House, or whoever made this decision, to choose an organization that is not part of the pool and is an obviously conservative website or whatever you want to call it, doesn’t that narrow the message and not broaden it? And what message does this send to the American public and the rest of the world?”

The message it sends is that the old liberal media, also known as the “obviously liberal” media, are not as important as they once were. It means that the new Trump administration wants to accommodate the new media.

Please take a moment to watch or read a transcript of the State Department’s March 15 briefing. It is something to behold. Some reporters seemed on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Actually watching the briefing gives you an insight into the reporters berating the spokesman for the department. They are not identified by name in the transcript.

The State Department acknowledges trying to reach a new audience by including a conservative reporter. Toner called it looking outside the box. He explained, “I think it sends a message that we’re willing to look at new paradigms with our approach to the media, again, while at the same time ensuring that traditional media has full access, and non-traditional media for that matter.”

It is a realization that the liberal media monopoly is still in the process of disintegration.

The new way of doing business was not acceptable to CNN’s global affairs correspondent Elise Labott, who countered, “So does that mean that in your effort to include a broader participation of U.S. media, that the foreign policy journalists and diplomatic press corps that have traveled with the secretary for ages and are steeped in the issues of foreign policy and that are at this podium questioning about U.S. policy and the various developments every day are being kind of excluded?”

You get the point: only the established liberal media “steeped in the issues of foreign policy” have the credentials to cover the State Department and get special seats on a State Department plane.

Keep in mind that reporters can still take other flights to the destination to cover the secretary of state.

Labott’s foreign policy expertise was exposed in emails released during the presidential campaign showing that she worked with an aide to Hillary Clinton to discredit Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) for his tough questioning of the then-secretary of state during a Benghazi hearing in 2013. AIM’s Don Irvine called Labott “nothing more than a shill for the Democrats, masquerading as a reporter.”

It appears that somebody in the White House and/or the State Department understands this as well.

Yet, the arrogant Labott insisted that the IJR reporter “does not know anything about these foreign policy issues.”

Later, at the briefing, another reporter protested the new “pick-and-choose system whereby you select individual reporters or news organizations, rather than going with what had previously been the practice, which is to include a wide array of news organizations, and at a minimum, a wire service reporter who would share the information with all the other regulars and whose news organizations have very wide dissemination of their reports?”

Of course, the fact is that conservative media are able to disseminate information as well, and their audiences count for something, too.

A new day is dawning.

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  • Austinniceguy

    Because the liburd lamestream media refuses to report the truth about what is REALLY happening in the world…

  • This is outrageous that the STATE DEPARTMENT LIBERALS believe they own the media coverage control in this country. We need a wake-up call…perhaps in terminating those who protest fairness.

  • freeper

    “The message it sends is that the old liberal media, also known as the “obviously liberal” media, are not as important as they once were. It means that the new Trump administration wants to accommodate the new media.” OOOORRAAAAAHHH!!!

  • bobs33hotrod

    Hey Dan Norris, I could have not said this any better than you Thank You for your honest thoughts.
    BOBBY ~!~.

  • John Cunningham

    Make no mistake, America is at war and it is bigger than any “Cold War” we had with Russia. It is all ideology but the stakes are higher than at anytime in American History. For the first time in our History, we are in the most dangerous time ever.

    If the Liberal Establishment wins, America is toast. They will ruin our strength, our resolve, and, our Greatness. That leaves the World in the most dangerous time in their History as well. Why you might ask? Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and even Mexico. Why Mexico? Cartels would set up shop right here in America.

    Open borders, heavy Government control over utilities, gun control, and no more two Party exchange because the Right would be run right out of America. It used to be all behind closed doors and secretly discussed. Not anymore, since Trump, Liberals realise the predicament they are in and are declaring war on Trumpism.

    Donald Trump is not a perfect man nor do I believe he thinks so. He is 70 years old and has been a complete success. He has no more mountains to conquer. Now he wants to give back and bring America back from the brink. That scares Liberals to death and, I don’t put nothing past them. NOTHING!

  • TED

    There’s no “new day dawning”. This is just more supercilious ‘Trumpeting’. Ultimately, people will simply stop paying attention to the childishness and this administration will go down as the goofiest in the history of the presidency.

  • Steve

    Good article!

  • Richard Frick

    The dumbocraps have turned into the ‘Obstructionist’, a party of whiners. Who created ‘rights’ for them?

  • TPS12

    They brought this on themselves when they decided to report with their opinion and agenda and not the facts. They still do a one sided political party report, nothing dems do seems worth challenging? Dems want to spend spend spend while were 20 trillion in debt and msm says nothing? I think that’s worth looking into, it’s not sustainable? This is why msm credibility is in question.

  • Realist

    “The message it sends is that the old liberal media, also known as the “obviously liberal” media, are not as important as they once were.”

    And that is the case precisely because Big Media has so sullied themselves with dishonorable lying, misdirection and deception at every turn. Every attempt that Big Media makes to reclaim some measure of their past glory – And legitimacy – Is quickly recognized by We the People for what it is: Just another rotten deception carefully packaged and spewed 24/7 by that Machinery of Deception and Control.

  • Paul Anderson

    With the exception of Fox, I ignore the rest of the (Fake) news, then verify the Fox news for it’s degree of correctness.
    I have recently been taking a close look at President Obama’s past, in that more of his History is being de-classified, in recent months. The most interesting comes from fellow Communists, he attended the university with. Cornell Gradiate John C. Drew knew Obama from Occidental. His meetings with Obama and friends, revealed Obama’s Communist convictions. Quote: “Obama argued for Marx & Lennin, and the struggle to destroy Capitalism”.
    The destruction of Capitalism, opens the door to Marxist / Communism, which is the goal of the Soviet Union. In the 8 years of Obama’s administration, we have seen the massive redistribution of wealth, which leads to the destruction of Capitalism. Social Justice is the primary goal.

  • Gz7

    What is the opposite of “Trumpeting”?

  • John Wirts

    All government organizations should have to treat all legal citizens equally. No preferential treatment for leftists, America any more.minorities, non-citizens, no entitled groups. Unless and until all citizens are equal under the law we are not America any more. The welfare state is the most discriminating thing the government does, it takes away the dignity of the recipient, makes them sub-human. Establishing special criteria to get into college for minorities, gives credence to the idea that the minority is somehow inferior, and therefor must be given lower standards or they will not get into college. How bigoted these liberals are!

  • Bob

    This is easy to resolve. The White House representative should patiently listen to the journalists concerns and then ask for a show of hands for those who don’t want to work along side the conservative journalist. Every one who raised their hand will be invited to leave the gathering.

  • The vitriol manifested by the news media at this briefing is palpable. What a waste of taxpayers’ money. I congratulate Mr. Toner for his patience under fire.

  • brtw


  • brtw

    I totally agree! Several years ago my son, who had made all A’s in high school was denied a place in the National Honor Society so that some students in the deep south who didn’t make as good grades could be included by lowering the standards for them! Outrageous!!!!!