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The Obama administration is poised to surrender control of certain Internet functions to non-profit ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, on October 1. According to Americans for Limited Government’s senior editor Robert Romano, opposition to this Internet giveaway has united Republicans such as Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and presidential candidate Donald Trump. But questions remain as to whether or not the Republicans will unite sufficiently to insist language is included in a continuing resolution that will forbid the transfer of control.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) actually stripped out this language from the continuing resolution, and a vote to end debate on the current language, which does not fix the ICANN issue, failed on September 27. This is the latest Obama administration scandal, one that threatens the integrity of the Internet. President Obama is seeking to cede oversight of Internet protocols to a multinational body, effectively ending unilateral American control over these functions.

Romano writes that this is the “Last chance to save the free and open Internet.”

A group of prominent national security professionals have sent a letter to Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph Dunford Jr. in opposition to the transfer. “Of…immediate concern to us…is the prospect that the United States might be transferring to future adversaries a capability that could facilitate, particularly in time of conflict, cyberwarfare against us,” they write. “In the absence of [the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s] stewardship, we would be unable to be certain about the legitimacy of all IP addresses or whether they have been, in some form or fashion, manipulated, or compromised.”

The transition could affect the status of Internet domain names, including .mil and .gov. “The Administration has failed to ensure U.S. ownership and control of .MIL and .GOV in perpetuity,” wrote a coalition of citizens and non-profits this August. “Both are vital national assets.” They argue that the Department of Commerce is doing “precisely” what Congress “forbade.”

One concern is that the transition will make these Internet functions subject to the desires of oppressive nations such as China and Russia. Yet the mainstream media are working to cast the change as managerial, and inconsequential. The Washington Post’s Fact Checker Glenn Kessler recently gave Senator Cruz three Pinocchios for saying that the change would “empower countries like Russia, like China, like Iran to be able to censor speech on the Internet.” This is because, Kessler writes, “ICANN says it is only a technical administrator that does not regulate content on the Internet” and this claims “it has power that does not exist.”

Similarly, The Los Angeles Times editorial board calls Sen. Cruz’s argument “ridiculous.” “The only role the U.S. government plays today is an administrative one, checking to make sure that ICANN follows the correct procedures before any changes to the master list of domains can go into effect,” they write. “That’s hardly the Internet’s last defense against the tyranny of despots.”

However, the LA Times editorial board may be overlooking other functions of ICANN. According to Motherboard, “one of the most important cryptographic key pairs on the internet” is about to be changed “for the first time” by none other than ICANN. “This key ensures that when web users try to visit a website, they get sent to the correct address,” writes Joseph Cox. “Without it, many internet users could be directed to imposter sites crafted by hackers, such as phishing websites designed to steal information.”

According to the Epoch Times, the New York-based newspaper owned and run by Chinese-Americans opposed to the Communist regime in China, “Already, the Chinese regime is moving to fill the void left by the U.S. handover—and its new system for governing the internet goes far beyond the responsibilities held by ICANN.” They state that “Over the last two years, Chinese leaders have drafted an authoritarian set of laws that governs every facet of the internet.”

Theresa Payton, writing for The Hill, argues that altering the U.S.’s relationship with ICANN during an election season is unwise. “When the calendar hits Sept. 30, a mere 6 weeks before our election, the United States cannot be assured that if any web site is hacked, the responsible party will be held accountable,” she writes. “We cannot be sure if a web site is valid. We cannot be sure if one country is being favored over another. These are all the things ICANN is responsible for and has worked perfectly since the Internet was created.” Payton is a former White House Chief Information Officer and currently the CEO of a cyber security company.

Why make the change now? she asks.

“As a private organization, ICANN is not bound by the First Amendment, which ICANN’s CEO and President Göran Marby admitted in a recent Senate hearing,” write Sen. Cruz and Representative Sean Duffy (R-WI) for The Daily Signal. “The First Amendment applies only to the [American] government. So if the government is out of the picture, the First Amendment is too. And that means that ICANN would be free to regulate internet speech by restricting which websites can gain access to the internet based on their speech.”

“It’s important to remember that the devil is always in the details, and what the administration attempts to spin as a ‘clerical’ function can easily be used to bludgeon free speech,” they add.

“So why is Obama willing to jeopardize internet freedom?” they ask. “The administration believes that continued U.S. supervision of the domain name system will prompt China, Russia, Iran, and other countries that have been clamoring for more influence in internet governance to fracture the internet by setting up their own networks, perhaps under United Nations control…By ending U.S. oversight, the Obama administration will disempower the American people and empower China, Russia, and Iran, putting those regimes one step closer to their goal,” which Cruz and Duffy argue is “to control the global internet infrastructure.”

Brett Schaefer and Paul Rosenzweig for Heritage’s Daily Signal wonder whether ICANN is too corrupt to take on additional duties. “Earlier this year, ICANN was challenged in U.S. court regarding its failure to follow proper procedures in awarding the .africa domain name,” they write. “The dilemma arose from the ICANN board’s attempt to improperly appease governments who had objected to the original delegation.”

Far from “rule by geeks”—who ostensibly have nothing to gain by appeasing global dictators—Schaefer and Rosenzweig foresee the transition as “rule by a global monopolistic self-perpetuating elite.”

If the Department of Commerce’s NTIA has successfully overseen the contract to date, one must ask why the transition is even necessary. This is especially true if the change is “minor,” as the LA Times editorial board has asserted. However, this is but another part of President Obama’s consistent push for multilateral agendas at the expense of American power and sovereignty.

The transition “has rankled Republicans who say it could put the internet in the hands of hostile actors,” reported The Hill, once again casting only Republicans, and not citizens, as in opposition to this change.

This is a radical change,” argued Rick Moran for The American Thinker. “I suspect we will see almost immediately that it was a mistake. But once the transfer is made, it will be too late to get it back, leaving us pretty much at the mercy of anti-freedom governments.”

The liberal media continue to assert that handing over a function of the Internet will have minor repercussions. That’s because few in the media want to blame President Obama for, once again, damaging U.S. interests in his pursuit of the transformation of America. This is a complicated issue, but after the lies employed to sell the country on the phony Iran deal, and on Obamacare, Congress should block this surrender of U.S. Internet oversight for at least as long as Obama is President.

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  • bobs33hotrod

    Why would Obama want to do this to all the American People. Doesn’t Congress have to approve this plan. If he Goes against the wishes of all Americans. If Obama takes the INTERNET away,Could OBAMA be IMPEACHED ???
    BOBBY ~!~

  • Lorilu

    What power does Obama have to act unilaterally? A pen and a phone?

  • IronChefSandwiches

    So I guess you just missed the part about how Congress is doing this? Ya know, Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate Majority Leader? Pull your head out and read for a change.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    “This is the latest Obama administration scandal”

    No. Like all of the other “scandals”, this one…isn’t. Only in your fevered, lying mind.

  • chsemedwnmfrs

    How is it that one person can relinquish ownership of something when everyone owns the internet ? Can the constitution for the united states be rewrote also. “search the real constitution’ USE A REAL SEARCH ENGINE not goongle it

  • Jennifer Lowe


  • hillbilly

    Mitch McConnell is an Ass .

  • Atlas Wept

    Don’t forget Pelosi (D) and Reid (D)!

  • Ddave

    Just the latest in the long list of things he’s done against the will / interest of us.

  • civilwariscool

    for this alone he should be tried and hanged

  • Bossman

    Why are DEMONCRATS so eager to give things away i.e. Carter and the Panama Canal. It seems like these sub humans really hate our leadership in the world.

  • Ddave

    Of course the mainstream media don’t have a problem with it. The internet is killing them and exposing their bias.

  • NEVER_Hillary

    Now we can go back to Email using PINE and Bulletin Boards for our porn.

  • unworthy

    Why do the progs want to change the way the Internet is run…if, as they say, it won’t change anything??

  • The people of Newmerica are no longer citizens they are subjects. Get over it and accept this. The UniParty has no interest in maintaining US sovereignty or power around the world as they are globalists. UniParty members are told what their jobs are following each years meeting of freaks at Bohemian Grove.

  • Obama, the cheesed|ck surrender monkey had to screw the USA on his way out to the UN.

  • No, they just hate America.

  • NEVER_Hillary

    Can’t give away the internet without Al Gore’s permission right?

  • sandhillguy

    I haven’t heard a single argument that this is a good thing for the US, only that we opponents are exaggerating the dangers. If there is no benefit to the US, why do it?

    Furthermore, where does Obama get the authority to do this? He is literally giving away US property to foreign governments, without legislative authorization. What’s next, the Washington Monument?

  • sandhillguy

    What’s the upside to the US?

  • Convincing the Congressional leadership to block a move that will lead to censorship of Internet free expression is like asking the foxes to protect the hen house. The leadership of both parties are utter sellouts, and they all blame and hate the Free Internet for being the one uncontrolled/un-dominated by the olgarchy form of media that’s out there, calling the sellout RINOs and corrupt Dems exactly what they are. They want to see sites like Drudge and Disqus regulated into non-existence. And if the U.N. gets any part of control over the internet, you’ll see carbon taxes and other redistribution of wealth schemes tacked on to virtually every mouse click you make on the web. Internet commerce – just about the only aspect of the U.S. economy keeping us afloat – will be taxed into oblivion. Post a comment like mine right here that ticks off someone in gub’mint or one of their oligarch buddies? Your IP will be given out, and with that, your location can be pinpointed.

  • mscol

    Obama couldn’t Censor the people so he went after the tools that kept us up to date on his Treasonous Crimes. Without the internet we would have known nothing.

  • ReadTheConstitution

    This is frightening. Please contact your representatives today. If they can pass the Saudi Arabia lawsuit bill, they can stop the surrender of internet freedom.

  • Jeffjr04

    The reality is this was announced 2 years ago. And for 2 years Repubs sat on their hands. Then when September rolls around, 1 month left, now they are screaming from the rooftops that this is urgent. They want to swoop in as “heroes”. This was unimportant to them until the 11th hour.

  • x32792

    The Media carries water for global elitists. They should not be believed on any subject. They are bought and paid for ‘hos.

  • PopeofWisconsin

    He can’t be impeached… there is no support for such action. It would have already happened back in 2012…

  • Brett Reese

    Obama hates our standing in the world and he’s done everything he can to make us just like every other nation. I truly believe he hates America and everything she stands for.

  • Michelle Teller

    This is how the Left finally bans Drudge.

  • Leslie Miller

    the MSM has too much to hide./

  • Brett Reese

    Don’t think they won’t try. If the left doesn’t agree with you and your opinions, they’ll stop at nothing to silence you.

  • If the United States loses the internet, the world loses freedom.

  • Yes Stradamus

    Democrats hate America – and everything it stands for. Likewise, most Americans with a brain hate Democrats.

  • Democrats are opposed to freedom, and America stands for freedom.

  • Yes Stradamus

    I just did. Congress needs to be flooded with opposition to obbamma’s internet giveaway.
    The Bill is: S. 3034
    sponsored by Sen Ted Cruz

  • ImaHippyBurning

    PIG PISS Be Upon Barak HUSSEIN and His Corruption!

  • AJF

    WTF are we giving this up?! I don’t see any good to come of this. Is this Obamas’ final F you before he leaves?

  • Yes Stradamus

    Contact Congress and voice your opposition to Obamma’s internet giveaway.

  • Yes Stradamus

    Expect more Anti-American foulness from the kenyan.

  • Leslie Miller

    it is your congressmen and senators….they need to pass Senator Cruz’s bill

  • Joe Sixpak

    Did you get to keep your doctor, insurance policy, and get a $2500 cost reduction the last time Barack Hussein Obama came up with a “great idea?”

    This give away of control of the internet needs to be stopped ASAP!

  • Yes Stradamus

    Yep. They’ve still got the “Fairness” Doctrine sitting on the back burner, which they’ll bring out as soon as Shitlery takes office.

  • Yes Stradamus

    Yes – but this time he also has DEM and RINO congressmen helping him, too.

  • Joyce Nagy

    Obama and the Senate leaders don’t seem to give a damn about the security or freedom of the American people. They believe they are better than those they are paid to serve!

  • Yes Stradamus

    Yes….Cruz Bill, § 3034

  • Jeff

    I don’t understand why Obama wants this. What’s the point? The system has been working just fine all these years; “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”.

  • Shears-of-Atropos

    There’s no problem? Hiroshima, Aug, 1945. “The U.S. can’t touch us on our own soil.”


    Nagasaki, Aug, 1945, “do not believe the propaganda about Hiroshima.”


  • What The For Duck

    “Emergency Injunction” Congress Can Do This SO CALL THEM TELL THEM GET ON IT ( AND NOW )

  • Rich Shepard

    One of two reasons. He really despises the notion of American exceptionalism. A foreign power can clamp down on the internet more easily than our government.. Our government is still bound by the first amendment.

  • Yes Stradamus

    Meddlesome democrats have to keep “fixing” things till they break.

  • Sean Mcguire

    On the flip side, the more the government tries to stamp out freedom, the more they turn the nation against them. The old adage applies here. he who fights by the sword dies by the sword. The danger is anarchy with the populace taking the law into their own hands and getting rid of the government official themselves. So if the government continues it’s path, all they set up is for them to meet their ultimate demise.

  • If this ends up happening, then on Oct. 1st, work needs to begin on a new, parallel alternative to the mainstream Internet started and maintained solely in the USA, free and uncensored, and without any control ceded to the ICANN successor. As far as how routing and addressing would work, I don’t know. But it could be figured out.

  • Deplorable HRW

    ICANN — Internet Corporation for Assigned Names from Nigeria.

  • biffula

    Probably going to end up being the worst of Pres. Zero’s many blunders.

  • Falcon195

    Comment engine moderation, editorial censorship, then elimination of entire sites.

  • ProBizConservative

    All a part of 0bama’s plan to “fundamentally transform America”…

  • dcdave

    having the internet under central control similar to united nations is that this pathetic admin wants. that way they can control it.

  • Falcon195

    It is increasingly likely that Internet comment threads and blogs will soon be subject to mandatory ‘community standards’ moderation by approved third-party organizations. Facebook might lead the effort applying approved moderation to their approximately 1.7 billion users, while offering approved moderation services to the numerous sites using the Facebook comment plugin. The authority for such measures and the content of the community standards may be by de facto fiat. The related FCC, FEC, UN, and global governance topics are a matter of record, and for now are available for research.

    Simply put, our free-speech vibrant, Internet powered body politic has been declared the enemy of progress.

  • Breathe Deep

    this is barry’s run around the end to score and complete his game: McConnell, Ryan and all our overpaid representatives are sucking their thumb with a finger up their nose.

  • Deplorable Snowcloud

    If we like our internet, we can keep our internet, Obama?

  • JoeCurious???????????

    The media can’t wait to censor the main stream internet press. The media giants are tired of being irrelevant

  • H. H. Miller

    Just give it to Soros and skip the pretense.

  • windmere

    These Media Soro’s PravdaPropaganda Patsy’s don’t care what we lose. All they are Obama’s Leni riefenstahl’s with out her talent. No wonder their readership is down. The people supporting them can’t read.

  • Scott S ???????????

    This directly impacts our national security. It’s treasonous. Obama should be arrested.

    If control wants to be gained again, it can only be achieved through a global revolutionary war. Is that what we want?

  • JoeCurious???????????

    The funny thing is if you stand up to the lefties and call them out on their BS, they scream and cry in a corner.

  • StuckInBlueMaryland

    What better way to stop a burgeoning uprising than to stop communications? There will only be allowed state approved speech and it will happen faster than a blink of an eye.

  • Ah_Clem

    So, it’ll never happen? (Trump is going to win) It will stay on the back burner for four to eight years, or possibly longer. During that time Congress should do away with the “Fairness Doctrine”. It’s just a BS anti-free speech policy anyway. The free market of consumers choose what sources of information they want and don’t want. Examples: Air America Radio and MySpace on the net, vs. Rush Limbaugh and FaceBook.

  • Vespidie

    A closet democrat

  • Kozlowski

    It would be fine if they just screamed and cried in the corner. But they are also calling those persons employers, doxxing them, and otherwise doing anything and everything they can to suppress and harm persons with ‘un-approved’ opinions and views.

  • TheBruce

    “…once again casting only Republicans, and not citizens, as in opposition to this change.” That might be because the American people have no idea what’s going on. Ninety percent of them probably couldn’t even name the Vice President of the US if their lives depended on it, so how could you expect them to know about something as ubiquitous as the Internet or its administration?

    Ignorance surely is bliss.

  • Grimm Bastard

    Right now the internet as it is, with how Americans are using their freedom of speech over the internet — which is really working against Democrats right now — is why Obama wants to hand over ICANN. It’s his way of circumventing the First Amendment by giving control to an international government body that does not have to abide by the U.S. Constitution. When Americans are censored, he’ll simply say it was the decision of the “international community” managing ICANN, and that we have to ‘respect their decision.’

    As many of you already know, Facebook, Twitter, Google have already created and even tested censorship tools on Americans with their platforms. They created this a year ago in anticipation of, and in direct collusion with the White House. They are even pushing in support of giving up ICANN to this “international community.”

    The turn over has everything to do with control over content and speech, and nothing more. It has to be stopped or else you’ll have to remember IP addresses to access websites like this.

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Call all 3 of your CongressCritters, as this will occur on October 1. It’s up to We The People to prevent this from happening.

    Pass this on.

    If it isn’t broke, then it doesn’t need fixed. World powers want it to happen, because they aren’t Constitutionally free republics, they’re socialists/commie/marxists regimes.

    The first Amendment is under assault from the inside and the outside.

  • puck30

    1984 is almost here…

  • Morocco Mole

    That’s just ignorant and shows the administration is totally clueless about what arrangements they should have made prior to relinquishing control over a fundamental internet entity that exists as a monopoly under the protection of the federal government into the European private sector that has no such protections. It’s entirely possible that fighting over control will mean ICANN ends up being run by the U.N. and we can all imagine what that would be like.

  • DTS623

    In essence the UN will be the responsible party to determine what is and what is not allowed to be said on the internet. CENSORSHIP

  • Hail To The Chief

    Why doesn’t Obozo just shoot himself.

  • Richard_Wiggler

    because THAT would help
    Make America GREAT Again.

  • YarplyTwelve

    i think he is giving control away because the way it is now he can not fully control what goes over the net, but some foreign entity which does not follow US law can. He gives it to them and then they do what he can’t, and filters all news coming in and out of the country like china and north korea does. At this point, well at this point, there could be another civil war and the outside world need never know, except from unconfirmed rumors touted by european conspiracy nuts.

  • Jason

    Obama just hates America. What else is there to say? Now about those Obama supporters, they are mindless followers.

  • datruthhurts101

    Then the Globalists have total control

  • vincedc

    “The integrity if the Internet.”.What planet do these people come from?

  • TrumpWins

    Another piece of America that Obama is selling off.

  • LN

    The real question is how is it that this born out of wedlock Kenyan is still alive.

  • Doug Williams

    I can’t, as a Canadian citizen, seem to come to grips with the fact that after all the corruption that has been exposed to the American public and on the world stage that the American Armed Forces have not held some secret meetings and come to the agreement that Barrack Obama be arrested, impeached and held to stand trial for Espionage, treason and even war crimes. Is there NO GOOD MEN LEFT in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA?

  • Ah_Clem

    He doesn’t want to take it away. He just doesn’t like it the way it is now, because he and the government don’t control it’s content, or have the ability to sensor it. Just like when the military goes to fight an enemy, they go after command and control first. If there were ever a need to have another revolutionary war, the government doesn’t want us to have a way to communicate with like minded people. Once that freedom is taken away, the next thing would be to take away people’s guns. Then, no matter how repressive the government gets, there’s no way to fight back. Is this the first step? It’s just a thought. I’m not a conspiracy theory freak.

  • You might wanna get your blog or site archived over at IA.

  • Because he “says so”. Funny that!

  • Lance Tyree

    No worries. hillary is going to the morgue.

  • JaMaWi

    Better wake up, folks, kiss freedom of speech goodbye. Stop This.

  • Lance Tyree

    Dean and the alleged “cocaine” question. That lying son of a bitch!

  • Lance Tyree

    ..and converted into a Mississippi Wind-Chime

  • Paul Paine

    So, the mainstream has no problem giving America’s control of the internet away to our enemies.

    The internet is the last totally free forum for the exchange of knowledge and opinions. One has to use critical thinking to be able to determine truthfulness and reliability which also has to be used on the mainstream. That is why they are losing readers and viewers. One of the first changes will be to the comments – there is too much hate – they have to go.

    There is absolutely no benefit to give up the control of the internet except to weaken and bring down the once-exceptional United States, a goal that 0bama has had his entire life. Buckle up, the worst is yet to come and we have to take care of ourselves. We are on our own.

  • Ibulena

    Could not have said it better! ???

  • Ah_Clem

    Freedom of speech is just the first right we will lose. After that, the rest will be easy.

  • Irredeemable Deplorable

    Because they lie. It will change everything.

  • TexasTeaFinder

    Sure, the media “dismiss the dangers”, but they are too dense to realize that they could easily pay the ultimate price. Personally, I hope they realize this the day after we cede control.

  • TexasTeaFinder

    Ever seen the movie “Masada”? Rise of the Darknet – they will inherit vapor.

  • way2confused

    Think Obama CARES if he puts this nation in danger? He would like nothing better than to see us on our collective knees and bowing (like he does) to foreign leaders.

  • scott

    Left pulled plug on Radio Host Michael Savage yesterday

  • scott

    Well, Al Gore did invent the internet

  • Irredeemable Deplorable

    Something bad is coming and the globalists want to block it from the internet. This is part of the plan. Mark my words.

  • williampenn

    What else would you expect from a third-generation America-hating communist born who-knows-where, of questionable parentage, raised a Muslim in Indonesia, mentored by Marxists and controlled by Soros?

  • A Eagle

    Every time you hear the word “Obama,” history has proven you better beware.

    Nothing good from this man in eight years. We just swing like monkeys from dishonesty to disaster.

    This nation will not tolerate another as profoundly incompetent and insincere as he. Indeed, the next one will be the last one.

  • lovearepublican

    MSM is your enemy. Believe NOTHING THEY DO OR SAY!

  • way2confused

    Well it is now confirmed, Congress will not be taking this up. They made an agreement on funding the government and our “beloved representatives” are running out the door to go home and campaign and won’t be back until after the election AND the turnover of the internet. And Obama laughs.

  • Zorcon the Deplorable.

    Media? What media? You mean the state propaganda machine?

  • Paladin

    Dear Commenters

    Enjoy expressing your First Amendment Rights on Conservative Websites. You chumps have two more days to exercise that right.

    Barry Sotero

  • Paul

    WaPo as a fact checker…that’s funny.

  • sonnyboy

    The media does not dismiss the dangers. The MSM is agrees with it.

  • Sedition Is Freedom

    Does anybody still doubt this traitor has launched an all out war on Americana?

    Consider all MSM news enemy broadcasts.

  • sonnyboy

    And Breitbart, Freedom Outpost, Eagle Rising, etc.

  • christopher

    His wife is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

  • Uh

    You didn’t build that, your tax dollars didn’t either..

    American idiots voting for America hating Democrats

  • Care

    I have called, texted, faxed and emailed my Reps and Sens. Only two days left, Geezus, this is critical mass time. Don’t sit behind you keyboard or phone, DO something! We bitch about the govt., but don’t do anything about it. When our free speech is taken away we become sheep. Do it, do it NOW.

  • aguest

    They’ll probably impose outrageous fees in order to make it look like they weren’t banning or censoring a site.

    Imagine if they charged a $1 fee for the year’s average # of visits to a site. Drudge alone would charged hundreds of millions of dollars.

  • Honest John

    That is EXACTLY the goal as anyone familiar with Obamaworld should know. It’s called “transforming”.


    Obama wants this for U.S. Citizens so it must be wonderful for America right? (sarc/on)

  • Lol

    Drudge is ran by the .gov…
    Get a clue

  • Nat George

    Wait until this mistake wipes-out a whole level of E-commerce that they never suspect. Obama has stolen peoples bricks and mortar jobs, now their Internet Livelihoods will go the way of the Obamacare/Iran deal. The man hates YOU/me and is looking in every-way he can to destroy YOU and Make YOU Poor.

    If TRUMP is elected, TRUMP won’t be able to unwind this deal like an Executive Order, THAT IS WHY OBAMA IS DOING IT NOW ! ! !

  • Jennifer

    Why is Trump or the media not talking about this more? It seems huge. Or somebody at Fox.

  • BurtonWiborg

    The internet is the only common thread patriots have to get the message across. It’s the only form of communication conservatives can go to and share the actual truth. Once it’s monitored, you can kiss your freedom goodbye, end of story.

  • Little Buddy

    ………..way to go asshat..

  • leslie green

    TRAITORS…all those who would give away our Constitutional Amendment Rights…. Hang them all high…they don’t deserve the bullets.

  • Jennifer

    Why are conservs not making this a big deal? Don’t they care? Congress, Rush, or Hannity? Makes no sense.

  • Brian

    Politicians generally dislike a free press and work hard to distort what they cannot control. There will be no push back from our representatives. A small dog and pony show to say they tried hard but couldn’t agree on how to word two sentences to protect the Internet.

  • Deplorable B Church

    They may not realize it, but they are starting a war in this country that will consume everyone. The government is the enemy of the American people, and little by little they are pushing us into a position where we will have no choice but to rise up against them. Will this be the tipping point? Will the election be the tipping point? All I know is that the last straw is close at hand.

  • Nat George

    Obama thinks he is Robinhood and YOU/WE are the Rich. He wants to take from YOU/ME and distribute it to his buddies who he thinks deserve our property more.

    Don’t believe me ???
    – why is he sneaking billions of dollars around the world without telling us?
    – why is he sneaking illegals into the country and burning the records so no one can find them?
    – why did he lie about Obamacare and keeping your doctor?
    – why does he want your guns?
    – why is he weakening the military?
    – why does he go around the world telling everyone how bad we are?

    NOW HE WANTS TO STRIP US OF OUR MONEY & POWER . . . what little we have left.

  • SerfCityHereWeCome

    Leftists: Commit treason first, ask questions later. Or never.

  • Nat George

    If this is such a good thing for us, it will be a good thing in February 2017 after we have a NEW POTUS. But Obama can not depend on a NEW POTUS to do it. THAT IS WHY HE HAS TO RAM IT THROUGH NOW ! ! !

  • Mark Probst

    tor works around ICANN so that is still a viable unfiltered option.

  • MoBetta Jenkum

    An American invented the internet (not Al Gore) because of the opportunities and education he achieved in America. He patented the internet with an American patent. The least we can hope is that a respectful organization like Interpol can respect that patent. The internet belongs to America. If you want one, go invent your own!… Stop trying to steal OURS!

  • MoBetta Jenkum

    Don’t forget, they are globalists/traitors who hate the USA anyway…

  • Wes

    The democrats are sending US jobs overseas again, but they have been doing that since NAFTA. Shows the democrats really don’t care about American jobs again.

  • allahs_snackbar_fresh_goat_4u

    Anytime the mainstream media likes or approves something, you know it will be a HORRIBLE idea.
    Can you think of anyone in the mainstream media who doesn’t belong in a gibbet cage?

  • Ken Martin

    Obama has been and is still the worst disaster to ever happen to America.

  • leslie green

    I love your enthusiasm but, they really do not care what we think… I’ve called my Congressman and Senators also, but, I’m not holding my breath … they’re mostly corrupt also… sigh.

  • GHinNH

    Remember Obama Care? It will be just wonderful! YACK!!!

  • News Reporter

    A civil war is around the corner. A list of all liberals needs to be created. Those people need to be executed for treason. Millions? So be it. So done with these psychopath suicidal lunatics.

  • Kummin

    No, the lefties and the Islamists and others will now have a way to figure out how to censor things they don’t like because it’s “hate speech”. Take a look at Europe. Free speech is dead there because of the fear of being hauled to court, accused of “hate speech”. This will make it much easier to apply to the internet. Wait and see.

  • Leah

    The obvious question: If it’s just a “clerical” issue, why then even bother, and just leave it as-is?

  • Leah

    We need a new phrase to replace “mainstream media.” Every time I hear it, I cringe, especially when coming from the right side. How about “legacy media”, or as Rush calls it, “state-controlled media”? But I do agree with your point. And while I’m at it, change the meaning of the word “journalist”, i.e. an extinct species.

  • straightup

    Done. Thanks for the enthusiastic reminder. It only took like 5 minutes, too. I linked this article, but it’s too bad, the article doesn’t specify what bills, etc. That would be a lot more helpful. Thanks! I feel like I did something now, at least.

    *Also: To anyone reading this and being a lazy SOB, it really only takes 5 minutes. You can link this article and say that it’s very concerning to you as a citizen of whatever district you are in and you want to see something done about it. Good luck!

  • Bill Boinkr

    I have called and get a pleasant plebe and feel like they just want to pat you on the head and make you go away

  • straightup

    Because “affirmative action”.

  • paraducks

    The feeling I came away with also.

  • straightup

    I e-mailed but will try to stop by their office tmrw in person. To see what gov plebs look like in person and to reiterate in person. Seems worth it. It’d hate to have a bunch of Chinese dorks tinkering with my communications in the future. No bueno.

  • paraducks

    The internet is a very effective form of the “samizdat” press of Soviet era. The Commissar’s of information are all about squashing it.

  • So privatization is good…unless Obama wants to do it.

  • Get rid of big government influence…unless Obama wants to do it.

  • When your internet really starts to suck ass take out your frustrations on Democrats up, down, and in between the ballot.

  • cudapup

    Of course the tribalsit (Globalists) owned media supports extending their monopoly of the media to internet censorship.They hate the truth being told and true free-speech.

    All those who support this are anti-American treasonists. This treaty no matter what it states should be thrown out by Trump when elected…what are they going to do about it? Along with throwing it out its time for some ‘real media reform’, starting with “diversity” in media ‘ownership’…a word they love to use as a racial weapon of hate.

  • Any company on the Internet can already moderate anything you post on their site. Nothing about this removal of big government from interference will change that.

  • Dick

    Anything obozo touches turns to s.hit!!!

  • honestynow

    Please get everyone you to know to bombard their reps, Sen. McConnell (the traitor), Ryan and demand this not go through! This will be the end of our free speech within years. You know the globalist/UN/elite, NWO folks are dying to end that for us- not to mention the islamic bloc.

  • USMC43

    Mitch McConnell stripped, stripped Cruz’s provisions from the Continuing Resolution. In other words, McConnell and Obama answer to the same people, and that’s not you and me.

    BTW, Mitch McConnell’s Father-in-Law is best friends with Jiang Zemin, former Premier of the PRC.

    Let’s not kid ourselves, we have one party rule, the Corporate Party USA. The Republican and Demcrat labels are there to keep the Serfs distracted.

  • how does this equate to losing the internet?

  • honestynow

    I have. At least I know mine are against the handover. Thank God.

  • honestynow

    Good for you!

  • honestynow

    Why has there not been a petition on this?

  • maybe you are ignorant of how the internet works. nobody owns the internet. the other great thing about it, if the internet as it exists is not satisfactory, you can create your own internet (with blackjack and hookers!).

  • Person223

    The Los Angeles Times say says it is no big deal? Well, that settles that. I’m sold.

  • honestynow

    Yep. You won’t be able to utter a word against islam/islamic terror.

  • honestynow

    Numbers can be found at
    Do it now!

  • cudapup

    Globalists (anti-American) who pose as “two” parties have been one for some time now…which is why they and their media hate the Trump movement.

  • Vet1stID

    It’s not privatization.
    It’s ceding regulatory authority of the largest free speech tool our country has, to the U.N. which is not bound by our Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    Obama himself just recently went before the U.N. saying we need to give up some freedoms for some constraints.
    This will mean internet taxation, free speech, public discussion, political dissension, what is considered hate speech or offensive, will be decided and implemented according to the mandate of a body outside of our legal and political systems.
    It will set a precedent, that it is alright for our system of freedoms and sovereignty to be over ruled by an outside authority.

  • How does this equate to internet censorship? Neither Ted Cruz or you seem to know the first thing about the way the internet works. How does this at all effect censorship???

    When did conservatives become so pro-big government? This is literally an example of a time where if Obama said oxygen was good, you’d stop breathing.

    This is the downsizing of big government. It is the privatization of a service that was (minimally) influenced by big government. Shouldn’t you be cheering this on?

  • Templewind

    If people don’t understand, at this point, we’re in the middle of a hostile takeover, they won’t until it’s too late. The next 30 days will convince those folks of just that!

  • Zeds

    Obama is a coward and a traitor. That old sick hag Hillary will follow in his footsteps, making America a weak, third world Nation. REVOLUTION NOW!

  • This is literally the opposite of a hostile takeover. If the Obama regime was attempting to take this over, wouldn’t they be trying to put MORE big government in the middle of the process? This is the privatization of something that prevents big government from fiddling around with it. When did this become a bad thing to conservatives?

  • cudapup

    Look to the EU “internet” and how people are jailed for criticizing mass rape and invasion by those Globalsits who hate them….coming to the US. A great litmus test BTW is anything the elite Globalsits and their media are for you should be against. Wake up.

  • We are literally on the same internet. Nothing about this will change that. How does removing big government from something and privatizing it lead to jailing of people?

  • whoodoo

    The MSM are for it because they are owned, lock, stock and barrel by multinational (read, anti-national) conglomerates, and he who pays the piper, calls the tune.

    NBC, owned by NBC Universal, owned by Comcast (a multinational mass-media communications and entertainment conglomerate)
    Also—CNBC—MSNBC—Telemundo—E! Entertainment—Golf Channel—NBCSN—Universal Parks & Resorts—Universal Pictures—Pay-TV channels—Mega-ISP provider etc.

    Fox News Channel owned by Fox Entertainment Group owned by 21st CenturyFox (multinational mass media corporation run by Murdock)

    ABC owned by ABC Entertainment Group owned by Walt Disney (multinational mass media conglomerate)
    Also—ESPN – 80% owned by ABC, Inc, 20% owned by Hearst Corporation—Marvel Entertainment——Marvel Television

    CBS owned by CBS Corporation owned by National Amusements owned by Sumner Redstone (multinational family-owned mass-media corporation)

    CNN owned by Turner Broadcasting System owned by TimeWarner (multinational media conglomerate), Time Warner, Inc. (general)

    Reuters owned by Thomson Reuters (multinational news hdqtrd in financial district London and reflecting their values)

    Univision Communications Inc. (UCI) (Multinational multimedia corporation)
    TV — Univision Network, UniMás Network, Univision Deportes Network (UDN) (Sports), Univision Noticias (News), Univision tlnovelas (Telenovelas), Univision Television Group, and Galavision Network
    Cable — De Película, De Película Clásico, Bandamax, Ritmoson, Telehit, FOROtv, TuTV
    Radio —- Univision Radio, Univision America, Uforia

  • cudapup

    Are you trolling or shilling for Globalists?…we’ve learned our lesson not to trust them on ANY issue. Look around you at everything they have touched so far…how has it worked out for decent pro-Americans?

  • cudapup

    If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor – right? Turn off the boob tube, do some research and open your eyes man…jeeze.

  • Michael

    Yes, although I believe that Trump is their ‘controlled opposition’ point man who speaks to the frustrations of Americans. Considering that he’s surrounded himself with guys like Adelson, Woolsey and Guliani, it gives me pause for concern. Certainly hope he does contribute some positive changes, because if he doesn’t, well… we’re all in the same boat.

  • Michael

    They want to destroy any semblance of national sovereignty and replace it with their communist-style one-world government.

  • Obamacare is literally about legislating and INSERTING government in private healthcare to some degree.

    This is literally removing big governments influence.

    Are you dense?

  • Michael

    I’ll tell you why. The (tribe controlling the) US government cannot openly censor free speech without creating a legal firestorm over the First Amendment and sparking massive protests, so they’re going to pass the buck to a foreign entity and have them do their dirty work for them. They’re losing the information war, bad, and they know it.

  • cudapup

    You are a shill…you know nothing about what you speak and will not look at past perversions of laws/treaties and likewise rabbit holes we have gone down promoted by the these same anti-Americans. Putting the internet and free speech into the hands of Globalist owned ‘private’ monopolies is a great idea to you – got it.

    Now move along Globalist shill grown ups are talking.

  • Michael

    Those trade deals they’ve been working on, such as the TPP, will only make it more lucrative for businesses to outsource jobs. What can be said? They want to reduce us to third-world status.

  • cudapup


  • The government does not have regulatory authority over the internet. The internet is literally made up of individuals and corporations. These individuals and corporations are already able to do as they see fit provided it isn’t illegal in their local jurisdiction.

    Any ISP, website owner, or media outlet is already allowed to censor the content on their sites as they see fit.

    Taxation…after removing government influence? I have no idea what logic you are using. I cannot even debate with something that incomprehensibly ignorant.

  • Falcon195

    OR teach Romans 1.

  • Bob Thomas

    Congress is not there to serve anyone. They are there to financially enrich themselves only. They don’t really care about anything else.

  • Right now, that comment you just posted, is not at all protected by free speech. The company, Discus, could remove it at any time. The AIM admins could also remove at any time. There is literally nothing the government can do to stop this.

    Nothing about this legislation will change the way the internet functions in respects to the way you use it on a daily basis.

  • Michael

    That’s not true. If it didn’t matter, there wouldn’t be such an uproar over handing over control, now would there? Do you think we’re stupid?

  • cudapup

    Tell me what free speech protections this treaty states and there is not 45000 pages of fine print like Obamacare. Fact is there is NO need for it, except by those who are loosing media control. Look at the names of the lobbyists and who they represent who supports this. Who benefits most from this? Fact is you know nothing other than what you have been fed by the anti-Americans promoting it.

  • Actually, yes. I am 100% sure you don’t understand how the internet works.

  • Michaleen

    As the story about freedom that’s been unmatched is coming to a close….
    The keys to the kingdom….has now truly been given away…
    the end…

  • Chris K

    November 8th means nothing if this passes.

  • Michael

    Oh, I understand what’s at stake here and apparently so do the majority of people commenting here. This is about finding a workaround to the First Amendment in order to censor Americans.

  • You are not protected by the 1st amendment when posting on the internet unless it is to a site that you own, on a server that you own, on a connection to the internet that you own, trunked up to the big internet (which you can’t own).

    I can guarantee that you don’t own these things. If you did, you’d be smart enough to realize there is no big change coming.

  • cudapup

    If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor. So you still trust Globalsits, we got you. In your opinion the US needs EU style internet censorship – so tell me what this does for us besides leading to EU censorship?

  • Michael

    November 8th means nothing anyway. Do you really think that the entrenched establishment would give Americans the power to make meaningful change simply by casting a vote? Ask yourself, do we get to decide who controls our currency, or reign in the rampant corruption? Not a chance.

  • cudapup

    OK you are trolling, not looking to be informed…bye.

  • Tell me how it leads to censorship. Show me in the legislation. You are simply making things up.

  • cudapup

    If the Globalist media and elitists say this is good, be afraid be very afraid. Everything they touch has been anti-American.

  • sun_wukong

    We will be much like Britain, where the cops will show up at your door to question you (at best) if you posted something called “hate” speech. Congratulations, all those living on the largesse of others; you are finally the slaves you wish so desperately to be.

  • Jason

    Trump 2016!

  • No I’m not trolling. I’m dead serious. You are not at all protected by the 1st amendment when you post on the internet. Somebody OWNS that server, that hosts that app, that serves up that little box, that lets an idiot like you run your mouth.

    What you are getting pissy about is tantamount to you saying that you have 1st amendment rights to come in to my living room and write some garbage on my wall and I’m not allowed to remove it.

    You are not protected by free speech on the internet unless it is a server you own on a connection that you own that is peered with the big service providers.

    Save yourself some embarrassment and confusion by taking a little bit of time and learning how the internet actually works.

    There is no magic and the government doesn’t own any of it except the servers that host government services.

  • cudapup

    He thinks he is being clever, but is coming off as a pompous troll. We know where his loyalties lie and its not with Americans. Block him and move on.

  • cudapup

    You got it.

  • Marion Mitchell Morrison

    What is the rush? Cuz it’s Obama’s final finger to the US taxpayer (who paid some of the costs to set up ICANN)? The surrender is illegal anyway, Cruz says, since it is federal property and has to be approved by congress.

  • cudapup

    Not much “diversity” in media ownership is there? Which is why they fear the internet.

  • honestynow

    True, and eventually, any part of the Bible.

  • Michael

    That may be part of it. Information spreads quickly, so if they’re preparing to stage a false-flag or a faked alien invasion as Rockefeller once mentioned, people would be exposing the lies in an instant. For the time being, however, I think they want to silence dissenting views and such, especially anything deemed “anti-Semitic” – which almost always rings true.

  • Straight Up

    I’ve heard one phone call is equivalent to 100 people knocking on their door. In the wacko world of politics it means more than you think.

  • Michael

    Yeah, they want only state-sponsored news to exist, with only state-approved opinions to boot.

  • Ugly and Angry

    I can’t WAIT until I am hurting more then just feelings…

  • News flash: You are not protected by the first amendment on the internet unless you are posting to a government server (or a server you own on a connection you own). Nearly everywhere you post on the internet is owned by a private citizen and they can sensor you however they’d like. Discussion threads like these are owned by someone. They can moderate them as they please. Welcome to reality. The first amendment only applies to the government.

  • ProudDeplorable

    Tampering with bank & credit card transactions, plus government benefit disbursement, is about to get a whole lot easier. Who needs violent terrorism when you can cause utter chaos from a keyboard.

  • Areyoukiddingme

    The biggest douche living…and yet morons keep reelecting him

  • Areyoukiddingme

    They don’t care …they are bought and paid for

  • Vet1stID

    Ceding authority from the country, I didn’t say government.
    Try again.

  • ICANN is an American (California) based incorporated non-profit organization. It isn’t leaving the country.
    Try again.

  • News flash: You are not protected by the first amendment on the internet unless you are posting to a government server (or a server you own on a connection you own). Nearly everywhere you post on the internet is owned by a private citizen and they can sensor you however they’d like. Discussion threads like these are owned by someone. They can moderate them as they please. Welcome to reality. The first amendment only applies to the government.

  • This is literally the opposite of 1984. The government is giving up control over something. If this was a power grab by the government, it would be taking control of the internet.

    News flash: You are not protected by the first amendment on the internet unless you are posting to a government server (or a server you own on a connection you own). Nearly everywhere you post on the internet is owned by a private citizen and they can sensor you however they’d like. Discussion threads like these are owned by someone. They can moderate them as they please. Welcome to reality. The first amendment only applies to the government.

  • mary ward

    Why is Obama SO hateful? Ignorant? Bent on the destruction of America?

  • News flash: You are not protected by the first amendment on the internet unless you are posting to a government server (or a server you own on a connection you own). Nearly everywhere you post on the internet is owned by a private citizen and they can sensor you however they’d like. Discussion threads like these are owned by someone. They can moderate them as they please. Welcome to reality. The first amendment only applies to the government.

  • News flash: Nothing about this legislation will change anything. You are not protected by the first amendment on the internet unless you are posting to a government server (or a server you own on a connection you own). Nearly everywhere you post on the internet is owned by a private citizen and they can sensor you however they’d like. Discussion threads like these are owned by someone. They can moderate them as they please. Welcome to reality. The first amendment only applies to the government.

  • john adams

    You’d think seeing the rise of people like Trump or Bernie Sanders from no where would be a wake up call but nope.

  • Oliver Felts

    The so called ‘media’ is, and will always be corrupt. NEVER believe anything you read. Get independent sources and a lot of them.

  • lineguy

    Elections have consequences. We are getting what we voted for.

  • lineguy

    I was banned from the ABC blog.

  • Vet1stID

    If that (California) based company were all this entire debate was about, (which it’s not) and the organization is retaining all of it’s operational ability having to do with the internet, there would still be no reason to cede the authority this deal is going to, over to the United Nations.
    You must think we’re stupid if this is your response to my points.
    Your trolling needs some work.

  • The Ruling Class wants free expression on the Internet censored. That can only happen if the US government does not control ICANN and hence the First Amendment does not apply. There will be no one to effectively oppose their globalist open border agenda. This includes globalist Ruling Class Reps like Paul Ryan.

  • cyunvwyatt

    I don’t think anyone has really voted in our lifetimes. Its all been fake to loot and pillage the Treasury. The owners of the Media also own the Banks, and the Federal Reserve, that has enslaved 100 generations of goyim.

  • There is literally NOWHERE on the internet where the U.S. government can change your free speech status except on their own servers. Every single site (except those owned by government) out there is already legally capable of censoring you.

    How does this change anything?

  • Then please inform me what it is about?

    News Flash: You are not protected by the first amendment on the internet unless you are posting to a US government server (or a server you own on a connection you own that is peered with other connections you own). Nearly everywhere you post on the internet is owned by a private citizen or company and they can censor you however they’d like. Welcome to reality. The first amendment only applies to the government.

  • Yaspar

    Of course a SITE may censor you, SITES are essentially private property. This would be a governing body with the power to censor or turn off any site that they don’t approve of. No such power exists now.
    Now answer me this: why do libs LOVE the idea of government controlling what people say and do? Why do you hate free speech? Are you that besotten with Obama, little sheep?

  • Paul O’Brien

    It really, really sucks that the traitor in chief is giving away the internet, but it may really help Trump

  • Yaspar

    But who controls the SITES? Wake up, fool.

  • sonnyboy1

    At least it use to.

  • Yaspar

    PS, why do you hide your activity? Whose dog are you, anyway?

  • sonnyboy1

    Not a closet democrat, he’s a globalist, as most of congress is.

  • Yaspar

    When the SHTF, I hope someone gets to McConnell and Ryan. And Boehner. I hate them worse than Obama.

  • sonnyboy1

    I looked up the CFR member roster a few months back and lo and behold, guess who’s a new member. None other than Chelsea Clinton. Good heavens.

  • Contrarian

    If the Federal Reserve can’t raise rates close to an election why should our free speech be handed over? Let’s delay this six months and let the new Congress/President debate it.

  • logic4Uall

    Hillary will be Obama 2…same mindless, (maybe not), destruction of US liberties and economy, and overthrowing other governments to facilitate moslem agendas in those countries. Good going US voters, made a moslem a Manchurian Candidate as your leader, and now contemplating continuing the insanity with Obama 2.

  • Falcon195

    Hope you’re right.

  • sonnyboy1

    Look up numbers usa website. They do so much good and you can fax your congress members free of charge.

  • Falcon195

    You need to let the FCC COMMISIONER know; he’s freaking out.

  • Luther

    Manifest destiny:
    Give the country away to Mexicans and immigrants;
    Give our jobs, industries, and wealth to China;
    Give our constitution and freedom away to the Patriot Act, NSA, Bush/Obama;
    Turn us into a majority-minority paradise;
    Give away Internet control.

    What will be left for our guilt ridden snowflake millennials to sacrifice?

  • The people who own them control them…That’s why the first amendment does not come into play. The first amendment only applies to government.

  • Brian

    Obama and Dems want to give everything American away because they hate America. They want to destroy America and reduce the USA to a state of a global power ( the UN) and then we the people will no longer have a voice or vote for our leaders. All the decisions will be made for us because they see us as the children that have to be told what to do just like the Nazis. So remember Oct 1 2016 and the name obama when your at the bakery with a wheel barrow of us dollars trying to buy a loaf of bread.

  • This is the opposite of government controlling something. They are literally relinquishing control. How is government relinquishing control going to be government controlling free speech?

    Nearly every ISP in existence (short of a few cities and municipalities that run ISPs) already have the ability to shut you off. Tell me, without going to a private company for a connection to the internet (which already has the ability to shut you off as they please), where do you get internet from?

    I’m the sheep, but you are spouting the same nonsensical garbage as most of the other people on here. Who’s the sheep?

  • AmericanMorning

    This is an attempt to stifle free expression- specifically political expression.

  • Individuals/companies control the sites. They control the connections. They control the trunks. They are the peers. There is absolutely no access to the internet as a whole that you can get that cannot be censored by a private entity.

  • Ken Martin

    Obama wants it controlled by third world despots and muslim sheiks. He wants to be a dictator himself, or at least a king. The gutless RINOs in congress along with the traitorous democrats have pretty much let him be one.

  • Please explain how this will stifle free speech.

    The internet is owned by a conglomerate of individuals and private companies. The first amendment does not protect you against censorship by individuals or companies when you are on their property or are using their property. Any of these folks can already stifle your free expression and political expression.

  • ICANN is a US based (California) non-profit organization. Can you explain how third world despots and muslim sheiks will control this.

  • lori58

    my senator is all over this….i do not even have to call.

  • lori58

    do you think it possible that obama is anti freedom?

  • Ken Martin

    The UN will run the show. As a rule of thumb, if Obama wants it it’s bad for the country. Like every single thing he’s pushed.

  • talljohn777

    One of the stupidest decisions ever….

  • DrFunk?Funk????????™

    ok percy

  • MrObvious

    Then you have the option to avoid that company. You cannot t however avoid the internet key masters. That’s the diff.

  • MrObvious

    Dean is the worst kind of tool

  • MrObvious

    I really hope so. God.

  • That doesn’t answer the question. You’ve literally answered a totally unrelated question. Can you explain how a US based non-profit will be controlled by despots and muslim sheiks?

  • saliwanadochakakhan

    That was the response I got!

  • MrObvious

    Garrett the troll. Welcome

  • MrObvious

    Your argument is weak no matter how many ways you present it.

  • Flechette

    What is the driving force behind the scenes to do this? Why is it even on the table?

  • MrObvious

    You troll.

  • Adm. Adama

    McConnell is nothing but a bed partner of Obama. That slimy POS should be removed from office. BOTH of them.

  • The ICANN is not the internet keymasters. You are free to start another company that does the same thing. If you don’t like their addressing scheme, you can do your own and peer with your own people. If you don’t like their DNS, you can already use an alternate scheme.

  • Bonnie

    It’s not just Obama. This whole globalist takeover started with the 1st Bush. Anything the media tells you. Do the opposite. They want NWO. And they know America is waking up. That’s why everyone of them is all in on Hillary. This could be their last chance.

  • Don’t agree and realize you have no argument? Scream troll and run away.

  • Actually it is pure unadulterated fact. The internet is not controlled nor run by the government. This is one last little piece they have influence over and it is not necessary.

  • mr.nuggets


  • MrObvious

    Internet is owned by no one. The infrastructure ‘they’ own makes it easier, more ubiquitous, but not necessary. The internet was here before Cisco, facebk and HP got knee deep.

  • mr.nuggets

    .he’s anti-america ..anti-americana

  • Sumner Kagan

    politicians, government and media WANT to be able to censor the internet. It’s the last bastion of free speech and the ability for people to communicate outside of government control. By letting it switch to a controlling system outside of the US, it’s no longer held under the constitution and no longer under US courts as well. A simple call can get a domain shut down with no repercussions from US citizens. No legal ramifications. No due process etc.

  • MrObvious

    Always follow the money trail

  • MrObvious

    Uh, Yeah!

  • Bonnie

    People always complain about the media and have no clue how or why they do what they do politically.

    Read the telecommunications act Bill Clinton passed in the 90s. It’s was funded by giant media lobbyist wanting the OK to buy out the little guys and create a monopoly. In 1980 there was 70 different media publications where Americans got their news. Today that number is 5..

    Look at the plethora of companies Disney owns. Also look at how the content of the shows changed after the 90s. All filth and garbage. ESPN use to be a great sports. channel in the 90s. Once Disney bought it. It turned political.

    So it’s clear why the media is sold for Hillary and Democrats. Both use each other to push global agendas down the throat. Like global warming, gay’s, Muslim tolerance, white guilt, gun control etc.

    Whenever we or any other country goes to war the first thing we take over is the media outlets in that country. Changing of the minds is the first objective when one is at war. We are at war and that’s what they are clearly doing.

  • Richard Peartree

    Obama will go down in history as the first president that hated his country and had financial support from our enemies to buy the media and work his agenda. Anyone who dared to confront him was branded a racist by the media.

  • You mean like ICE/DOJ/HLS takes away your domain with no due process?

  • Bonnie

    Just more proof of the ends times. When one entity takes over the internet it just gets closer to the mark of the beast and not being able to buy or sell.

  • What exactly do you think the internet is? No one person/govt owns the internet, but it is literally owned by millions of corporations and individuals. The first amendment does not apply to any of them.

  • Richard Peartree

    The internet is the conduit for everything in our country. Everything. To give up protection of the internet is the biggest act of treason anyone could make against this country. All communications, financial markets, commerce, law enforcement, defense, everything will be wide open to our enemies.

  • David Rowley

    The MSM are complicit. The timing is undeniably political, and the motive is shameful. Let’s end the alternative media to give Hellary one free month to advance her lies without competiiton.

  • Grimm Bastard

    That’s a really ignorant statement.

    The ‘legislation’ will change who gets to govern ICANN which is essential for a majority of internet routing. Americans ARE protected by the First Amendment over the internet because “speech” isn’t limited, and how it’s conveyed isn’t restricted. I said freedom of speech “over the internet” is hurting the Democrats right now (government) — Obama handing over ICANN can help him solve this problem by giving up control of ICANN to an international community which can dictate what is acceptable content and determine if whether or not they wish to censor that content especially with the rise of populism and the fall of globalism.

    It’s already happening in nations around the world that does not have any ‘freedom of speech.’

    Any private citizen who runs their own server can set whatever rules they want. However, companies like Twitter for example, whom Jack Dorsey had called a public utility should not be in the business of suppressing “speech” — yet they do, on a massive scale. Google and Facebook are also setup for this as well.

    It’s one thing to moderate explicit content, and another thing to censor content. ICANN is key to implementing censorship in a global scale; literally, executing a line of code can wipe out routing to an entire virtual community.

  • Mac-101

    I can’t believe young people are NOT up in arms. They live by their electronic media. Surely these sheeple can NOT be unaware that info as they know it will be fundamentally manipulated. We will ALL become mushrooms!
    . for US Senate, Kentucky, 2020, Ditch da Mitch
    No BANKSTER, PoliTick, Judge, Crony Corporate Fascist or Traitor too Big to JAIL or Impeach!

  • .308 51st State

    A) DARPA, that is the US government, created the Internet.
    B) If ICANN is no big deal, why would anyone want it?
    C) Let another nation or nations develop their own network, and spend decades deploying it.

  • Sumner Kagan

    oh there’s still issues having it here. but not on the level of places like china, russia, iran (who are members of the group that will be running things once transferred)

  • dwstick

    Dear Leader and his lapdogs in the lamestream news media claim that all this ensures that the Internet will remain ‘free’.
    Because, you know, nothing guarantees freedom better than a few thousand pages of gubmint regulations!

  • Patrick

    Nothing else for me to say; you stole my thunder! Well said.

  • enzomedici

    Who cares if China,Russia and Iran create their own domain system and fractures the internet? China and Iran’s internet access are severely restricted and 1/2 of the traffic from Russia is hacking attempts.

  • MisterAnon

    This is going to turn out to be nothing of any significance in terms of its impact on your daily use of the internet. Just watch. It’s sort of like how the Catholic church was angry and fearful of Galileo’s discoveries, because the discoveries overturned the current understanding of how the universe worked. Same thing here. Any change to the status quo, tends to be opposed by people, particularly by conservatives.

  • Robert J. Romano

    It’s pretty much over, sad to say. The Senate has already adopted the CR, which now proceeds to the House. The only hope is if they amend it, but Ryan won’t do that. He doesn’t care. The fix is in. The GOP could have traded stopping the Internet surrender with the Dems for funding for Flint but instead they gave that away for free. Sorry. We did everything we could to stop it. But keep calling 202-224-3121! Let your representative know how you feel.

  • warpsix

    Reckless Plan describes 0bama’s entire presidency. Congress is derelict in it’s duty if it doesn’t stop this

  • ~DeploROSEable~

    Who is your senator?

  • InternetSavage

    I guess we may need a new DNS.

  • David Rowley

    Only a brainless person would ever think Drudge was gov’t. run.

  • ComradeAdam

    The media should be very scared. Without the internet there will be no one left to defend them when they come after them next.

  • MisterAnon

    That’s correct. Democrats are usually against privatization, so Republicans are usually for it. In this case the Democrats are for privatization, so this time Republicans are against it. So what do Republicans actually stand for? The truth is they don’t stand for anything. They exist simply as a reactionary party, to oppose ANYTHING that Democrats want. The Republican party is the worst party in this country, and it should actually be disbanded by force of law or executive action. Do whatever it takes. Ban the Republicans. Make the Republican party cease to exist.

  • MisterAnon

    What tribe? I thought those stupid Europeans that came here to the US already took all the tribes off their land and forced them against their will to go onto reservations. Native American tribes (sadly) have no control over the US government.

  • MisterAnon

    ^^^ FBI please investigate this nutjob. He’s trying to incite conservative protestors to kill millions of liberals.

  • Falcon195

    Garrett, I apologize if I offended you; I’m a jokester and I sometimes I go overboard.

  • MisterAnon

    ICANN controls the very fabric of the internet (not just www web addresses and DNS conversions between www addresses and IP addresses). All ISPs (such as Comcast) are answerable to them. The communications infrastructure that is “the internet” (including TOR, HTTP, FTP, and all other protocols that run on those international fiber optic lines) are controlled by ICANN. Switching to TOR has ZERO ability to “work around ICANN”. And in fact, the very fact that it is the central internet router (ICANN can be thought of as being THE INTERNET ITSELF) is a very good reason to shift this authority to an international organization. The USA should NOT have majority control over a communication infrastructure that is INTERNATIONAL in scope. Being that the internet is of an international nature, it should be controlled by an international organization. The UN is the PERFECT entity to control the internet.

  • straightup

    Thanks. I like my freedom online. Hope others do, too. It’s a shame Obummer would let something like this slide especially during an election season, but it shouldn’t be surprising.

  • MisterAnon

    ^^^ Another nutjob just itching to start shooting people. FBI please investigate him.

  • MisterAnon

    ^^^ yet another paranoid nut

  • We need our country back

    Can we all start now believing our Country is being or has been sold out or trying to silence us. This means war to a point people. If we lose the ability to what we have been able to do we are in trouble. Unless we ALL come together and not let the fake media try and divide us with race issues or other stupid stuff and understand we need to remove some very nasty people from power. We either sit on our butts and do nothing and bitch or we get serious we group and we make hell for them all by any means to get our country back.

  • ComradeAdam

    But now it will be the entire internet and if you wish to be able to use the internet you will not be able to speak out. The largest platform for free speech will soon be under the Islamic UN control, opposition will be silenced. And what happens when the UN starts asking for taxes to fund their operations for the services provided? . And if they start asking countries to enforce laws like anti-bullying laws? Or they start passing internet laws of their own? Pretty soon you won’t be able to buy or sell online without a UN identification card in order for them to track purchases. This transfer of internet control is irreversible, so why do they want to mess with a system that works fine now?

  • Deplorable B Church

    There are too many of us, communist. We are everywhere.

  • Ken Martin

    Can you explain how it won’t be? And why the hell is it necessary to begin with? What possible good does it do for America?The US won’t have any say on designating domain names or anything else concerning the net. Germany and other European countries are already censoring websites in Europe, like Facebook for their PC BS. WIth the US out of the picture the 1st Amendment no longer applies.

  • ComradeAdam

    The UN will silence Drudge and the left will say there is nothing we can do because the Islamic UN controls it, it is no longer subject to American laws.

  • MisterAnon

    Are you saying you think she’s already so sick she’s going to die? Or are you suggesting a violent uprising of militiamen that will involve shooting her? By the way, if she dies while in office, the vice president becomes president. It doesn’t make Trump become president.

  • MisterAnon

    Downvote for you. You are just doing more fear mongering.

  • bruce

    If it goes through it is time for all to go off the grid. Therefore we no longer exist just like the internet. Back to pre-internet knowing we are no longer watched by others absent their control. FB gone, et al.

  • Even More Importantly

    Does this mean all the porn chicks have to wear burqas?

  • eorann

    but….until you are ready to clean house one way or another this is all psssing in the wind….we have a traitor in the white house.

  • SpiderMike

    Men of factious tempers, of local prejudices, or of sinister designs, may by intrigue, by corruption, or by other means, first obtain the suffrages, and then betray the interests of the people. ~ James Madison (Federalist #10 November 22, 1787)

  • Elvis X

    This reminds me of the Panama Canal fiasco with Jimmy Carter. We designed it, built it and paid for it but Carter felt we had to give it to the Panamanian’s. Who then promptly sold it to the Chinese. This Obama bungle, considering the power and value of the internet, may actually be worse.

  • The Big ‘O’ SUCKS

    Obama the great DECEIVER AND HATER OF AMERICA!!!!

  • The Big ‘O’ SUCKS

    Obama could very well be the AntiChrist!!!!

  • White Clowns

    Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are Obama’s sex slaves.

  • White Clowns

    And the entire Republican House and Senate are traitors, too, but even worse.

  • Vet1stID

    Alright Garrett, this game of picking a thing as your argument then it gets shut down so you pick another, is wasting my free time.
    I’d like to believe you have the ability to broaden your perspective. I’ve already pointed out that it’s not only about one aspect of freedom.

    “..internet taxation, free speech, public discussion, political
    dissension, what is considered hate speech or offensive, will be decided
    and implemented according to the mandate of a body outside of our legal
    and political systems.
    It will set a precedent, that it is alright for our system of freedoms and sovereignty to be over ruled by an outside authority.”

    Now sincerely, good luck out there.
    You’re gonna need it if you’re operating with tunnel vision.

  • White Clowns

    If it is no big deal then how come Obama is giving it away? He only spends his energy on golf, pretending he’s a big shot, and doing the utmost damage to the country. If it was no big deal, he wouldn’t be wasting his time.

  • StandingO

    I just e-mailed my MOC.

  • White Clowns

    Second Law of Thermodynamics. Things go from a state of order to a state of disorder. If you cannot extrapolate, then turn your moms basement light off. Save on electricity and save us from your stupid questions.

  • White Clowns

    Exactly. Otherwise he wouldn’t waste his time.

  • White Clowns

    No Garrett. You are wrong. And your stupidity is annoying. The Dept of Defense controlled it. Corporations and individuals USE it. Big difference. And over time leftists, progressives, then communists and totalitarians will take it over. It is how things ALWAYS work. But for now please leave.

  • White Clowns

    If the government has no control over the Internet, then how can Obama give it away? Now please annoy people of the same mental aptitude as your own. Try The Nation or the Huffington Post.

  • eorann

    aww ww….how cute….look at those wittle fists….heheh…..oops…did you do pee pee in your wittle knickers? oh no….that’s poopy ….bad boy.

  • A. Edelstein

    Just as the rise of nationalism, the alt-right, Pepe the Frog, widespread anti-Semitism and other hateful things all over the internet, it’s time to abolish the very freedom that leads to Holocaust and Pogroms. Take their speech then their guns. No risk of hating and killing Jews for no reason.

  • Mark Bailey

    They bring in so many illegals that it could tip the scales of the election and now this to shut down sites like Drudgereport and others. There is no bottom to liberals evilness and their hatred of freedom.

  • White Clowns

    You think they are doing the job they promised voters they would do??? Wow!! You need to crawl out of your annoying hole.

  • White Clowns

    You must be from Alabama or Texas. Otherwise your senator is probably lying.

  • Richard Daugherty

    Most of your Congress and Senate are NWO people. They have been purchased.

  • Burke Murphy

    No. This is the same as giving our treasury to the Federal Reserve, because it’s ‘just administrational.’ The progressive left only wants big government, damn the consequences and usually to our own peril.

  • Burke Murphy

    Dems don’t listen to their constituency. They create the problems and provide a narration for the constituency, but they live in completely different worlds with completely different motives. It’s sad a lot of our countries desires, fears, and passions are spoon fed to them through media matters and the big 6.

  • Jljlmjlmn_Prprsprst


    Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE
    problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white
    country and ONLY into white countries.

    The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan,
    but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing
    in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

    Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY
    white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e.,
    intermarry, with all those non-whites.

    What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem
    would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought
    into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

    How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE
    problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

    And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of
    genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable
    conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

  • Burke Murphy

    I think you are a shill working for the other side to paint the right as racists. Of course the left are the real stooges doing everything they can to cause racism so they can complain about it and use it as leverage. Your post is a perfect example. No time for the yellow don’t tread on me avatar this time?

  • jss1

    Sadly..this is a done deal..It HAD to be in the cr spending bill passed today…It was not..This was the only leverage congress had.

  • spikebu

    Voiced my opposition to McCain, am certain he will do what will fill his pockets with cash. As a regular Joe, cannot possibly offer the kind of cash our government can.

  • c. willie

    The main stream media really is our enemy. Make a point of calling Mitch McConnells office:
    Phone: (502) 582-6304

  • Patriot

    This is revolution type stuff. We cannot allow our freedoms to be taken away. The internet is the way in which most people communicate over long distances, if it disappears so do our freedoms and ideas.

  • Joni Macaroni

    the lame stream media is also bought and paid for by the same globalist bastards that brought us Obama and Hitlery so it is no surprise they are hiding the real intent of the transfer: domination over American interests and sovereignty. Why are we letting this piece of crap wreck this country??!! why don’t people stand up and fight this idiot!

  • Street

    A real concern here is no internet if the shtf. Think back to Egypt during the Arab Spring and how internet communication got out the truth to the rest of the world!!

  • Street

    Don’t give them any ideas…..

  • Gretchen Johnes

    Why is the congress getting courage now? Because it’s election time? Jerks should have done this every time this evil unconstitutional liar dirtbag and chief picked up his pen. No matter what any rino does now, or demoncRAT in congress. Don’t believe they have had any change in habit. Look at their record, and if they have gone along with the pos tus. Vote them all out when they come up for re-election. We gave them way too many chances. It’s too late for them to change their spots now. They are liars.

  • Neptus 9

    Enjoy the last few days. Obama’s — all leftists’ — dream of repressive fanatics controlling information is here.

  • Kenneth

    Why now is the correct question. Why now?

  • sdasad

    Sounds like time for someone to build a new internet off the regulatory and spy grid.

  • Kenneth

    To the MSM Obama is always right. Amazing. Do they EVER criticize him?

  • obamaScares

    Thank goodness we have Senator Paul Ryan, a strong, “Conservative” Republican Speaker of the House who is fighting for the interests of the people.

    Wake up! For those still sleeping…if this doesn’t show you that the Republicans are on the side of the Global elite and against the American people, nothing will!

  • Feet2Fire – The Deplorable

    This article explains the dangers more clearly than anything else seen online. The threat is NOT just about “censorship” or “free speech”! It is about the security and integrity of the INTERNET DOMAIN NAME/ADDRESSING SYSTEM. Please grasp this subtlety and explain it to your Congress-people, especially to Sen. Chuck Grassley and Mitch McConnell.

    “In the absence of [the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s] stewardship, we would be unable to be certain about the legitimacy of all IP addresses or whether they have been, in some form or fashion, manipulated, or compromised.”

    The transition could affect the status of Internet domain names, including .mil and .gov. “The Administration has failed to ensure U.S. ownership and control of .MIL and .GOV in perpetuity,” wrote a coalition of citizens and non-profits this August. “Both are vital national assets.” They argue that the Department of Commerce is doing “precisely” what Congress “forbade.” [emphasis added]

    BOTTOM LINE: We’ve all heard of ATM skimmers that can skim one’s private data and empty your bank account. Think of this transfer as presenting the same possible nightmare, for everyone who does any business online or has any medical records stored online, etc. etc.

    Here’s how to contact Grassley:

    Here’s how to contact McConnell:

  • Sbell

    The question is, why?

  • Sbell

    Meanwhile he has lived and is living like a Tsar on our money. Like signing over your will to the man who is executing you.

  • Sbell

    Showing how dangerous to give them legitimate, exercisable, all but unchecked power.

  • John Whalen

    For the most part there is no more Media anymore. They are the Propaganda voice for the Liberal Democrats…

  • mcmash54

    ” Thank goodness we have Senator Paul Ryan……”. Good one!

  • Feet2Fire – The Deplorable

    Thank you for your service!

  • jon raitmon

    Looking toward the One World Gubbermint. afterwards everyone will live in happeness. luxury and peace.

  • RLABruce

    This agreement alone is grounds for Obama’s impeachment, without even considering all his other efforts to weaken the United States militarily, economically, and politically. When future historians document the fall of Western Civilization, they will point to Obama’s administration as its beginning.

  • 11bravo

    I bet my senator Durbin, and Mark Kirk are All-over this!

  • RLABruce

    It will be more accurately called the One World Dictatorship, or the New World Disorder.

  • 11bravo

    Every nation is exceptional, so why not hand over the keys to all our freedom-to…who knows.
    Is ICAAN like the human rights commission with rotating countries on the board?

  • Calvin

    Botttom line is that if Obama is pushing for it, it’s not good for Americans.

  • Lance Tyree

    She is terminal. Since she won’t be in office, her present vp candidate choice is moot.

  • Don Greenwood

    Finally…..Obama is going to be able to silence Fox, Breitbart, Drudge, etc.. He is laughing his a$$ off.

  • RLABruce

    Notice, there is absolutely NO means for free citizens to communicate with each other that the government does not control, regulate and censor. That includes the postal service, telephone service, print news service, all bands of radio from cellphone to shortwave, television, email/internet, and ALL other means of communication. You are even subject to search and seizure if you attempt to deliver a message in person! Without our own means of private communication that can be kept secret from government, we cannot even organize to overthrow our new dictatorship without their knowing it. Either a new technology emerges that government has no way of monitoring, or else we must wait until it collapses of its own weight. But by then there will be no free society left to fight for, making the reason for a revolution moot.

  • woohooman

    Once stolen . . . . it cannot be taken back. Write your Congress Rep today!

  • T P

    If it aint broke, then don’t fix it!

  • tenminutetokyo .

    They are not handing over control of the internet unless they are planning to get rid of the USA (or take it over).

    The US gov’t has signed trade treaties that already put most of America under UN control. Americans just haven’t been paying attention because they are too busy partying and watching football.

  • tenminutetokyo .

    They don’t care about you. Gov’t is a business like any other. You are a pesky mosquito about to be sprayed with bug poison.

  • tenminutetokyo .

    Ryan already sold out to globalist interests.

  • T P

    Where is Trump on this?

  • tenminutetokyo .

    The globalist Zionist banksters are just jealous when the people live better than they do or when the people have more control than they do. They can’t stand it.

  • wilbur

    The mainstream media is why the vast majority of people are so uninfirmed.

  • wilbur

    The voters love to be lied to by their politicians.

  • gerald sornee

    Like him or not Trump is a leader and most of those who dislike him have fallen for the Establishments insane ‘demonization’ of him.

    Sanders is a follower who garnered support from people who can see through the Hillary facade, but not much further.

    Bernie has no leadership abilities.

  • gerald sornee

    Why is this being done? What possible domestic political motivation could the Obama MalAdministration have to surrender the Internet? Could this simply be another step in Barack Obama’s long drive to become the leader of the UN?

  • ARpg

    Well, I’m not a lawyer, but can’t a federal class action suit put an injunction on this? If so, we only have DAYS!

  • ARpg

    Being such, I’m not a lawyer, but can’t a federal class action suit put an injunction on this? If so, we only have DAYS!

  • peedonker

    Bunch of spinless pussies in government!!! Fire them ALL…then Deport them!!!

  • mom2boyz

    Follow this link to sign a petition to send to Congress. They MUST stop this from happening.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Sure. But my point was that this guy is crying about Obama doing it himself. He isn’t. This is actually one of the few bipartisan things going on right now and right wing morons are STILL blaming Obama for it. Pathetic.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Ouch. That hurt.

  • samhillxx

    The real question for me is what is the motivation, supposed and real, for doing this in the first place. If ever there was a good case of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, this is it!

    It is one more reason that I’ve come to the sad conclusion that Obama is the closest thing we’ve ever had to an outright traitor in the Whitehouse. The fact that it looks very much like the next president will be more of the same, or worse, makes this all the more deplorable.

  • ARpg

    Anonymous — Start Hacking! This passes, start shutting down critical governmental infrastructure.

  • Stormrdr

    This is concerning, yes, but far from “panic mode”. The US created the internet, and its addressing and networking schemes. IF the current web becomes politically corrupted, that is a problem, I agree. But it’s not the end of the world.

    It would take work, but it’s not beyond our ability to re-create a new web that is once again a free-ranging independent agency. There are already alternative “webs” in existence. They’re collectively known as the “dark web”, because their sites don’t have “www.” names, nor do they show up in Google searches. A new web would take work, but just like the current one, would re-gain usefulness and popularity over time as it supplanted a repressed-untrusted one.

    There are already millions of internet servers in existence, hosting billions of pages of content. While it’s not entirely impossible to restrict ALL of this content, it would be an extremely difficult endeavor. Yes, there’s the risk that sites like Drudge and FoxNews may be blocked in some way. But that risk exists even if the US retained control over ICANN.

  • Kraig Evans

    Maybe when they shut down free speech, you guys will finally be ready to take action to rid ourselves of the traitors that have infested our government.
    Probably not, though. Too many of you still thinks it’s someone else’s job to protect your liberties.
    It’s not Anonymous’s job to save us from this, it’s ours.
    When Obanana was voted in by the sheep twice, he promised fundamental change.
    Welp, he delivered.
    Now, more of you are going to vote for Hillary.
    Wonder what she’ll do?

  • Donald J.
  • mucklucky

    The obvious solution is to create an American version of the internet.. and not allow anyone else on it. Sorta like a company’s intranet.

  • bob e

    congress has gone home ..
    and that leaves the entire country out to friggin’ lunch ..

  • Bruce Allan

    Obama is a subversive acting on behalf of the globalists! Soros is his financier!

  • hotcocco

    ABC,CBS,NBC,CNN,PBS,ESPN,NFL,and MSNBC will be the winners in the Internet take over. That is why most of the public is unaware of this. Drown out free speech and you can rule the World.

  • Bruce Allan

    Don’t expect too many call backs – any of the ones in high position are globalists and in full support of handing it over.

    Don’t want any more of that “aggressive nationalism” or “crude populism” to rear its head – it’s too messy for the people who would be your rulers.

  • leslie green

    We shouldn’t have to create a new web or use the dark one…the one we have is fine… no, we must not allow these people to take another one of our freedoms…I don’t know how to stop them but if we want our freedoms we must not budge from this stance. Creating a new web is running away from these tyrants. Allowing the U.N. to have any say about what we do is sooooo wrong…they need to stay out of our affairs… actually, cease to exist.

  • Martin

    more madness….more insanity….congress is an idiotic bunch of narcissists, led by the narcissist in chief. they actually know very little about anything and the bureaucracy has been co-opted by know-nothing liberals, “educated” at “universities” that disparage nationalism and praise “globalism”, which is their new religion, since they got rid of Christianity. Christianity won’t let any of us be narcissists–that’s why they got rid of it.

  • ARpg

    Arm up… 2nd American revolution is coming fast! Especially after hillary and the soros funded left wing steals this election! At that point, violent revolution is welcome….

  • ARpg

    President OSAMA needs to be dealt with like any traitor. Since those elected to positions to handle such things do nothing, then isn’t it our DUTY to do so? And deal with all THOSE traitors too?

  • ARpg

    and this is why our founders included the 2nd amendment

  • ARpg

    The sooner EVERYONE realizes that this is the final phase of
    a global communist/fascist takeover using dumbed down muslims and blacks to facilitate the violence necessary to establish their TPP based tyrannical global government, the sooner everyone plans their counter offensive. Time to WAKE UP people, THEY ARE AT WAR WITH US! Plan up, ARM up, physically resist, if you don’t AMERICA IS DONE! GONE! GET IT? They will STEAL THIS ELECTION!!! And YOUR CHILDREN will work in factories with SUICIDE NETS AROUND THEM! Do you want that? THEN YOU BETTER WAKE UP! THE ELITE ARE WARRING AGAINST YOU! POLICE AND MILITARY… WE ARE NOT YOUR ENEMY! the TREASONOUS GOVERMENT IS! When you PICK

  • Jean Jackson

    Same here.

  • leslie green

    I did a little research and found out that complaining to your Congressmen won’t have the effect that we want… I was told that this internet take over is under the control of the department of Energy and Commerce… and that is who we should be targeting… their address is:…. and you can find out who is the chairman of this committee and protest…I went there and saw the bills introduced etc… we can let these people know what we think.

  • Del_Varner

    After the handover, it will be interesting to see how quickly, Brietbart and Drudge disappear.

  • Chris Williams

    Of course “media dismissed it” because most corporate news is owned and controld by liberals. abccbsnbcmsnbccnnapbbcpublicbroadcasting all liberal – all the time. They want America to be just like Angela Merkels Germany where it’s illegal to be a right winger. All about controlling the narrative in a total dictatorship. Liberal brainwashers in overdrive.

  • Chris Williams

    Do you trust CNN, Facebook or Google as your only choice for getting information? Do you want to live in a liberal dictatorship?

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    Ahem. . . That’s not a news flash, Garrett. Sorry, we’re Americans and not UN-ers. And the FCC stated that if we lose, what control we have of that something, we will never get it back. So why should we give it up now, because 0webama says we should? If it’s not broke then why break it?

  • TheDeplorableMiagogo

    If I can’t primary someone out, this is the last straw. I will vote democrat to replace any senator or congressman who allowed this to happen. Our primary challenger couldn’t beat the machine. Turnover time. And I really don’t like progressives.

    This is what this is worth to me. If this is the only way I can get someone out of office, this is what I’ll have to do. After all, democrats are obviously no different.

  • TheDeplorableMiagogo

    Well, of course. Did you think his days of being the messiah were over? lol

  • TheDeplorableMiagogo

    He’s against it, but he can’t do a d@mn thing about it.

  • TheDeplorableMiagogo

    Well, actually, there will probably end up being a black market courier service of some sort in our future.

  • graspof obvious

    That’s good to know. What if “It would take work, but it’s not beyond our ability to re-create” took too long to be of any real help? You know, like in the event of a sudden man-made ‘disaster’?

  • urshoozuntyd

    Barry barack hussein millhouse soetoro obama doing his best to help create a new world order. Pushing one world government control of our internet. What an asshole

  • graspof obvious

    It might come across more effectively if you’d turn off the all caps and not say things like “WE ARE NOT YOUR ENEMY! When you PICK
    OUR SIDE, WE WILL STAND WITH YOU!” without explaining who “YOU” are first.
    Hope that helps.

  • AmericanKim

    Oh it’s a wake-up call…they have awakened to the fact that they are running out of time to do maximum damage. You don’t think they are ignorant to the real issue here, do you?

    They know exactly what they’re doing.

  • graspof obvious

    Drudge is perhaps one of the last ways for people who appreciate the truth to garner factual news. That’s the big target on their list. This admin and the Billary have taken shots at Drudge already. Don’t think for a second that they’re stopping at just that…

  • Jeffjr04

    Please note that this plan has been in place for 2 years. Only now do republicans feel it’s important enough to get around to. They sat on their hands for two years and want to swoop in like last minute heroes. Republicans haven’t won a single thing against Obama yet. Do you expect this one to be the magic one? At the end of obamas term?

  • OLLPOH ~ OurLifeLiberty

    So it will be so much better regulated and controlled by foreign entities that are communists or marxists…. ?

    FWIW… Your Freedom, Liberty is tyranny-ized in the USA…

    In 2015 The Government Empoloyed Over 277, 000 Regulators

  • RLABruce

    Certainly–populated with government informants. ALL black-market activities have government informants and undercover agents, from drugs to prostitution; the FCC even monitors and tracks down “unauthorized” radio broadcasts from walky-talkies and cell phones! A black-market communications system will have even more g-men than usual because our government knows they are unloved, and will want to monitor the level of our discontent as expressed in a supposed “leak-proof” communications method.

  • RLABruce

    Governments only want their own stories to get out, not the truth.

  • RLABruce

    Did you think free speech was part of the establishment’s plans for a world government? Better think again; our government is wide awake and engineering EXACTLY what they want. Dems made sure Bernie didn’t win, didn’t they? If we get another President Clinton, it’s business-as-usual. If Trump is President, he won’t be able to even ask for a glass of water from Congress without being told no, let alone get any meaningful rollback of damaging Lib policies.

  • eorann

    scroll past comment….psssssssssss on socialist face……i own you.

  • eorann

    scroll past comment….psssssssssss on socialist face……i own you

  • White Clowns

    You need to pick up that refill of your meds. Seriously! You are sick.

  • Daiseymae

    We are so screwed!

  • Jenna

    Nothing will change. You all are just racists who don’t want other counties “owning” or “controlling” the internet. Do your research before you comment on things that you don’t understand and only get from ignorant Cruz and Trump.

  • Kin G Stream

    You honestly think Trump is a better leader than Bernie? This is what’s wrong with this country.

  • gerald sornee

    ROTFL … Bernie has been a journeyman hack in the Senate for 25 years. He never led or accomplished anything of substance.

  • Kin G Stream

    Strong words. Easy enough to tell people to do something. How about you go first and let us know how successful you are.

  • Kin G Stream

    You honestly think Putin’s right hand man is going to swoop in and save you? I’m sorry to tell you, but Trump is as bought and paid for as the rest of them.

  • mscol

    You are not to Bright Jenna. Why don’t we give something away of yours and see how you like it. Let’s take your home and give it to an illegal.

  • diane

    You have posted this stupid stuff over and over. Obviously you are a globalist shill.

  • diane

    Just STFU—you are GETTING MORE THAN BORING….We are aware of what the libtards are trying to do by giving away the authority to squelch free speech to those who would censor it.

  • diane

    WE DO. And we know what you are and nobody is interested in your blatthering.

  • diane

    Because the ‘privatization’ is such that will lead to control by the UN and authoritarian governments. But you already know that. LIAR.

  • diane


  • Kay Yak

    Do you understand how Islam has restricted the internet?

  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • White Clowns

    FYI. Normal people don’t write the things you do. You ought to see what you can do about it. Seek outpatient care or maybe hospitalization.

  • Falcon195

    It’s Biblical.

  • windyspirit

    Trump doesn’t listen to you. He wants your vote and then comes ”law and order” , as he figures it to be. The police departments are already being militarized, the wall goes up.. and ‘voilà’, America will be like Egypt.

  • windyspirit

    And Trump has accomplished exactly what besides ripping everyone off?

  • Magik13

    Yeah the “rise” of a fraud con man like Chump with 3500 lifetime lawsuits filed aqainst him, illegal business activity in Cuba, 4 bankruptcies, and who has bilked thousands of US creditors and American workers of billions of dollars is a real “wake up call”.

    Try again Einstein.

  • Magik13

    Good. President Obama is doing the right thing. As always the do nothing Repugnicants have it wrong. The US government has no business being in the information technology industry or regulating domain registration. This is a capitalist democracy not socialist communism.

  • Opinionator


  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • whoodoo

    Yea, they could take cable TV with hundreds of channels, wherein most were owned by the same multinationals that ruled the broadcast media. However, the internet/www offers a virtually infinite number of channels (for better or worse), and there is no way that they can control them all. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t serious problems with the oligopolists of the “search space” like Google, social media giants like F.B. and Twitter, or contrived “echo-chamber” members, but users are getting better and better a sorting them out.

  • Chuck Doudna

    I started to read your article, and just as soon as I saw the names trump, cruz and mcconnell, I realized you are just another LIAR AND ARE JUST TRYING TO SCARE PEOPLE. YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF, ASSHOLE.

  • OutlawAngel

    How is it that no one else seems to see how badly the US has fallen into disgrace under Obama? We are facing another Civil War that his regime has been forcefully pushing us into, we did not have this racial tension, the rioting as a form of protest that under leaders before him would not have been tolerated, nor should it be. He had spent more of our tax dollars wastefully than any other president, more people on welfare, feeling entitled to my hard earned money, and his general disregard for our Constitution and laws. He and his family have vacationed and lived high on the hog, have you? He is by far one of the worst presidents this country has seen, and has humiliated the US in front of the world. And yet, the libtards still think he is the freaking messiah. He is slowly but surely destroying our great nation and turning us into a 3rd world country. And it isnt a chance happening. Its all been planned and plotted and carried out just as he planned and yet we just let it happen. Wake up people, its almost too late!

  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • eorann

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    Must get this STOPPED. DESTROYING THE FREE WORLD… Before he leaves the White House
    Stop this Lunatic. Congress please god come to your senses save the internet from international unknowns(possible terrorists states,backed countries etc)

  • Brett Reese

    What a bunch of wussies.

  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • White Clowns

    Excuse me sir, but you really need to take a look at your behavior. This is an obvious sign of something very abnormal. All kidding aside.

  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • eorann

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  • White Clowns

    This is no laughing matter. You are a danger to yourself.

  • Bananarama

    scroll past name…..psssssssssss on your Jeb Bush face….i own you.

  • Bananarama

    scroll past name…..psssssssssss on your Wall of a ugly face….i own you.

  • eorann

    scroll past name…..pssssssssssss on socialist face………..i own you….

  • bobs33hotrod

    BOBBY ~!~

  • Little Buddy

    well according to the lame stream media everything is fine there’s no problems with anything and sine NOBODY in government EVER lies…….why should the lemmings believe anything different?

    And if anybody doesn’t agree with el bozo its racist and here comes al fecalstain crying about social justice

  • peterpan3

    Did you know both Mr and Mrs Clinton made $100 million each from the Clinton Foundation. Money that was donated was unaccountable. Does that sound like a worthy person to run the White House ? Forget about the 5 Clinton employees that were just given immunity for their dirty deeds. It took 2 years to get the State Dept emails that were the country’s property. I guess you never heard of how the Clinton Foundation took most of the money donated to the Haitians after the earthquake. The list goes on and on, but all you do is listen to the corrupt media

  • sanityisneeded

    Maybe you should also note that Obama is the one who put us in this position.

  • Austinniceguy

    This is EXACTLY what he meant by “Hope and Change” that had all those morons clamoring to vote this idiot into office. He knew what his goals were and he’s accomplished most of what he wanted, including to total collapse of the healthcare system so that we end up COMPLETELY relying on the government for everything. The stealing of the internet is just another step toward the NWO he and keg-legs Sh!tlery have in mind. REMEMBER, Sh!tlery has vowed not only to continue the policies of the elephant eared moron in chief, SHE WILL EXPAND ON THEM!!!! She has already told us she WILL bring in OVER A MILLION more savage animals under the guise of “refugees”!!! All she’s telling us is that she wants us to end up like Europe and STILL many morons support her. This policy MUST BE STOPPED and so must she!!!

  • Austinniceguy

    That’s EXACTLY what keg-legs SHITlery and the elephant eared moron LOVE about idiots like you, you prefer to remain uninformed and therefore they can do whatever they want and all you’ll ever do is complain afterward. Thanks for showing all of us what an idiot your mother raised. I suppose you think all is well in Europe these days?

  • Austinniceguy

    Poor stupid, delusional. moronic Jenna. Do you remember the elephant eared moron saying “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”? Morons like you fell for it hook, line and sinker because you’re too stupid to do any homework to better understand what it is they are doing to us. I suppose you DON’T know that obamacare is on the brink of collapse? You might want to at least TRY to educate yourself before displaying what an idiot your mother raised,

  • Austinniceguy

    She doesn’t have ANYTHING worth even giving away. She’s just another uneducated, unaware, LOW IQ libtard moron.

  • Austinniceguy

    And Sh!tlery has vowed not only to continue his reckless policies but to EXPAND on them!!!

  • Austinniceguy

    And here it is should Shitlery get in…

  • Austinniceguy
  • Magik13

    That’s entirely false. Check their tax returns. Unlike the fraudulent bigot liar Chump, the Clintons released their tax returns. Their combined income was about 24 million. The finances of the Clintons have been closely scrutinized by the FBI and the IRS and there is absolutely nothing wrong.
    Problem is you’re brainwashed by right wing la la land sources like Breitbart, Faux Nooz, and Rush Blowhard.
    If you are still supporting Trump at this point, there is no logic or rationale that can defend it. You are addicted in a codependent way to the narcissistic personality disordered criminal Drumpf.
    Only a very sick and disturbed individual could possibly support Trump at this point.

  • peterpan3

    Apparently you are not watching the House interviews with FBI director James Comey. Check out Judicial’s watch latest on Clinton Foundation. She is as crooked as they come

  • the sky still hasn’t fallen….

  • already happened. too late.

  • *too

  • “…who knows.” I Know. It is an American non-profit. If only there was a way to stop looking ignorant…Ohhh, there is! It is called doing some basic reading.

  • …a set of conservative core value, smaller government, free market, less government interference….you know, the ideals you claim to support….

  • Frank de Varona

    Shameful that Republicans in Congress are not stopping Obama for another act against our national security and liberty. Frank de Varona

  • AmericanMorning

    The thread has addreesed the issue.. My turn with a question for you: “Do you really think the rest of the world is dedicated to our freedom of speech?”

  • Magik13

    Problem is that your narcissism obscures your perception. Yiu are projecting your negative mother complex onto Hillary. Truth is, there is no evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever with the Clintons. You righties talk a lot of trash but produce no objective evidence or facts to support your slander. Where is the proof buckwheat? Facts are that Comey and the FBI investigated Hillary, the State dept, and the Clinton Foundation and found no illegal activity. Clinton herself acknowledges that mistakes were made. But no laws were broken. Trump on the other hand is severely mentally ill and has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Trump has been sued 3500 times for fraud…for ripping people off.Trump conducted business illegally in Cuba. Trump evaded taxes for 15 years. The intelligent, educated, reasonable people in this country will take imperfect  Hillary with her 30 years of government experience over Trump with his ZERO experience and with his narcissism, bigotry, racism, and hatred. It really is an easy choice to anyone with a brain.

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Tab®4

    ——– Original message ——–

  • Pai mei

    “Did you know both Mr and Mrs Clinton made $100 million each from the Clinton Foundation. ”

    What evidence can you share with us that supports the notion that money given to the Clinton Foundation has made its way into the Clintons’ pockets? Can you find a financial disclosure in their income or statements that makes it valid to repeat?

  • peterpan3

    Read Judicial Watch. They have disclosed the truth. Watch Clinton Cash on Breitbart. These stories aren’t made out of thin air

  • peterpan3

    So Trey Gowdy, Jim Jordan, Jason Chaffets, Representative Collins , who in the latest interview of Comey are all wrong? Watch the hearings on you tube and make your own conclusion

  • You never had free speech on the internet. You are clearly not understanding this basic fact. The first amendment only protects you from government controlling your free speech. Unless you run your own internet, you cannot be guaranteed free speech. The second your speech traverses another network on the internet, it can be moderated or removed.

    I’m going to reiterate, the internet is owned by a bunch of private companies. None of these companies have any worry about issues related to free speech. They are not government. The government only had minimal oversight on domain names and IP addresses. The keyword is minimal.

    It has been 3 days since the change happened. There are no discernible changes to the internet. Welcome to reality. Stop living in fear.

  • It’s been 3 days. I’m still posting on the internet….

  • Too late. The transition happened on the 1st of October. The internet is still going about business as usual.

  • Yet, you are bitching to keep government’s finger on a small portion of oversight of the internet? If the government was so bad, let them turn over the last bit to the private companies who already run the internet.

    Oh, and it already happened on Oct 1st. Have the internet speech police showed up at your front door yet? lol

  • Pai mei

    I understand. Can you share for example how your claim isnt made out of thin air? Share the source to read friend.

  • Magik13

    The Republicans were indeed wrong over Bhengazi and everything else. Why? Because Republicans base their lives and world view on second hand information and never bother to research an issue for themselves. Republicans are mentally and intellectually lazy and have the lowest IQs in the nation.

  • Skeptik

    Let’s see… three days into the ‘new’ administration and nothing has happened. The reality is that the organization is still based in Los Angeles, CA and isn’t going to change anything.

  • Skeptik

    Doesn’t the GOP still control and House and Senate? Seem like they could defeat this if they wanted to.

  • 4 days in, I can feel China attempting to censor my speech. I just know they are doing it!

  • BooBooBaby

    He paid So much in taxes! As for the taxes that YOU are talking about…that is something ALL business owners do and use! Even your precious Democrat business owners use this too! Why would HE pay Extra money he doesn’t have to! You obviously have Never owned a business before….do you have Any idea the amount of other taxes and fees he has had to pay! Oh Nevermind….you are a typical brainwashed looney lying lefty liberal! You probably are worried your Welfare and Handouts will be taken away….typical!

  • Magik13

    No you are wrong. Most people do not ring up $900 million in debt and then write it off using tax loopholes.
    99% of Americans pay their fair share of tax.

    Most Americans don’t file bankruptcy 4 times and stiff thousands of people of billions of dollars.
    Only 4x bankrupt, 3500 lawsuits fraud Trump does that.

  • 11 days…society has collapsed. There is no food, no water. We are living in chaos….O wait, no we aren’t.

  • john adams

    I have some bad news….

  • AmericanMorning

    You’ve avoided the question, I’ll ask again:

    ” Do you really think the rest of the world is dedicated to our freedom of speech?”