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America’s veterans are killing themselves out of desperation as they wait in line for medical treatment for serious ailments. But the traitor who now calls himself “Chelsea Manning” went on a hunger strike and quickly forced the Pentagon to agree to his demands for “transgender” surgery. Bradley/Chelsea Manning, who is serving 35 years for espionage, is not alone. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has approved an 18-page instruction manual that outlines how military men can become women, and vice versa. It appears that first-rate medical care for our service personnel will be reserved for those who want to be members of the opposite sex. This goes to show that President Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America continues, with a dangerous focus on turning our front-line military forces into pansies and fairies.

Secretary Carter says the transgender service member who wants to “transition” to a different sex must be given the option of extended leave, depending on how long the sex-change transition takes. This means that the military service member is unavailable to perform his/her assigned duties, which limits the unit’s assigned manpower and hence mission readiness.

Consider, for example, that in the course of routine military duties, he/she could be working on nuclear weapons, assigned to the console of an underground silo with co-responsibility for launching a nuclear-tipped Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, piloting a B-2 stealth bomber or an F-35 jet fighter, or perhaps maintaining the life-support equipment so vital to airmen. But these responsibilities will now take a back seat to getting what the ACLU calls “gender affirming surgery.”

In addition to taking time off to get surgery and recuperate, there is yet another significant problem. Dr. Paul R. McHugh, former psychiatrist in chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital, points out that a person who undergoes this kind of surgery is left with an underlying “mental disorder” that could lead to grim psychological outcomes.

The suicide rate among veterans is currently estimated at 22 per day, or roughly 8,000 per year. But Dr. McHugh reports that a Swedish study found that, for the 10-year period after having the surgery, the transgendered began to “experience increasing mental difficulties,” and “their suicide mortality rose almost 20-fold above the comparable non-transgender population.”

We are likely to see similar problems as a result of the Obama administration’s earlier decision to promote homosexuals in the military. Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, cites evidence in the AIM special report, “Refuting Media Myths of the Homosexual-Transgender Agenda,” that increased problems of mental health and distress are associated with this particular lifestyle.

At the same time, this lifestyle presents a potential threat to others, because the administration seems to be in the process of lifting the ban on gay blood donations. Blood donated by homosexuals to the blood supply could infect everyone, both civilian and military members. On the battlefield, wounded soldiers could be exposed to the AIDS virus or several other diseases. The blood is risky because of the fact that male homosexuals in particular are notorious disease carriers. For example, as LaBarbera notes, in 2011 an astonishing 94 to 95 percent of new HIV cases among males ages 13 to 24 were linked to MSM (Men who have Sex with Men). Syphilis, too, has become endemic to MSM.

The policy has been watered down to the point that it currently bans donations from men who have had sex with other men, but only within the past year; naively presuming the donors are truthful. This supposedly will diminish the possibility that their blood is infected. Still, liberal Democrats want to go further and completely lift the ban on male homosexuals giving blood.

As a former fighter squadron commander with a nuclear mission, this situation is so preposterous that it borders on the subversive.

This kind of social experimentation with the military services has been tried before. President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Defense Secretary Robert McNamara initiated something called “Project 100,000,” allowing enlistment of young men who were intellectually or physically challenged. This ill-considered program cost the services heavily in equipment and mission readiness.

My first encounter with the project results came in 1970. Upon arriving at McDill Air Force Base in Florida for training in the F-4C Phantom, I found a burned-to-the ground squadron operations building with its associated maintenance hangar heavily damaged. A project airman brought into the service under lower recruitment standards had been arrested for the fire.

In our F-4Cs Wild Weasel squadron on Okinawa, we were assigned two project airmen, admitted under the lower standards, both of whom required constant monitoring. One was totally untrainable with the other in trouble with the police almost nightly.

In one incident, while visiting our strip alert detachment, I found an airman third class Security Policeman, who was supposed to be guarding our mission-ready F-4Cs, with the muzzle of his loaded M-16 pressed against the chest of an alert pilot, and with his finger on the trigger. Because alert aircrews had to be able to scramble and get airborne in 15 minutes, they had priority in the food lines at meal time. Consequently, the major had stepped in front of the young guard at lunch—and the young project airman was ready to kill him.

There were other incidents too that never made the national media, such as the Navy destroyer that was disabled well out in the Atlantic Ocean, after a newly assigned project seaman had poured bags of salt in the ship engine oil supply. It was then ignominiously towed to port in Norfolk for repair. Another hushed-up incident involved an Army National Guard helicopter pilot who reported for his annual physical and was permanently blinded, because someone had put acid in the eye drops.

“Project 100,000” showed graphically why the U.S. military is not the proper place for social experiments.

Realistically, the old axiom still applies: “The mission of the military is the application of violent force in the fulfillment of national objectives.” It is not to provide sex-change surgeries and rehabilitation services for mentally disturbed or suicidal individuals.

Secretary Carter’s new transgendered policy is so irrational as to constitute treason. It’s up to Congress, which is supposed to provide the rules and regulations for the Armed Forces, to stop this ridiculous policy.


* Lt. Col. John Lowery USAF (Ret.) spent 23 years on active duty and retired on January 31, 1975. He flew combat in F-86 Sabrejets in Korea and F-105Ds in (North) Vietnam and retired with 7,500 military flight hours, with 5,000 hours in jet fighters and 460 hours of combat. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross in both Korea and Vietnam, along with nine Air Medals. He holds an under-graduate degree in Economics from Auburn University (Alabama) and a Masters of Aviation Science from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach, FL). He has authored nine books, including Professional Pilot Third Edition, (ASA, Inc.) Life In The Wild Blue Yonder – jet fighter pilot stories from the cold war (Amazon Books) and A Pilot’s Accident Review (ASA, Inc.).

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  • bobs33hotrod

    NOW YOU SEE FOR SURE WHY WE NEED, TRUMP 2016 WE Need to stop all this BULL SH$T
    BOBBY ~!~

  • RMThoughts

    While the cultural Marxist work to destroy the US military from within, the Neocons who control larges parts of State and Pentagon wreak their own destruction by using it for their own ends.

    The US Defense Department effectively rebelled against the president’s authority when it said it may or we may not comply with the Syrian ceasefire, says former MI6 agent Alastair Crooke. The United States does not have a UN or congressional mandate for intervening in the Syria war.

    The US military acted to destroy the cease fire agreement and flatly refused it’s conditions of joint operations with Russia and sharing intelligence on terrorists. They have rebelled against their own government, they are nothing but a stateless armed mercenaries.

    Out of idle curiosity, “Who is controlling these forces?” “Who are those fighting illegally on Syrian territory under the US flag?”

  • Carol

    This MUST NEVER be allowed! This traitor will be in prison and should never be allowed this surgery. Nothing but a waste of money. There are vets that are facing life threatening matters and they are made to wait….this is very, very wrong. Does anyone there give a dam about money and common sense? Hoping after Trump wins this BS will stop. No transgender anything!

  • theodora

    Horrendous! God help us!

  • NC91

    psychiatrists ALWAYS talk crap.

  • 2011RedSox

    Gee… have a heart America… pay for the surgery, but give ‘it’ a doctor who works for the government then he, she or it will then botch the job. Oh, yes, by the way STILL TRUMP NEVER!

  • Barry Johnson

    Spent 21 years and served in Vietnam and Korea(not during war.) never seen or did not here anything about Transgender or gays. The crap coming out of D.C. Is from a pathetic leader who has no clue. I think only God who has great Military Officers ready to fix things in January. We must make sure Trump is elected and if not our country is gone.


    Totally creepy and treasonous.

  • Steven Barrett

    Manning made his choices and his bed, let him lie in it w/o additional dollars going to support his gender-based choices for “lifestyle enhancement” reasons or whatever one hears this kind of wasteful extravagance labeled. He was a traitor and deserved nothing more than what the courts gave him, three hots and a cot. Maybe not three hots, just three servings of P & J sandwiches, and that’s it. Oh, and lots of license plates to press.
    When I think of two very close relatives who served in Vietnam and Korea during the late sixties, respectively, and being exposed to Agent Orange and having to wait till hell freeze, or froze over in one case, and Manning getting expedited treatment … well, I can’t put it into words. I’m pretty liberal but when it comes to mistreating our Vets who gave so we could live back home freely and safely, there’s no excuse for the mistreatment and neglect these men and women have received all the while bums like Manning was able to work the system much faster to suit his selfish purposes.
    Here’s what’s real sick when one stops to think about it. I’m not for sex change operations; they violate basic human nature, they are too risky and the idea that taxpayers are paying for such expensive elective surgery when people on medicare can’t even get a simple wart removed without paying an additional deductible, and guys like Manning get a fast and free ride even though he committed treason, it doesn’t make a damn difference what one’s ideology is to see the upside down inside out kind of “morality” that enabled Manning to pull this off.
    Having seen what happens to some men who underwent operations like this, and the risk involved, it makes me wonder why anybody would approve of them being covered by the government who in effect becomes the “owner” of a botched surgery, thus putting every taxpaying citizen on the hook for paying for yet even more very expensive surgery to remedy whatever faults, errors or miscues of both doctors and who knows, even nature itself, during the initial operation(s). Maybe I’m stretching things here, but when’s enough for some people who don’t deserve such expensive medical treatment when we have so many more deserving veterans dying because they can’t be examined fast enough to make sure their physical and mental health doesn’t deteriorate before their first intake appointments? Well, if Manning ever cares to listen or get a chance to listen, he ought to take in Arlo Guthrie’s “When A Soldier Returns From War.” song. It tears me apart every time, esp. when I think of the veterans who deserve the best medical care ahead of bums like Manning and aren’t getting it in time.

  • Steven Barrett

    I know of a man who was a doctor in the Army, served in then West Germany, returned to his native Massachusetts and began with two other doctors a private HMO roughly fifty years ago and it’s still going quite strong. He later helped start up a top of the line state health clinic in a very poor dying mill town in western MA. He was not a surgeon, but a damn good military doctor who used his experience in the … yes, single payer, “GI Medical system to benefit many people when he finished his required tour of duty. I, too, benefitted greatly from not only his HMO, but also the service I received as an Air Force dependent up to my college years. It matters less to me if you’re pro or anti single payer, but I do take umbrage at the swipes so many people take at “government provided health care” all the while forgetting the many dedicated public servant doctors and nurses who volunteered their skills and service to their country at far less pay than a lot of doctors and nurses entering the health job market today.

  • Nahum Alberto Vidal

    So what. Hes a traitor. Let him kill himself. This is so stupid. Taking off resources for vets to fulfill these freaks demands for real obama? I used to like you so much dude. I mean collest president ever but god you must work for the greater good. Now these freaks want to ivade oposite sex restrooms. They want to play sports in oposite sex teams. Demanding a lot of things normal people dont demand but because you act like victims you get grant. Sick. You are males and females who grew with frustration and believes they are something else. Well you are not. You are what your sex says you are. And u can look like a man but never grow a penis nor vagina or uterus. So instead of spending billions on aestetic totally uneccesary surgery cutting your weinnies and you chuchas then leave itbfor the people that really need it cuz u wont die withoutit so if u want it u pay it. This whole transshit is batshit crazy

  • LaTisha Jackson

    Russian Mole Thoughts is much more dangerous to humanity than that Iron Man Idiot…whatever, whom we can shut down…he uses a kay-gee-bee -designed technique of mixing truth with the lie to create confusion. How it is clear that he is paid by the kay-gee-bee is that he always sides with the russkis…Let’s chase him out of here.

  • RMThoughts

    You sound like a BLM activist? Unfortunately for Americans, our ludicrous air campaigning as “flying air cover for jihadists” and our attempts to use terrorism as a means to depose governments, makes it hard to be part of the neocon booster club. Who would have guessed that “One nation under God”, recited as children in school, might ever end up anything like “Babylon the Great”?

    Today, the United States is in an even more provocative and desperate war, one where invisible special forces and spook advisers assist anybody that will fight the real Syrian Army. The US, Qatar, NATO, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, and fundamentalists including the rebel FSA, Ahrar al-Sham, Al-Nusra — Al-Qaeda in Syria, and the Turkmen are arrayed on one side with the Jihadist, while the Syrian army or Assad, the NDF, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, Shiite groups from Iraq, sit on the other with the legitimate government.

  • Mundi

    She is a professional neocon blogger that shows up on all the big NC sites. They have her use a black name so people think that they can’t criticize her without being racist.

  • SmilingCat

    If the military in fact refused to abide by the cease fire, it would be the equivalent of a coup d’etat in America and the question of “WHO” is controlling the military becomes perfectly valid.