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The Democrats have been saying that there’s proof that the Russians hacked into Democratic Party computers for the purpose of obtaining and planting information that would help elect Donald J. Trump as president. But the proof wasn’t provided when President Obama issued an executive order and announced the expulsions of Russians from the U.S., and sanctions against Russian officials.

Still, our media were almost unanimous in saying that President Obama has proved his case and that Trump was out-of-step with what the evidence clearly showed.

For his part, Trump seemed in no hurry to come to any rash conclusions, saying he would meet with “leaders of the intelligence community” next week in order to be “updated on the facts of this situation.”

The facts were certainly in short supply when the media jumped to conclusions about the “evidence” released by the Obama administration.

A big question was timing. Kevin D. Freeman, an expert on economic and financial warfare between nations, has commented that the evidence indicates that the Obama team disregarded the threat of Russian hacking in the past “because they were confident that Secretary Clinton would win.” He called that “stunning.”

According to this line of reasoning, the Obama administration decided to blame the Russians only after Trump won the election, perhaps for the purpose of complicating the foreign relations priorities of the President-elect.

Whatever the motivation, the Obama administration’s “Joint Analysis Report” on alleged “Russian malicious cyber activity” is very weak and vague in key respects.

It would have been nice if reporters had read the pathetically thin report before concluding that there was substance to it, and that Trump was somehow derelict in not accepting what Obama had to offer.

Only four-and-a-half pages of the 13-page report purport to examine alleged Russian hacking activities. The rest of the report gives advice on how to provide security for computer networks.

It looked like the report was padded in order to make it seem more authoritative than it really was.

A separate White House press release went into some more detail, alleging that “the disclosures of alleged hacked e-mails on sites like and WikiLeaks are consistent with the Russian-directed efforts.” But being “consistent with” is not proof.

WikiLeaks released the emails from the account of Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. The website was responsible for the embarrassing disclosures from within the George Soros network of organizations.

The new Obama report, described as “the result of analytic efforts between the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),” includes a “DISCLAIMER” stating that it is “for informational purposes only,” and that the DHS “does not provide any warranties of any kind regarding any information contained within.”

It sounded like the kind of warning that comes with a possibly defective product.

There’s no question that the Russians engage in cyber warfare. But the “facts” in the Obama report seemed unusually vague. It states that “The U.S. Government confirms that two different RIS [Russian civilian and military intelligence Services] actors participated in the intrusion into a U.S. political party,” but doesn’t even mention the Democrats.

The term “confirms” sounds authoritative. But how the “facts” were confirmed and by whom was not explained. The report, however, does include some fancy color diagrams and a list of names under which the Russian hackers supposedly operated.

The report says this alleged Russian campaign, designated as “GRIZZLY STEPPE,” was an activity by Russian civilian and military intelligence services and was “part of an ongoing campaign of cyber-enabled operations directed at the U.S. government and private sector entities.”

If it was ongoing, why did it take so long for Obama to take action?

The report refers to one alleged Russian campaign that had “compromised the same political party,” again without saying it was the Democrats, and “was able to gain access and steal content, likely leading to the exfiltration of information from multiple senior party members.” The fancy term “exfiltration” means the unauthorized transfer of data from a computer. “The U.S. Government assesses that information was leaked to the press and publicly disclosed,” the report states, without saying who in the press was given the information and who or what leaked it.

“This activity by RIS is part of an ongoing campaign of cyber-enabled operations directed at the U.S. government and its citizens,” the report states. “These cyber operations have included spearphishing campaigns targeting government organizations, critical infrastructure entities, think tanks, universities, political organizations, and corporations leading to the theft of information.”

The term “spearphishing” refers to emails that appear to be from individuals or businesses that a person knows, but which are actually from criminal hackers. The recipient is fooled into resetting a password on the account, enabling the hackers to extract credit card and bank account numbers, passwords, and other personal or financial information.

This appears to be what happened in the case of Clinton campaign chairman Podesta.

“Russia’s cyber activities were intended to influence the election, erode faith in U.S. democratic institutions, sow doubt about the integrity of our electoral process, and undermine confidence in the institutions of the U.S. government,” the White House claimed. “These actions are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

But Obama’s “evidence” raises questions about the worth and value of the intelligence agencies that apparently provided it.

No wonder Trump wants to wait and see.

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  • Gul_Abul

    Interesting…this makes clearer the same thoughts I was having as to the issues surrounding these claims made by the american gov’t. Seems they knew it was happening, did nothing to stop it, had used the same tricks on the russians in their last election and in helping the ukraine crisis,but are just now upset because the russians did it back to them and helped ruin the victory party and the legacy (without mentioning any names or parties…LOL).
    I guess that’s what happens when you send naive little boys and girls in to play with the adults. How naive and stupid do you have to be….but worse yet, to think that political elites would think that americans would not eventually see through such deception by their own political system….wow.

  • Colin McDougall

    you are a fake news site

  • klndry

    Not only that, what did it actually accomplish? That is what is interesting. So they got in? So what. They leaked dirty secrets? Politicians aren’t supposed to have dirty secrets. They are supposed to be very clean. I don’t expect perfection, but some of the stuff leaked was pretty bad.

  • TPS12

    msm report the agenda but never verify.

  • Ron Long

    This report is like everything else from Obama, all fuzz and no hair. An as I recall, the only attempted breaches of state voting data bases was attempted by the DHS, Georgia comes to mind.

  • Ima Barber

    It sounds like to me they know they were hacked but there not positive who did it. All the hacker really did was expose the truth of THEIR attempts to rig the election. I think (and I’m nobody) they are looking for any excuse to explain their loss. The reason they lost is the people in the majority of the states didn’t want Clinton as their President.

  • 51curmudgeon

    Don’t forget BHO meddling in the Israeli elections, was it last year or the year before?
    Typical double standard. It is okay when I do it to someone else but heaven forbid someone should do it to me!

  • 51curmudgeon


  • Aint So

    The difficulty here is exactly who do we thank for assisting us in our good fortune. The way I see it, our Russian counter parts may have assisted true Americans in keeping a determined enemy of our nation out of the White House. This would appear to mean that they would rather deal with a warrior proven to drive a hard bargain than an agenda driven self serving witch known to promote, among other gross evils, the slaughter and sale of mutilated babies believing this to be an activity founded upon virtue. Illegal or not, maybe we can return the favor some day when the Russians are in the same situation.

  • John Cunningham

    Has anyone ever told Barack Obama that he is stupid and if not, why not? Now I know his staff, cabinet picks, and his inner circle have no common sense and are lacking in brain power but, surely too God someone with knowledge, would have told him by now. Either that, or the man has no soul and is incapable of feeling embarrassed or inadequate.

    The fact he is still fairly young will not be a good thing for him. When History gets done with him and, is going to start as soon as he is out of Office, he will be no better than some of the worst of anything in History.


    It is clear that the regime of the marxist muslim from Mombasa has tolerated and even welcomed Russian interference, which has been repeatedly applied to benefit the democrat party, which was a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Communist Party of the USSR for 75 years. The party of Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White and the Rosenbergs, the party that sent Teddy Kennedy to ask for Soviet help in the 1984 election, the party whose president offered Putin anything he wanted if he would help to win the election of 2012, the party that almost nominated a marxist who honeymooned in the USSR and that did nominate the disciples of communists Frank Marshall Davis and Saul Alinsky now plays Claude Rains and is “shocked, shocked” that the Russians are interested in U.S. elections. In any case, even if there were evidence of Russian interference (which there is not) it consisted only of revealing evidence of criminality and mendacity by the bribe-taking babykilling bulldyke and her campaign, which the kinky-headed quisling wanted to cover up until the leather-clad liar from Lesbos that he kept out of prison to rule as his puppet was safely installed in the Mulatto House. It is in fact almost certain that the leaks came not from the Russians but from Seth Rich, who was sent by the leadership of the party of Marx, Mohammed and Mapplethorpe to join the 100 or so others who became inconvenient to the Clinton crime family and died mysteriously.

  • Gul_Abul

    The shadow of Jimmy Carter will continue onto and from Obama.

  • jug

    The very thought that Russia would do anything to help Trump win is totally ridiculous!
    Just why would they shjt in their own bed promoting a strong man, Trump, when they have pulled the wool over Clinton and Obama’s eyes for the last 8 years? Clinton who sold our uranium to them to enrich herself!

    If it wasn’t so pathetically stupid and glaringly dangerous, it would be funny!

    As it is, its completely obvious that it’s just more end of administration traps being set by an enemy of the US, Obama himself, for the next administration!
    He didn’t get his agenda completely finished and he is now showing his true colors, but the fools in our govt STILL don’t get it!

  • Webuppp

    Carter might be off the hook, no one is worse than the marxist tyrant that need to be hung for treason, than this clown biracial marxist named appropriately

  • Webuppp

    Don’t forget the progressive marxist new world order objective. America wants to be a Sovereign nation, another reason for the wall. The globalist like soros, and clinton who accepted his 6 million, want a world government with no america, just a place where food is grown for the world. Their way more to just the rejection of a murdering lesbo, its everything she and the marxist represent

  • John Cunningham

    Jimmy Carter is still bad but only in the Woodrow Wilson image. Barack Obama is another image all unto himself.

  • Maybe Russia had grown tired of US incompetence.

  • Jimmy Carter was/is a good man, but his governing stint as President didn’t exactly produce the results we hoped for. Obama, is ending his tenure with the most underhanded and conniving lame duck session in memory, perhaps ever.

  • Because AIM reports something differently or that MSM won’t even touch, doesn’t make them a fake news. Fake news is when something is later proven wrong on a site, but not acknowledged. You should go directly to CNN is fake news is what you’re after.

  • siquijorisland

    the obama way misinformation and distortions

  • Mick Price

    Because Trump isn’t picking a fight with them or their allies. Obama has been backing almost every enemy Russia has for little or no gain for the USA but plenty of cost to Russia. It makes perfect sense they would want Trump President rather than Killary. Unfortunately for the Dems there’s no evidence they did anything about it.

  • jug

    Mick Price, there is nasty brown stuff running out of your ears!
    That’s a sign that you are “full of it”!

    They have ran rough shod, all over Obama, Clintoon and horse face traitor Kerry!

    Scroll down and read Miles Drake!
    The man is dead on!

  • Mick Price

    What did I say that wasn’t true? Trump isn’t picking a fight with them, Obama and co. were, are, and would again if Hillary got in. As for Obama running roughshod over Putin, how? He barely kept a bit of the Ukraine, he’s losing his ally Assad and his country is under serious sanctions that he has no way to end without surrender.

  • jug

    Man, you need an education, better reading comprehension or even more!
    It was and still is, Putin running rough shod over Obumble! NOT the way you put it!

    Remember his slip on the open Mike about “having more flexibility after the election”?

    Obumble didn’t even faze him this time!
    He did what he did for political reasons, (the low road, trying to block Trump), not because he even thought Russia hacked anyone!
    Hell, China hacked us about a year ago and stole millions of citizens data and Obumble never made a peep.
    He has drawn red lines all over the place and just folded when anybody crossed them!
    This time, he could have really pissed off Putin, but no, Putin did him way more damage with his taking the high road!

    There is a joke, (I think), out about Michelle possibly going back to living as a man again, next year. But think about this, there is no damned way Barrack could EVER do that! Total wimp, back stabber is about the best he can do!

  • jug

    There was no hack!
    It was totally a DNC leak, and Killary goons got him!
    Seth Rich, shot twice in the back!

    But, surprise, Obumble thought that they could milk some more out of it, purely political set up to make Trump’s transition as hard as possible!
    Just like the 3,500 new regulations just released over night!
    Obumble, along with his muslim CIA director, are doing every thing possible to “box Trump in”.

    All domestic political hanky panky!

    Actually Russia would naturally much rather had the fool Clintoon, much easier, already proven, to be their patsy!

  • Cris Cassity

    Recent poll shows that 51% of Democrats believe the Russians actually manipulated vote totals. NY Times headline; Russians Hack the Election.

  • J. Glenn

    Back to the future as McCarthyism rides again!

  • Mick Price

    Sorry typo, I should have said “How is Putin running roughshod over Obama?”. Because if you weren’t a chauvinist, jingoist moron you’d have realized that Obama hasn’t backed down once against Putin. Kept backing Ukrainian fascist, kept backing Islamists against Assad. Really just because you hate someone doesn’t mean they don’t back the military industrial complex’s imperialistic shit.

  • jug

    My, my, you are SO confused!
    Obama HASN’T stood up to anybody, bowing and kow-towing to every wannabe dictator, monarch, two bit politician all around the world! He even had proxys to do his dirty work on Gadifi! He and Hillary REALLY bungled that one!

    Stood up to anyone?
    If your opinion wasn’t so pathetic, it would be funny!

    The ONLY people he has stood up to, are the American people, what with such things as his destructive healthcare and his LGBT crap!

  • Mick Price

    “Obama HASN’T stood up to anybody, ”
    Then how is it that he’s started so many wars? What the fuck are you talking about? He used proxys to take out Gaddafi that kinda shows he “stood up” to him, in a stupid, counterproductive way true, but he “stood up”. He “stood up” to Assad, he “stood up” to Putin. The idea that Obama is some sort of cowering peacenik is absurd. Really want someone to be more of a warmounger than Obama is sick. you need help.

  • jug

    He has been the most milk toast president ever!
    Just muck around in our and other countries business when he had no idea whatsoever what he was doing.
    And the other countries knew he really was scared to stand behind his “edicts”!
    Red lines in the sand and then ignore it when they were crossed!

    Yes, wars were started BECAUSE of him, but not BY him!
    Caught on open Mike telling Russia’s #2, to pass on to Putin, that “I will have more flexibility AFTER I am re-elected”!

    Down size the military big time, and everyone knew it!
    No respect world wide!

    Right now, no aircraft carriers at sea, first time since WW2!
    Pure wutz, inviting attack or new crisis without timely response even possible!
    More Bengazis coming!
    Look for one between now and Trump being sworn in.

  • Mick Price

    “Yes, wars were started BECAUSE of him, but not BY him!”
    No you lying piece of shit by him.

    “Down size the military big time, and everyone knew it!”
    Yeah right you dishonest little fuck, what’s been happening to military budgets for the last 8 years?

    “Right now, no aircraft carriers at sea, first time since WW2!”
    So what? What the hell would he do with them? They’re useless and vulnerable, particularly since the USA already has over 700 bases overseas.

    “More Bengazis coming!”
    And why did Benghazi (note correct spelling) happen you retard? Because Obama was “standing up to” Gaddafi for no good reason.

  • Mick Price

    “It is clear that the regime of the marxist muslim from Mombasa has tolerated and even welcomed Russian interference, ”
    No what is clear is that you have no intention of backing up your claims. Name one piece of evidence that Obama who has sponsored almost ever anti-Russia cause there is from the Ukraine to Syria has ever “welcomed Russian interference”.

  • Mick Price

    No evidence they were hacked at all, rather than have their secrets leaked. Big difference.

  • Mick Price

    Oh and it’s “milquetoast ” you uneducated moron.

  • Jimmy Leggs

    How ironic that Communist-authored history books teach that Sen. Joe McCarthy was a paranoid megalomaniac. It’s all slanted against Republicans and Americans of common sense and decency. So much so that “Have you no decency?” comment (paraphrased) is the classic line used against McCarthy to this day. Leftist hero Robert Kennedy was one of McCarthy’s top attorneys, investigating alleged domestic Marxist threats. As with Kennedy, McCarthy died at a relatively young age but his cause of death was never fully ascertained. And the Left actually despised both JFK and his brother.

    At this point in time, we should correct the U.S. historical record (and this would include school texts) to lay bare the details of the very real Communist infiltration that had been well under way in this country since the late 1920s. International Marxists have since conquered most of Europe, especially in the East, and most of China and the Far East. World War II largely saw to that. Now, I fear North America is next.

  • jillocity

    ole news, but…still, after reading the report, i saw no evidence…and isn’t evidence needed in order to prove either right- or wrong-doing? when i was done reading i felt like what i had just read was the Democrat party’s excuse(s) for Hillary’s loss of the election…but nowhere in there was the actual PROOF of wrong-doing by the DNC to Bernie Sanders, or the plan to put in place a Republican candidate who couldn’t possibly win…felt like i needed to offer them some cheese with their whine…

  • jillocity

    and where was the msm when the 0bama administration was giving American taxpayers dollars to a campaign to unseat Bibi Netanyahu? 0bama attempted to do to Israel exactly what he is accusing Russia of attempting to do to the DNC…only more so

  • jillocity


  • jillocity

    i think President Trump is going to spend the first week of his presidency undoing 0bama’s handiwork…and it CAN be undone…

  • jillocity

    NYT is leftist rag…used to be a reliable news source, good, hard-hitting investigative journalism, now just an arm for the liberals/progressives, how the mighty have fallen

  • jillocity


  • jillocity

    sorry, but when he drew his “red line” about chemical weapons in Syria, and then chemical weapons were used, then it wasn’t HIS red line, it was the WORLD’s red line (go to youtube, his speeches are all there)…there was NO standing up to ANYONE…

  • jillocity

    i guess your “spell check” makes you right about everything…

  • jillocity

    you really are a special kind of stupid, aren’t you…

  • jillocity

    consider yourself blocked…can’t stand any more of your puerile maunderings

  • jillocity

    and that’s the truth

  • jillocity

    you’re in the wrong place

  • Mick Price

    If you lie I swear at you, that’s not puerile.