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The old joke, “He’ll do anything for the worker except become one,” may apply to the Democratic Party and its modern-day leaders. The days when Democrats represented the working man are gone. Today, Democrats are more likely to preserve fish than jobs.

A case in point is President Obama’s unilateral designation of 600,000 square miles of water around Hawaii as a national monument. The rationale for destroying jobs and devastating fishing communities is global warming.

“It’s a good time to be a fish” says the website of Global Citizen. Human beings aren’t faring so well.

It’s no secret that the Democratic Party’s hold on the white working class is weakening. It’s an open secret that Donald J. Trump has expanded on Ronald Reagan’s appeal to so-called Reagan Democrats. Whether he can appeal to blacks who overwhelmingly vote Democratic is another issue. Their habitual deference to the Democratic Party, when their communities have been devastated by liberal policies, is shocking to behold.

The attack on workers shows no sign of weakening. Obama and the Democrats seem to be more interested in pandering to elites enthralled with the latest version of the global warming theory than to the workers in need of bread to feed their families.

The destruction of the coal industry, an openly announced objective of President Obama, is currently underway. “Since reaching a peak in September 2014, employment in mining has declined by 223,000, with losses concentrated in support activities for mining,” reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Now Obama has turned his sights on the fishing industry.

“Obama creates the largest protected place on the planet, in Hawaii,” proclaimed The Washington Post. Job losses were briefly mentioned in the body of the piece.

The Post quoted White House press secretary Josh Earnest as saying that Obama “would be happy to sign into law a piece of legislation that would have protected these waters, but we haven’t seen that kind of legislative activity in this Congress, and it means the president has had to make more effective use of his executive authority.”

The Post failed to explain where in the Constitution a president is given the right to make a law when Congress doesn’t do what the president demands.

One version of the global warming theory, which rationalizes these jobs losses, originated with marijuana advocate Carl Sagan, who was also an astronomer. Before he came to believe the Earth was inhabited by a spirit called Gaia, Sagan was writing about the virtues of dope and “the cannabis experience.” He explained, “I do not consider myself a religious person in the usual sense, but there is a religious aspect to some highs. The heightened sensitivity in all areas gives me a feeling of communion with my surroundings, both animate and inanimate.”

It may have been during a “high” that he felt at one with the earth spirit Gaia and came to believe, despite his scientific training, that climate changes of some kind or another were threatening the health of the planet.

Pot heads are susceptible to all kinds of wacky theories. So it is no surprise that before he popularized the global warming theory, now known as climate change, he was utilized by the Russians to spread the idea that a “nuclear winter” would devastate the planet. This idea was floated in order to argue against improvements in the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

All of these various theories are designed to convince the United States that global institutions and international agreements are the only way to save mankind from utter destruction.

Comrade J, a blockbuster book about Russian espionage written by former Washington Post reporter and author Pete Earley, explains how the Soviet KGB peddled charges that deployment of U.S. nuclear weapons to Europe in the 1980s might lead to their use and a “nuclear winter,” or climate crisis, for the world. The book says the story was cooked up by the KGB and fed to the Western world by anti-nuclear activists such as Carl Sagan, who penned an article on the topic for the Council on Foreign Relations journal Foreign Affairs. The book notes that Sagan later appeared on the ABC television network to talk about the subject.

Sergei Tretyakov, a former Russian spy who defected in New York in 2000 and who Earley wrote about in his book, said he discovered “dozens of case studies” of the KGB using “propaganda and disinformation to influence public opinion” in the West.

The prospect of a “global chilling” soon gave way to “global warming,” and now “climate change.” It’s the latest attempt to con people into believing that human activities on the earth could fundamentally alter the earth’s climate and doom humanity.

Obama, now in Communist China for the G-20 meeting, has accepted a new and improved version of communist disinformation. He wants the American people to believe that the rulers in Beijing are going to comply with a new climate change agreement to restrict their own industries, which drive their military buildup.

Senator James Inhofe (R-OK), chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee, says, “Now we find ourselves celebrating an agreement where the world’s largest carbon emitter, China, is permitted to increase their emissions until 2025 and to continue bringing a coal-fired power plant online every 10 days. We even turn a blind eye to the fact that China lied about its carbon emissions when it first came to the table with its pledge last year.”

Not only does Obama violate the Constitution and abuse his executive powers, he does so to serve the purposes of Communist China. It is another disgraceful part of the Obama legacy.

The fact that this happens on Labor Day in the U.S. only rubs salt in the wounds of American workers losing their jobs to Chinese slave labor.

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  • ozonator

    Your claims of the “destruction of the coal industry” may get you more free lunch money from the killer Bob Murrays. However, coal is uneconomical due to fracking in the US and the glut of oil internationally. Sorry Charlie.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Like Kincaid gives a rat’s ass about coal workers. All he cares about is spinning EVERY situation against Democrats. He’s the boy who cried wolf. That’s why no one takes him seriously and he’s reduced to writing nonsense like this “article”.

  • Steven Barrett

    I can’t even reply to this because I’m laughing so hard. Harder than trying to keep my sides from splitting is looking for any positive sign of a union label in this piece, much less in all of the “Workers’ Paradise State.” OMG, this is too much, too hilarious. With the Democrats you get Hillary; with AIM and Cliff lately, we’re getting hillarity.

  • Jack Parsons

    “Not only does Obama violate the Constitution and abuse his executive powers, he does so to serve the purposes of Communist China. It is another disgraceful part of the Obama legacy.”
    As bombastic as ever — perhaps bordering on a dangerous messianic complex — Obama declared in China on Saturday that, “someday we may see this as the moment that we finally decided to save our planet.” Of course, in the real world, Obama’s submission of his fake “ratification” instrument to the UN treaty is legally meaningless. The U.S. Constitution is clear that treaties can only be ratified by a two-thirds majority of the U.S. Senate, not by Obama’s pen. And even then, they need to be constitutional, which the Paris Agreement is not.

  • RMThoughts

    What has just taken place in Hangzhou, China, is of immense geoeconomic importance. Beijing from the start treated the G20 very seriously; this was designed as China’s party, not the declining West’s. And much less Washington’s.

    The Neocons and neoliberal “free-trader” globalist have run our country into the ground.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

    Do you agree with Obama’s action of expanding the Papahanaumokuakea National Monument to five times its original size? Do you believe objecting to the misuse of EOs and presidential overreach is nonsense?

  • 14284641

    What can you say about Blacks they are truly INSANE doing the same thing and expecting a change. They can’t even figure out if Hillary the Traitor is elected by their vote they are guaranteeing that they will remain in poverty for generations, because she is going to flood this Country with millions of Illegal Aliens and millions of Muslim Cultist Terrorist’s and we will be worst off than France, Germany and England, they have already slaughtered Thousands of Americans and she will make this Country a 3rd Century, 3rd World Country and Blacks will be even lower on the rung of the Plantation. Good Luck Morons its the White Womans Fault and this time it really is!!! by the way I have a Bridge to sell you, get in line!!!! Vietnam Vet

  • Austinniceguy

    Then they also have SHitlery going around telling voters that IF she becomes president, she will put entire industries out of business and leave 100’s of thousands of workers unemployed. And we shouldn’t forget the $15 minimum wage edict to which McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Carls Jr. have responded to by announcing that they will be automating their ordering counters and their coffee centers, effectively eliminating 100’s of thousands MORE jobs and that doesn’t take into effect that small businesses that make up the fabric of this once great country.

  • jug

    You are the one spreading nonsense!
    ICS, the paid commiecrat troll!

  • Steven Barrett

    I’ve been pretty rough on Cliff lately, but he’s hit home on this:
    Bernie never would’ve kowtowed. No wonder he was stiffed by the Democrats. No wonder he’s at least trying to start a rebellion within what used to be a more cohesive liberal bloc of voters. That line about the Democrats and workers hit home, as did the the two words “Global chilling.” We all know what happens when big businesses catch a cold or undergo major depressions in our bipolar economy. But the technocrats and plutocrats who’ve always found ways to ensure themselves from ever suffering from the effects of badly written laws and agreements, well, we know how well they make out in the end. Just like the missionaries who went to Hawaii to do good, they always do pretty damn well for themselves in the end. Pay close attention to RM Thought’s below. He’s got a hell of a point. And we’ll have a hell of a price to pay if we don’t heed it on this issue.

  • Steven Barrett

    I’m willing to give Cliff the benefit of the doubt here. Maybe he’s been bitten by too many of the wolves he’s in the past defended and is trying to find a way to get as far from those packs as possible before they realize he’s not their reliable human spokesguy.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    You’re way more generous than I am. Cliff will get NO benefit of the doubt from me. Anyone that lies as much as he does doesn’t deserve it.

  • Steven Barrett

    Wow, what an open one you are, nameless.

  • Steven Barrett

    LOL, I know what you mean, but sometimes ya gotta acknowledge and gratefully take the good with the rest we know is really baaaad.

  • terry1956

    Iron,Steven is just a better man than you anyway.
    Sure Cliff gets it wrong sometimes and Steven does to but neither of the two lie for Hillary which is your only purpose in posting.
    Your just a ruling political class hack.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    hahahaha Cliff doesn’t get it wrong sometimes. He gets it wrong every time. Because he’s a lying POS trying to eke out a living on-line by getting rubes like you to go on his site and buy merch. And learn what a lie is. I don’t lie for anyone. That’s the difference between me and today’s GOP. You’re a moron.