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Gordon Chang pointed out on CNN that President Obama’s statement in Estonia that there is no military solution in Ukraine means that Vladimir Putin has a green light to continue his aggression there. No “military solution,” from Obama’s point of view, means that the U.S. will not support the freedom fighters in Ukraine.

“The West has refused pleas from Kiev [Ukraine] for heavier weaponry to repel Russian armor,” The Wall Street Journal points out in its Wednesday edition.

In effect, Obama has turned his back on the millions of young men and women in Ukraine who dared to dream of freedom and independence for their country. Obama and his Western allies, including Angela Merkel of Germany, are letting Russia carry out a slaughter.

It is not on our TV screens, in the same way that the Islamic State is beheading Americans, but the lives being lost are just as real. However, the American people are being misled by Russian propaganda masquerading as “news” into thinking that there is some factual dispute over what is really happening there, and that Russia has a legitimate gripe. The impact of this campaign of disinformation and propaganda cannot be ignored.

We have pointed out repeatedly that the Western media play into Moscow’s hands by treating Putin’s lies as just another point of view. We see examples of this every day. A phony “balance” is achieved between what should be obvious—that Russia has invaded Ukraine—with obviously false denials. Consider a story in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal.

Alan Cullison’s story, “Russian Ambush Spoils Soldier’s Fortune,” is full of important information about the brave struggle of the Ukrainian forces and how they have not received the support from the U.S. they deserve. Yet, we are also treated to outright lies from the Russians.

Cullison notes that Ukrainian soldier Artyom Kravchenko, the main subject of his piece, “and thousands like him who are long on enthusiasm and short on weapons are being quickly overrun by better-armed Russian troops and Russian-armed militias.” This statement demonstrates what everyone knows to be the case—that the Russians have invaded Ukraine. Indeed, Kravchenko was captured by Russians after being seriously wounded in an ambush. He was later released, eventually arriving in a hospital in Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, for treatment of his injuries.

The article notes, “Europe has responded with moral outrage and sanctions that have so far proved ineffective against Russia, which denies that it is funneling arms or troops across the border.” The Russian denial is apparently inserted for the sake of balance, although it is contradicted by all of the other facts in the story.

“In a war that has been fought mostly through long-distance artillery exchanges, the wounded arriving in Dnipropetrovsk are among the few Ukrainian soldiers who have seen Russian soldiers in Ukraine face-to-face,” Cullison notes.

Then he provides a window into the mentality of the Russian soldiers in Ukraine, who have been brainwashed by Putin’s media. “Russia’s state-controlled media has demonized the Ukrainian government as riddled with neo-Nazis,” Cullison reported. “Survivors of the ambush said the Russian soldiers were mainly paratroopers who were kind to prisoners, but believed reports on Russian television that Ukraine had set up concentration camps for ethnic Russians.”

Russia originally invaded Ukraine in February, taking Crimea, and now it is seizing Eastern Ukraine. Still, Obama has failed to support the brave people of Ukraine against Russia with the weapons they need for their own self-defense.

The truth is that Putin is winning, lives are being lost, and Obama is doing nothing of substance to stop the Russians. Putin is winning in part as a result of brainwashing not only his own people, but the West. The constant nonsense about Nazis in Ukraine is even having an impact here.

The Journal story about the Ukrainian soldier notes that his training consisted of calisthenics and one day of shooting a Kalashnikov. He then boarded a minivan that joined a column of at least 60 other Ukrainian vehicles. The story went on, “Ukraine’s poorly funded armed forces often rely on buses and minivans to ferry many of their troops. After the convoy had been on the road about an hour, Russians and Russia-backed militia opened fire on it, first with mortars, then with machine guns, he said.” Kravchenko managed to escape with a serious shoulder injury, but his fellow soldiers were killed.

The Journal notes that his unit, “funded by private donations, was no match for the artillery and tank fire of the Russian military.” Again, this is another confirmation of the Russian military invading Ukraine—as if we needed more proof. And yet the Russian denials keep getting reported as if they mean something.

The sad part of the story, from an American point of view, is that the Obama administration is sacrificing the lives of these soldiers when, with appropriate and necessary support, they could have a fighting chance of saving their country.

The failure to provide them with weapons of self-defense says far more than Obama’s words in Estonia about saving the West and the NATO alliance against Russia. Obama just can’t be believed.

Kravchenko told the Journal, “I was an idealist and I wanted to help. But I don’t think we can do anything now.” His enthusiasm has clearly left him.

And who can blame him? Obama, Merkel and the rest of these Western “leaders” have refused to support the Ukrainian struggle for independence from Moscow.

At the same time, Obama plays into Putin’s hands by refusing to even describe the invasion of Ukraine as an invasion. Our media go along with the facade, playing into Obama’s (and Putin’s) hands.

It’s almost as if Obama is a puppet of Putin.

It’s time for the media—in what we used to call the “free world”—to decide which side they’re on. Truth requires facing the facts about evil not only in the Middle East but inside the Kremlin.

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  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    It is not ALMOST as if Obama is a puppet of Putin.

  • VeraSt

    As you well know, Cliff, the myth of “Russian aggression” in this matter is nothing but propaganda created by the international criminal bankster/neocon/Zionist/NWO puppetmasters. Ukrainians voted to not join the EU & what happened? Salivating over Ukrainian wealth, the puppetmasters started this fake war with Russia. Not surprisingly, Russia chooses not to lose her energy industry … that is what the NWO tyrants call “Russian aggression.” The puppetmasters’ unholy quest for all the world’s wealth will propel us right into WWIII.

  • American Kulak

    “The constant nonsense about Nazis in Ukraine is even having an impact here.”

    Really Cliff, ‘nonsense about Ukrainian Nazis’? Here’s the Azov Battalion — not just some random Nazi trash, but the battalion Ukraine is counting on to defend Mariupol from being overrun by the pro-Russian Eastern Ukrainians this weekend:

    Here’s the respected Daily Telegraph, a conservative leaning newspaper that has reported the partial truth about Benghazi, that it was a massive CIA arms deal and that CIA personnel had been threatened to keep quiet about it. The Telegraph’s correspondent interviewed an Azov fighter who proudly declared ‘I am a Nazi’. Azov Battalion includes the Swedish Nazi mercenary Mikael Skillt, who says his next mission is to fight as a mercenary for the Assad regime (how he imagines that Assad’s Russian supporters won’t kill him when he gets to Damascus is beyond me). Skillt is probably going to die alongside his Azov Battalion comrades in the next week as the Novorossiya Army overruns Mariupol. Kiev has no reserves to send to save these Nazi troops and will probably let them die just like it allowed the Donbas and Dnepr Battalion fighters die in the Ilovaisk encirclement last week.
    Here’s what Cliff’s Ukie ‘freedom fighters’ did when they came into Mariupol on May 9-10. They shot multiple unarmed civilians for fun. They burned 20+ cops alive in an echo of the Odessa progrom for ‘betraying Ukraine’ and refusing to fight the separatists. Now you know why the Novorossiya fighters have a 5th column inside Mariupol that is telling them exactly where the Nazis are so the rebels can kill these bastards with mortar or sniper fire.
    Here’s an American-produced video about the Odessa massacre of May 2nd committed by Ukrainian Right Sector Nazis wearing red armbands that match those Ukrainian volunteer battalions wore later while fighting in the East. To date Ukraine has not indicted or arrested a single one of the perpetrators who shot at, strangled, and burned alive the fellow Ukrainians inside of the Odessa Trade Unions Building

    The Ukies may not have set up concentration camps — yet — but it’s now admitted by anti-Kremlin journalists like Shawn Walker and the reporters at Vice News that Ukrainian troops have shelled Russian-speaking Ukrainian cities like Donetsk and Lugansk for weeks.

    So yes Cliff, your ‘side’ is losing the infowar. Because you cannot hide the images, the videos, of these Ukrainian Nazis, nor the hundreds if thousands of bodies they have left behind in Donetsk and Lugansk even as they are finally defeated

  • American Kulak

    This is more footage of what the Ukie Nazis did when they rolled into Mariupol:
    Do these Mariupol citizens sound happy to see the Ukie Nazi troops shooting their friends and neighbors?

    Now you gullible readers who believe Kincaid’s CIA talking points laundered through his Mellon Scaife sugardaddy Foundation know why the Ukies are losing in Eastern Ukraine. 20,000+ dead or wounded Ukies because Victoria Nuland and the neocons at the State Department had to violently overthrow Yanukovich and install a government with Nazi thugs as their muscle that they KNEW would frighten and enrage millions of pro-Russian Ukrainians from Crimea to the Southeastern regions.

  • AmericanKulak

    Here’s more ‘winning hearts and minds’ by Kiev Nazis — who are so proud of their service as ‘men in black’ that they hide their faces. Why Cliff do the super patriots of Azov Battalion have to hide their faces if they’re freedom fighters?

  • Lorilu

    Obama’s flexible now.

  • Thaddeus901

    Why are you all so jealous of Obama?

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Why is it these so called bankster/neocon/Zionist/NWO puppetmasters share the same position as CPUSA?

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Interesting that a Kulak would share the party line of CPUSA

  • jim

    It’s not the EU ‘s intent to escalate or maintain A War IN Ukraine, or to facilitate another problem in another Eastern country. The decision made by NATO, EU and other Western Allies to handle the situation as diplomatically as possible -at this point is probably the best, lest we will put countries like Poland, Estonia and other border States in Jeopardy as well.

    Putin is bringing problems to his door step as well, and it will fester in time. If I am not mistaken, there was a large rally in Red Square (10’s of thousands) in support of Ukraine ‘ sovereign rights. Business people will soon tire of him as well.

    A final thought: Putin has his propaganda, but we have ours too- in the form of subjective journalism, and biased reporting.

  • American Kulak

    Interesting that Cliff Kincaid himself would use his favorite method of argument ‘but the Commies wanted to legalize marijuana, so do libertarians, ergo libertarians like Alex Jones are the new Commies’ with a sock puppet name.

    C’mon Kincaid either argue with the Ukie Nazi videos and tell me these aren’t the dudes trying to fight for Mariupol like their SS/Wehrmacht forebears in World War II, or troll me with your best shot. Ditto for J.R. ‘Obama is a secret Commie Marxist but the NSA would never obey his illegal Commie Marxist orders to spy on right wing American’s Nyquist. I swear to God Nyquist would start advocating gun confiscation since ‘we don’t want Putin to brainwash American gun owners into becoming neo-Confederate insurrectionists’ or some similar line of DHS/NWO mind screw crazy.

  • American Kulak

    Personally I don’t think Putin gives a damn about Poland or the Baltic states, blocking their produce has been painful enough for their economies. That Estonian officer probably deliberately crossed the border into Russia just to create a ridiculous incident. If the Russians want to destroy NATO and the EU they’ll start by turning the Greeks, Spaniards, Hungarians and Frenchmen who hate the EU against the euro-bureaucrat Socialists the fake conservative Cliff Kincaid is so fond of in Brussels because they’re down the road from NATO headquarters. Those folks already hate the EU and know it has screwed them over economically whereas the Baltic countries and the Poles to a lesser extent still believe in it (but the Poles didn’t adopt the euro, thank God, otherwise they’d have Greek levels of unemployment right now).

  • American Kulak

    Notice disquis_smWiOrvPtd

    Did you post this comment Cliff before or after picking up your check from the Mellon Scaife (cough cough, Langley) Foundation which is in cahoots with George Soros to smear Matt Drudge? After all Cliff’s fake righties attack Drudge and Rand Paul about as often and quite frequently during the same weeks Media Socialist Matters are attacking them from the fake Left. Two wings of the same oligarch NWO bird of prey. We don’t believe you a–hats anymore. The next time Kincaid shows his fat face at a conservative conference he needs to be confronted hard on who’s paying for his j-had against Matt Drudge for linking to whomever Drudge damn well pleases and who pays Cliff to be an NStasiA shill.

  • Goldcoaster

    yes, I always thought it a little more than a coincidence that Joe Bidens son Hunter was elected to the Board of Directors of Ukraines largest nat gas company.
    2 days after the coup.
    and then there is Victoria “F$ck the EU” Nuland.
    Looks like Accuracy in Media is a CFR front.

  • JT

    What Nazi’s?! I just returned from the southern Ukraine, and there are no effing Nazis there. Just very patriotic people bent on defending their country. Are there Nazis in Ukraine? – you bet. About 1.5% of the population. There are 2 prominent organizations. In Russia, for contrast, there are over 180 Fascist organizations, and they have been knifing non-Arians, including children, for a decade now. Here’s a little video for you:

    About WWII stuff – yes, there were about 70,000 Ukrainians who temporarily fought for the Germans, before turning on them and fighting them and the Soviets. At the same time there were over 1,500,000 Russians fighting on the side of the Germans, through the end of the war (some 800,000 in Vlasov’s army alone), yet no one ever mentions that.

  • JT

    When did the Ukrainians voted NOT to join the EU? Yanukovich was elected because he promised to do exactly that, and when he reneged on his promise, people took to the streets. Don’t speak before you do your homework.

  • JT

    You’re wrong. Siberian oil is running out, and Russia has no Plan B. Except for the Arctic shelf, and the newly captured deposits of the Crimean shelf. Poland and Baltic States are the West’s front lines in the competition for those resources. If Russians wanted to destroy NATO, they should have just waited another 20 years – it would have withered away on its own. And Russia does want to destroy NATO, just doesn’t have enough of the pull to do it.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd


  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Who made Drudge a god?

  • CaptainCurmudgeon

    There was no Arab Spring …..but rather The Islamic Spring….every sectarian dictator taken down was replaced by A Muslim Brotherhood dictator/Islamic fanatic.

    In Egypt, our one time ally with the Middle East’s large American built army,… our long time sectarian ally, Mubarak were taken down, arrested, tortured and caged. America has ever stood behind this outrageous behavior before…Mubarak replaced by Muslim Brotherhood, CIA asset Morsi. The Muslim Brotherhood with their Islamic extremists thugs proceeded to savage moderate Muslims and Christians…

    500 year old Christian churches were destroyed across Egyot and a holocaust ensued..killing Christians and moderate Muslims..and Obama supported that…no dissent was uttered as the IslamoNazi’s returned to barbainism. Hundreds of thousand of Christians were raped, murdered…beheaded and savaged and driven from Egypt and other Muslim Brotherhood controlled countries. Nary a word from the president of the United Staes of America…not even a SMIDGEON. Our MSM press has stood by silently as Christians were murdered and driven from the Middle East by the the Muslim Brotherhood…..Only when reporters were murdered, beheaded like the many “Infidel” Christians…did the press finally deem to carry the story of murder and mayhem in the Middle East

    Qatar, the state sponsor of terror and terrorists, the sponsor of the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, the sponsor of Al Jazeera-their media arm used to foment violence. ISIS, the army Qatar built, trained and armed…with the help of Barrack Hussein Obama is now 30,000 strong if reports are to be believed.

    If Qatar were stopped..the terrorism would stop. Supposedly Qatar is an ally to America….they invest their oil returns deeply into our stock market, buy their way into our corporations, buy and fund our lobbyists and politicians, influence our think tanks like Brookings (14.5 million recently) our universities and corporations (Georgetown, Northwestern, Cornell, Boeing, Lochkeed , Exxon, among others) …and We the People of the USA have been lied to so this sub rosa takeover of the USA can continue under the Obama administration. Consider oil prices are 3x’s what they had been under George W Bush…this is a massive transfer of wealth to the Muslim Brotherhood and oil rich nations while America is stymied from drilling our own vast oil reserves by Barack Obama and others like the self satisfying Warren Buffet, with special deals and regulations for some and a different set stymying capitalism for most Americans. We are committing national suicide under Barack Hussein Obama’s policies…with the help of Qatar.

    Finally, Obama facilitated a meeting with Karzaii and the Emir of Qatar…with the end result being headquarters for the Taliban being built in Qatar, reconstituting and strengthening the Taliban, shortly before Obama, unbeknownst to Congress or the Pentagon, released the Taliban 5 from Gitmo. Those five released to Qatar from Gitmo, were deemed by the United Nations as having committed crimes against humanity. Obama exchange those 5 for a deserter-traitor on his own, without Congressional knowledge or input…. and delivered them to QATAR, THE HOME of their New Taliban Qatar.

    Stand up America…join the campaign to STOP QATAR