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The Obama administration seems to be in a race with academia to see who can do the most pandering to the LGBTQ “community.”

While President Obama thinks women who dress as men are entitled to Civil Rights Act protections, the University of Maryland recently hosted a “Queer Beyond Repair” conference that included a keynote speech on the future of the sexual device known as the dildo.

Kathryn Bond Stockton, Distinguished Professor of English and Associate Vice President for Equity and Diversity at the University of Utah, was the featured speaker on the topic, “Impure Thoughts and All They Birth: What Does the Dildo of the Future Look Like?”

Titles of other topics or panels at the University of Maryland event included:

  • “How a Girl Becomes a Ship”
  • “Black Queerness and Trans Bodies”
  • “Traveling to ‘Dark Places’: Race, Touch, and Sadomasochism”

Another speaker was Dr. Tom Roach, the coordinator for Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Bryant University. It was a Friday, he reminded his audience, which means literally the “day of Frige,” also named for the goddess of sex, love, and power. His PowerPoint highlighted the fact that Frige is the primary deity for Wicca, or witchcraft.

Roach’s panel, “Sex, Data, and the Law,” and his presentation in particular, “SCOTUS Interruptus: Raiding in the Wake of Obergefell v. Hodges,” were wake-up calls regarding the current LGBTQ agenda.

Celebrating transgenderism is only one part of the sexual madness the Obama Administration is promoting for the nation. The next great cause, now popular in academia, is legalizing prostitution.

The author of Friendship as a Way of Life: Foucault, AIDS, and the Politics of Shared Estrangement, Roach based much of his presentation on the work of Michel Foucault (1926–1984), a French philosopher who died of AIDS and was accused of deliberately infecting his partners with the deadly disease.

“In the mid-1970’s,” says the LGBT History website, “Foucault taught at the University of California, Berkeley. He became enamored with San Francisco and its liberated gay sexuality—especially the bathhouses.” Foucault declared, “I think that it is politically important that sexuality be able to function … as in the bathhouses. You cease to be imprisoned in your own face, your own past, in your own identity.”

Those bathhouses were notorious incubators of AIDS.

Roach’s presentation ventured the opinion that the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision was a last ditch effort by the capitalist power structure and the state to keep homosexuals under control by extending the institution of marriage to them.

An event later the same year as the court’s gay marriage decision, a federal raid on the Rentboy prostitution website, also figured prominently in the Roach presentation. His PowerPoint described it as the “policing of extramarital, potentially unassimilable intimacies.”

Most interestingly, Roach said, The New York Times had condemned the federal raid on Rentboy. Indeed, the paper, in an editorial, commented that “The criminal complaint is so saturated with sexually explicit details, it’s hard not to interpret it as an indictment of gay men as being sexually promiscuous.”

The Times had argued that Rentboy was simply “a company that provided sex workers with a safer alternative to street walking or relying on pimps. The defendants have not been accused of exploiting sex workers, featuring minors on the website, financial crimes or other serious offenses that would warrant a federal prosecution.”

Hence, prostitution is now just “sex work.”

The Times noted—and Professor Roach also mentioned—that Amnesty International (AI) had announced that it would be pushing for the decriminalization of “consensual sex work” worldwide. Last August AI announced that it had passed a resolution “to protect the human rights of sex workers.”

The big brain behind this approach is George Soros, the billionaire hedge fund operator, who was promoting the idea for over a decade that illegal drugs and prostitution should not only be legalized but taxed and regulated, and thus approved by the government.

Looking at the evidence for this campaign back in 2006, we commented that the purpose was “to transform American society into one in which the use of dangerous drugs and the practice of prostitution are accepted and protected by the government.”

The Roach presentation at the “Queer Beyond Repair” University of Maryland symposium may seem extreme to some people. But the state-funded University of Maryland had described its “Queer Beyond Repair” symposium as laying the groundwork for a total and complete revolution, away from “imperial rule and anti-blackness” to exploring “the psychic and material structures of liberal politics itself.”

It goes on: “This queerness insists on forms of reinvention, if not defiance, in excess of the states of decay we have inherited or the symptoms of disrepair we have learned to uncover. It asks us to be estranged from the present as is, even as we acknowledge the limit conditions set by our fear of or incuriosity about what might lie beyond life as we know it.”

If none of the “Queer Beyond Repair” conference makes any sense to you, then you have the following UMD sponsors of this event to thank:

  • College of Arts and Humanities
  • The Graduate School
  • Office of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Office of Undergraduate Studies
  • School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
  • Center for Literary and Comparative Studies
  • Nathan and Jeanette Miller Center for Historical Studies
  • Department of Anthropology
  • Department of Communication
  • Department of English
  • Department of History
  • Department of Sociology
  • Department of Women’s Studies
  • The LGBT Equity Center

On the website for “Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies” at Roach’s Bryant University in Minnesota, students are told about future careers and post-grad opportunities. “With a concentration or a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, you will learn to think critically about privilege, power, stereotypes, and discrimination, which is valuable in the marketplace as organizations address issues of globalization and diversity,” students are told.

It appears this kind of thinking is already very common in the Obama administration, starting at the top, with Obama himself. His childhood mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a notorious pornographer and pervert who seemed to function as the future President’s sex teacher.

No wonder reports indicate that Obama is now preparing to designate a gay bar once controlled by the Mafia as a national landmark.

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  • IronChefSandwiches

    “It appears this kind of thinking is already very common in the Obama
    administration, starting at the top, with Obama himself. His childhood
    mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was a notorious pornographer and pervert who seemed to function as the future President’s sex teacher.”

    Of for crying out loud, Kincaid. You aren’t even TRYING anymore! You are nothing but a fascist conspiracy moron, just like your readers. Sigh.

  • And I guess that is why when speaking to some older soldiers, he said the following without missing a beat, “Me and Michael appreciate what you all have done?” And every paleontologist, those who tell what the gender is of mummified mummies, a decomposed body found who was killed, etc., and they said by the rules of the standards of men and women Michelle is no woman. She claims her mother named her “Micheal” for Micheal Learned of the Walton’s fame. But when she started practicing law, she changed it to Michelle. Why does she even have to go there. They are not giving queers everything they want and more of it, because of some political reason, well?Yes and NO, they are serrvants of the homosexua agenda because they are queers, but also in order to bring down a country, one of the first things you do is to demoralize the country. That is exactly what he did. It was a “soft coup” and the GOP knew his associations from the beginning, but never brought it up, I ask again> Why? P. Kathy Kleiman

  • Jerry

    Obama is a Gaylord, Terrorist. These people that want equal rights, the Transgender, Make them get Handicap IDs for their Preference to their bathrooms, Charge them 1000.00 a year, or a Mental hospital, Or a 5 gallon bucket out side

  • IronChefSandwiches

    Your delusional ramblings are more delusional than most. Well played.
    I. Chef Sandwiches

  • sox83cubs84

    Obama and academia share at least four things in common: they’re liberal, evil, sick and twisted.

  • Lorilu

    I think the student’s gripe is with Amerigo Vespucci, who drew the maps and named the land.

  • Richard Hellstrom

    The federal government has found a way to promote about any cause of lifestyle , race hate or any other political agenda through our colleges and then they pass these cost on to the students – Sex week in the colleges, like the one they just had in Tennessee and it’s cost will be handed off to the students – Colleges are for education ! If you could get the rich white people that are behind these programs to concentrate on technology as much as they do sex , then our colleges could be re structured back into educational institutions ! It’s not fair to bury the college students in debt for these practices – These billing practices against the college students should be stopped , refunds should be made to the amount the degree should of cost and a re assessment of financial responsibility should be directed back toward the universities !

    See – Are US Colleges Over-Feeding on Government Funds? By Gary Feuerberg, Epoch Times | September 14, 2014
    As Tuition Increases, So Do College Bureaucracies by Richard Vedder
    The Center For College Affordability and Productivity http://centerforcollegeafforda
    The Center for American Progress’ Jihad Against the Free World
    Bought and paid for by George Soros and his Shadow Party. The Center for American Progress’… Best, Brightest and Rejected: Elite Colleges Turn Away Up to 95% By RICHARD PÉREZ-PEÑAAPRIL 8, 2014

  • mioahu

    i guess you got a degree in women studies, that’s why you make sandwiches now 🙂 and pretend to be smart by trolling conservative sites


    They keep on thinking that the liberals are all for helping to free them in society, but the reality is that the liberals are just looking at an untapped source for even more tax money that isn’t being utilized by most countries around the world. Why go after the corporate taxes that would hit them in the wallet when they can legalize drugs and prostitution and gain far more in taxes than the corporations would ever give them.

  • Gz7

    Zero projects, just like all liberals.

  • M J

    They pander to the small percentage of perverts, while they continually DISS the majority of the student population, who are getting fed up with all the agenda-driven brainwashing, threats and other disruptions in their educational process!

  • Sally Smith

    There’s a new book out about Obama called “1,202 well sourced examples of Barack Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc.”

    You can buy it at

  • Brian Johnson

    Prostitution and all drugs should be legalized. Wealthy/powerful people already get to do whatever they want without being prosecuted anyway. You don’t notice how every 3-5 yrs a dc or Hollywood madam comes out with a list of hundreds of famous people using escort services? They almost never get in trouble. Bill Cosby has been raping women for 30 yrs and has not spent one day in prison.