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According to the New York Times, it was Donald Trump’s fault that a man plowed a truck into dozens of people on a New York City bike trail, killing eight and seriously injuring 12.

“A moment like this was almost inevitable since Mr. Trump took office and sought to ban visitors from select countries with Muslim majorities,” the Times wrote.

“The terrorist attack in New York on Tuesday was the first by a foreign-born assailant on American soil since Mr. Trump’s inauguration, and few were surprised that he saw it as vindication for his tough-on-immigration approach.

“It also provided fodder for him to shift the public focus away from the special counsel investigation that unveiled criminal charges against three former campaign aides this week.”

The Times and the Washington Post also wrote that while Trump did not want to talk about gun control after the Las Vegas shootings, he was quick to talk about anti-terrorism measures after this week’s terrorist attack in New York.

Trump’s response, which included calling for the death penalty for the perpetrator, criticizing Sen. Charles Schumer, D.-N.Y., for helping create the visa program that allowed the man accused of the attacks to enter the country, “stood in sharp contrast to the White House’s reaction to the mass shooting in Las Vegas last month,” the Washington Post reported.

“After that attack by a Nevada man who killed himself, Trump denounced the shooter’s act as ‘pure evil,’ but White House aides and Republican allies rejected calls by Democrats for a renewed debate over gun-control laws, saying it was not appropriate to politicize the tragedy. On Wednesday, however, Trump said the United States needs a system of ‘punishment that’s far quicker and far greater than the punishment these animals are getting right now.”

The Times agreed.

“The president’s vocal response to the attack framed the emerging politics of the case. While the White House deemed it unseemly to have a policy debate on gun control immediately after the massacre in Las Vegas last month, Mr. Trump was eager on Wednesday to have a policy debate on immigration.”

In fact, The Times went further, suggesting President Trump should not have commented at all.

“Presidents are typically advised never to weigh in on pending criminal cases because such comments can be used by defense lawyers to argue that their clients cannot get a fair trial – especially when the head of the executive branch that will prosecute the charges advocates the ultimate punishment before a judge has heard a single shred of evidence at trial,” the Times wrote. “But Mr. Trump has disregarded such advice in other instances, as well.”

President Obama was apparently unfamiliar with this rule too. He commented on a variety of criminal cases and police matters, including those involving Henry Louis Gates, the police in Ferguson, Mo., the police involved in the shootings of Tamir Rice in Cleveland and Trayvon Martin in Florida.

The Times and Post inadvertently explained why the president responded differently to New York than he did to Las Vegas. He campaigned on getting tough on immigration. He has called for extreme vetting of countries considered likely to harbor anti-U.S. terrorists, though Uzbekistan, the home country of the accused killer, was not among them.

He already had called for ending the Diversity Lottery Program, which awarded visas to individuals solely to promote diversity in the U.S.  Schumer had pushed for the measure as a member of the House. This is the program the alleged killer used to enter the country.

What Trump did was point to his previous proposals that, if enacted, might have prevented the crime on which he was commenting. After Las Vegas, gun-control advocates pushed for measures such as increased scrutiny of firearms sales at guns shows, which were not similarly linked to the crime at hand.

He also raised the question of, if this is terrorism, should the perpetrator not be treated as an enemy combatant, subject to military justice and imprisonment in Guantanamo.

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  • samo war
  • NYT is the blame because they are one of the leaders of FAKE NEWS!

  • worried for future

    The NYT so badly wants to paint President Trump at fault that this writer goes completely off base here. These 2 issues are totally unrelated and any sane person can see the difference. But this does not apply to the syccophant imbeciles that still believe the Liberal message.I can only assume the editors at the NYT still think they appeal to such people and can get them to agree and buy their daily garbage can liner.

  • TPS12

    Oh blame the President who every time he tries to stop more from coming in some lib judge stops the ban. And let’s not forget all the lib/dem ny politicians who support bringing more problems to their state. Oh and who was responsible for the visa program that brought him in, yes dem schumer!
    Funny how these people support all this PC BS and then when things go bad they chose to blame President Trump.

  • Lori

    Actually according to an Imman in NYC it was Bill DeBlasios fault as he spoke to him and called him several times and told him that something was going to take place as he heard this in several mosques and to take it seriously. The Imman said the mayor ignored what he told him and just spent his time bashing President Trump.

  • mioahu

    NYT is a disgrace. Need more proof ? But the libtards need this to maintain their sanity and not enter cognitive dissonance where everything they believe is false… so they just reinforce their stupidity through these leftist media outlets

  • RightVote

    To the NYT’s : Has a MUSLIM TERRORIST chased you down the road with a Truck with intent to Kill You?
    Yeah, that’s what I thought !
    Sick Basturds………Yeah, BOTH the Times and the Terrorist !

  • Dulcie A. Covington

    NO it was the idiot who started this lottery {SHUMAKE} that should be horsewhipped

  • john robel


  • Maggietish

    The NYT just can’t help themselves they wouldn’t know the truth it will be standing right in front of them. The reason we have Terry Simona sure if it’s because of the Obama administration and all of the liberal/progressive anti-American politicians and lying corrupt biased fake news media and rags like the NYT. President Trump was left with a horrendous mess to try to clean up after Obama did all he could to put America and the American people in jeopardy all the time. The Democrats supported everything he did that was anti-American and they still do. Obama Will go down in history as the most anti-American president in the history of the United States. NYT simply trying to protect Obama at the cost of this nation and the American people.

  • Dennis Schaaf

    The author is supposed to be a conservative writer.
    I guess I don’t know what a conservative writer is.

  • Gz7

    Sounds to me that if you want to assign blame, then it’s Schumer.

  • TED

    The New York Times ostensibly “blames” Trump and his comments, actions, and policies for agitating terrorists … and Trump blames Schumer for creating the visa program that allowed the most recent perpetrator into the country in the first place.

    If the former is off-base then the latter is doubly off-base.

  • samiam

    Ridiculous analogy but expected so we are supposed to just fall into line and take this FAKE NEWS BS!