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The New York Times, citing only anonymous sources, accused President Trump of saying Haitians “all have AIDS” and Nigerians live in “huts,” and several attendees at the meeting then went on the record to say the accusations were false.

According to The Times’ report, the president was furious after seeing a report of how many foreigners had entered the country since he became president.

“More than 2,500 were from Afghanistan, a terrorist haven, the president complained.

“Haiti had sent 15,000 people. They “all have AIDS,” he grumbled, according to one person who attended the meeting and another person who was briefed about it by a different person who was there.

“Forty thousand had come from Nigeria, Mr. Trump added. Once they had seen the United States, they would never ‘go back to their huts’ in Africa, recalled the two officials, who asked for anonymity to discuss a sensitive conversation in the Oval Office.”

It set off a series of pieces denouncing the president.

The New York Daily News turned everything up a notch. “President Trump exploded with vitriolic and racist comments – saying all Haitians have AIDS and mocking Nigerians – during a heated White House meeting about immigration, according to a report on Saturday,” it reported.

“He said he looked like a fool as the number climbed and he failed to make good on his promise to curtail the number of foreigners coming to America, sources told the New York Times.”

The report put an end to any discussion of whether the president is a racist.

“All the ‘debate’ about whether Donald Trump is really, truly racist should be put to rest,” wrote Angela Helm at the Root, a Slate-owned site that focuses on African-American issues. “The man actually opened his mouth in public – as president of the United States – and fixed his flat lips to say that ‘all Haitians have AIDS and all Nigerians live in huts.”

The White House says no such thing happened. “General Kelly, General McMaster, Secretary Tillerson, Secretary Nielsen and all other senior staff actually in the meeting deny these outrageous claims,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the president’s press secretary, said. “It’s both sad and telling The New York Times would print the lies of their anonymous ‘sources’ anyway.”

The New York Times said it had one source who was in the meeting and one who had heard about it from people who were actually there. These were the only two to confirm both the remark about Haiti and the one about Nigeria. Four other people at the meeting say they didn’t recall either remark.  

“The White House did not deny the heated nature of the meeting but insisted Trump never used the words ‘AIDS’ or ‘huts,’” the Daily News reported. “Several participants in the meeting told The Times they did not recall Trump using those words and did not think he had.”

The ambiguity – the notion that multiple people with their own public reputations to protect agree they didn’t hear the president use these incendiary words and indeed said they did not think he had, the fact this allegedly occurred in June but was kept under wraps for six months when solid accusations against Trump, such as the Access Hollywood tape, were rushed to the air in seconds – seemed not to matter.

“The fact that this totally sounds like something Trump would say is horrific enough,” wrote Esquire magazine. “Merry Christmas everybody. This is the world we live in.”

The Daily News pivoted from the multitude of staffers saying they did not hear these remarks to a quote from Frank Sharry, the executive director of America’s Voice, a pro-immigration group, who admitted he didn’t know whether Trump had made the remarks but “wouldn’t be surprised if the comments came from the president’s mouth, arguing that his immigration agenda is motivated by racism.”

“He’s basically saying, ‘You people of color coming to America seeking the American dream are a threat to white people,’ Sharry told the Times.” 

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  • NY Times is a very small newspaper and I mean small in everything they do. They are not the Giant they once were, they got in bed with the devil and they will die with the devil. They have ZERO credibility and there paper now competes with rags on the rack.

  • David

    It’s not even that good any more.

    However, they STILL control what appears on the broadcast and cable news channels as well as in most newspapers around the world so, even with ZERO credibility, they can do LOTS of damage.

    What needs to happen is that some Conservative needs to buy the paper and turn it around.

    And Congress needs to suspend the “Freedom of the Press” line in the 1st Amendment and make the writers start telling the TRUTH.

  • KS_girl

    I personally think this sounds like a hit job and the unnamed sources need to be given names. These types of source tell alls are childish and probably made up. And most likely made up right there in the editor’s office. And yes, I honestly believe the media just sits around and thinks up hateful things to say about the president then cite unnamed sources and lets the falsehoods flow. Just because the media has created this “idea,” of a racist Trump doesn’t mean he is but their readers believe.

  • Rick Reiss

    I think the NY Slimes is owned by a Mexican billionaire (Carlos Slim?) … I have to wonder how much cartel money is part of Slim’s portfolio. Is it any wonder the NY Slimes advocates for open borders and weak drug enforcement and weak criminal justice system?

  • Rick Reiss

    I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if someone close to Trump, or even Trump himself, planted this (and other) anonymous sourced disinformation just for the purpose of making fun of and delegitimizing the already delegitimized MSM.

  • Abel Citizen

    The press castigates POTUS for his tweets while blatantly lying and providing “falke news” to the public, with The NY Times leading the charge. No wonder the press is reviled and not believed! Disgusting and sad!

  • John McKenzie

    No good times, no bad times, just the New York Times. Paul Simon from ‘Bookends’

  • Paul Anderson Ed.D.

    The accidental fumbling of one of the President’s quote: as stated by the New York Times, is no accident but intentional. With the high tech media equipment these days, the possibility of an accidental quote, is slim to none.

    The media’s intent, is to deceive and corrupt, the minds and culture of the American people. Beginning in the 30’s, the press was infiltrated by Communist elements of the Soviet KGB and the Soviet Military Intelligence. The US National Archives, has rehms of Communist documents that supports these claims. When faced with these documents, the deceived will continue to reject the facts.

  • Debra Shawver

    Yes…our media would do Pravda proud

  • Bluto Woods

    I wouldnt believe a baseball score in The New York Times.

  • Alberta Ed

    The NYT is a discredited rag.


    These are not “fumbles” – they are intentional misquotations and fabrications of things that were never said by the house organ of the coalition of satanists, socialists and sodomites that intends to overthrow the legitimately-elected President of the United States and install the bribe-taking babykilling bulldyke in the office that the American people denied her.

  • THe NYT is good only now for bird-cage lining.

  • Iain MacAllester

    Standard modus operandi for the media.

    Tell an outright lie. If you are caught, just say “whoops, my bad” print a small correction and yer done.

    Meanwhile, the lie is in the record and the damage is done.

  • Austinniceguy

    Consider who is disseminating the information and who their “sources” are. I could post all kinds of outrageous lies about the left on my social media and not have to prove anything if I subscribed to their lack of ethics. How sad that so many still read that useless rag.

  • KenTFM

    Where were you and your feigned umbrage when the press, politicians, pundits and all of Fox News did this to President Obama? Or when CNN constantly slagged President G.W. Bush?

    You are pissed because the news (REAL FU^&ING NEWS) is being reported about that Cheeto colored simpleton sitting in the Oval Office.

    Cheeto Mussolini’s history of racism goes way back. Take his full page ad calling for the death penalty for the Central Park Five (accused, tried and convicted of gang raping a white jogger). Those boys all served prison time until their charges were vacated in 2002.

  • KenTFM

    Oh ST FU with this Pravda BS. Do you people actually understand what the hell you are talking about. Or the specious comparisons you make, day in day out?

    If anyone is behaving Pravda like look at Cheeto Mussolini and his communication team. THAT is like Pravda. Look at Fox News, those motherf*&kers are the American version of TASS.

  • searchinwithnoagenda

    And males 16 to 25 years old pay the same rate for car insurance as older and more experienced drivers with a safe record. No!? Well that’s racist (sarc). Facts are a beeotch.

  • William Dickerson

    Should be simple to figure out – it’s not like there are 100 people in those meetings, right?
    On the other hand, I have been told by a source that the two sources were a person who was there, and another person who wasn’t there but the first person told them about it.
    That’s the two sources. One in a meeting came out and told another, WHAM, we have two sources, run with it!

  • William Dickerson

    You shall be charged with cruelty to animals/birds.

  • HJ


  • KenTFM

    Your feeble attempt at sarcasm fails as AGE is not a RACE therefore there is no racism here. Maybe you meant AGEISM or some other ridiculous “ism”

    What your dumbass fails to realize is they (your demographic) do not pay the same as their older counterparts. They are placed in a pool called ASSIGNED RISK . This is a group that includes the young, the inexperienced, DUI charges, etc… who pay much higher rates than anyone else.

    You want to talk facts…fine. Just don’t try to do that with someone who worked 15 years in the insurance industry.

    Now, go sit down and ST FU, grown people are talking here.

  • searchinwithnoagenda

    “Now, go sit down and ST FU, grown people are talking here.”

    Oh my. Yes sir. Right away sir.

  • searchinwithnoagenda

    It’s called probabilities. But surely you knew that after 15 years in the insurance industry. I am not defending Trump but people speak probabilistically a.l.l. t.h.e. t.i.m.e. Go empty your colon, maybe you won’t be so irritable.

  • KenTFM

    F*(k off clown. You and your BS cannot begin to step to me.

  • searchinwithnoagenda

    Hahaha. Quite full of yourself, eh?

  • Dean Anniballi

    You really are quite ignorant. If you don’t see the MSM as a tool of the establishment, you are blind or traitorous.

  • Dean Anniballi

    My, you’re a pleasant little turd, aren’t you?

  • KenTFM

    I am a better person than you will ever hop to be. Sit down and ST FU.

  • KenTFM

    MSM, fake news, deep state and every other idiotic thing you believe. Stop making an ass of yourself. Just shut up.

  • KenTFM

    I certainly am. I am not conceited… I am convinced.

  • Dean Anniballi

    I can tell what a wonderful person you are by your lack of civility. But you ARE a legend – in your own mind. I was wrong on one point though. I insulted turds.

  • Dean Anniballi

    Go pound sand, you ignorant fool.

  • KenTFM

    Whatever. I still outclass you.

  • Dean Anniballi

    Whatever makes you feel better than you obviously are. Maybe you be a better person in the coming year.

  • KenTFM

    Maybe you will learn to construct a proper sentence.

  • Dean Anniballi

    Maybe you’ll learn to be a little introspective. You’re sadly lacking in that arena. Now please, GFY.

  • KenTFM

    Aww, little snowflake is all butthurt…

  • TED

    Really, now! Does Trump ever provide HIS “sources” for the misrepresentations and outright lies he peddles daily? No.

    Does he ever own up to the bu**sh** he peddles? No.

    So … who cares if someone lies to him or about him? Nobody.


    You are as sad,sad vicious liberal who seems to think he is right and everyone else’s point of view or evidence is wrong! You are the typical left wing vicious person whom if things don’t go by your narrative you talk trash and belittle everyone else’s point of view and comments. Open your mind up a bit and let the real world shine through, maybe you’ll learn some manners along with decency! Lighten-up Butter-cup as my daughter would say!

  • Mark

    Fake news; I think this is all BS. I’m really getting tired of having to evaluate everything I read to determine the likelihood of factually. That’s your job. What happened to fact checking? The media has finally succeeded in completely destroying their credibility. An anonymous source recently stated that perceived credibility in the journalism profession now ranks below the used car sales person. That anonymous source is me. Forget reporting stories from anonymous sources. It’s getting old and utterly ridiculous.

  • austindp

    The antique media has already written these stories sometime back and, if the president has a meeting related to any of this stuff, then they go ahead and print the stories up. The truth means nothing to these nimrods. And, unfortunately, it never will.

  • KenTFM

    Yawn. So many words and still no point. Sad.

  • freethinker4

    I my self welcome any conservative thinking legal immigrant that cherishes the principles this country was founded upon no matter of sex or race. I also believe people should be tested before entry into the USA on they’re beliefs of what our Constitution and Bill of Rights mean to them and the people of the USA and if they would support and fight for it. We can’t afford to be letting socialist liberals entry anymore. This rhetoric is why! they’re attempting to control our President with malicious fake propaganda.

  • Doris Will

    I really see why anyone accused of a crime has a right to face their accuser. It is actually
    a sad reality that journalism has fallen into innuendo and calling it news. Generals Kelly and McMaster along with Secretaries Tillerson and Neilson (actual people with names, said that President Trump didn’t make those statements. NYT quotes unnamed persons, Angela Helm a 19 year old Harvard student, and Frank Sharry. a pro-immigration activist says “it sounds like something Trump would say.” I am amazed that people actually pay to read this tripe.

  • Lauren Bertrand

    Let me guess, KenTFM…the real threats in the country are white supremacy, Russian meddling and the repeal of net neutrality?

    People made up their mind, and per the electoral college–the way ballots get counted in the US–your beloved candidate lost. Please try again with a better candidate in 3 years. I didn’t vote for Trump either and I want him to be a one-termer, but if the Left continues its hysteria, the more likely successor is going to be another Republican.

  • KenTFM

    1) Hillary was not my candidate…beloved or otherwise.

    2) There are real threats to this country and despite your feeble attempt to box me in as some sort of Antifa / BLM / SJW or whatever nonsense rattles around in your head, nothing on your list makes my top ten.

    This cheeto tinged lunatic and his sycophants and Christo-Fascists definitely make my top 5.

    Oh and thanks for explaining the Electoral College thing but I learned that in the 6th grade…when they still had a course in elementary schools called CIVICS.

  • freethinker4

    I don’t know what you believe in, but the democrats lame stream media and Obama have in sighted racism? For instance did you know that more whites are killed by police than blacks. I also watched countless time Obama refer to Christians as radical, but followers of Islam were peace loving people. I watched as anyone that didn’t agree with the Illegal SCOTUS ruling of gay marriage was a bigot and the democrats keep pushing it as a right. Same analogy is given to RTL groups they’re even called racist bigots for what, are they not trying to save all babies? but the democrats claim its an attack on the poor. We have so many problems in this country and the democrats are just trying to drive a wedge in the people they manipulate facts promote propaganda to what end result? What is the democrats agenda? From what I see they want total control over the people and what they think and do.

  • KenTFM

    I don’t speak for the Democrats. I am not the media (“lame stream – people still use this dubass ter?)
    and I know the word is spelled “INCITED”

    That being said, President Obama did nothing to incite racism, foment violence or any of the other nonsense hyper-partisan or completely delusional people wish to think. Just did not happen.

    I also never made an attempt to call out law enforcement for who they killed by race. No matter the race of the LEO and the victim, I am satisfied to wait for the facts, assume the LEO is innocent if charged and then respect the verdict of the people who ACTUALLY sat in court, heard the evidence and deliberated in (I hope) good faith.

    You think Democrats want control over people and what they think? The same can be said about the Republicans and their evangelical fanatics who would just as soon turn this country into a theocracy. So let’s just agree that the FAR SIDE of both parties are dangerous. It is the Democrats and Republicans who put country over party, religion, or a president they have to suck up to daily basis that will restore sanity to our discourse and our governance.

    The rest of your diatribe I am not going to try to unpack as most of it is fallacious at best and total and complete echo chamber BS on it’s face

  • Robert Walters

    Anonymous sources my ass. Once again the LYING New York Times are joining the lying bias news outlets of CNN and MSNBC.
    They have lost all trust from the public, accuracy in the media is a joke. Most news outlets have become a total embarrassment. The hateful, bias, fake news continues to be exposed, resulting in firings, with some poor excuse for posting Fake News.
    What happened to truthful reporting, LIKE MEET THE PRESS ? NOT THE BIAS LYING MORNING JOE.

  • Robert Walters

    No you STFUA !

  • Bluto Woods

    The news media should be forced to give up names of those who are trying to destroy our country,if news is reported without proof and proved false whoever is responsible should be treated as a traitor.

  • Bluto Woods

    This Ken guy is an asshole.