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Leftists have been trying to get rid of President Trump since he became the Republican nominee. They have arranged a special prosecutor investigation into his campaign’s alleged ties with Russia. They have revealed tapes of him saying crass things in the distant past. They have purchased dossiers from shady British faux intelligence agents.

None of that seems to be working, so they have turned to another tactic – trying to get President Trump to do the job himself.

In recent days, there have been a spate of stories urging the president to resign, predicting he will quit any day and sketching what might happen if he did. The stories have ranged from the plaintive to the serious to the silly to the somewhat creepy.

Al Gore took the direct approach. He was taking questions on a British network to promote his new movie, “Inconvenient Sequel.” When asked what President Trump should do, he said, “Resign.”

The Bustle website offered a story on what would happen if Trump resigned – if he leaves immediately, then Vice President Mike Pence takes over, which the website did not view as good news.

Keith Olbermann got written up in Newsweek this week when he sketched out his Trump resignation fantasy and the remarkable reasons he expected it to happen soon – or not so soon.

“For a while now, I have thought the Trump presidency would end suddenly,” Olbermann said. “For weeks now I have been anticipating that Trump’s last day in office will dawn like all the others, and then around dinner time it will suddenly break that he is about to resign. I don’t know if that’s next Tuesday or next year, but I think whenever it is, that is what it will feel like.”

Olbermann was reacting to a tweet from John Harwood, a White House reporter for CNBC. Harwood, who moderated one of the presidential debates in 2016, also was among the reporters revealed to have had their stories ordered and approved by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

“Prediction just in from top R strategist,” Harwood tweeted. “Trump resigns ‘once Mueller closes in on him and the family.’ Pence makes Rubio VP, ‘GOP recovers.’”

That tweet followed by just a few days a tweet from Tony Schwartz, who helped Trump write his famed 1987 book, “The Art of the Deal.” “Trump is going to resign and declare victory before Mueller and Congress leave him no choice,” Schwartz tweeted, adding later he had not talked to Trump and had no inside knowledge.

Frank Bruni of The New York Times has been having his own secret fantasies about Trump resigning. He said he had “spotted more and more forecasts” that Trump would resign, then recited the Schwartz quote and none other. “They struck me not as wishful or fantastical,” Bruni intoned. “They struck me as late.”

He then went on a rant about how Trump already had resigned when he forfeited moral leadership on Charlottesville – and in fact hadn’t even begun to be president, blah blah blah.

David Von Drehle of The Washington Post at least tried to take the assignment seriously. In a piece entitled, “Why Doesn’t Trump Just Quit?” Von Drehle said that “evidence is piling up that Donald Trump does not really want to be president of the United States.”

He doesn’t look happy in the job, Von Drehle said. Before he became president, Trump could meet with whomever he wanted and say whatever he wanted. Now, Von Drehle said, he finds himself more isolated, and the loneliness of the job is wearing on him.

“And it’s more than that,” Von Drehle wrote. “With no previous political experience, Trump’s learning curve has been even steeper than usual, and the more he sees of the job, the less he wants to do it. He balks at the briefings, the talking points, the follow-through.”

Trump loves being the most talked-about man on Earth, Von Drehle said.

Then came the old canard that Trump’s associates say he never intended to be president. He was trying to make a point by announcing, then by actually running, then by actually winning the nomination, then by winning the election and then by being sworn in.

According to these associates, Trump was a lock to resign at each of these phases. He was just showing us he could do it. He doesn’t want to do anything to help the country; he just wants everyone to bow in awe of his self-marketing ability.

“Having won the part,” Von Drehle wrote, “he doesn’t want to play it, a fact irrefutable after Charlottesville. Rather than speak for the nation – the president’s job – he spoke for Trump. Rather than apply shared values, he apportioned blame.”

So Trump doesn’t want to be president anymore, and the proof is he refused to be cowed into making statements he knew to be untrue?

A seasoned entrepreneur such as Trump should recognize when a venture is not working out or when a personnel move hasn’t clicked, Von Drehle wrote.

“The presidency is not a good fit for Trump. It’s a scripted role; he’s an improviser. It’s an accountable position; he’s a free spirit. Yes, the employment contract normally runs four years. But at his age and station, what’s the point of staying in a job he doesn’t want?”

Trump does not seem to be inclined to help the left with its project to drive him from office or this newest novel effort to gaslight him into doing it himself. He seemed absolutely buoyant at his packed rally in Arizona earlier this week, and he seems to have a lot of things he wants to accomplish, such as tax reform, healthcare reform and the war in Afghanistan.

The left thinks it hears things, sees signs. He’s tired. He’s impatient. He’s frustrated. He doesn’t seem to want to knuckle under to what the Washington establishment wants him to do, and that pressure – according to the Washington establishment – has to be too much for a man to bear.

But they must not have been paying attention on Tuesday in Arizona. This wasn’t a presidential speech. This was a 2020 campaign event. Wishful thinking/reporting on the left notwithstanding, the president is not going anywhere.

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  • Richard Hellstrom

    As the Democratic Party and it’s Lobby continues it’s polices of Anti-competitive practices by creating monopolies in the area’s of the News Media , In Our Colleges and Entertainment Industry and other near monopolies , their seems to be a vast need to demand the federal government investigate and pursue trust and insure our antitrust laws are being followed. For Example ( In business, a trust is used to combine several large businesses in order to exert complete control over a market ) { Quote – Sherman Act Wikipedia The specific sense from 19th-century America used in the law refers to a type of trust which combines several large businesses for monopolistic purposes – to exert complete control over a market – though the law addresses monopolistic practices even if they have nothing to do with this specific legal arrangement.} From people being black listed out of the entertainment industry for opposing the Democratic Party and it’s lobby , to most all of the colleges being controlled by the Democratic Lobby who are publicly bulling people for not supporting the Democratic Party or having an opposing opinion to almost having a singular news media or media sources that are singular to oppressing every one who doesn’t support the Democratic Party and their Lobby and have a notable reputation for lying and spreading false propaganda for political and financial gain.. These monopolistic practices have a vast effect on the market and it’s control and is a direct attempt to create a singular government and has created the largest united monopoly that’s ever existed in America that is distinct to the efforts of complete political control and a one party system.

  • FireAnt

    Those who seek Trump’s resignation depend upon support from people who receive government checks – 21 million government employees and over 50 million government dependents.

    Solid Trump supporters include 131 million private-sector workers that produce the goods and services sold for profits from which government steals aka taxes money to send to government employees and government dependents.

    Government robbing Peter to pay Paul, bribing Paul to keep reelecting government!

  • efred1

    Liberals are going to get Trump to resign? Good luck with that.

    Trump seems to thrive on the turmoil aimed at him; look at all the times he’s been attacked. He appeared to be enjoying himself immensely the more that they were focusing on him and attacking him. The harsher the MSM and Democrats (one and the same) attacked him, the happier he seemed to be, and the more active he became.

    Everyone seems to forget that he went to a military boarding school; they teach military history, strategy and tactical theory, do they not? It appears that while the rest of us are playing Candyland, Trump is playing 3D chess; he’s playing on a whole different level, that liberals cannot seem to begin to comprehend. Every time he seems to do something stupid or wrong, eventually it proves out to be a brilliant conservative move on his part. I have found it best to take a wait-and-see attitude, and look for the end result before making my own conclusions.

    All I can say, is I’m glad he’s on our side.

  • NC91

    Trump is a dangerous racist-I will do everything I can to have him removed.

  • MonadnockMan

    NC91, why don’t you move to Venezuela tomorrow and see how you like that model. Ours can be fixed and you are part of the problem!

  • MonadnockMan

    Thus, the status quo in DC does not like THEIR swamp messed with by anyone! Well tough, you know what!

    January 1, 2019, both parties will experience a revelation entitled voter distrust and scorn for YOUR politics of yesterday and today. The primary purpose why Mr. Trump was elected because most of your ilk forgot who PAYS your salary! Therefore, beginning with McConnell, Ryan, Schumer, Pelosi along with the rest of sitting bozos who like the current swamp business model is now in for another surprise.

    First, you dolts forgot there are more of us than of us than of you! Second, your disease methodology that created this catastrophe that is now exhausted. Third, how can we not forget your inability and absolute failure where you are ignoring an asked question by a voter. Beyond that, your responses are always convoluted babble leaving the questioner clueless because you provided a baffling response(s) that makes no sense? That failure drives us nuts, and we are sick of it!

    Your models over the last 4-decades are an utter catastrophe notwithstanding what side you reside. You were forewarned, and it appears you enjoy being stupid when the people said we no longer want this kind of government.

    Moreover, if all goes well and I know you swamp rats will not listen you will hear a big bang in the streets of DC come January 1, 2019, coming from all the moving vans taking your asses home far away from the swamp.

  • NC91

    Hi-I voted for Trump because I lost my retirement savings in the recession and Holder would do nothing and because of Snowden’s appalling revelations about spying. But I find Trump to be worse:
    1.He is a coward and I dislike him ordering soldiers to do what he would not do (I know other presidents also avoided military service-they suck too.)
    2. His support of right wing groups and his pardon and praise of Arpaio make me think he is a racist.
    3. He is encouraging police to become heavily armed. If I were Black or Hispanic I would be scared.
    I agree that our politicians are useless-every email I get from Democrats just asks for money-no ideas at all.
    My stumbling block is that I find almost everyone screwed up and corruption to be everywhere.
    Shall I stand for King? What are your solutions?

  • Mark Midas

    There are a lot of global players involved in this, too, including Soros’ pope. With Donald Trump in the Oval Office, Pope Francis lost his most powerful political partner, Barack Hussein Obama. Political deals in Iran, Cuba and Paris (the climate treaty) included covert Vatican negotiations As The Remnant puts it: “Francis and his radical papal courtiers … so loved playing heady global politics with Obama. Those days are over.”

  • mioahu

    1. What exactly did he order soldiers to do ? .. btw, he went to military school
    2. Which right wing groups does he support ?
    3. Police needs to be able to fight the cartels and the gangs, which ARE heavily armed. And why does that threaten only blacks and hispanics ?

  • NC91

    1. He is sending about 4000 troops to Afghanistan. I’m sure he just said ‘make friends with the enemy’..Yes his parents sent him to military school, presumably before he got his bone spurs which he used as an excuse to avoid ADULT military service.
    .2. I presume you have seen the video of the ‘tiki’ group chanting ‘Jews will not replace us’. THAT group. He later defended them by saying ‘there was violence on both sides’.
    3.There have been many suspicious deaths of Blacks (in Ferguson for example), and the incarceration rates for Blacks and Hispanics are far higher than that for whites.

  • mioahu

    1.He didn’t AVOID adult military service, in this country you are not compelled to enroll in active duty after military school… He did more than many other presidents, so please.. And you mean that if you didn’t server in the army, you can’t order deployment of forces as commander in chief ? Please , this argument has no standing…
    2. There was violence on both sides. The ones who started the violence where antifa thugs. If there were no leftist fascist thugs there to start the violence, nothing would have happened. A bunch of idiot nazis would have chanted and then went home. So let’s acknowledge facts. Saying that there was violence on both sides is AT LEAST accurate, if not underestimating the antifa fascist violence.
    3. And that is because there is far more crime in black and hispanic communities. Asians are a minority, why are they not incarcerated ? Cause more of them are law abiding.

  • NC91

    1.WRONG.:(a)why take FIVE deferments if there was no need?
    (b)no such rule about exemption after military rule, can you produce evidence?
    (c )’did more than most presidents’-evidence?
    (d) I did not say ‘could not’, I said’ should not’- I would not like to be ordered to risk my life by someone who would not risk theirs, would you?

    2.please watch the videos. Who used their car to kill someone? Not a leftist fascist. Also READ newspaper accounts ( other than breitbart).

    3.Crime stats ate a complicated subject. To get an idea of the complexity, I would refer you to Wikipedia article ‘race and crime in the US.

  • mioahu

    a) you are right he had college deferments during Vietnam war.
    b) My point was that unlike the United States Military Academy West Point or the United States Naval Academy, which require military service after graduation, NYMA , which Trump attended, has no obligation.
    c) Obama didn’t have anything to do with military, so Trump did more than Obama.. same with Clinton, just to remember the most recent democrat presidents…
    d) one has nothing to do with another, otherwise we would not have a civilian as commander in chief.
    2. I did. who started the violence ? the leftist thugs. It is unfortunate that an idiotic nazi ended up ramming his car into the crowd, but exactly, watch the videos, read the non leftist articles, and it is clear that violence is always started by the leftists thugs
    3. how about just use common sense ? you still didn’t answer my question on why we don’t have same problem with asians.. are they better liked by the racists in the US ?

  • Rich Schmidt

    Donald Trump is not the kind of man to quit espsecially under duress or criticism.
    That the Left hasn’t surmised this fact is testimony to their willingness to ignore what has been demonstrated if it conflicts with their orthodox collectivist egalitarian ideology.
    Such blind denial is looked upon by the relatively sane as the disease that it is. The left is dying in America. It’s main support is now foolish young true believers. These folks are notoriously fickle however, as they assume responsibility for their own welfare.
    Funny what a job, a family and a place in the fabric of capital driven society can do to straighten out the fuzzy thinking offered by the kiddie university and the dope pipe.

  • NC91

    I answered all your questions. Goodbye

  • chetnapier
  • beladnj

    I can’t believe that anyone would listen to Kieth Uberdolt…sheeze

  • beladnj

    You have conveniently left out the part where he is CIC and Congress goes along. They also send young men to places they themselves don’t go and their children don’t go.

    BTW did you serve in the military? If you did you know the score and accept it…you go when, where and how your CIC says you go.