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Janel Davis of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that a “noted scholar, author and veteran civil rights activist” by the name of Angela Davis will deliver the keynote address January 18 at Kennesaw State University’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance. This is the same Angela Davis “who supported the imprisonment of Soviet political dissidents (calling them common criminals), cheered on the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia, and was awarded the International Lenin Peace Prize (formerly the International Stalin Peace Prize) by communist East Germany,” as noted by another paper, the British Telegraph.

The differences reflect the abysmal state of our media today, as compared to a foreign newspaper that conducted some basic research. Janel Davis is obviously a young reporter who has not been trained to properly investigate a subject she is writing about. As a result, she misleads her audience and makes a fool out of herself.

A photograph of Davis shaking hands with the Stalinist East German dictator, Erich Honecker, is not that difficult to find on the Internet.

Davis, a two-time candidate for vice-president on the Communist Party ticket, is getting paid $20,000 by Kennesaw State University for giving a speech. Earlier in her career she beat a murder rap and was a college professor at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

In a 2012 speech, she spoke of the “planetary euphoria” she felt when Barack Obama was elected president. Davis said Obama’s presidency had resulted in “an upsurge of activism” that would not have taken place “if the Republican candidate had been elected.”

In addition to the International Lenin Peace Prize, she received an honorary degree from the Karl Marx University of Leipzig, East Germany.

The transformation of a communist apologist for the old Soviet Union and East Germany into a “scholar” and “civil rights activist” is on the same level as Davis pretending to be a working class hero while making big bucks on the lecture circuit. Nevertheless, she still talks and acts like a communist true believer and participated in the “Occupy” movement at events in various cities.

Those who believe communism is dead might be surprised to learn that in 2012 she gave a speech calling for “combating anti-communism.” At the same time, she has adopted the cause of radical Islam, declaring “Islamophobia” to be a major threat, the communist People’s World reported.

The paper went on to say that Davis “spoke at length about [the] centrality of the Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people to the discontent in the Muslim world,” and challenged the audience to recognize “that Israeli apartheid…is just as bad” as South African apartheid.

Davis concluded her address by saying that “we need peace, justice, equality, and socialism for us all.”

A Google search finds that Davis’s Marxist speeches are being offered for fees that range from $10,000 to $20,000. It looks like Kennesaw, located about 20 miles outside Atlanta, got stuck with the higher rate.

Most of those offering her services as a speaker provide an extreme make-over of her career, in order to mask her decades of serving the interests of the secret police in the Soviet Union and East Germany.

For example, the American Program Bureau calls Davis a “Feminist & Writer,” whose topics include “The Role of Art in Society.”

The Keppler Speakers Bureau calls her a “living legend” who will “recount her experience as one of the country’s most prominent activists for social justice.”

The Lavin Agency calls Davis a “Legendary Human Rights Activist” who is “internationally known for her ongoing work to combat all forms of oppression in the U.S. and abroad.”

The latter claim is most definitely a lie, since Davis was an ardent proponent of the Soviet/East German system of oppression and ignored the victims of communism—some 100 million of them.

Now Davis is claiming the mantle of Dr. Martin Luther King, a man honored by Americans for his commitment to peaceful change. Many young blacks may be duped into believing that Davis is somehow in the same league as Dr. King, as a result of papers like the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) sanitizing her career. The Davis speech is sponsored by the Kennesaw State African-American Student Alliance.

Phil Kent’s piece, “AJC Omits KSU Speaker’s Communist Background,” was the first indication that the Davis appearance at Kennesaw was not going to take place without some critical comment. He went into some detail about Davis, even noting that she once told an ACLU meeting that she “believes in the violent overthrow of America’s government.”

But that government is now showering her with student and taxpayer dollars through state universities. It is quite a racket.

Julian March of the Wilmington Star-News reports that Davis is going from Kennesaw to speak on January 20 at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW), also as part of a Martin Luther King Jr. event. The article mentions her communist past but quotes Todd McFadden, a UNCW instructor and director of the Upperman African American Cultural Center, as saying “the controversy associated with Davis’ name has faded” over the years.

He says, “Martin Luther King was controversial in his day but obviously is a much more accepted figure. Things like that change.”

One thing that has changed is that we have a media which censors the truth about people like Davis who rip off the system in order to destroy it.

In addition to pocketing tens of thousands of capitalist dollars from colleges and universities, the Angela Davis group called Critical Resistance, notes writer Tina Trent, gets funding from the super capitalist hedge-fund operator George Soros through his Open Society Foundation.

Critical Resistance aims to empty the prisons of the United States, since criminals are considered victims of a capitalist society.

This campaign is one reason why, according to the AJC, Davis has emerged as a “scholar” on the issue of “imprisonment.”

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  • Ted

    The single biggest supplier of consumer products to our glorious, democratic, free enterprise, free-market economic system is … COMMUNIST China … and all the Big Bu$ine$$ FatCat$ just L-O-V-E doing busine$$ there!

    So … if ‘Communism’ is such a threat … WHY do Republican leaders and Republican billionaire businessmen like doing business with Communists so much ???

    What Bu**sh**!

  • newsel

    The issue is not a (not so) communist China but the hypocrisy of tax payer money funding this individual and all she stands for. Like the rest of these ’60’s activists including Ayers and Dohrn who suck off the capitalist tit with Professorships and who do their very best to indoctrinate the youth and bite the hand that feeds them. That she is on the lecture circuit is truly Bu**sh**!

  • AndRebecca

    The Democrat billionaire’s and rich Dems like Nancy Pelosi’s husband make money from trade with China. Bill Gates is not a Republican. George Soros, the author of two anti-Capitalist books, makes money in all sorts of ways while supporting the Democrat party. there are lots of non-Capitalistic ways of making money, and they benefit from the corruption of Communism. A one party, two class system with the rulers and the ruled makes it easy to exploit people, which is all they do in communist countries, and which they do here more and more..

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    irst of all, China is not and never was a communist society.

    China was –and it is ruled now– by the contraption called “Communist Party”, which, ostensibly, for decades, claimed to be engaged in building Marxist (classless and internationalist) socialism, ostensibly as a steppingstone toward Marxist (stateless and worldwide) communism.

    During Mao’s rule, and thereafter until right now, a powerful CLASS or Nomenklatura (even tough less formidable than the Soviet one) was and is actually ruling China. Bolshevik in terms of repression, and Nomenklatura-ruled in terms of otherwise governing, is what best characterized “communist” China. Yes, there was in China a form of socialism, but not Marxist socialism, let alone, Marxist communism.

    Leninism was NEVER Marxist, as someone who lived high in the Soviet Nomenklatura (Michael Voslensky – Nomenklatura – The Soviet Ruling Class: An Insider’s Report) accurately wrote: “Leninism, unlike Marxism, is not a theory or a hypothesis, but a strategy and tactics for the seizure of power, decked out in Marxist slogans.” And the Russian Bolshevik strain of it (i.e., the original one Leninism) is bestially brutal, imagine of ISIS. Marx must have heavily soiled his underwear in his tomb when witnessing the horrors that Lenin, Stalin and their successors in the Soviet Union, as well as other bestial tyrants in the “Communist” Bloc perpetrated upon humanity on his account.

    Now, in the wake of the monumental collapse of the Soviet Union and its satellites, “communist” China backpedaled to a socialist form that is more in line with its internal power and economics structure: FASCISM (i.e., corporatist-socialism, colloquially aka “half-baked socialism”) whereby government MUST CO-OWN or at least cozy up to –or control tightly to either boost or bust them– SELECT ways and SELECT means of SELECT production and SELECT distribution of SELECT goods and SELECT services in society, so that the government becomes the most prominent owner and employer and, at the same time, the kingmaker and the Grim Reaper of private sector enterprises.

    Yes, “communist” China is FASCIST China…and fascist-corporatism abounds here in America, now exacerbated by Obama, a Leninist of the “pragmatic” (i.e., unorthodox) and physically relatively non-violent (as compared to bestial Bolshevism, the other main strain of Leninism) strain named “Cultural Communism” aka “Western Marxism”, although, deep in the non-Leninist socialist Left, a sotto voce, referred to, accurately, as “Western-Leninism”. In their pragmatism Western-Leninists resort to anything, including, not only capitalism, but, among other “tools”, fascist-corporatism. E.g., the “green-tech” overall business, commerce and industry, epitomic cases being Solyndra, electric cars, solar panels, wind electricity-generators, biomass fuels, etc.; obama’s unconstitutional dictate for amnesty to illegal aliens which, in part, boosts the myopic gluttony of the American Chamber of Commerce (Lenin: “The capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them.”); etc.

    Now, maniacs here in the U.S.A. Believe that the mirage called communism is actually feasible and viable; they are true communists, some of them Marxists propers, others, Leninists of the Bolshevik strain (e.g., Angela Davis, Bill Ayers and his wife, the Black Panthers, etc), still others, Leninists of the true Western-Leninist strain, such as Obama and the rest of the ideological marrow of the DemocRat Party, this including Hillary (Slick is more a consummate Nomenklaturist and inveterate scoundrel).

  • stringman

    The confusion running rampant through uneducated American citizen about the difference between communism (small c) and Communism (large c) is why the nation elected Obama to the presidency. Small c communists are perfectly nice people who want to live the peaceful commune lifestyle with lots of brothers and sisters, grow their own food to share, everybody share in the equality and love one another, etc. etc.

    Large c Communists want to secretly take over the world by whatever means is most expedient and, rule with and iron fist – i.e. Death to any one that opposes them. They lie to everyone along the way and put on a very convincing act of believing in small c communism. But the reality is that they are so arrogant that they believe that they know what’s best for everyone, even if they have to kill you or send you to the gulag to make it happen.

    When trying to decide whether the person in front of you is large C or small c, choose carefully. Our lives may depend on it.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Excellent article on Angela Davis, Cliff. Why a free pass to MLK?

    MLK was at best a useful idiot of the communist party, at worst a comrade. In the first chapter of his book Strength to Love, MLK says it all when he quotes Georg Hegel saying “truth is found neither in the thesis nor the antithesis, but in an emergent synthesis which reconciles the two.” Considering his goal was to effect social change, the quote on page 13, reveals MLK as just as much a communist as Angela Davis.

    You would think the press would have the courage to report the quote.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd
  • AndRebecca

    China is not a communist society? Lenin was never a Marxist? Fascism is not Marxism? I take it you have not read Marx or Engels, or a book with the title “The Three Faces of Marxism.” The three faces being three types: Red, Yellow, and White. Three different versions of the same thing. The only reason why the West hasn’t had more force is because we wouldn’t stand for it. We do stand for more immorality and secular-humanism which is what we are getting, and taking away private property in the name of saving the environment. And, we seem to be fine with children being brainwashed. This will go on until the point comes when we can be overthrown by force.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    The flaw in your thesis is pretending that Marx was some sort of benevolent god, and therefore his followers have been mere subversions of the founder’s intent. The biggest delusion of the delusional is holding onto the lie that the world has never seen “true” marxism. Marx was the model revolutionist. Marx said himself that the philosophers had only interpreted history, and that the point was to change it. It was Marx who took Hegel’s dialectic and turned it into a strategy. More fundamentally, is Marx’s character. Marx was a satanist according to Richard Wurmbrand in his book “Marx and Satan.” Marx scoffed at the notion of morality. Marx himself was the first to call for genocide of certain ethnic groups of Slavs. Leaders like Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, et al, rose to the top because of their lack of morality – this is the Marxist model, the survival of the unfittest. Whoever can deceive and terrorize the most, wins. Most likely, all communist leaders are satanists at the top. That is the common bond that all leaders share with Marx. They are just like him.

    Secondly, communism has given way to transformational marxism in much of the world. Transformational marxism is a merger of Freud and Marx. Transformational marxism is the psychological conditioning of marxist ideology, verses marxism by physical force. Gorbachev’s Perestroika is simply transformational marxism, or shifting to psychological warfare as the weapon of choice. Tiananmen square was students protesting in favor of transformational marxism, over the old school marxism of guns and tanks. Both strategies are governed by marxist dialetic. Both strains “liberate” man from the traditional father figure who puts restraints on right/wrong behavior. The dictator is replaced by a facilitator. The “fall of the state” happens when the dialectic of continual conflict reaches that point. The end game has not changed, only the strategy.

    In some ways transformational marxism is worse than physical force. There are people of character who would rather die than live under socialism/communism. Whereas, psychological conditioning is a slow torture. A couple of generations ago, the average American patriot man would have put up a vigorous fight, rather than watch a nation fall like it is today in slow motion. Today, the average American male is quite similar to the fluoride sedated prisoners in the concentration camps of Nazi Germany.

    Finally, most people incorrectly think of fascism as being on the far right of the political spectrum. Fascism is on the far left of the scale. “Excluding anarchists, left to right on the political/economic spectrum, it goes Nazism and Juche, Communism, socialism, mercantilism (welfare statism), classical liberalism/laissez-faire capitalism.” *

    *I took quote from the group Anti-Communism on Facebook and am acknowledging the source.

  • MacBart

    One does not need to look any further than the likes of “Professor” Davis to see what is wrong with the educational system. The educational system has become a methodology of conveying liberal ideals. In speaking with recent college grads and asking the most basic principles regarding common knowledge the frozen in the headlights look says it all. Anyone that would attend a lecture by this phony would be that much dumber for having attended.

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    To Marx, revolution is but an abrupt –not necessarily violent, the proletariat to be the ultimate decider whether violently of peacefully– 180 degree flip of society. Marx must be spinning in his grave at the horrors that the Bolshevists and their ideological/doctrinaire and praxis progeny have perpetrated and keep perpetrating upon humanity. Of course, Marx and Marxism are evil, as absolutely any other form of socialism –e.g., fascism and its cousins, Nazism, Falangism, Peronism (aka Justicialism), social-“democracy”, “democratic”-socialism,- is, for, in the end, subjugates the individual to government (not to the state, of which government is only one of its basic components) and destroys the family, for, according to Marx and Engels and their followers, the family is the root of private property and individualism, two normal traits viscerally detested by them…children becoming the property of the government (of the “state”, they say). Furthermore, and even much more monstrous, Marx’s “ultimate aim” is world, stateless all-out communism, therewith reducing human society to an animalistic proto-societal status where even women are communized, becoming public shared chattel, and men too (i.e., round-robin heterosexual polyamorism). No, Lenin was NOT a real Marxist, which does not make him or Marx lesser evils; it is just a historically factual contention. As for Hegelian dialectic, of course, Marx spun it, twisted it, pretzeled it, perverted it…but in the end, Marx, thereby, ended creating precisely dialectic contradictions that go to the very heart of Marxist dialectics itself. It would take pages to expand on this latter issue; I’ll leave it just as another statement of fact.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    You do not understand the spirit of Marx. All marxist leaders cross a line that utterly shocks the western world in it’s depravity. Marx had an admitted rebellion against God. That is what drove Marx. To understand Marx, you need a King James bible.

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    China is now fascist In terms of economics.

    That said, the ideological spectrum of the entire Left is, very synoptically, as follows(NOTE: it is so important to non-leftists –particularly to grassroots-conservative– to know better the enemy within that is leading the destruction of America):

    1- SOFTCORE-LEFT, or democratic-Left, that is, lives and plays within the bounds of effective democracy, still patriotic, but in a nonchalant and unenthusiastic fashion almost bordering perfunctoriness, and unfortunately, functioning, nolens volens (i.e., like it or not, inadvertently) as the quasi-collectivistic protoplasm around and from which the hardcore-Left feeds. These are the ones whom either Lenin or Stalin christened “useful fools” and “useful idiots” (i.e., whom, accordingly, DemocRAT operative and MIT professor –yes, in that order of precedence– Jonathan Gruber deems part of his demographics of “stupid voters”).
    1.1- Liberalism, i.e., that current of thought antithetical to economics-liberalism, and advocated and taken to practice by those bleeding-heart souls who accept heavy government spending, as well as big, intrusive government is it all is “for the common good”.
    1.2- Doctrinaire Keynesianism, i.e., that current of thought advocated and taken to practice by those who, building on liberalism, then distort John Maynard Keynes’ economics recipe (i.e., in a nutshell: government CAN spend on public works, but surgically selectively, on a case-by-case basis, temporarily, and only when extremely needed, to tweak stimulatingly the national economy), and take it to proposing that government MUST spend heavily and continuously on the broadest spectrum of public works.

    2- HARDCORE-LEFT, or anti-democratic Left (i.e., the ideological marrow of the DemocRAT Party), whose function is aimed, as Lenin put it, at destroying democracy, being anti-American, deeming patriotism a stupefacient opium of society, as much a societal stupefacient as religion (remember ‘ “hanging to their religion and to their guns” infamous quote?)
    2.1- Fascism, (i.e., corporatist-socialism, and colloquially aka “half-baked socialism”), i.e., that current of thought advocated and taken to practice by those who sustain that government MUST co-own or at least cozy up to –or control tightly to either boost or bust them– SELECT ways and SELECT means of SELECT production and SELECT distribution of SELECT goods and SELECT services in society, so that government becomes the most prominent owner and employer and, at the same time, the kingmaker and the Grim Reaper of private sector enterprises. Along with its fraternal twin, Nazism, fascism is elitism taken to totalitarianism, and it is as brutally subjugating and repressive on society as the Russian-Bolshevik strain of Marxism-Leninism is.
    2.2- Social-“Democracy”, (i.e., selective-socialism) is that current of thought advocated and taken to practice by those who sustain that government must FULLY own or at least control tightly to either boost or, more often, to bust them– SELECT ways and SELECT means of SELECT production and SELECT distribution of SELECT goods and SELECT services in society, so that the government becomes the most prominent owner and employer. Social-“Democracy” is elitist, with a marked authoritarian trait, with government being boss, and the people, serfs.
    2.3- “Democratic”-Socialism, (i.e., full-fledged socialism) is that current of thought advocated and taken to practice by those who sustain that government must own ALL the ways and ALL the means of ALL the production and ALL the distribution of ALL the goods and ALL the services in society, so that the government becomes the only proprietor and only employer, and the destroyer of the private sector.
    2.4- Marxism, (i.e., all-out socialism plus communism), ditto as in “democratic”-socialism, but of a revolutionary type, wherein the proletariat (i.e., factory-floor manual labor workforce) leads and decides for either a “ballot” or a “bullet” revolution to impose a classless and an internationalist fashion socialism with the proletariat in the lead, and only as a steppingstone toward Marx’s “ultimate aim”: stateless and worldwide communism. In communism “property” is so alien that even some communists propose dropping the term “property” off the dictionary.
    2.5- Leninism, i.e., ostensibly, Marxism wrapped with Leninism, but in reality a set of most barbaric tactics and strategies decked out in heavy Marxist-sloganery for the only purpose of seizing and retaining overall power with a small clique in control and a top dog at that such clique.
    2.6- Communistic Anarchism, i.e., Marxist communism marked by heightened hierarchy-lessness and heightened collectivist-communalism, as mostly articulated in Piere Kropotkine’s La conquête du Pain. (The Conquest of Bread [i.e., In the Pursuit of one’s Sustenance]).

    Marx: Revolution is to be “spontaneous” and obeying the laws of materialistic dialectic, and ignited within and led by the proletariat. Hence a robust proletariat is indispensable as environment, that is, a developed or developing society has to be the venue of the revolution, which must be the culmination of the materialistic dialectic sequel feudalist domination —> bourgeois domination —> capitalist domination —> proletarian revolution. “Vanguardism” is a no-no to the point that Marx was opposed even to the relatively innocuous version of “democratic centralism” injected by Ferdinand Lassalle into the German Social Democrat Party (Marxist at the time)..

    Lenin: Revolution is to be planned, implemented and controlled by a clique of professional and full-time revolutionaries (later, his Bolsheviks), who would be the “vanguard” of the revolution. Per Lenin’s paradigm, no such sequel is indispensable, just a group of “good” Bolshevists are needed for socialist/communist revolution in any kind of society, including peasantry societies, or even in the most backward society. “Vanguardism” is a must. Lenin embraced and distorted “democratic centralism” to the extreme, and then distorted it even further to the mono-centrist tyranny he impossed, with the support, not from the feeble proletariat in Russian, not even from the huge peasantry, but from legions of “administrators”, stratum that Staling transformed into the Nomenklatura.

    Now, Lenin was Marxist in the beginning of his hardcore-Left militancy having broken off with Marxism when he started what later was called “Bolshevism”.

    It is a crass absurdity to even suggest that Lenin was a Marxist…as it is a gigantic absurdity to even whisper that fascism is Marxism. Not in vain the hardcore-Left has penetrated so deep and so extensively America: Americans in general are huge ignoramuses regarding hardcore-Left doctrine/ideology and praxis. God save America!!!

    Now, that a political party with the term “communism” in its name is in power in a country does not make such country a communist society. See, the “Democratic” Party here in the USA is the most anti-democratic entity.

    Not even North Korea, not to mention Vietnam, is a communist country, as neither Cuba is. They are tyrannies of either the totalitarian mono-centrist or the nomenklaturist kind.

  • AndRebecca

    Here’s a book for you: The “Three Faces Of Marxism,” by Wolfgang Leonhard, 1979…You may be able to find a used copy of it. This communist Leonhard, divides communism into three basic political concepts Soviet ideology, Maoism, and Humanist Marxism in the West. Sure things can be tweaked here and there, and certainly Fascism is right-wing socialism as Lenin stated, and maybe things have changed slightly in China, but all Marxism is anti-Western culture and it’s basis Christianity. They want the westerner’s stuff, but not their morals or way of life. They especially hate WASPs. They want tyranny. Power without Christian morality is about force, sex, and money, no matter what the Leftists say it is. And the Dems are the secular humanists with some having Soviet ideology. I think most Dems, like Bill Clinton, visited the Soviet Union while in college.

  • Maria-Erlinda Martinez

    Absolutely any form of socialism belongs in the Left, specifically, in the hardcore-Left, that is, in the anti-democracy Left. No matter the prefix or suffix attached to the term “socialism”…socialism always belongs in the Left. Fascism is nationalist and, in terms of economics, much less inefficient than the other main forms of socialism, hence the jealousy, envy and hatred with which all other forms of socialism treat it. And such condition of less inefficiency stems from the fact that in fascism government just CO-owns, and not fully owns, key ways and means of key production and key distribution of key goods and services in society. That is, it gives free-entrepreneurism (i.e., “capitalism”) some breathing space, small, but enough to yield much better results than other forms of socialism. See how pre-WWII Nazi Germany bloomed, see how fascist China is better than under “the construction of socialism”, as it happens to fascist Russia is. Franco’s Falangist Spain was much better economically than Republican (actually proto-Stalinist — Stalin’s interest in Spain is spelled: G-I-B-R-A-L-T-A-R; knowledge of elementary geography and basic military geo-strategy of those times will tell you the meaning of it: to get safe passage to the South Atlantic and South America for his Black Sea fleet, Staling needed control of the Strait of Gibraltar) pre-Civil War Spain. See how the free-enterprise system of conservative Jose Maria Asnar elevated Spain to heights she never saw in the past. And see how the sequel of socialists regimes that followed brought Spain to the floor. Furthermore, the Nazi form of fascism caused such horrors that the rest of the hardcore Left shake it off as shaking cockroaches off one’s clothes. Fascism’s and Nazism’s horrors are owned by the hardcore-Left. Believing that those “skinheads” and other similar donkeys donning fascist and Nazi regalia are Nazis only makes the crass ignorance of such believer “shine”. As for the contention that all Marxism is anti Christian, there is a diabolic contraption called Theology of “Liberation” (TOL), which is Marxist and even Leninist spin of the Gospel. TOL proponents claim to found the socialist face of TOL on Acts 4-32 to Acts 4-37. And they claim that the Bolshevist (i.e., regarding the use of systemic violence and utter terror) face, on Acts 5-1 through Acts 5-11. That is what they contend, and that is how they bamboozle the naive into even rising in armed insurgency “for the revolution” (i.e., Marxist socialism and Marxist communism). Fellow Americans you MUST learn very-well REAL hardcore-Left doctrine/ideology and praxis, or you will lose America to an enemy that you don’t know. ALWAYS bear in mind what the great Chinese strategist General Sun Tzu (544 BC – 496 BC) wrote in The Art of War: “He who doesn’t know his enemy well is doomed to defeat.” Non-leftists, including generic conservatives, and even la creme de la creme of them, grassroots-conservatives, came to believe the idiocies that Dinesh D’Souza was most dishonestly feeding them off the palm of his hand when he came up with the canard that Obama’s utterly anti-American malfeasance is due to a supposed “anti-colonialist anger”…in the process, D’Souza raking in millions from his book, film and lectures about his canard. C’mon Americans, go get the writings of the demigods of the hardcore-Left and learn their doctrine/ideology and praxis, otherwise you will be playing pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey –worse, without you knowing, the silhouette of the donkey tacked not to a wall, but to the ceiling of the room– and in the process, allowing the Left shove America to irreversible destruction. Bear ALWAYS in mind also that history is peppered with instances of great powers that internal destructive forces drove to doom; America is not impervious to it…unless we grassroots-conservatives impede it. My “nom de guerre” is purposely deceptive, but I am sharing all this with you from overall (book-learned, and field-earned) experience from more than, on and off, four decades –I admit it with great shame– as a militant, a “mole”, and an international operative immersed in and at the loyal service of the hardcore-Left. I abandoned that putrid “life” about 27 seven years ago,and my mission since then in the borrowed time left (now in the red, due to illnesses) on this world (after 64 years as an atheist I was baptized a Christian last year). And that’s all folks. Listen what pals like me share with your…or ignore it, at your and at America’s peril.

  • AndRebecca

    Bless you, Maria-Erlinda. I too, know something about Marxism and have warned people about it after seeing the harm done by a close Marxist family member as well as others. But, only within the last few years have I read Marxist books. I was revolted by the idea of reading them, at first. After reading them, I really became revolted, but I continue to read the disgusting things in order to know my enemy. Their writings are some of the sickest anti-God and anti-human bilge ever written. And, the neo-Marxists are of the exact same mind as the old ones. Our government is filled with them and their agenda is being pushed to the hilt.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Amen, Maria, on your salvation and baptism. All modern churches and bible versions are rooted in Liberation Theology. Liberation theology “liberates” the flesh from God’s rebuke. It is the liberation of sin. It is easy to debate Dialectical Theology, because it replaces a patriarchal structure with the collective. It is the Garden of Eden, replacing obedience to God’s authority, with “ye shall be as gods,” or obedience to the group, i.e. man as a god. It is the tower of Babel verses God. You just can’t get there with dialectical process. The God of the Bible does not dialogue to a synthesis with man. When the Lord God addresses Ezekiel in the Bible as “Son of Man,” he is calling Ezekiel “Mortal Man.” The God of the universe does not mince words, when it comes to who is the Creator and who is the creation. No, the problem is the creation wants to be equal with the Creator. Ask Lucifer how well that goes over.

    Acts is a transitional book. The Jews’ faith was by signs and wonders. Christians live by faith and not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7 KJV) Just as God’s chosen witnessed the parting of the Red Sea, Christians have the completed bible. “But when that which is perfect is come, then that which is in part shall be done away.” (1 Corinthians 13:10) Acts is a transition between the two dispensations, Old and New Testament. The Lord Jesus Christ was revealed as the messiah for a season to the Jews through signs and wonders. For example, Peter could heal the sick by putting his own hands on them. That faded away to the point where Paul was advising Timothy to take a little wine for his stomach. Because of this, doctrine cannot be built on the book of Acts.

    There was a season in Acts, where Christians were gathered together and praying with one accord, and shared their possessions according to their need, however church doctrine is not built on that. If it was, the apostle Paul would have made it clear.

    Romans 10:3 says: “For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.”

    Socialists clearly reveal their bible ignorance by their moral depravity. Somehow sharing common property and living like devils, is not a very compelling testimony.

    Jude 17-19
    “But, beloved, remember ye the words which were spoken before of the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ; How that they told you there should be mockers in the last time, who should walk after their own ungodly lusts. These be they who separate themselves, sensual, having not the Spirit.”