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A year into his first term, Donald Trump already presides over the most corrupt administration in history, according to a story in Newsweek.

Trump has not “drained the swamp” as he promised on the campaign trail.

Corey Lewandowski, the president’s first campaign manager, came to him from a job with an “access-peddling lobbying firm.” Michael Flynn, his national security adviser for 11 days, had “troubling foreign ties.”

There’s Trump being sued, ludicrously, for violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution because he owns a hotel near the White House. Another former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was indicted on money laundering charges – 10 years before he went to work for Trump.

Moreover, there are six cabinet officials being investigated for exorbitant travel expenses.

All of this was enough for Zephyr Teachout, a radical left law professor at Fordham who wrote a book about the “corruption” involved in the Citizens United court decision, to declare this “the most corrupt presidency and administration we’ve ever had.” And for presidential historian Robert Dallek, another left-far-leaning academic, to declare Trump to be “worse than both Ulysses S. Grant and Warren G. Harding, presidents who oversaw the most flagrant instances of graft in American political history.”

Trump is not just allowing corruption, Newsweek tells us, he’s encouraging it. “The fish rots from the head,” it quotes Dallek as saying.

The lion’s share of the “corruption” Newsweek identifies has to do with cabinet members flying on military planes, a soundproof booth EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt installed in his office, the fact Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin went to Kentucky on business at about the time of the eclipse and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke flying on two chartered flights.

Nancy Pelosi was known to commandeer government aircraft to fly home to California almost every weekend. She said it was more convenient because she would not have to transfer, and the mainstream media accepted that explanation without question.

Either way, if cabinet members or other government officials are wastefully sticking taxpayers with hefty costs for transportation, then they deserve the negative publicity that comes with that – in roughly equal amounts to those at the General Services Administration who were throwing themselves lavish parties and conferences in exotic locales during the last administration.

But none of Newsweek’s reporting on Trump’s alleged scandals concerns a trillion-dollar stimulus bill the proceeds of which vanished and have never been recovered. None concerns anything along the lines of Operation Fast and Furious, in which the U.S. government deliberately armed Mexican drug lords, leading probably to the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agent Jamie Zapata.

Newsweek reported nothing along the lines of Operation Choke Point, in which the government turned its regulatory bodies against legal businesses, such as gun and ammunition producers, by threatening banks with harassment if they continued to serve these customers.

It did not mention that the only cabinet member ever held in contempt of Congress was not in this administration but the last, when Eric Holder, then attorney general, was punished for refusing to respond to questions about Fast and Furious.

President Trump certainly has a rocky relationship with the media, but no one has accused him yet of spying on reporters, bugging their phones, eavesdropping on their computers, as Sharyl Attkisson has alleged. Nor have they accused him of using the IRS to target political groups opposed to his agenda or of brazenly lying about computer disks that contained the most critical data.

No one has accused anyone in the Trump administration of installing their own server and creating a fake employee, as EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson did, to avoid Freedom of Information Act scrutiny.  

These were real instances in which government power was used against citizens to keep them from doing their business or accessing information about the government they pay for and live under.

None of what Newsweek alleges about Trump comes close to these allegations – all proven – against the previous administration. In short, Trump is no worse than the second-most-corrupt president because the previous administration has him beat hands down. 

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  • Andrew Kent Jaussi

    Brian Mcnioll: You, sir, are a man without honor. Have a good day.

  • mioahu

    Newsweek ? That once used to be a decent publication, now it’s just left wing garbage like most so called main stream media

  • Mike S.

    I wouldn’t go near the Newsweek newsroom, not with all the anal leakage, hepatitis, weeping sores many other such maladies. That’s why the editors failed to catch the typo that confused Clinton’s name with Trump’s.

  • John Cunningham

    Is that the pot calling the kettle black or what? Or is that racist? I duh no, I don’t care either. The last Administration WAS and IS the most corrupt in History and that statement from Newsweek may have just opened up Pandora’s Box.

    Of course, that all depends on the Trump Administration weeding out the Obama hold overs in the vast Swamp known as Washington DC. Barack Obama increased the Bureaucracy of DC by hiring tons of People.

    That alone made Washington DC and the surrounding Countys one of the wealthiest in the World. Also made Virginia a solid Blue State as we just saw in the last election. There is a whole bunch of corrupt officials still hanging on from Obama’s Administration and that is by design.

    The real corruption is the fact the Obama Administration was going to be saved by Hillary when she won in 2016. The People, put an end to that. So the Mainstream Liberal/socialist/Communist Media and the Obama hold overs are trying their damnedest to stop an investigation of the Obama time in Office.

    That, is the Swamp, and that is what Trump is going to have to drain. These slimy liberal bureaucrats will not go quietly. We The People to to cheer Trump on. The story of the last Administration is the biggest corruption case in American History and for the sake of our children and our children’s children, needs to be told.

  • Mdog

    For anyone who thought Newsweek was still a news organization, now you know they aren’t. Just another branch of the Democrat Party Ministry of Propaganda.

  • Leona Course

    FAKE NEWS now we know if you are a trusted source journalist or just one of the pack! Your Liberal is showing!

  • L.L. Smith


  • Patriot159

    If Newsweek said it, then the opposite is true.

  • klesb

    How to make Virginia Red again?
    Easy, just end the reasons for the lobbyists to be there, and also for the unnecessary bureaucracies and their unneeded employees to be there. They will have to look elsewhere for employment and lower cost residences in a Government City area meltdown!
    Fair warning! They may be coming to a location near you!

  • Richard Schmidt

    What a laugh. Let’s ask Donna Brazile.

  • oat21

    Well, the people of America declares Newsweek the most corrupt magazine in the USA and the entire world. Obama and Hillary take first place in politics on this accusation, maybe they (Newsweek) hasn’t read or doesn’t want to read Donna Brazile’s new book which accurately outlines who the most corrupt party and administration is. Newsweek, another lying dying media outlet who nobody reads or wants.

  • John Higgins

    It took six months of a Newsweek subscription to learn I had to drop that subscription like a hot rotten boiled egg. And that was before our country began to blatantly disrespect our legally elected Presidents. So I certainly did. Newsweek is what a free press should not be.

  • TED

    Not only did Trump fail to drain the swamp … he quadrupled it in size and populated it with his own, hand-picked, Jurassic Park-sized swamp creatures. Guaranteed more of his people will end up in the slammer than did Nixon’s … and it’s unlikely that Trump himself will end up with another term. Fatcat low-lives … the new swamp creatures … slopping at the public trough!

  • dogitydog

    Sounds like someone is a little worried about those 50+ sealed indictments that are about to reveal the swamp monsters. You see, there is so much lingering scum that has built up in the bottom of the swamp that it is clogged. Draining the swamp is going to require special tools. Having to be the Roto Rooter man while also being president is not easy. Have a little patience. Soon the scum will be removed, eliminating the clog, and the swamp drain will flow freely and drain rapidly. The swamp was already clogged before Trump arrived, remember? What did you do today that contributed to the solution? Is your but hurt from sitting at your computer too long ranting incoherently?

  • Virginia Loer

    Hear, hear