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The Internet existed without net neutrality until 2015. Now, based on the reaction to Thursday’s decision by the Federal Communications Commission to strike the regulation, we can’t live without it.

“Killing #NetNeutrality would kill access to abortion information,” tweeted Sandra Fluke, who became famous for saying she had a right to government-paid contraception. “Before tomorrow’s vote, take action with @NARAL to demand the @FCC keep internet open for #ReproFreedom.”

Click open the page referenced in her tweet, and it reveals even more fearmongering.

“Imagine a world where a woman searches the Internet but can find no information on how to access an abortion,” the fundraising appeal from NARAL, the pro-abortion group, states.

“Imagine trying to call your representative, but you can’t get through because the phone company is being paid to limit the number of phone calls to Congress. Join us as we battle to save the Internet.”

It’s not just birth control and abortion that will disappear from the Internet after the regulations were ended. It’s the gay community as well.

“Stripping away net neutrality is the latest attempt by the Trump administration to silence voices of already marginalized communities and render us invisible,” said Sarah Kate Ellis, president and CEO of GLAAD, which calls itself the nation’s largest gay organization.

“The Internet is a lifeline for LGBTW people to build community support networks and access LGBTQ resources on history, suicide prevention and health—allowing broadband providers to regulate access is a direct and unconscionable attack on freedom of expression.”

Joy Reid, a commentator on MSNBC, held a Twitter forum of sorts to decry not just this move but the entire Trump deregulatory thrust.

“Deregulation is designed to do only one thing: make corporations more profitable, by reducing the cost of doing business. Making products cleaner and safer costs money. Making workplaces safe and clean costs money. Keeping the air clean means less drilling, so less money.”

As research from The Heritage Foundation has shown, increased earnings lead to more environmental protection, not less.

Near the picture Trump posted of the number of regulations before he began and the number now, Reid commented: “Every one of those pages protects your food from being filled with rat droppings, spoiled meat out of your deli, lead out of your paint, your children’s medicine from being defective & corporations from polluting the air you breathe or dumping medical waste in the water you wade in.”

“Deregulation is great if you’re a company because it’s cheaper and more profitable to cut corners. And if no one’s looking, people cut corners. Deregulation is not so good if you value clean air, water and safe food, medicine and workplaces.”

Eric Schneiderman, attorney general of New York, vowed to sue to stop “this illegal action” and claimed 2 million public comments were submitted through fake accounts, some with stolen identities. He also claimed removing net neutrality regulations would result in viewpoint discrimination online – as if some Republican company would take over an Internet Service Provider and refuse to let Democrats express their views on Facebook.

“This is more than an attack on the future of the Internet as we know it,” he said. “It’s a travesty for anyone who cares about their voice in government.”

Many stories were of the “what now” variety and listed several doomsday scenarios that are now apparently at hand. Access to social media could be limited. ISPs could block access to websites or throttle connection speeds. It could “decide to block access to Netflix but give free access to HBO,” wrote Slate.

“The main complaint the consumers have about the internet is not and has never been that their internet providers are blocking access to content,” said Ajit Pai, the chairman of the FCC, who has received death threats because of his actions on this issue. The main problem, he said, was lack of access, and that is better addressed with a free market.

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  • mioahu

    Just more examples of the FAKE NEWS. None of them knows anything about net neutrality and what it actually means. The fact that Obama put it in place is enough reason to do away with it :-). The media is destroying this country with their stupidity and neverending lies

  • John McKenzie

    Ms. Fluke:
    Heed these words…Your legacy has been cast… Your sins against God and nature have been revealed…Your repentance will no longer be accepted…Your fate is sealed and your chamber of horror has been reserved… The faithful in Heaven, objects of your distain, will observe your eternal suffering at their leisure.

  • Hmmm Maybe Net Neutrality had an active advocacy component we didn’t know about. Fluke claims that ““Killing Net Neutrality would kill access to abortion information,” ” We already knew Google has been censoring anti-abortion sites since their earliest days. So maybe there was more to Net Neutrality than censoring Normals, Christians, conservatives and Pro-Life folks. Maybe the big boys were also having to give special treatment to the left’s favorite causes….

  • thesafesurfer

    ……how far away is a violent Civil War between rational people and mentally impaired liberals?

  • samo war
  • motorcyclerider

    Most “news orgs”, in this country, have gone full left/communist. They long for the days when they controlled the flow of information since that’s the only environment they can thrive in. Of course they want the government to control the internet…which is what so-called neutrality was really about.

  • Jack Frost -Original

    If they can make people fear, then they can control them! These organizations need a constant flow of money and influence to function.
    For that, they need to manipulate the public fears to their advantage.

  • Mel Carbon

    Not far, I fear….

  • Ulysses Noman

    About 300yds 😉

  • Adam

    These people are deranged liars, its unreal that anybody with a brain listens to this claptrap and actually believes it, but then you realize the libtards have been dumbing down students for 4 decades and its starting to pay off

  • High Desert

    ” as if some Republican company would take over an
    Internet Service Provider and refuse to let Democrats express their
    views on Facebook.”
    OH! Like fakebook, twatter, gewwgle, and yahoo do now to conservative viewpoints?? Oh the humanity!