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NBC News is taking the heat for passing on the story that exposed Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual harassment.

Former MSNBC host Ronan Farrow produced an expose on Weinstein that was never aired, according to Mediaite. The piece included “extensive, on-the-record interviews and a damning audiotape of Weinstein,” Fox News reported.

“Who at NBC News passed on this story?” asked Mediaite columnist and Managing Editor Colby Hall. “Why would they choose not to cover such an enormous and important story? And was there some sort of mandate from above?”

Farrow reportedly worked on the story for more than a year, and after NBC passed on the story, took it to the New Yorker. He was reportedly told months before the New Yorker published it that the story “didn’t meet NBC’s standards.”

The person behind the decision to pass on the story was NBC News president Noah Oppenheim, according to the Daily Beast. Oppenheim, a screenwriter, reportedly told his colleagues he intended to eventually return to Hollywood.

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  • TPS12

    Amazing how the left all cover for each other even when it hurts the people they say they support.

  • john robel


  • samo war
  • missieb2000


  • TED

    It wasn’t ‘the left’. It was a Hollywood screenwriter covering for a Hollywood producer.

  • Mike S.

    The problem here is Hollywood, not just Weinstein. The media-entertainment complex loves to peddle filth and garbage that demeans and subverts us all. Comcast owns NBC and thus is complicit in this, too. Don’t continue to use (or consider) Comcast as your cable/Internet service provider.


    Skeezy and corrupt jewws covering for other skeezy and corrupt jewws. It is called Jeww Privilege.

  • 17_woods

    Is that photo at the top of this piece of all white guys?!?! In dark suits with 4 white shirts, one blue, and one…?…plum?
    Is this sexist or what??

  • 17_woods

    Antifa dudes paid by the DNC and George S.