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In a Breitbart column insisting that Ronald Reagan was not as assertive as commonly believed on military and foreign policy issues, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) mentions, in passing, “I met Ronald Reagan as a teenager when my father was a Reagan delegate in 1976.”

The column carried the Rand Paul warning to “Stop Warping Reagan’s Foreign Policy,” even while citing the Reagan connection to his own father.

But his father, Ron Paul, is hardly a Reaganite today. Indeed, he is now claiming that Crimea has a right to leave Ukraine and join Russia, and that U.S. sanctions against the Russian regime are “criminal.”

“That’s just people looking to start a war,” Paul said. “This is criminal, it’s stealing and will just aggravate things and escalate things. Sanctions are acts of war…to freeze assets if you’re at war with Hitler and there’s a declared war, that’s a little different, but to do this so easily and casually as we do, that’s just looking for a fight.”

In a story about these extraordinary comments, U.S. News & World Report said that Senator Paul “does not seem to share his father’s position on Crimea.” It noted that, in a February 28 statement, Senator Paul said, “The United States should make it abundantly clear to Russia that we expect them to honor the December 1994 Budapest Memorandum, in which the U.S., Russia, and the United Kingdom reaffirmed their commitment to respect the independence and sovereignty and the existing borders of Ukraine.”

But this wasn’t the senator’s first comment on the crisis in Ukraine.

On February 25, the senator had sounded like his isolationist father, saying to The Washington Post that he “believes the United States should seek ‘respectful’ relations with Russia and avoid antagonizing” Russian President Vladimir Putin. Post reporter Robert Costa quoted Paul as saying, “Some on our side are so stuck in the Cold War era that they want to tweak Russia all the time and I don’t think that is a good idea.”

The phrase “stuck in the Cold War” suggests Russia had changed for the better since the collapse of the Soviet empire. That is clearly not the case. It appears that Rand Paul quickly switched gears once he realized his pro-appeasement position would not go over well with conservatives.

Despite Ron Paul serving as a Reagan delegate, it should be noted that his close friend, Murray N. Rothbard, described as the founder of modern libertarianism, had written a piece entitled, “Ronald Reagan, Warmonger.” The article attacked Reagan for resisting communism in Central America. Rothbard even suggested that Reagan should have been impeached over the issue of seeking the overthrow of the Communist regime in Nicaragua.

In this context, some important analysis of the continuing “Ron Paul Revolution,” featuring a discussion of “Ron, Rand, and the [Ludwig von] Mises Institute,” is coming from an unusual source—the website of the New York Young Republican Club.  “The Mises Institute, like Ron and Rand, has a powerful distaste for all American activity abroad,” one article asserts. It notes that “For his obstinate stance against all American activity abroad Ron Paul was offered and accepted a spot on RT (formerly Russia Today) television,” a topic we addressed back in 2011 in the article, “Why is Russian TV Backing Ron Paul?” (Ron Paul serves as a “Distinguished Counselor” to the Mises Institute, named after Ludwig von Mises, the Austrian School economist.)

In regard to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ron Paul argues in a column that “the elected parliament in autonomous Crimea voted last week to hold a referendum to decide its future,” and that this is an exercise of the principle of “self-determination,” which is “enshrined in international law.” This is the position of Vladimir Putin, after sending his troops into the country, and making secession or annexation the certain result.

The article on the New York Young Republican Club site makes several interesting points in this context, including that “the Mises Institute’s intellectual oeuvre is their close tracking to neo-Confederate themes, including secession,” as applied to the United States. It also notes that the institute published an article advocating secession shortly after the election of Barack Obama, and that it “closely tracks the prediction of a Russian Professor and former KGB analyst [Igor] Panarin a few months earlier.”

That prediction was included in a Wall Street Journal article describing Panarin as “not a fringe figure,” noting, “A former KGB analyst, he is dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s academy for future diplomats. He is invited to Kremlin receptions, lectures students, publishes books, and appears in the media as an expert on U.S.-Russia relations.”

The map included in The Wall Street Journal article about Panarin’s prediction has Alaska going to Russia. “It would be reasonable for Russia to lay claim to Alaska; it was part of the Russian Empire for a long time,” Panarin said.

The article at the New York Young Republican Club site goes on: “The Mises Institute employs Yuri N. Maltsev, a Russian economist with degrees from Moscow State University—the same University where Aleksandr Dugin teaches ‘Conservative Revolutionary’ studies.” Maltsev was a member of a team of Soviet economists that worked on Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev’s policy of perestroika, his bio says.

This article links back to another article noting that Aleksandr Dugin, the same Russian thinker we have mentioned in several recent articles, is a mentor to Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin, and highly influential within the Russian Orthodox Church. It says, “Dugin professes the Fourth Political Theory, a program for ‘conservative revolutionaries’ that closely mirrors the work of Italian Fascist Julius Evola. Rejecting Communism, which ruined Russia, and capitalism, which according to Dugin destroys all culture, the Fourth Way is a Christian-centered fascist state… almost like Russia today.”

This article, “Who is Aleksandr Dugin?,” provides some of the background that we need desperately from the major media, in order to understand Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and those who excuse or apologize for it.

Major points include:

  • At the time of the South Ossetian War in 2008, Dugin actually declared war on the United States and NATO.
  • While openly hostile to the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood, Dugin and his acolytes esteem Shiite Islam for its traditionalism against and strength against the tide of capitalism.  Hence, Moscow and Tehran remain close allies.
  • Dugin’s grand geopolitical plan is known as Eurasianism.  It seeks the unification of Europe and Russia under an Orthodox Christian government.

We have commented on Dugin’s relationship with former KKK leader David Duke, who has traveled to Russia. We have now learned that he traveled to Russia for the first time in 1995 and met Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the Russian “nationalist” who supports retaking Alaska from the United States. He says Crimea is now reuniting with its “homeland.”

As amazing as it sounds, residents of Alaska are raising the alarm about Russian designs on our 49th state. One says that in the last five years hundreds of Russians “have migrated here…they have their very own enclaves and what they are doing is driving the locals out of business.” One adds, “If it really came down to it and Mother Russia called, who would they really support? This I do know—as a weak America gets weaker we will become a tempting target.”

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  • Here we are, stuck between a rock – Obama – and a hard place – Rand. 2016 isn’t that far away. Time to clean up this political mess, and QUICK.

  • Bill O’Rights

    That too.

  • Tom B

    I’ll take Rand over any of the dingbats we have in office today.At least his dad had a vision and can guide him.He’s not a communist liberal that should be in a jailcell with reid,pelosi,odumbo and holder.

  • Russia has real soldiers on their border and they don’t have gay pride marches.

    Imagine that.

  • Those great debts really knock me out
    They kick the West’s behind
    Angela’s blubbery cellulite is hanging out
    That EU troika is always on my, my, my, mind

    Take me to the Carpathian Mountains way down South
    Let me foreclose your daddy’s farm
    All the way the bankers’ hands are reaching out
    Come and grease your comrade’s palm

    I’m back in the EUSSR
    You don’t know how lucky you are… boy…

    Back in the EU
    Back in the EU
    Back in the EUSSR

  • The Jewish owned media is on an anti-white, anti-Christian fággot jihad…

    Morsi, the puppet pharaoh was funded and directed by Jewish globalist financiers, just like Sodom Hussein Obama and the Salafist terror groups opposing Assad in Syria.

    But, Abdel Fattah al Sisi and Vladimir Putin do not have gay pride marches in their armies… Both Egypt and Russia cracked down on non-profit NGOs… Saudi Arabia just banned the Muslim Brotherhood.

    judaic bolshevist mammonism (baphomet) = mahomet (muslim brotherhood)

    Both the neo-coms and the neo-cons are lying about Ukraine and the EUSSR is a fraud…

  • “Spread the other cheek” is a horrible foreign policy…

    Maybe Sodom Hussein Obama can draw a pink line and have a gay pride march to scare the Russians away?

    The fággot jihad is a circus sideshow… those are real Russian soldiers in the Crimea and they don’t have gay pride marches.

    While Leon Puñettas was so busy with gay pride celebrations at the Pentagon, a U.S. Ambassador and three Navy Seals were completely abandoned to their deaths, all because everyone was being so fúcking gay.

    Breitbart and Glenn Beck are full of shít.

  • rodulfo-tardo

    Paul is a progressive, just like his father, who has done more harm to the country, than can be mentioned, without using certain words.

  • Bill O’Rights

    Sounds about right to me.

  • I have heard Glenn Beck go on and on about George Soros, now all of sudden Beck is o.k. with the fággot jihad against the Russian Orthodox Church and the Soros manipulated fake “crisis” in Ukraine.

    Who bombed Orthodox Christian Serbs for the KLA terrorist Muslims?

  • Bill O’Rights

    He’s still under the misguided impression that there will be no losses fighting Qatar’s state capture of the U.S. government.

    There will be staggering losses.

    But the fact remains…

    The Jihadis in control of the U.S. government still pose a greater threat than the Russians do.

    And I submit that had the administration not thrown stones at the Russians for the past 5 years, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    Maybe geopolitical and economic encirclement of Russia and her interests was a really bad fu??ing idea.

  • The Jewish globalist financiers funding Sodom Hussein Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Salafist terror groups opposing Assad in Syria want control just like they wanted Libyan oil for the EUSSR…

    The U.S. State Dept. has been infested with communists since WW1 and Woodrow Wilson… they tried to steal the Russian elections for their comrades in the Russian Communist Party through non-profit n.g.o.s… just like at home in America… but Vladimir Putin beat them… so they launched a fággot jihad against the Russian Orthodox church over the the punk rock band and the olympics… they even flew in Madonna as a provocateur.

    The EUSSR has been on US military welfare since WW2… Queerdaffy was on the UN Human Rights Commission, but he wanted gold for his oil instead of fiat currency… so, guess what?

  • Bill O’Rights

    Well, I essentially agree with you, aside from the expected ‘Jewish Bankster Cabal’ meme, which serves Dugin’s purposes.

    It ain’t Israel, as you know… : )

    It’s Qatar.

    The sleeper cells that you guys set up 80 years ago, but that now walk in unison with the State Department, went live on queue.

    But the head of the snake is the al-Thanis. Please take the time to read our nearly complete paper:


  • Ben Dragon Sipari? duyuyorum …

    Yahudi Uluslararas? ibne medya, bir anti-beyaz, H?ristiyan kar??t? cihad.

  • Ich bin der Orden des Drachen…

    Die jüdischen Bankiers sind überschwemmen Europa mit Muslimen und Amerika mit Dritte-Welt-Papierkorb.

  • Bill O’Rights

    Jewish in name only.

    Dig deeper.

    Goldman Sachs is Chinese mafia.

  • What is this, some sick anti-Semitic screed in German? Remember that Dugin doesn’t hate Jews. He embraces the “traditionalist” Jews. Get with the program, man. Or is the BND that far lost?

  • Bill O’Rights


    Everyone forgets that many of those Nationalists in Ukraine are Jewish…

    Kinda like Kletschko, who RT claims ISN’T associated with the Russian mafia, LOL.

    : )

  • Bill O’Rights

    Iksnay that comment below. Thought you were Russian, for a second.

  • Bill O’Rights

    If people understood how fu???ng insane things are, they would succumb to fatal brain aneurysms.

    Perhaps that is why people are living in denial.

    It’s like 1930s Germany, all over again.

  • nobody

    This Blake is a nut … check out his link. Where did he come from???

  • Bill O’Rights

    Agent provocateur for Russian intelligence.

  • rodulfo-tardo

    The “Dual State” the “Normative State” ruled by procedures, laws of convention, Constitutional adherence, legislative procedures, and the rule of law; the “Prerogative State” is the extralegal interpretation, with a justified borderline legality, an absence of procedural order, along the with the ‘personalized’ prerogative of the ‘leader’ as the actual ‘rule of law’ this is irregardless of the legislative restrictions, the Normative state demands lawfully rule; by contrast the ‘prerogative leader state’ has no controls, checks or balances the ‘supra legal’ defers rules and laws, and sanctions criminal ‘prerogative’ acts, by decentralizing fault and relaxing any and all restrictive legislation, the contempt for the “rule of law” the “racial hygiene” of “political biology” (1930’s think Republicans, Conservatives as Jews after the 1935 Nuremberg Laws 1935) the coincidental references are too ‘coincidental’ to ignore.

  • Bill O’Rights


    I totally agree.

    I envision an Iphone app, to teach the victims of cognitive dissonance (the American people) this.

    : )

    If only people would get the ‘picture’, which they seem to voluntarily hide.

    : )

  • rodulfo-tardo

    As it stands, an app to warn of the demise of the free society we were, on second thought the cognitive dissonance may have progressed to the point at which the picture will show only what the meaning of what would be, if there was a what to why this Husseyn-Obama Sultanate, is what that what is supposed to be, what is the reason why this country has descended to the “Prerogative Leader State” while the “political hygiene” is rewarded for the “neutral state” of a client state to the Muslim Brotherhood Al’Qaeda, and all for the definition of what what can be?

  • Bill O’Rights

    Well said, friend, well said.

  • Gehen sie saugen eine Schrotflinte…

  • Liegen Jude…

  • Wenn Iran tropfen eine Atombombe auf Israel, die Palästinenser scums in der Fallout auch sterben …

    gewinnen /gewinnen Situation

  • Why not have your dog do that for you

  • what would you do without google translate?

  • Mutt Romney and Sodom Hussein Obama both serve the same masters…

  • (muslim brotherhood) mahomet = baphomet (jewish mammonism)

  • VeraSt

    Tardo, U do not understand the difference between “progressive” & “libertarian” — it’s like the diff between the Joker & Batman — now do U get it?

  • rodulfo-tardo

    You should stop talking to the sock.

  • Dennis H.

    Great article. Rush and Hannity are great guys. Why we have the NRA, CPAC, and a host of other conservative origination’s talking tough stuff. Bully for all of them, and I mean that. But for what propose if they do not lead? If they do not call us to action beyond sending them money or buying from their advertisers? Connecticut, to my understanding, will be collecting guns. Hey Mitt, is that the kind of state experiment you approve of? Thanks for tipping us off to how it will be done Mitt. So tell me my friends, where is the NRA, CPAC, and, including the talking heads like the “God Father” Rush, “Baby Jesus” Hannity, and even Neil himself? Why are they not united in encouraging a massive public show of solidarity against Connecticut nationwide? Have you all forgotten that glorious day of the “chicken sandwich?!” Just one mere suggestion started that thing. Man I felt like I was part of the action, and so did many others. And what of Duck guy who spoke out against the gays? We stood firmly behind them with our money and phones, and gave support. I did not particularly care for their program, but you know, I went out and bought some duck stuff too. Bingo! We alone did it while the political pac’s nodded their heads and talking heads wagged their tongues. Noting organized here, but if it were, we could have really sent a “message!” The only propose, in my opinion, that the talking heads are serving is their unwitting uses by the new age politicians in Washington to allows us to sit on our bottoms and let off steam, while they divide and trash our nation. All these “leaders” talk of the sacrifice of our founding fathers. The talking heads are getting fairly wealthy, the political action groups are growing, and the republicanhumdrums don’t give a hoot about all of the above mentioned groups or personalities. They are not listening. Talk is indeed cheap. Folks it is called leadership. Something the Ukraine got and we don’t. May God intervene on their behalf because we won’t. We will watch them be carried away and that will be that. Washington will sigh in relief and be free of an embarrassing problem call real human rights and FREEDOM while the media will sight history to ease their hate for both. With all the above leadership, we are almost guaranteed to lose and the democrats know it. Thanks to the moderates republicanhumdrums and democrats, I can’t afford to give to any of these great conservative political action groups. But I would do everything in my power for another chicken sandwiches.

  • rodulfo-tardo

    Why don’t you explain it to me? Just make sure to type slow, it may help me to understand this difference that is so important to grasp, but remember how Hitler also was a Progressive Libertarian, he stayed within the borders of legality, while the Constitution played defense, any redefinition of the “letter of the law” is what is ‘Libertine, Libertarian” thought, how is it that drug legalization is one case and point for the Libertarian Progressive Agenda? Would not this be a redefinition of the “rule of law” then there is that little detail, if they are so intent on the Libertarian Progressiviism, why are they running under the Republican flag? More importantly, if they use the G.O.P. banner would it not make sense to have an Agenda that fits the plate? The conditions under which Libertarians annexed themselves to Republicans, was the same strategy used by the Social Democrats, and the “Swedish Moderate Party” (orig.1933-1939) when in 1928, the N.S.D.A.P was aligned to boost their vote potential, curiously the Nazi Party went by the all inclusive name, of the Rainbow Coalition it sure backfired on their ass, so far as it goes Rand Paul complains about anything ‘poll friendly’ at the time, but like the Rove Republicans, all they do is submissive compromise and ignore the the ‘letter of the law’ instead, too intimidated to confront a make believe black man, who is working closely with the Muslim Brotherhood, killing our troops (80% K.I.A. increase) in Afghanistan, saw it fit to start the Qatari Arab Spring Revolt, what did the Libertarians say? Oh, that’s right, they backed Husseyn-Obama when he intended to invade Syria, they back him again with Crimea/Ukraine situation, when the reality is, this ‘resident is chief’ is trying to punish Putin for his respect to international protocol involving sovereign states, something no one bothered to address when NATO struck Libya, Hillary offered one million dollars reward for Col. Khaddafi, dead or alive, this seemed perfectly normal the Libertarian Party, and Rand was mute, irregardless the Christian Genocide that this and the Arab revolt caused, not only Christians but the Secular Muslims who are the only defense against the Supremacist Fascist Islamonazis, this happened in Egypt, Libya, Syria, and the Maghreb, extends into Africa and Asia, this situation in Ukraine, Crimea and Russia, is another regional (Arab-Spring-Revolt) the rebirth of the Ottomans and the Ascending Global Caliphate, all this while his delusional importance decides to discuss the ‘drones’ realistically speaking that was not the best argument ever done, it was a ‘Progressive’ presentation, Libertarians publicly agree on a regular basis, “Geopolitical Hygiene” the inside joke.
    Publicly agreeing to any borderline legality to justify their arguments while ignoring the issue, what solution do they offer? Didn’t Hope and Change teach anything after these five years, living in this Prerogative State, next progression is the Fascist State at least the insinuation of a collaborative association between the different splinter groups this ‘progressivism’ tries to convey.
    The Liberals and Socialists work in an overlapping apparatus with the illusion of cooperation, this makes the term “Liberal” an ‘incorrect address’ to say “Progressive” is ‘misleading’ it is normally associated with the Democrat Party, it would imply a limited policy of uniformity, too obviously singly minded in the “two party state” the anarchic nature of the ‘progressives’ leaves little room to wiggle, but by using the name “Libertarian” it does two things, for one it “disassociated itself from the conventional frame of thought, on the other hand it uses the “modernistic” slogan of Libertarian, automatically connected to “Liberty” by its psychological word association.
    This is why there is such a an incomparable political criteria, its only base, complaints over the obvious, questionably this involves a collaboration with what is perceived to be the opposite opinion, strategically it is a retroactive ‘legality of vagueness’ the anarchic state advances.
    The “Libertarian” organized an apparatus of a supra-legal authority to criticize the “Normative State” and the Constitutionalism of procedures of conventional laws, institutions, the “political Darwinism” of a “one party state” this I have observed first hand, when a socialist and liberal movement need strength of numbers to prevail, to differentiate the ‘progressives’ it associates with Democrats, they become ‘libertarian’, this is in and of itself anarchy at play, the two ‘progressive’ entities become one, albeit separate by name, this dubious linguistic assertion of difference of policies, are exclusively by name, their cooperation is necessary to overthrow the conventions, limitations, and redesign the aesthetics of the ‘letter of the law’ any superficial research into how the single party state becomes the state, will point to the biology of “Political Hygiene” as the linguistic characteristics of Fascism, not those of Liberty or Democracy, it is the logical conclusion; once there is a ‘one party state’ the total government necessitates, a totalitarian socialist ‘morally responsible’ state, where the rule of law, is overlapped by a borderline legality, not bound by the conventions of the “Normative State” it is the establishment of a new order without any point of reference, that is except the protest of the “letter of the law” as the worst case scenario, the transferal of guilt is a paramount campaign technique, with optimum attention concentrated on the ruling party, societal directives are reorganized and their sequence of events redefined to the advantage of the “neutral hygiene” party, Libertarians have the exclusive ‘right’ to criticize, while it presents it by the obligatory ideology of protest without ‘solution’ except the necessary coup d’ e’tat, a total change without a directional purpose or solution.
    Euphemisms are the directives for political obedience, the minutia of vulgarity, the best criteria to justify the lowest ‘denomination’ of ideology where it is the ‘personalized’ hold of power, of the prerogative state, the leader state, the Total Fascist power. The legislative superiority of the “political hygiene” state where ‘political biology’ establishes policy, in disregard of rules, regulations and conventions. The policy of slogans, rule the Libertarian State, no checks and balances there are so ‘conservative’, (politically Jurassic); it would limit the unencumbered articulation of the ‘approved public opinion’ if it does not comply to the slogan policy set by the social hygienic standards of politically correct ‘slogan’ policy,
    Any thoughts you would like to share? Or is that not the politically correct hygiene of the Libertarian Progressive Liberal Socialist Fascism, of uniformity of political terminology? Whereas the need to extricate the complicated linguistics of inbred political ideology, let us simplify once and for all, and call them Libercrat Progressives the best of both worlds in schizophrenic Libertarian politics.
    Political movements are based on opposing views, be they policy, the execution of laws, amendments and the party’s agenda , this is normally the procedures of political differences within the Normative State, the two party state could survive, were this not available it would stop being a Democratic Representative Republic, it then becomes the “collectivist one party state” but when it becomes “a conceptual framework” of constitutional depletion, the issues are ‘condensed’ without any formal resolution, it develops into the ‘contingent liability’ of the extralegal state, the Libertarian model of confrontation, has no basis for resolution of items being discussed, argued or audited, were it should be the simple resolution of what is violated Constitutionally, it is handled as an extraordinary item, with no resolution ever reached.
    This protocol ignores the obvious, but concentrates on the flexibility of what a modicum of legality, will allow to buy time until the issue open for discussion, is diluted as if the legislation its legal status, Constitutionality and or execution comes with an expiration date. Libertarian methods to challenge this administration’s supra-legal disruption of the state of constitutionalism is a violation by itself, while Libertarian progressive authority over the legislative rhetoric plays the parallel emotional extortion the other Libertarians, the Progressive Democrats, while the “expiration date” on that issue needs to be taken off the table, lest a resolution is the next item on the ‘plate’ this would be disastrous given the fact, the Progressive Libertarians, cannot come with a clue of to fix, alter, or oppose what is clearly the product of a fraudulent “Leader” the Democratic Republic is not the Leader’s there is a Constitution, the legality of the United States Government, a Normative State where the letter of the law and rule of law, are the definition of the two party state, but when the contempt for traditional conventions, formal institutions are silenced by the unencumbered articulation and this in turn is ruled by “laws for the party” the Libertarians ignore state led by the “Leader’s Prerogative” the state within the state, an unconstitutional state then exists with no criticism of the unlawful state, whilst the Libertarians promote ever increasing ‘splinter groups’ this multiplicity of agendas have made the anarchic state succeed. The Republicans have transformed their agenda to the Libertarian, the progressive shadow progresses to destroy the Democratic principles of the Representative Republic, the current protocol is that of the ‘captive state’ a rogue state, the Progressives from both “R” and “D” the economy is not an issue, the destructive policies of foreign powers are what is driving this “train”, the Muslim Brotherhood is acceptable, the Islamification of the country, is perceived to be “tolerance and diversity” they back an immigration policy in a country with one third of the work force unemployed, the collapse of this country is not far from where we stand, yet the Libertarians only speak in incremental abstractions independent from the source of the ‘intangible asset’ as our liquidity disappears not just the financial but the political capital this country had before 2009, it appears this has minimal interest to those whose relevance is based on regression the natural ‘progression’ of those Libertarians, the Socialist Liberals, of the “Prerogative State” as we ‘transform’ to fundamentalist regressives, Qatar, and the Brotherhood, make our decisions the separation of powers in government need not exist in the “political hygiene” state. If you get bored with the shoes and socks, this may help to raise your blood pressure, in a Libertarian Progressive way of course.

  • Pedro

    You should read the debate between Olavo de Carvalho (Brazilian philosopher living in the USA) and Aleksander Dugin, which exposes the most dangerous intentions of the Russian government (and the Muslim Brotherhood and Western globalist elite).

  • chen

    Choose Rice! She is the best candidate!

  • enoughlies

    Who exactly would you choose to lead Randall? I am not at all certain Ted Cruz could or wouldn’t spend precious time battling eligibility issues. No Rand. No Ryan. Perhaps Mike Lee, though shows no interest. Not Mitt again…Jeff Sessions works for me but this appears to be a beauty contest these days…so who? Who would you endorse? Who do you think might lead? Who could win? Who could unite? I see Reagan wannabe’s, Reagan pretenders…but Reagan’s kind of leadership and belief system I do not see. A Governor Martinez? Governor Rick Perry? I am praying for a miracle. We desperately need leadership to overcome the. Marxists, the Globalists and the political class.
    Please, tell me who you think might lead us from the abyss.

  • Brandulph Christophersen

    When has Putin invaded Ukraina? And, has it slipped everybody’s mind that the Ukraine was destabilized with billions of dollars from the US?

  • The wreck

    Ain’t you the lil toughy Just think of who you could be without that paper rectum…

  • Wyrdless

    I’d prefer Rand, but Walker will win

  • Ha ha ha

    Arabs are semites, Jéws are scumites…