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Pat Buchanan’s column, “Is God Now on Russia’s Side?,” is difficult to read and almost laugh-out-loud funny, as Buchanan was once a staunch anti-communist who served President Reagan as his communications director during the Cold War. Buchanan’s opposition to the Evil Empire, as Reagan correctly called it, has given way to an unseemly embrace of former Soviet KGB colonel Vladimir Putin, the virtual dictator of Russia who served the “Evil Empire” for decades.

Once a sharp thinker, Buchanan argues that Putin is a Christian and Russia is now a Christian nation. We are apparently supposed to ignore, or forgive, Putin’s violations of human rights, including murders of journalists, and the invasion of Ukraine.

There is absolutely no evidence, aside from rhetoric, to suggest that Russia in general and Putin in particular have been converted to Christianity. Instead, what we are witnessing is a massive Russian “active measures” campaign that has ensnared many American conservatives, convincing them that Putin is somehow a legitimate alternative to President Obama’s decadent worldview. It is troubling to see some of these conservatives endorse Russia’s invasion and occupation of Ukraine.

The term “active measures” refers to influence operations that use agents of influence, disinformation and propaganda.

The main flaw in Buchanan’s argument is the lack of any real evidence that Russia has come to grips with—and disavowed—its Soviet past. To the contrary, Putin laments the passing of the USSR and has put the former KGB, now the FSB, in charge of the power centers in Russia. He celebrates Russian spying on America.

Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking Soviet bloc defector, says that Russia is “the first intelligence dictatorship in history.” Two brave Russian investigative journalists, Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan, have captured the nature of the problem in their book, The New Nobility: The Restoration of Russia’s Security State and the Enduring Legacy of the KGB.

Buchanan cites pro-family statements by Putin, and anti-gay and pro-life laws passed in Russia. But like the Soviet propaganda and disinformation that Buchanan fought to expose when he worked for Reagan, the Russian rhetoric and legislative maneuvers cannot be considered legitimate. It is a show, designed to mask the dangerous path Russia is on, both domestically and internationally.

Rather than embrace Christianity, the evidence shows Russia has embraced the Russian Orthodox Church, always a tool of Soviet intelligence. As we noted in an AIM Report back in 1984, John Barron’s authoritative book, KGB, said that the KGB’s Directorate 5 is assigned to “clandestinely control religion in the Soviet Union” and to “insure that the Russian Orthodox Church and all other churches serve as instruments of Soviet policy.” Barron added, “The directorate placed KGB officers within the Russian Orthodox Church hierarchy and recruits bonafide clergymen as agents. Much of its work is accomplished through the Council on Religious Affairs, which is heavily staffed with retired and disabled KGB officers.”

Nothing has really changed. In fact, the Russian Orthodox Church is even closer to the regime these days, and is still so morally bankrupt that it published a 2014 calendar in honor of Soviet mass murderer Joseph Stalin. Former KGB officer Konstantin Preobrazhensky has called it “Putin’s Espionage Church,” and devotes a major portion of his book, KGB/FSB’s New Trojan Horse, to its use by the Russian intelligence service.

The scholarly paper, “The Occult Revival in Russia Today and Its Impact on Literature,” demonstrates the existence of something as sinister as the regime’s domination of the church for its own political purposes. It describes how “post-Soviet Russia” has embraced New Age and occult ideas, even what the author, German academic Birgit Menzel, calls “dark” or “evil forces.”

“The occult has always been used for different ends, for purposes that range from benignly spiritual to totalitarian or fascist,” she writes.

Menzel’s detailed article notes the impact of Theosophy on Russia and Russian Marxists. Founded by a Russian mystic named Helena Petrovna Blavatsky (1831–1891), who wrote The Secret Doctrine, Theosophy teaches that man can become God through mystical experiences, and can even perform miracles.

Traditional Christians have a different view. Theosophy, writes Dr. Peter Jones, one of the world’s foremost experts on paganism and the occult, is part of a movement which “plans to eat the Christian church alive in the days ahead.” He says Theosophy is at “the spiritual heart” of the United Nations and notes that the Lucis Trust (originally the Lucifer Trust) is an occult Theosophist group in charge of the United Nations’ Meditation Room.

In Russia, Menzel cites evidence that the Soviet secret police had “special agents for occult matters” who monitored the theosophical society in Russia, several esoteric orders, and even a “secret society” of some kind.

One of many fascinating revelations from Menzel’s well-researched 2007 article is that Aleksandr Dugin, now an adviser to Putin, has incorporated some of these ideas into his theory of “geopolitical Eurasianism,” a revival of the Russian empire that includes Islamic Iran. She writes, “Since 2000, Dugin has moved to the center of political power close to the Putin administration by a deliberate strategy of veiling his mystic-esoteric ideology…”

This is the same Dugin who was photographed meeting with former American Ku Klux Klan leader and neo-Nazi David Duke in Russia. Duke argues, like many Russian nationalists, that communism was imposed on Russia by a Jewish banker conspiracy.

Robert Zubrin, the author of several articles about Dugin, points out the similarities between the National Socialism of Hitler and Dugin’s original National Bolshevism. He says Dugin gave up on the idea of his own political party so he could become an adviser to Putin’s United Russia Party. For a time, he worked with the Russian Communist Party, the second largest political party in the country next to Putin’s United Russia.

As part of this transformation, Zubrin says, Putin himself became a spokesman for tradition and morality, even though the Russian government “runs the biggest organized human trafficking operation in the world,” kidnapping Russian girls and selling them around the world as prostitutes. “Nobody should be fooled by Putin’s claim of being a defender of conservative morality,” Zubrin says.

“There’s far more depravity in Russia, including homosexual depravity, than there is here,” he says. “In the Russian army, boyish recruits are subject to homosexual rape by officers as a form of hazing, and the regime protects this.”

Equally troubling, there are reports that Dugin’s vision of a resurgent Russia is built in part on the ideas of Aleister Crowley (1875-1947), a Satanist who described himself as the “Beast 666,” or Antichrist, of the Book of Revelation. “It [is] worth mentioning that in early 90s the National Bolsheviks and their main ideologist Aleksandr Dugin tried to bring Aleister Crowley’s ideas to wide popular masses in Russia with enviable persistence,” one observer of the Russian political scene noted.

Some analysts say Crowley, who visited Russia twice (in 1898 and in 1913), was a mastermind of an international conspiracy rooted in Satanism, and that he helped the Communists in Russia and his philosophy played a role in the subsequent rise of the Nazis in Germany.

His associates included Walter Duranty, the correspondent for The New York Times who achieved notoriety—and a Pulitzer Prize—for helping cover up the crimes of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, such as his murder of millions of Ukrainians.

As incredible as it seems, S.J. Taylor writes in her book about Duranty, Stalin’s Apologist, that Duranty and Crowley participated in drug-taking Satanic orgies. In a series of rituals conducted in Paris in 1913, Crowley received a “sacrament” from “a certain priest, A.B.,” who Taylor says was Duranty. The sacrament was semen. Taylor said that, during these orgies, verses were chanted, including one consisting of “Blood and semen! Blood and semen!”

In his column on Putin’s alleged Christ-like qualities, Buchanan writes that he was “startled to read” that the newsletter from the social conservative World Council [sic] of Families had hailed Russia as a “pro-family leader” and that the group’s conference this fall was being held in Moscow.

Buchanan asked, “Will Vladimir Putin give the keynote?”

Buchanan failed to notice that the conference has been “suspended,” in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The World Congress of Families says, “The situation in the Ukraine and Crimea (and the resulting U.S. and European sanctions) has raised questions about the travel, logistics, and other matters necessary to plan” the Moscow event.

In other words, the Americans planning to go to Moscow and attend services at Christ the Savior Cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church would not be able to spend the Russian rubles that were coming their way.

Those rubles were supposed to be provided by Putin crony Vladimir Yakunin, a former KGB officer like Putin who reportedly stole millions, if not billions, from public expenditures on construction projects related to the Sochi Olympic Games. Some of the stolen funds were used to build a fancy estate for Yakunin that includes a guest house, a servants quarters, a garage for 15 cars, sauna, swimming pool and prayer room.

The World Congress of Families (WCF) has been collaborating with the Russians since at least 2008, when it participated in the World Public Forum, another group founded by Yakunin. Larry Jacobs of the WCF said at the time, “Much credit should be given to Vladimir Yakunin, who has invested his time and resources for the betterment of world civilizations.”

Tell that to the people of Ukraine.

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  • Richard Hellstrom

    The sad fact is that America is the new Sodom and their constantly making public sport out of people just to denote the same biblical evils. So the question being posed should be , Is Russia more moral than America ? When people return from Russia their always telling stories about how their beautiful women are so crude in their mannerisms. So , In respect , Russia should embrace their women , respect them , and protect them with all the Soviet pride and love they would give their own mom or their just the same old women hating perverts that run America ! Obama recently denoted that 1 in 5 college women get raped. Politically their not being protected and their just being denoted as whores and worthless people so the government can protect and empower and embrace the women hating perverts that attack them. So what are we ? Some barbaric third world country like India !

  • Rebecca

    Buchanan fell for it. Without reading a few Marxist books, as well as books on the Christian worldview, it would be hard to tell what is going on with Putin. But, since I have read a few of them, I can say Putin is bringing Russia into the Post-Christian Post-Marxist world. Which means Marxists continue to lie cheat and steal their way to power, and to kill a few people if necessary to get their way. In other words, the Post-Christian Post-Modern world is just another Leftist lie. Buchanan is a Catholic and I would like him to explain the Catholic Church’s stance on the Socialist expansion in the countries around the world, where the Catholic Church is the State Church. Not a peep out of them on the violence going on in Catholic nations in South America, for example….. What exactly is the modern stance on marriage in Russia? Are the people there encouraged to even get married or is it unwed motherhood for all, like in the rest of Europe? Marx was for homosexuality, Engels and Lenin were not….all were rabidly anti-Christian.., and Engels was anti-family… A Communist wrote a book in the 1970s called “The Three Faces of Marxism,” and one face is Russian style, one is Asian style, and the other is European style. Marxists love infighting. As for Russia being Christian, yes they used to be until the Commies wiped them out and the KGB infiltrated their church…The Russians also killed off millions of Ukrainians and sent in Russians to take their place.

  • nobody

    Amazing how few comments there are. And I agree with Cliff Kincaid by the way.

  • BlakeAdams

    Not that I trust Putin mind you, but an analysis of Putin is difficult given the mess he inherited. It is further clouded by “analysis” from democracy promoters who have interesting views on what constitutes “advancements” in liberty.

    What evidence is there that Russia was on the road to becoming a free society under Yeltsin?

    At the end of Yeltsin’s reign, you had corruption and chaos.

    Under Putin you still have the corruption, but you have a little less chaos.

    It is not possible at this point in time for Russia to hold mass elections within a constitutional framework. If there is going to be constitutional development over the next several decades you are going to need some order. Yeltsin didn’t provide it.

    I would also like a bit more evidence about your claim that Putin murdered journalists, and that his long-standing membership in the Russian Orthodox Church means nothing.

  • Georges Martinet

    Watch this interview and ask yourself if the US regime is any better:

  • No RNC

    Cliff sounds like a true NeoCon…3 items to remember about the late America; NSA, AIPAC, Libya. The Bolsheviks have stolen your country Kincaid & you’re too dumb to know!

  • gsb

    patty boy is an Israel hating paulbot. Both are nothing but ignorant fools.

  • terry1956

    Now Pat has been Spot on against ” free” trade with Chinese Communist Controlled Red China and Communist Vietnam unlike Ron Paul and some other conservatives of the Paleo kind and the Neo type who only see dollar signs with the favorite nation status giving Red China ( they even get on to you for still calling it Red but not the harm to America and clear injustice to producers and their employees of open trade with communist and third world nations.
    On the other hand both Pat and Ron Paul share a simpletons naive blind spot when it comes to Iran and Russia.

  • terry1956

    Putin like the CCP of Red China still wants to take control of the world and the US.
    Putin is still on board with the Soviet Plan although the Soviet Union is no more.
    The CCP is still on board the Maoist plan although Mao is long dead.
    Putin, the CCP, the International Marxist, the Multinational Corporate Roundtable Fascist, the EU/UN/IMF technocrat Fascist, the German/Franco Nazis, The Sunni Moslem Brotherhood, the Shia Iranian Radical Leaders, the American and Isreali Neoconservatives all are competitors for world domination and put the world under their brand of serfdom and central control.

  • terry1956

    Well it actually goes beyond a Marxist idealogy to other competiting ideologies and goals but each with an equal goal of a one world central government or a very strong dominating hegemony over the world by the competitive power seeking group or person that the goal pusher is pushing.
    Most every nation, most every religion, most every political party, most every business sector, most every trade group, most every educational institution, most every race, most every language, most every ethnic group, both sexes, most every sexual preference has some people in it that seeks to rule the world and have their group do the ruling.
    Its just that only a few of the competitors for world domination that have seriously advanced their goal.
    The Three competitive faces of Marxism would be three of the top seven to ten.
    Actually it would be better to call the European type International Marxism, what’s going on in Russia Putinism and what’s going on in China as Chinese Communist Party Nationalism.
    Most in the CCP leadership just wants China to rule the world with the current leadership and their families at the top, Marxist ideology is not important to them.
    Same thing with Putin.
    Now Marxism is important to the Trots except maybe those seeking to be the leaders.

  • terry1956

    Well actually Ron Paul does not hate Israel and in fact in the 2008 Campaign there was a group of Jewish people and supporters of Israel calling themselves Zionist For Ron Paul since they and many Jewish and Israeli shared a stated goal of Ron Paul’s of ending US government foreign aid to Israel and her Arab enemies.
    The view of the conservatives Jewish people who do not want the aid from the US government is that the strings attached comes as to high of a price and it makes it easier for Israel to have a bloated welfare state that keeps the Labor Party near or at the top and Israel down economically.
    Now Ron Paul is just to nieve on foreign affairs to be president and Pat has a similar blind spot when it comes to Iran and Russia.
    I also disagree with Pat on Israel but I think its best that Israel become the USA’s 51st state, that would be better for the US and better for Israel.
    It would be best also if Canada becomes the 52nd state and it would be the largest state in both area size and population.
    Of course to balance things out In Congress Red States such as Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina,Arizonia etc should be allowed to divide to create many more red states.
    Tennessee could divide into 10 states and only two would be blue.

  • Rebecca

    I wish it did go beyond Marxist ideologies and goals, but most everything you have mentioned, the constant fighting for power, the crisis, is a Marxist concept. I guess that is why Wolfgang Leonhard wrote his book “The Three Faces Of Marxism.” In it he states Communism is not a monolithic power….Since the Marxists like to take credit for what they do, I go with what they say. For instance, V. I. Lenin in “On the United States of America,” goes into detail about what the Communists have done behind the scenes in America- and this is partly why we are going to the Left. Another part is the work the Socialists have been doing in the Democratic Party behind the scenes. The college professors call it Post-Capitalism and have been writing only Marxist books for the last twenty plus years….They don’t advertise the fact….You have to look at the textbooks, or see the students in action. When you want a two class system, the rulers and the ruled, you say things you think the masses will fall for. I thought Buchanan had more sense. Reagan did. One of the people Reagan credited for his enlightenment regarding Communism was John Spargo. If someone is telling you it is no longer about Marxism….

  • terry1956

    Who is that interviewing the lady?

  • terry1956

    Oh I agree Marxism is one of the competitive forces trying to centralize world control but they are just one of the top competitors.
    Carol Quigley brings up that competitive factions and ideologies does exist and that for example the Anglo/American Rhodes Roundtable group was not the only one seeking to rule the world.
    An Anglo/American system is by far the most superior of human systems but its the proper Anglo/American legal culture based on Anglo/American common law, a very limited federal government and state, county and local governments restricted by Anglo/American fully informed juries made up of regular citizens within the state, within the county vicinage.

  • Georges Martinet
  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    What an odd, laughable, distorted picture the writer paints of Putin and Russia. Straight out of the CIA/State Department play book. How much did they pay you, Kincaid?

    Rather than embrace Christianity, the evidence shows Russia has embraced the Russian Orthodox Church

    Of course, one could argue that the Russian Orthodox Church is Christianity, much more so than the evangelical personality cults that are so popular in the US.

  • Rebecca

    Let’s see…we have Marxism taking over in South America and our president says he won’t enforce the Monroe doctrine, we have the Pope saying you don’t have to be a Christian to get to heaven and capitalism is bad…and that church has beatified Chiara Lubich, We have the Catholic Bishops in America for illegal immigration and Social Justice..we have Newsweek Magazine, when Obama got elected saying on it’s cover that we are all Socialists now…. We have actual communists and socialists in congress who ran on the Democratic ticket….We even have the Quakers supporting Islamist terror groups and you are saying we have an Anglo/American Rhodes Roundtable as some major player on the world scene… and it isn’t all about Marxism…..

  • Georges Martinet

    If you watch Kay Griggs’ Interview below, you have to admit that it has nothing to do with Marxism. Rather with Luciferiansm…

  • Rebecca

    I haven’t looked at the interview, I will. C.S. Lewis captures the Luciferianism in it. H. G .Wells in “The New World Order,” a Fabian Socialist- says they must get rid of Christianity…and if you read any of the Marxists and the Bible at the same time, you will come to the conclusion that the Marxists read the Bible and whatever it says to do, they say to do the opposite…All the anti-Daddy/the Man psychology is anti-Bible Marxist psychology. “Psychoanalytic-Marxism,” by Eugene Victor Wolfenstein lets it all hang out, from feminism, ecological sanity, gender bending….they are waging a war on our culture, as well as the world…

  • Rebecca

    I watched the interview below. I think she got her story mixed up a few times…I am sure some of what she said happened, not so sure of all of it. I still agree with the writer of this article and believe if you pay attention to what you see around you, and get past the brainwashing going on in the media, it will help you to stand with others instead of going off on a tangent. Buchanan used to represent a rightist viewpoint which seemed to be rational and was somewhat popular… but to think Putin has had a real conversion to Christianity is way out there….and Buchanan is leading his followers on a path away from the problem, not toward it. He is covering up for the Pope or something. There is a conservative Catholic site, the Vortex, which used to spend its time bashing Leftists until the new Pope, and now is bashing Protestants. They can’t look in the mirror.

  • Roman C.

    In 2005, during the Orange Revolution, Buchanan said Ukraine should be given to Russia for a greater cause, Russia’s support in fighting terrorism. Just like that, he sells out and writes off a whole nation, historically oppressed by Russia. Never ever forgave him for that. What an idiot. Russia has run out of things to steal, needs to leach off resource-rich Ukraine to survive, or it will collapse again. It wouldn’t take much to bring Putin down, but he knows the best defense is an aggressive offense. We are so busy fearing what he will do in other nations that we can’t see the critical mess in his own home country.

  • Georges Martinet

    You have indeed to separate between what her husband and his collegues told her and that they know from experience and speculation (form her or from her husband or other sources).

    I agree that the Buchanan article is somewhat naïve or even dishonest, but it is primarily a reaction not only to the Obama regime, but the decadent West as a whole. I have followed Cliff Kincaid for several years and I certainly agree that he has done a lot of good work, but he is completely blinded when it comes to the reality of the fascist danger in the US. E.g., when he defends the NSA-spying of all American citizens, he actively promotes this danger.

  • Rebecca

    Well, I haven’t followed Cliff Kincaid for very long, but he certainly has pointed out something in Buchanan. V. I. Lenin called NAZIs right wing socialists, and so people who claim to be on the right have to be watched. Lenin was for them before he was against them. Many Libertarians agree with the Left on all the social issues, making claims that doing something like selling marijuana is capitalism, or gambling is capitalism. There were many ways of making money before capitalism, and before people had property rights, or our Constitution. Many Libertarians don’t understand the problem with unions, or other Left wing ideas. The people who started this country, especially George Washington, did something different, and what they did was not Libertarianism and it was connected to Christianity. In a Sierra Club book, the author said Calvin invented Capitalism, but it got legs and walked off. In the same Sierra Club book it was stated that the American people have to go back to the standard of living we had in the early 1950s. This is where we are being herded, and we can’t very well fight it, if we don’t even know what they are pulling on us and why. We need to see and recognize all of it.

  • sjancok

    I do not like Dugin, but this article of Mr Kincaid is quite ridiculous in antirussian position. As for russian orthodoxy, I am eastern catholic an as such I have plenty objections against russian orthodox church, but point presented by Mr Kincaid is untrue.ROC had been once under influence of communists but not so far ago there were reunification of moscow patriarchate and ROC Abroad as orfanized by white emigrees in twenties. Even prorussian South Ossetia is served by splinter ROCA (firmly against reunification) while so called putin spies from united ROC are firmly against operations in South Ossetia and,Abkhazia insisting that these territories are to be subordinated to georgian orthodox church. If ROC is so proputin why does not support independence of RSO and Abkhazia ? Think about that Mr Kincaid. On Ukraine also white general Denikin (who last years of life lived on the US) was against its independence as construct of communists and germans. As closing remark – why on the Obama blaclist is Jelena Mizulina MP who have nothing to do with Crimea crisis but she is author and proponent of ban of adoption of russian children to US and Belgium. Isn’t it because of her fight for children against their abuse by gay ” adoptive parents”?

  • Dawg_em

    We have Marxists and all manner of criminals running the USSA today and we’re supposed to be concerned about Ukraine? I don’t get it. We have issues, major issues, here that need attended.

    Let’s face it, the present state of affairs is akin to the Crips and the Bloods feuding over turf. Gangsters and conmen trying to steal the natural resources and control people all over the world and I’m supposed to support yet another fascist war for Empire. No thanks, no way, no how.

  • walter99

    Hardly surprising. Russia has been establishing close relationships with multiple neoconfederate, pro sessessionist organizations in the US for the past decade. His friendship with the ” liberal Democratic Party of Russia ” is well established…… Of course none of these talk talk about Russian influence in America , it’s always the other way around.

  • walter99

    What’s more bizarre is how Buchanan attempts to portray a former Kgb
    Agent , who glorifies his countries Soviet past as a conservative. Most conservatives fear the centralization of power and yet this is preciously what Putin has done in Russia. Most conservatives believe in a seperation of the state and economics,and yet the Russian governments share of ownership of the Russian economy would even make Obama jealous.

  • terry1956


  • terry1956

    Yes I’m saying its not all about Marxism although Marxism is one of the top dangerous competitive factions working to rule the world.
    The problem is a world government is a very bad, dangerous and unworkable idea so it also pays to watch out for the non Marxist pushing the goal.

  • Rebecca

    You have heard of the exception to the rule. Besides Marxism and the Anglo/American Roundtable, what are the other factions?

  • Erl Roe

    I come from a Christian World View non Catholic … come Orthodox you could call me protestant but then again they would broadly view me with disdain and I was very much influenced by Watchman Nee and then its ongoing testimony.

    Yes I think that the Roman Catholic Church is totally corrupted and for sure the Russian Orthodox within the Soviet Era was also and may well be today.

    Maybe Putin is putting on a facade of Christian respectability and yes he has taken over the Crimea with the sanction of the ethnic Russian and other minorities but when you compare his actions with that of the “Wonderful United Islamifing States of America” give me a break at least Putin is not dragging his anus along the ground in appeasement to Islam as on “Obama and his self styled grovelers in hot pursuit in pleasing “The Moslem Brotherhood.”

    Of course by now many of us would be thinking that he Obama is a closet Muslim anyway and has most likely got a specially prayer mat ready as a celebration for the “New Ground Zero Mosque” to be built… When Putin was so generously advised that Saudi Arabia was happily to advise Putin that they were to finance a Mosque in Moscow … Putins reply was no problem so long as we can build a Cathedral in Mecca of the same dimensions and grandeur I would expect .

    We had the American Calvary leading the charge to bomb the crap out of Bosnia….The NATO bombing marked the second major combat operation in its history, following the 1995 NATO bombing campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The 1999 bombings led to the withdrawal of Yugoslav forces from Kosovo, the establishment of UNMIK, a U.N. mission in Kosovo and put an end to the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s.

    In the course of the campaign, NATO launched 2,300 missiles at 990
    targets and dropped 14,000 bombs, including depleted uranium bombs and
    cluster munitions. Over 2,000 civilians were killed, including 88
    children, and thousands more were injured. Over 200,000 ethnic Serbs
    were forced to leave their homeland in Kosovo. NATO airstrikes destroyed
    more than 300 schools, libraries, and over 20 hospitals. At least
    40,000 homes were either completely eliminated or damaged and about 90
    historic and architectural monuments were ruined.[39] Wikipedia

    Ops sorry a bit of course there goes the Chinese Embassy . Well now who were they the so called USA supporting the Albanians and kicked out the Serbs out of their home land by leaving the Serbs no choice basically with the return of the Albanian Islamics this action was in contradiction of post WW Two settlement on Recognized Nations Borders being maintained . Now that that the Crimea has now been taken over by Russia with a referendum and in favor being taken and with out a ” Bloody Battle ” we have the war mongering the United Islamified States of America crying wolf, wolf. Yes we know what the Bolsheviks did in the Ukraine in the 1930’s and most likely after but the fact is that the USA have given Putin and his merry men every excuse for what has happened so with His Middle finger erect toward and saying to Obama and miserabilist mates…. “SUCK IT UP”

  • Rebecca

    O.K., This is out of my World Book Encyclopedia: ” Capitalism is an economic system controlled chiefly by individuals and private companies instead of by the government….The two other major economic systems are Communism and mixed economies”….Communism and mixed economies are Marxist. Plus, Marxism is not only about economics. There is a Leninist book, “On the United States of America,” which is great political reading.. and it mentions the Engels book, “The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State,” which has recently been reprinted. You must read these books, or others like them if you want to know what is going on in the world…

  • Jeff Baker

    A lot of today’s conservatives condemn Obama for being a Socialist. Who do they like? Putin! How did Putin know so many are so gullible and stupid? Maybe he was listening to, uh, “Reed Irvine and Don Kincaid…”

  • XtreeemMetalman

    Do you support a Two-State Solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Also, I resent you conflating “Zionist” with “Bolshevik.” I’m not going to tell you which ideology is different or better or worse or anything else, but they are difference.

  • XtreeemMetalman

    Nothing about Israel was written in this article. Nothing about Zionism.

  • Who bombed Orthodox Christian Serbs for the Muslims?

    Russia has real soldiers on their border and no gay pride marches with their army.

    Imagine that…

    Who is defending the border of the USA?

    Maybe dual citizen Chuck Schumer?

  • If the Iranians nuke Israel, the Palestinian scums also die in the fallout… win/win situation

  • Satanism is a Jewish cult…

    (judaic bolshevist mammonism) baphomet = mahomet (muslim brotherhood)

    same devil

  • Buford

    I just did not realize that Orthodoxy was no longer Christian! When did that happen, Cliff? Should I tell our priest about this?

  • Rebecca

    Satanism seems to be your cult. And you love Russia. And you really have a hang-up on Jews. That means you have a hang-up on Christians as well and aren’t admitting it. Uncle Screw-tape giving you messages?

  • Satanism is a Jewish cult.

  • Rebecca

    No, it is not. The Unitarians probably have a Satanic cult somewhere to go along with their Wiccans.

  • Satan is from the Jewish religion.

  • Part IV. Of the Kingdom of Darkness
    Chap. xlvii. Of the Benefit that proceedeth from such Darkness

    [21] …For from the time that the Bishop of Rome had gotten to be acknowledged for bishop universal, by pretence of succsession to St. Peter, their whole hierarchy (or kingdom of darkness) may be compared not unfitly to the kingdom of fairies (that is, to the old wives’ fables in England, concerning ghosts and spirits and the feats they play in the night). And if a man consider the original of this ecclesiastical dominion, he will easily perceive that the Papacy is no other than the ghost of the deceased Roman empire sitting crowned upon the grave thereof. For so did the Papacy start out of the ruins of that heathen power.

    [22] The language also which they use (both in the churches and in their public acts) being Latin, which is not commonly used by any nation now in the world, what is it but the ghost of the old Roman language?

    [23] The fairies, in what nation soever they converse, have but one universal king, which some poets of ours call King Oberon; but the Scripture calls Beelzebub, prince of demons. The ecclesiastics likewise, in whose dominions soever they be found, acknowledge but one universal king, the Pope.

    Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan: with selected variants from the Latin edition of 1668. Ed. Edwin Curley. Indianapolis: Hackett, 1994.

  • Part IV. Of the Kingdom of Darkness
    Chap. xlvii. Of the Benefit that proceedeth from such Darkness

    “When the fairies are displeased with anybody, they are said to send their elves to pinch them. The ecclesiastics, when they are displeased with any civil state, make also their elves, that is, superstitious, enchanted subjects, to pinch their princes, by preaching sedition; or one prince, enchanted with promises, to pinch another.”

    Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan: with selected variants from the Latin edition of 1668. Ed. Edwin Curley. Indianapolis: Hackett, 1994.

  • Rebecca

    Read George Fox’s “Book of Martyrs,” It is free online and will get you up speed to at least a couple of centuries ago. First the Jews, now the Catholics. Well, let’s get the atheists in there too and we will be on to something!

  • All men are born of a woman.

    The gaytheists and fagnostics are insane.

  • Rebecca

    What about the rest of them? The Nazis and the other Marxists?

  • If I were to tell the press millions of Americans would be blown up by an Iranian nut job or that Democrats have stolen your entire life savings with bailouts and Obamacare, nobody panics because it is all part of the plan.

    But if I say a few homosexuals in Hollywood are upset over their little wee wees, why, everyone just loses their minds!


    A. Joker

  • If it wasn’t for white Christians with guns, we would all be speaking German today.

    “Gott mit uns.”

    If you are still a little butt hurt over no gay pride nonsense at the Olympics, you need to slap some salve on it… Russia has real soldiers on their border and does not have gay pride marches in their army, they are white Orthodox Christians.

    The Jewish media saint Sodom Hussein Obama turned the Boy Scouts into a dating club for NAMBLA… But, Russia has real soldiers on their border and no gay pride marches with their army…

    Nobody would attack a Russian embassy without a seriously deadly response.

  • Nothing is more misogynist than a homosexual, not even Islam… Islamics want to enslave a woman’s procreative powers, the gaytheists and fagnostics of Al Queerda want to destroy it.

    If anyone is more anti-woman, it is the gay leftist L’Internationale… and they infest the education bureaucracy like AIDS… Satanism is a Jewish cult… The Synagogue of Sodomy… all men are born of a woman.

    The Koran does come in two-ply, it permits a man to have as many as four wives and demands the execution of homosexuals by stoning them to death… broken clocks can be right twice a day…

    Their saint, Sodom Hussein Obama, put on a yarmulke and prayed at the Wailing Wall… no Muslim would do this Miley Cyrus dry humping of demons, it is lipstick on a kosher pig…

  • Rebecca

    I hope you are putting as much thought into getting ahead in life as you put into the world’s problems. Although I don’t, in the least, believe in self-actualization, there are many constructive things you can do for yourself and then for others to improve the world. Are you doing any of them?

  • William

    Pat Buchanan still in the news? Wow.

  • dondebar

    What an amazing pile of shit. So, in essence, the contemporary Russian political culture rests on Nazi and Bolshevik philosophy? Do any adults with more than a 5th grade education review this stuff before it’s published?