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With the anniversary of election night approaching, Esquire magazine tracked down more than 40 people, most of them media personalities, to ask what they remember of election night. Their answers revealed just how far President Trump came from ever getting a fair shake from them.

Ana Marie Cox said as results started coming in and people at the networks started to realize Clinton might be in trouble, she did a couple of on-camera news hits “where I was told, ‘What you need to do here is tell people not to panic.’ Meanwhile, I was panicking.”

Later in the night, she talked herself out of falling off the wagon, which wasn’t easy considering the meltdown she and her friends were having. She tweeted to fellow AA members to “get through this 24 hours and get to a meeting. We are not alone.”

“A Muslim colleague of mine called his mother,” Cox said. “She was worried he was going to be the victim of violence at any moment. A colleague who is gay and married was on the phone with her wife saying, ‘They’re not going to take this damn ring away from me.’”

Rebecca Traister the New Yorker was freaking out as well.

“I was thinking everything from, ‘I’m gonna have to rewrite my piece,” to, ‘Can we stay in the U.S.?’ I texted my husband, ‘Tell Rosie to go to bed. I don’t want her to watch.’”

David Remnick of the New Yorker had a story written that said Clinton won, which is common practice. He had also written an essay about the first woman president and the historical background of it all … a historical essay, clearly written in a mood of ‘at long last,’ and yes, celebration.

Moreover, he did not hedge his bets. Neither he nor anyone on the staff he leads had anything ready to go in case Trump won.

“The mood in the offices, I would say, was frenetic,” Remnick said.

As things began to go south, Remnick, while out at a friend’s election-night party, found a corner of a room, pulled out his laptop and started “thinking and writing.” That work turned into “An American Tragedy,” a long piece he wrote for the magazine. Jelani Cobb, a colleague, asked him whether he should leave the country.

“He wasn’t kidding around. I could tell that from his voice,” he said.

Van Jones said he remembers coining a phrase that night that he didn’t make up. It was his wife, who is white, who came up with the word “whitelash” to describe what they expected from Trump supporters.

Reza Aslan said he remembers his wife, in tears, waking him up at 1 or 2 a.m. to tell him Trump had won.

“My poor, sweet wife,” Azlan said. “She wanted to hug and kiss me, but I went into a panic attack and couldn’t breathe.”

As time wore on and the networks refused to call the race, Nate Silver said he thought that would not have happened if Clinton had been leading as expected.

“In some ways, the slowness to call it reflected the stubbornness the media had the whole time about realizing that, actually, it was a pretty competitive election.”

Symone Sanders said she still “couldn’t believe it was happening. When he talked about us coming together and healing for the country, I wanted to throw up in my mouth.”

Given their quotes, it is not surprising coverage of Trump has been so negative. Reporters talked themselves into being frightened to tears of him even taking office, and they’ve convinced themselves since the situation is still as dire.

“We agreed that night, and we agree today, that the Trump presidency is an emergency,” Remnick said. “And in an emergency, you’ve got a purpose, a job to do, and ours is to put pressure on power. That’s always the highest calling of journalism, but never more so than when power is a constant threat to the country and in radical opposition to its values and its highest sense of self.”

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  • Chip

    Oh, you poor, lying, snowflakes. Why don’t you all just leave the USA and go to some other country? End of your “Emergency”!! Maybe some other country would appreciate your “highest calling of journalism” and your purpose because we “deplorables” sure don’t!

  • jg collins

    A bunch of bile-filled, spittle-spewing elitists who imagine that they are the country’s anointed–grey eminences behind the Presidency. They believed their own Leftist propaganda, excluded other voices from their midst, and fooled themselved into presuming a Hillary victory. The MSM wove a tangled web and I now take great pleasure in the come-uppance delivered by the People of the US a year ago. Why? Because the over-entitled media egoists have learned NOTHING from the election.


    The DONALD was not and is not a member of the of Inside The Beltway Crowed.
    Sad, the people who wanted Clinton will go on through life believing she should be President Even though it is a fact that she and Bill and the whole Den support group are the lowest criminals in history.

  • dave

    Wimp Nation

  • Shamrock

    Deranged, unhinged, hysterical, frightened little snowflakes. I used to think liberals just spewed this nonsense to convince their low-information friends to vote Democrat (“If the Republicans get into power, they’ll reinstitute slavery, deport anyone who’s not white and fill in the Grand Canyon with nuclear waste . . “). In the past year, I’ve come to realize many of them actually believe this paranoid bilge. Pathetic and amusing at the same time.

  • TED

    Yeah … so?

    Three million more people voted for Clinton than for Trump … but Trump won. Pretty shocking … and definitely upsetting to many.

    Sort of like the Florida-finagled election in 2000!

  • kunling

    Oh, it was a glorious night just watching the meltdown and knowing we finally have a REAL AMERICAN MAN in the Oval Office instead of an America hating inept, corrupt, incompetent, bumbling, homosexual communist empty suit.

  • bhagawan

    Hillary and every a$$hole liberal supporting her knew that popular vote lead (3 M, mostly from illegals voting in CA) never counted since 1787 and only Electoral College stuff mattered! Trump won fair and square and she can write a few more “What Happened”, 2, 3, etc., but the sore loser will be wasting her time and money! She should relocate to Pedo Island and see whether she could get some stud to f*&k her decades after Webster Hubbell impregnated her to bring out the dumbo Chelsea!

  • kunling

    Suggest you recount after you subtract the votes of illegal aliens, felons and dead people. I suspect President Trump won the legal popular vote by several million votes.

  • Puriah

    Beautiful! Well said.

  • bob

    I don’t understand the Lame Stream Media. If they expected this experienced know it all, great for the country woman to have become the next President, because Trump was a liar, knew nothing about politics & was a bullshit artist, why then didn’t they have the same resentment toward Obama when she LOST the party nomination to him in 2008?
    He was a Senator & was sworn in Jan. 3rd 2005 & served for 304 days until Jan.16,2007 before his exploratory announcement to run for President. After that his main concentration was working on becoming the parties nominee, which left little time for his Congressional duties.
    Even if you double the time ( 608 days ) for the time Congress WASEN’T in session & he was working on Congressional shit, that’s less than 2 years of political experience in government . Compare that to the experience Hillary had ( 8 years as 1st lady ) & you could see Hillary had much more experience.
    But the Lame Stream Media ignored that since they were so in love with the Democratic liberal left, ( Obama ) they kicked Hillary to the curb. Then 8 years later she’s their salvation?
    Laughable, just fu*king laughable.

  • Charlie Liebert

    A year later they still don’t get it!

  • bob

    Do you know how the Presidency has been decided & working for the past 200+ years? Popular votes & ELECTORAL COLLEGE votes are 2 different things. You must win 270 or more ELECTORAL votes to be elected. Trump DID , Hillary DIDN’T.
    It’s like saying the Cleveland Indians won the World Series because they had more HITS than the Cubs, but the Cubs won 4 out of 7, which is the criteria to be baseballs champions.


    What a Pathetic group of Babies!

  • Michael Loots

    A year later and none of them have left.

  • StevieD

    The true America spoke up on Election night, not the bias media. They should never be trusted again for their bias reporting. Journalists???? I think not. Political hacks is much more like it for the liberal media. Can’t stand them and don’t listen to them.

  • Whatever happened to an “un-biased” media? The continuing “tragedy” in America are these who are near to being treasonable in their miss-guided activities and reporting. The “power” structure of government is being dismantled. Thank You God!

  • Thegambo

    “The Highest Calling of Journalism” is in Remnicks last paragraph… Oxymoron..

  • jg collins

    Eight years as First Lady is barely enough to go through all the White House furnishings and decide what to steal.

  • bob

    Here’s a list of the ” liberal leftist assholes “who said they would LEAVE the country if Trump was elected.
    Now remember they stated it publicly & are on record so they can’t say it was here-say.
    Jon Stewart Whoopi Goldberg
    George Lopez Amy Schumer
    Cher Eddie Griffin
    Miley Cyrus Lena Dunham
    Al Sharpton Ruth Bader Ginsberg
    Now if these mother-fu*kers are the pillars of the liberal left & LIED, because NONE OF THEM HAVE KEPT THEIR WORD, how can you believe ANYTHING these c**ksuckers