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Hillary Clinton’s new book “What Happened” hit shelves Tuesday, and much of the media cheerleading that serenaded her presidential campaign returned, on cue.

Taxpayer-funded far-left outlet NPR cleared up for us the purpose of the book. It was written “out of exasperation,” NPR wrote.

“If Trump’s combative inauguration speech was ‘a howl from the white nationalist gut,’ as Clinton puts it, her book is a howl from the gut of Hermione Granger – the embattled cry of the hyper-competent woman who desperately wishes the world were a meritocracy.

“Clinton seems to have seized the opportunity to unleash that cry, uninterrupted and at length. It’s a book of exasperation, but for her, it just might be a book of liberation.”

The Los Angeles Times helpfully provided “7 talking points about Hillary Clinton’s new book, ‘What Happened,’ but did not explain why it should provide talking points about a book.

The Chicago Tribune led with, “New York crowd cheers Hillary Clinton at book signing; Trump spokeswoman has different reaction.” 

“In the book, Clinton is unsparing in her assessment of the president,” the Trib wrote. “She says she considered saying to Trump, ‘Back up, you creep. Get away from me,’ when he loomed over her shoulder during a presidential debate. But Clinton, who has a reputation for deflecting blame for her failures, also said she takes ‘responsibility for all’ her campaign’s mistakes.”

Whatever she claims to take responsibility for, the theme that came through in most of the mainstream media reports – asserted by Hillary but not seriously critiqued – is the notion she lost because she is a woman.

She blamed the “sexist” supporters of Bernie Sanders. She blamed 10 different people, according to Politico, but Jill Stein was the only woman to make the list.

She told CBS’ Jane Pauley as recently as this week sexism and misogyny brought her down.

“I started the campaign knowing that I would have to work extra hard to make women and men feel comfortable with the idea of a woman president,” she said. “It sure doesn’t fit into the stereotypes we all carry around in our head and a lot of the sexism and misogyny was in service of these attitudes – like, you know, we really don’t want a woman commander-in-chief.”

The Chicago Tribune had Clinton’s back.

“Clinton is by far at her most passionate in a chapter on women in politics, expressing outrage that even ‘good-hearted men who should know better dismiss the notion that sexism and outright misogyny’ still exist,” the Trib wrote.

CNN was not to be outdone.

“More than Russia spreading fake news, Comey’s letter, controversy over her email servers, paid speeches and even failed strategy – this (sexism) is what kept Clinton from winning,” according to a May article on the network’s news site.

“It was easy to see. Never in my lifetime has there been more misogyny on display than during the 2016 election. It was disgusting. The biggest offender, Donald Trump. The flat-out derisive language and more subtle ‘messaging’ were so prevalent that we began to accept it.”

What we began to accept was that the first woman to run for president as a major party candidate was losing votes because of her gender. Nate Silver said that being female does not seem to matter in terms of vote-getting or fundraising in American elections. Shortly after he published that data, he said, “We don’t know how much sexism is hurting Clinton’s campaign.”

And the results themselves were pesky things. Clinton carried the women’s vote but not by nearly as much as expected. Trump actually won among white women – by far, the largest group, and the group that should have, by Democrats’ calculations, been most aligned with her – with 53 percent of the vote.

“White women have a history of betraying their sisters,” wrote Quartz writer Marcie Blanco. “The pattern of white women choosing white men over women of color underscores some of the more insidious machinations of patriarchy and the racism ingrained in the feminist movement.”

But if you think in terms of identity politics – as she and her followers always do – then these are the excuses you use.

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  • Alberta Ed

    Gosh! And to think all this time I thought she lost because she was a badly-wired fembot.

  • greatj

    I would bet Clinton had someone else write her book who was an expert in Democratic Party lying.

  • Austinniceguy

    People can be so mean. NO ONE ever has or ever will look more presidential or regal than Sh!tlery did as her handlers flung her half dead carcass into her van like a side of beef with lipstick, earrings and ONE SHOE after the old cow almost croaked at the 9/11 memorial last year. I laughed so hard I hurt for 3 days. I was also moved to tears as I watched her deliver her concession speech to all the idiots who voted for her and made them cry I was laughing so hard. The fact is that Amazon and Walmart placed her stupid book on the clearance rack even before they started selling it. ROTFFLMFAO!!!!

  • Gz7

    Lock her up! The most disgusting, America hating woman in my lifetime.

  • Rich Schmidt

    Even the book title is ripped off. “What Happened” was published in 2009 as a book about Bush and the 2008 crash.
    Ignore this has been. Focus on RadLeft like raging Bernie. He is influential where it counts heavily against te aditional American values. Young misguided peole flock to him.

  • Rich Schmidt

    So nothings new. Same old racism/sexism BS painted on to look like there was a strategic “reason” for her overwhelming defeat. Trump took 3400 of 3800 counties in the nation.
    Thete wasn’t any reason save she was a poor candidate, had lots of baggage from years of “dealing”, and was an out and out liar not merely caught lying but telling progressively different stories to different audiencies AND TELLING US IT IS NECESSARY TO DO SO ON NATIONAL TV.
    And don’t give me that 2.8 M popular vote nonsense. Its irrelevant (Electoral College) and statistically insignificant (The variance of any voting group including geographical exceeds this plurality).
    In fact the so called 2.8 million/168 million votes cast is itself only 1.7% hardly a convincing margin, especially since it comes entirely from NY and CA. Here is an example of why we have the electoral college.

  • Ben Krewer

    There`s a tribe of natives in the Amazon that is responsible for her lose in the election.

  • michael nelson

    however much mr.mcnicoll is paid to air his “opinions” which are not “facts” it is too much. he is being vastly overpaid. he wins over no converts to his way of thinking, and sways no opinions. he just blathers for cash. your readers are mostly mentally challenged individuals who believed all the lies and hatred from the trump campaign and spewed by trump himself. he suckered voters with hate and has been proven beyond all shadow of doubt that he is a prevaricator and pathological liar and that those are probably his best traits. one of the hardest things for a sucker to do, is to admit they were suckered. build the wall, go ahead, I won’t pay for it, neither will mexico, sucker.

  • michael nelson

    how about lock up the entire first family of traitors? does Leavenworth have a “family plan”?

  • michael nelson

    a loss of the popular vote of by nearly 3 million votes is “nonsense”? one man, one vote, is nonsense? the electoral college is nonsense, gerrymandering is nonsense. you are non-sensical, and an easily fooled, sucker!

  • michael nelson

    well, herr Schmidt, always remember, all the good Nazis are dead. just saying.

  • Mark Midas

    I can’t begin to imagine the hate that drives this woman. She’s must be literally insane. Fawning is an apt description. In the photo, she does look like a deer in the headlights.

  • TED

    Face it, wingnuts! Even after 25 years of constant hate and harassment by Goppers, there’s a B-I-G cadre of people in this country … a popular vote majority in the last election, in fact … who truly respect and admire Hillary Clinton and what she’s been doing all this time.

    GOPs apparently forget they’re the party of Nixon and Agnew … two totally disgraced beauties who were REALLY bad news!

  • TED

    How “convincing” was Bush’s “margin” in 2000!

  • Rich Schmidt

    It too was not statistically significant. Bush won on the basis of electoral vote as ruled by the Supremes. Where were you then?

  • Rich Schmidt

    An interesting list of nonsequitors, Mike.
    Ad hominem attack, when you really have nothing to say is as reprehensible as it is churlish.
    Now go to your room.

  • Rich Schmidt

    Then there is Bill Clinton! Tje only modern president actually impeached.

  • Renagadekd

    Is this the TED from the movie?! When did you become so politically correct?