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On the same day that the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal warned that President Donald Trump was going to go down in history as a “fake president,” in part because of his “false tweet” about the “wiretapping” of Trump Tower, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee disclosed evidence of the wiretapping, also known as surveillance.

The Journal editorial, “A President’s Credibility,” will probably not be followed up by an editorial on the Journal’s lack of credibility.

The anti-Trump editorial followed “conservative” Fox News undermining its own commentator, Judge Andrew Napolitano, whose sources said that the surveillance was conducted by the British to give U.S. intelligence officials plausible deniability. Napolitano was apparently suspended.

But thanks to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), the chairman of the committee, Trump has been vindicated, media credibility has suffered another blow, and the inquiry is taking a very interesting turn. It is now turning to the question of what President Barack Obama knew and when he knew it, and what role FBI Director James Comey has been playing in the cover-up.

At Monday’s hearing, Comey said, “With respect to the President’s tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, I have no information that supports those tweets and we have looked carefully inside the FBI. The Department of Justice has asked me to share with you that the answer is the same for the Department of Justice and all its components. The department has no information that supports those tweets.”

The evidence cited by Nunes suggests that Comey lied. Who is he protecting? It looks like Obama and/or his top aides.

Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) had asked Comey: “Did you brief President Obama on any calls involving Michael Flynn?” Comey replied, “I’m not gonna get into either that particular case, that matter, or any conversations I had with the President. So I can’t answer that.”

This is critical because Flynn’s name was improperly “unmasked” and was then illegally leaked to David Ignatius of The Washington Post, resulting in Flynn’s forced resignation as national security advisor.

When Gowdy asked Comey if he could assure the American people that the illegal leak of classified information in the Flynn case was going to be investigated, the FBI director replied, “I can’t but I hope—I hope people watching know how seriously we take leaks of classified information. But I don’t want to confirm it by saying that we’re investigating it. And I’m sorry I have to draw the line, I just think that’s the right way to be.”

Here was an obvious case of illegal conduct, but the director would not confirm an investigation. Yet he confirmed an investigation of Trump and his associates, without any evidence of wrongdoing, and won’t discuss what he told President Obama about the investigation.

“I have confirmed that additional names of Trump transition team members were unmasked,” Nunes said in his statement on the surveillance. He added, “To be clear, none of this surveillance was related to Russia or any investigation of Russian activities or of the Trump team.” Nunes then outlined some of the key issues regarding the surveillance:

  • Who was aware of it?
  • Why it was not disclosed to Congress?
  • Who requested and authorized the additional unmasking?
  • Did anyone direct the intelligence community to focus on Trump associates? and
  • Were any laws, regulations or procedures violated?

The Journal’s editorial attacking Trump’s credibility has backfired. We now know, according to Nunes and the whistleblower who came forward with this information to his committee, that a massive cover-up has been underway involving the intelligence community, including the FBI. Unraveling the cover-up may lead into the oval office—not Trump’s, but Obama’s.

The Journal editorial said Trump’s claim about wiretapping or surveillance had been “repudiated by his own FBI director.” Now that FBI director has been repudiated.

The Journal also condemned the Trump White House for accepting “an unchecked TV claim that insulted an ally,” a reference to Napolitano’s report about British involvement in the surveillance.

What is “unchecked” is the “public denial” from the British Government Communications Headquarters. Why should the British be believed, when there have been decades of collaboration between the GCHQ and the NSA?

The Journal suggested that Trump was clinging to the claim of surveillance “like a drunk to an empty gin bottle.” Leaving aside the defamatory nature of this innuendo, it would appear that the bottle is not only full but that there is more to come.

At this stage in the investigation, responsible media should encourage more whistleblowers to come forward, so that former Obama White House officials, including possibly Obama himself, can be put under oath and grilled about their knowledge of the surveillance.

As for Comey, he joins the Journal’s editorial page writers on the list of people who have completely lost their credibility and can’t be trusted. He should resign and be replaced.

Regarding Fox News, the network should reinstate Judge Napolitano and establish a special unit to investigate the FBI and the intelligence community. Sean Hannity shouldn’t be the only Fox News personality trying to get to the bottom of this Watergate-type scandal.

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  • siquijorisland

    wow changing by the hour

  • jug

    Not changing at all!
    It is what it is,
    Illegal attacks by the commiecrats!
    Just more truths coming out, every time one turns around!

  • Oh please. What Nunes “revealed” is routine surveillance of foreign agents which may have revealed conversations between those people and Trump’s people. Trump and Trump people were not the target. Moreover the White House has no involvement. The Patriot Act covers most of this along with so-called National Security Letters and, in some cases, warrants.

    Nunes didn’t help Trump at all and there is no “vindication.” It raises the question of why members of the transition team were speaking with foreign agents in the first place.

  • Danny S.

    No surprises here first Hillary and now Obama ! Losers here are American citizens. We can’t trust any agency in government they all have been politicalized . More damage from a corrupt Obama administration.

  • bobs33hotrod

    Now President Trump has to Start Draining the SWAMPS, starting with F.B.I. COMEY. Also wonder what the Lying Media will say when they find out the White House and Staff were bugged..More lies on their way.
    BOBBY ~!~

  • mlentz

    Well, DS (Dumb Shit), did you know that ALL congressmen and Senators routinely talk to foreign dignitaries (Agents by your definition)? And Obummer sent 2 of his “representatives” to meet with the Russians IN MOSCOW before he was elected President the first time? So, explain to me how that makes Dumbocrap MOC’s any less guilty of COLLUDING with foreign (RUSSIAN) agents than the Trump transition team members? Mmmm?

    The difference between you and me is my information has been verified whereas yours is merely innuendo and conspiracy hypothesis/theory since in their Congressional testimony made yesterday and the day before under oathds, Comey and Co ALL stated they have “found no evidence of collusion” between the Trump campaign and either the Trump campaign or the Trump transition team. Now, if you think that the FBI has information to that effect, that would mean Comey committed perjury in his testimony before Congress and should be immediately relieved of his position as Director of the FBI. Don’t you think?

  • Payne A. Tension

    You are missing the point. While in the process of routine surveillance American identities involved are not supposed to be revealed, i.e., not unmasked. Nunes is concerned about the fact that Trump transition team and family members are being unmasked and then being made available to the umpteen intelligence agencies, which then are leaked to the press with little chance to verify their veracity. It’s getting tiresome.

  • BakkenBill

    Apparently every damned one of our government officials is full of crap. Either lying for or lying about one president or the other.
    If only we as a nation could fire every one of their sorry asses, starting with that backroom deal making democrat in disguise Paul Ryan.
    They all are just stirring up pile after pile of crap instead of doing their jobs work. Just taking paychecks, spending our money, and doing NOTHING!!!
    Put this petty school yard drama to rest and do your damn jobs!

  • jal64

    Nunes sez: “To be clear, none of this surveillance was related to Russia or any investigation of Russian activities or of the Trump team”.

    So, none of the surveillance was related to Russia? What, pray tell, WAS it related to? And why do all the pundits continue to harp on Russia and completely ignore this “unrelated” aspect?

  • Spots_On_Tongue

    Karma is a bitch, Barack.

  • Michael Callis


  • ItsJo

    Anyone, who HAS been paying attention for years now, KNOWS that Obama did his ‘snooping against many-including having accused James Rosen AND his family, of wrongdoing.’ Judge Napolitano is an Honest, and respectful person, who KNEW that Obama-‘skirted OUR intel agencies by getting what he wanted, thru the UK; Fox owes JN an apology, and a return to the airways.

    Comey lied during Hillary fiasco, as he was TOLD to “find her to be the liar she is, but KICK HER LOOSE….this, would have been HIS orders from Both Obama and Crooked A.G. Lynch(who met w/Bill and got the word-NO CHARGES) They All were on the same page, as they felt, Hillary WOULD bet POTUS….but guess, they underestimated the fed up Americans who knew she was a lying, money-laundering-power hungry criminal, who would(like her husband) sully the Whitehouse, and WE the
    people deserved better.

    I can’t wait for the rest of this to come out, and I suspect that Trump Knew the truth, and he wants it coming out, as President HE can get the NSA(and hopefully some of it’s HONEST people) to come forward.

    This article, as always brings “the light to shine on those who would LIE to our faces, each and every time they got the opportunity, but that light Mr. Kincaid shined on these ‘Roaches-has them scattering’…Love it(I also include the roaches of the Leftist/Liberal Media who have Always been complicit in the crooked Obama Regime-WSJ and the WP, who are Another Arm of the DemoThug Party)

  • Bob

    The complete attack of the Trump campaign and his presidency by a known corrupt government and media is reassuring more Republican wins come 2018-2020. The Obama administration outright refused to investigate and hold accountable with any integrity the IRS for its role in targeting Republican organizations, the Department of Justice for its role in gun running, racial bias and Loretta Lynch meeting secretly with the Clintons, the DNC for cheating in a presidential election, the State Department for losing billions and Corruption Cankles for her illegal foundations accepting bribes for policy favors. There is no faith by the bulk of U.S. citizens in our government, press, or entertainment industry. They’re all corrupt and put their bias and collusion on display every day for us to see plainly and with malice. I can’t believe a single thing I hear or see coming from any of these groups. The evil they represent is going to be their undoing!

  • Bob

    Correct! Exactly! Why are the democrats constantly in a position where they’re covering their tracks? You don’t have to hide behind executive orders and a corrupt press/media if you’re on the up and up. That was Obamas MO. Lie on tv and then send out legions of press sources to continue the lies. Same with Clinton(s). The US citizens are done with the constant deceit from these people!

  • Gz7

    Someone please tell me why Comey is still the director.

  • dorcus

    For your information, nearly all of the transition team were BIG business leaders AROUND the WORLD! They talk to foreign leaders in those countries. Most congressmen talk to foreign dignitaries, Including Obama’s team! Where was the outrage then?

  • John Cunningham

    “No Man is an Island!” Well, apparently Donald Trump is and, I for one think he needs WE THE PEOPLES’s HELP. Donald Trump is surrounded by those in our Government who would do anything to stop him. Some of those People work for him. Some of those People are Congressional Republicans.

    I am not sure if it’s fear or resentment but, many do not want to see Trump succeed. I do not know how far they would go to stop him but, I do know WE THE PEOPLE need to let it be known we support and defend what Donald Trump is doing.

    I believe the man has been very successful and did everything he could to be a great success. Now he wants to give back some of that success and make America great again. Many in this Country seem to fear what Trump is giving back. I guess they worry the people will insist upon it.