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It has been hard for the mainstream media to get at First Lady Melania Trump. She has no diplomatic snafus, like breaking protocol or taking large entourages on personal travel at government expense.

She has no policy disaster to match the school lunch fiasco.

She is simply a beautiful first lady who seems to be able to make friends wherever she goes. And it’s driving the media crazy.

Vogue magazine revealed the depths to which the media will go to get the First Lady with a piece on the White House holiday decorations, which were unveiled Monday.

The decorations are, “as some people on the Internet have noticed, very, very white.”

It pointed to a piece on Splinternews that said “it took a whole lot of work to make the White House this, well … white!!”

After a series of photos of the inside of the White House, there was one on Splinternews showing the first lady with some children from Joint Base Andrews, one of whom told her she looked like “an angel.”

“Has there ever been an example of a group of children falling under the spell of a beautiful, powerful woman dressed in white, to ill effect? Nope, can’t think of any!!”

Then, as if the warm pictures with the children did not exist, the Vogue piece points out that “people also noticed that many of the rooms seem to embody one of Melania’s signature vibes: her well-documented icy remove.”

As proof of her “icy remove,” Vogue links to a story from last summer about the stilettos she wore as she boarded a helicopter to begin her journey to Texas after Hurricane Harvey.

“First the now-First Lady (perhaps unwittingly) plagiarizes Michelle Obama in her convention speech, then she takes as her platform a crusade against bullying – when she is married to unquestionably the greatest cyber bully in political history – and now this.

“This morning, Mrs. Trump boarded Air Force One wearing a pair of towering pointy-toed snakeskin heels better suited to a shopping afternoon on Madison Avenue or a girls’ luncheon at LaGrenouille.”

Then came some helpful psychoanalysis.

“In a year during which many have speculated that Melania hates her husband and does not want to be First Lady at all (a claim that has recently resurfaced), Melania’s White House Christmas could be interpreted as a snowy and desolate manifestation of her own isolation, which begs the question: Is she trying to tell us something? Indeed, some of the decorations brought to life an apocalyptic, barren landscape similar to what some of us imagine lies in America’s future or the calming white walls of a mental institution.”

It then rolled out a series of tweets about the decorations.

“Melania Trump’s White House Christmas décor looks awesome if you add the Babadook,” wrote Hubert Vigilla.

“The design aesthetic of the Trump women is ‘the rotting void inside of us,’” tweeted Jess Dweck, who calls herself a writer for the TV.

“Ivanka: MY holidays are the starkest and the most disturbingly barren; Melania: hold my bare existential dread,” tweeted Rachel Handler, a movie editor.

So, the First Lady oversees the decorations for her first Christmas in the White House, and the mainstream media takes out its enmity toward her husband on her.

She is icy and removed because she wore a pair of stilettos on a plane last summer. Her life is barren with a rotting void inside. She hates her husband and doesn’t want to be First Lady “at all!!!”

And her decision to take a traditional approach that emphasized white “could be interpreted as a snowy and desolate manifestation of her own isolation, which begs the question: Is she trying to tell us something?”

It’s been a longtime theme of the mainstream media when it comes to Melania. They just can’t believe she would be happy being married to Donald Trump – after all, they know how unhappy he makes them. As a result, they just can’t cover the story straight.

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  • rac647

    A perfect example of stupid people say stupid things to get attention that they crave and cannot get because they lie about almost everything they report on. They have been doing this since the late sixties and Viet Nam.

  • Chip

    The (fake) media are just sick and deranged! If they can’t say something nice about one of the best first ladies we have ever had in the white house, why don’t they just keep their mouths and keyboards quiet? How sad that their hatred for Trump is so severe that they have turned themselves and the MSM into one big joke. It sickens me how they can talk about the first lady we have now. Why, there was plenty that could have been said and made fun of with that huge ass’d one we had in the white house previously. The “lovely” (as I just gagged) Michelle once said how she hated America but yet the MSM had only glowing things to say about her. What a joke she was and the MSM is now!

  • John Cunningham

    The Liberals have short memories or, they don’t care one way or another. Fact, Bill Clinton was a serial sex predator and they turned their back. Fact, Barack Obama was the worst president in History and they tried saying other wise. The facts are proving them wrong again.

    Now all the bad press, the hatred towards Trump and his family, it’s going rear it’s ugly head if Democrats ever get back in power which, is doubtful right now. Immediately Republicans are going to call for impeachment and calling the first lady all kinds. of names. Probably be a civil war long before that all happens. Probably, be a good idea.

  • Armando Stavole

    They are a bunch of rotten people with very low, ugly feelings. They are disgusting in search of the impossible, not existing flaw to spread their poison. If the Americans are going to pay attention to them, they are blind and don’t see the danger we are going to face.

  • Mr. W. H. Braden

    With the libs its always about race. I truly wish lib Blacks will choose another issue besides race, how about ‘National Security’ or the record number of young Blacks killing young Blacks? I got it, some police officers should not be police and belong in jail, but there are thousands and thousands of good officers. Turn your attention to what brings us together.

  • Mr. W. H. Braden

    A war of any kind is not a good idea.

  • Armando Stavole

    I would like to point out something that maybe very few understood: Trump is not part of the establishment, that’s why most of the liberals and some republicans mingle and fight him. If we don’t support the new President we will face a dark future.

  • Aint So

    One must remember that a large portion of the MS medial has one goal which is to facilitate the sharing of their own self centered miserable world with the rest of us. They cannot stand that we are quite happy to be unencumbered by the misery they wear on their sleeve hoping it will rub off on the rest of us like so much dog S**t if only they can just get close enough to rub elbows. Personally, I just don’t see that happening.

  • NoUsurpers

    ladies’ magazines have been co-opted by leftists. The White House is stunningly decorated for Christmas like a dazzling Winter Wonderland. Michelle Obama was featured on women’s magazine covers despite her frequently garish wardrobe selections, yet a former supermodel and current First Lady with impeccable taste, is not? Melania on the cover would make magazines fly off the rack– so the mud-slinging is obviously about politics, not about Christmas decor or stiletto heels.

  • Deb Anderson

    The liberal media is AWFUL!!!

  • kkw

    You are absolutely correct! She is a warm and beautiful woman and they can’t stand it!

  • John Cunningham

    Look at the last 4,000 years and give me a better idea?

  • Maggietish

    Problem is that the Corrupt biased liberal/progressive lying fake news media doesn’t know what a warm, colassy, well educated, intelligent patriotic woman looks and acts like. That’s our First Lady Melania Trump. The lying fake news media is obviously jealous of Melania Trump and the only reason they’re attacking her is because of all their hatemongering against President Trump, his family and his supporters. The only ones that they are making fools of his themselves as usual.

  • mlentz

    Keep it up you incredibly malignant libtard trolls, and there won’t be any DinoCraps left in Congress. Melania has more class than any FLOTUS since Mrs. Reagan.

  • dogitydog

    That pretty much says it all about the mindset of these creatures. Normal, sane people might get upset at someone because that person is a disgrace or a burden to society or just plain obnoxious or something. These monsters get upset and frustrated at someone because they are not these things.The Liberal brain in a nutshell. Figuratively and literally.

  • samo war
  • Gz7

    You nailed it! They are unhappy, miserable people that can’t stand success. Just more fake news from fake “writers”.

  • Ed C

    The petty media has gone full Rumpelstilskin and, the outcome will be the same.

  • Gz7

    The media has been so busy over the years following the Beast around that they forgot what beauty looks like. You usually don’t find beauty in a pantsuit designed by Mao.

  • TED

    “Vogue’s” right!

    “Icy remove!”

    Haughty, even!

    Maybe even arrogant!

    (Has it even been properly documented and reported that she’s a bonafide U.S. citizen ???)

  • Sun_Zeneise

    The stupid indeed project their stupidity, to madness.

  • wld

    Actually, I would stick up for Laura Bush. She seemed OK to me.

  • Poptoy1949

    The White House is ore White Now….? Damn these People are finding things to PICK a fight with………Liberals are such A$$holes.

  • wld

    I would probably be very angry with these journalists, if I found it possible to take them seriously at this point. As it is, I have pretty much tuned them out.

  • AltVoice

    Even the fashion magazines have turned into utter trash. They might as well stay ‘in vogue’ and write more on transsexuals and their bathroom rights.

  • worried for future

    Many media talking head on the Left need constant recognition to bolster their weak egos. To see their name in print they will invent an/or even reprint Twitter tweets (idiots are so common there) to enforce their stories. As if Twitter is the repository of all Truth & Justice. That’s like fishing in the toilet for food. They can’t remain silent very long or they’ll be forgotten so they pick up or write virtually anything to get readership. I think they would even invent perverted stories about their mothers if it would sell papers.

  • efred1

    These ‘writers’ and ‘journalists’ are pissing themselves over her icy and white themed Christmas decoration. Well, I’ve got some news for these @$#@%$&*&*(&: IT’S CHRISTMAS!!! And guess what? CHRISTMAS IS IN THE WINTER, WHERE THERE’S SNOW AND ICE!!! EVERYTHING’S WHITE IN THE WINTER!!! (Apologies for the yelling, but, Sheesh! What a bunch of petty, puerile middle-schoolers!)

    Maybe what we all need to do, is send a gift-wrapped carton of adult diapers to the critical writer of your choice, with some “encouraging words” over their loss of bladder control over the Trumps.

  • mlentz

    You are correct about Laura Bush, but Melania beats her by a nose or more.

  • grnjllybn

    Actually they are disgusting. Main stream media makes me want to puke!!!

  • grnjllybn

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Mr. W. H. Braden

    A better idea than war? In a prefect world? Love and communication.

  • John Cunningham

    As always, yes it is!

  • vladdy

    Always have to shake head in wonder when people don’t realize this. ^^^. It’s obvious by who hates him and how much that you are correct, and he is not part of the establishment.

  • vladdy

    I guess “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” is no longer acceptable. Oh, what the left will do with that.

  • Norma Young


  • peg_c the Deplorable ??????

    They all suffer from psychosis and TDS!

  • peg_c the Deplorable ??????

    At their cores they are totally rotten.

  • peg_c the Deplorable ??????

    They purposely memory-hole everything that doesn’t advance their lies and agenda and always push what does. They are BARELY covering the many, many Dems in Hollywood and D.C. being accused of sex harassment and far worse (often by known, named high profile people), but spend days and weeks on accusations by no credible supposed victims.

  • peg_c the Deplorable ??????

    Well, wars define THE history of human civilization. Not good, not bad, just fact. It’s in our nature to take, dominate and subjugate. The Left itself exhibits this, often far more than the Right does. Just look at the last 100 years.

  • peg_c the Deplorable ??????

    But “peace, love and happiness” never govern human society or civilization.

  • peg_c the Deplorable ??????

    They’re killing themselves off because they refuse to tell the truth. That’s all we ask other than for them to STOP interfering, colluding and enabling all and always the Left. Newspapers are already dead and cable will die off because of this.

  • peg_c the Deplorable ??????

    Women running these mags are harridans, harpies and feminazis. At this point they’re just displaying for each other just as Hollywood does.

  • John Cunningham

    The Liberal of today reminds me of the cult classic “Invasion Of The Body Snatchers” Trouble is, they are even more scary and dangerous. We must fight back, not sit back and fume. Liberals control the whole of the Media in this Country. We are not heard. It is up to us to fight back with numbers. Remember Glenn Becks hugely successful march on Washington DC? We can do it again and this time, get a little rowdy.

  • peg_c the Deplorable ??????

    Yes, 2010, I think – I wanted to go but couldn’t. We were there for the 9/12/09 TP March to the Capitol and the 11/5/09 Kill the Bill Rally. Such great times though we were fighting a monster in the WH at the time.

    I was a leftist Dem for 26 years, long ago. The Matrix ejected me when I saw the truth of all their frauds embodied in Hillary’s and feminazis’ embrace of rapist and predator Bill. Talk about a Red Pill moment! That was truly mine. Now I think leftists (“liberal” is way too benign a word – actually they are demonic Marxists) suffer more from brain snatchers than body snatchers. They are exhibiting mass psychosis. (I was a psych major and I did study these things.) Very hard to say how, where and when this will end, especially with rampant and violent illegals and Muslims running loose all over.

  • John Cunningham

    Wonderful reply. I hate to say but I believe America has gone past the chance of reasonable objectives. The Left is quite dug in and in a lot of ways it is America’s fault. We have watched them creep up like a viral plague and done nothing to stop them. They are entrenched in so many big ticket items like Media, Hollywood, and most of the minority communities. They have been lead down the shady path of lies and distortion. I to dabbled in the left philosophies a little until 9/11 opened my eyes. I immediately saw how the Left tried to blame America for all the ills of the World. That is when they set upon America trying to destroy it from within. We must stop them now before they grow any stronger.

  • peg_c the Deplorable ??????

    Agreed. This is our last stand. We see the EU is now wiillfully committing cultural and genetic suicide. I want to believe Americans are made of sterner stuff (our ancestors DID escape that festering mess of mutually despising, clashing peoples, languages and values, not to mention all the inbred, diseased and mentally defective royal families that ruled for centuries). I believe Europe lost its best to the New World. Now they’ve throw away Christendom and their self-perpetuation and brought in many millions of (basically) defective savages to do their work and pay the bills. I have to pray we do not go further down this road. But those who fail to learn from history are definitely doomed to repeat it…none more than Europe but hopefully we are smarter and tougher. (I look at Canada, though, and wonder.)

  • John Cunningham

    The 80’s ushered in the me generation and in my opinion started the count down. People in America and Europe stopped having Children. So the Countries brought in migrant workers. We of course from Mexico and Europe from North Africa and the Middle East. In Europe the Immigrants were having three and four times the children the Europeans were and, that is why it is so bad now. A war in Europe is only a matter of time but I fear it is already to late. Russia and China would immediately arm the European immigrants pushing America into the conflict. From their, I guess the rest is inevitable.

  • peg_c the Deplorable ??????

    I don’t know about the 80’s, but the Me Generation was started by Boomers IMHO, and I’m one. We Boomers were each one of 70 million, the biggest generation ever in America, and our Greatest Generation parents wanted the best for us and things they never had. This doesn’t build character – it prevents it from forming. Then we produced kids and the internet and then social media came along. Our problem here in the 80s was Mexicans flooding in over the border. Europe had stopped reproducing and never gave a second’s thought, apparently, to the effect millions of inbred, low-IQ foreigners with no skills and a completely opposite culture and language on the social fabric of Europe. Or far, far worse, they DID realize and wanted exactly what happened next. I know in the 90s it happened very fast – seemingly almost overnight, Germany went from an extremely hot economy and strong workforce to pretty much the opposite. A lot of old people, no youngsters, and the huge and growing burden of millions of immigrants dependent on a rapidly shrinking tax base. We cannot, cannot allow this to happen here the same way and must find ways to reverse it. PDJT is burdening blue states enormously with this tax plan and it’s great, and I’m in NY! But blue states SHOULD have to pay. They should have to suffer very badly for sanctuary cities and all the horrible Dem policies destroying every city one can name.

    Well, I’ve wandered off the subject a bit but it’s a huge, unwieldy subject with lots off theories and not too many answers that politicians are willing to answer and act upon.

    My last thought for the evening: Government exists to tyrannize the people.

  • John Cunningham

    What it comes down to is, give an inch and they want a mile. We allowed Liberals to descend on education, religion, military Government social values. They wanted same sex marriage and now want gender neutral statis. They won’t be happy until turn People into amoeba’s or one celled animals. What it all boils down to is rid white people, religion and voting rights. We are really close to loosing our identity.

  • peg_c the Deplorable ??????

    Absolutely. And this is the history of all civilizations. Are you familiar with the Tytler Cycle? It explains everything, and so far it’s proven inevitable. It’s the dark side of humanity that causes this and there seems to be no escape. It’s a wash, rinse, repeat endless cycle, apparently. It’s human nature that does all this. All the negative adjectives (greed, selfishness, venality, treachery, etc.) take over when a civilization achieves a certain level of success and government becomes totalitarian, as it inevitably does.

  • John Cunningham

    Wow! Makes a lot of sense, something Liberalism doesn’t. Europe has enjoyed Socialism and not, for any years. The only reason they didn’t morph into totalitarianism was because of America. We wouldn’t tolerate it.Unfortunately we, have slowed boiled away like the frog in the pot syndrome and allowed Liberalism to take hold.

    The reason Germany went wrong in the 30’s, the People weren’t armed and didn’t have much say in the Government. SWe don’t have that problem and that is why the Democrats are trying to outlaw guns. Never, never, never, can that happen.

  • peg_c the Deplorable ??????

    AMEN x 1,000!

  • disqus_cWpdqzDhSX

    Honey, she’s no angel.

  • disqus_cWpdqzDhSX

    She’s not decent enough to be First Lady. Did she get her visa problem taken care of? Living with a monster would take a special kind of female. She ain’t no lady. Ladies does pose with thong straps between the cheeks.

  • Amargomate

    Hey Bluepatriot!!….
    You are not a Patriot…. you must change your nickname to Bluecommunist…. because that is what you are….
    Did you realize that you posted more than 7000 comments, and only got 428 up votes?
    That tell me, that you have not the brains to make an interesting or valuable comment…..LOL…
    Of course, being from California, we can not expect to see the ….brightest Christmas-tree light bulb
    Merry Christmas!!!…