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After every tragedy that involves a gun, the left and the mainstream media demand to know what the Republicans are going to do about it.

Less than four hours after the shooting stopped, Hillary Clinton tweeted that it could have been worse than 59 dead and more than 500 wounded if a proposal to loosen regulations on gun silencers had been in force. Nancy Sinatra followed with a tweet that said, “Murderous members of NRA should face a firing squad.”

The New York Times published a staff editorial under the headline: “How Long Until We Debate Real Gun Laws?” that includes a clock counting the time since the shootings in Las Vegas and the requisite liberal – Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) in this case – saying, “I don’t know anybody who goes deer hunting that needs to retrofit a gun to fire hundreds of rounds per minute.”

But once the pro-gun community started to learn the details of Las Vegas, it realized it had a problem. The killer had used something called a bump stock, which modifies a single-shot rifle to effectively function as an automatic rifle.

Automatic rifles – those that will fire a continuous series of bullets at a high rate with one pull of the trigger – have been illegal in the United States since 1986. And if bump stocks could be used to clearly evade the law, then even the National Rifle Association agreed they should be “subject to additional regulations.” 

“You need to seize on the urgency of this. Otherwise, it will never happen,” Chris Cuomo said in an interview with Kellyanne Conway. “If you are moved by what happened to the victims then you act on what happened to them. That’s all I am saying.

“Now is the time. Now is the time to say that you care. You go and you comfort. You show moral agency. Then you take action as a leader to try to make it better.”

Gun control legislation after Sandy Hook lost momentum and faded away as the story disappeared from the headlines. The same pattern has emerged from other such tragedies. As details emerge of the crimes, it becomes apparent gun control laws either wouldn’t have done any good or were in place but not enforced.

Adam Lanza’s guns were all legally registered, and he and his mother frequented a shooting range. The killer in Las Vegas bought all his guns legally. The nearly 600 murders in Chicago come despite it having some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

Gun control advocates say all they want are a few sensible measures – background checks for gun buyers, tighter regulation of private sales and gun shows – policies 90 percent of Americans agree on anyway. But by making it about one particular case, their case is vulnerable when details that don’t support the narrative emerge.

We already have background checks and laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. When the post-Sandy Hook legislation died in Congress, 62 percent of Americans approved, and only 41 percent believe more background checks will reduce crime. 

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  • Paul Anderson Ed.D.

    The press continues to ask the same question, looking for a difference answer: A type of insanity to quote Einstein….
    I am reminded of a room full of children, when the media opens it’s mouth. They should be sent to the White House nursery, for a lesson in English Grammar.

  • AndRebecca

    I need to reread F. Engel’s masterpiece “Origins.” I could swear he said in his book that they (the Marxists) need to get rid of the police and then hunters because hunters are always on the side of the police and could take their place and stop a revolution in a country the Marxists want to take over. Hmmm…

  • bill

    The Press Fears Your Rights! They Only Care About Theirs, Where They Can Lie 24/7

  • Peter

    I’ve read a lot about the Clinton murders of civilians. She wanted the Presidency. She has long been part of government. She was worthy to have been ‘taken out’. She and the US government are twisted, and false flag hoaxters. Where are the background checks for twisted government? First the twisted, armed to the teeth, killer government must go. Then maybe the 2nd Amendment will not be as appropriate as it remains, which is necessary. The horse before the cart please.
    THE AMERICAN DEMOCRACY IS LIKE A HOLSTER BUT WHAT GOOD IS A HOLSTER WITHOUT A GUN ? Free civilians must be allowed equal force, not just a holster. If not wear your holster proudly.
    Steve Paddock would have passed a background check anyway. The point of his selection as Patsy was to bring home that background checks guarantee nothing. Only total disarmament guarantees the planned Fascist Dictatorship takeover only will have guns, that the interim democratic American puppet government is reaching for, for its supra government that reigns over the weak Presidency and other ‘Shades’ of the earth.
    With no guns, no controversial electoral college will be necessary either, because there will be no democracy. Instead, “Ve haf vays to make you talk.”

  • samo war
  • Alton Gayle

    If you do it like you’ve always done it; you’ll get what you always got. The “WHY” doesn’t matter. REMEMBER “he was a psychopathic deranged killer” namely a “CRIMINAL”. You can’t legislate criminal activity. They don’t care about signs or laws. The MSM, the cry baby actors and the democrat/liberal/socialists want more “Sensible Gun Control Measures” Well, tell what’s sensible that we don’t already have? In my view 1: the Security Guards at Mandalay Bay should have been armed. The poor fool that found where he was had absolutely no weapon at all. The other way they found where he was was because of the smoke detectors. 2: The “Gun Free Zone” sign meant nothing to Paddock; he completely disregarded it. 3: The police response could have been much quicker. Well, then again they had to ask permission to come on Mandalay Bay’s property. The people in the concert crowd couldn’t do anything but run and find cover or concealment. They did all they could do to help each other. The MSM keeps screaming “more Gun Control” but they won’t talk about the drug epidemic in this country. The DOJ wants more attorneys and more police. They think that will make us safer. IT WON’T. All it will do is cost more money. What we need is National Concealed Carry Reciprocity, Constitutional Carry in every state, territory including D.C. As for the states that refuse to honor the majority of the other states CCW permit they are just going to have to get over themselves. Once to criminals find out that no matter where they go to commit their crimes; that they will be faced with armed response which will get them stopped permanently. Crime will start to go down. The fewer criminals that get to trial the fewer we have to pay for. If a death sentence is the penalty for the crime they committed then it shouldn’t drag on for 10-20 years. Go ahead and get it over with. For all the thousands of illegal immigrants in prison that have committed violent felonies then they should be deported immediately.. We should not have to pay to keep them in prison here. Take their pictures, DNA and fingerprints and ship them out. If they try to come back in and are caught then that makes them a repeat offender illegal immigrant and thus subject to being given the death penalty. The law abiding patriotic citizens of this country are the one’s who will have to clean up this country. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL HER PATRIOTIC CITIZENS. Carry On, Carry Often, Carry Everywhere. Never ever leave your cave without your club and never find yourself in a “Gun Free Zone” SO SAY WE ALL!!!

  • worried for future

    Hillary has no knowledge whatsoever once again about firearms as evidenced by her absurd claim concerning “silencers” and their contribution to this crime. Anyone with knowledge knows that these “silencers” are actually suppressors meant to better protect the shooter’s hearing. They DO NOT make a weapon silent as the movies would have you believe. How this is relevant to the Las Vegas incident is meaningless. Then again her lack of knowledge on many subjects has never stopped her in the past. Anyone that looks to her for meaningful answers is a fool anyway. She’s a long known political hack that’s still trying to appear relevant. She proves it whenever she opens her mouth but the media thinks she’s still important. She should remain on her meds and stay out of sight but she just can’t do that. What a hag!

  • samo war
  • TED

    Too late now! The horse has left the barn!

    We’re back to the wild west days of the O.K. corral.