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On Thanksgiving Day, it is appropriate to say thank you for Accuracy in Media and the rise of conservative media.

The cause of “media activism,” now popular at some American colleges and universities, is taking an ominous and interesting turn. If this trend continues, the moderators of the stacked anti-Republican CNBC presidential debate will look like moderates.

Quite literally, the purpose of this new kind of “media activism” is to make you sick.

A so-called “Media Activism Research Conference” is being held next year in Canada to expand even further the “progressive” causes available to journalists. The event is described as a “Gathering for Grassroots and Transformative Media” at Lakehead University and “an opportunity to develop collaborations and networks among anti-capitalist, feminist, anti-racist, trans, queer and Indigenous alternative media activists and activist-researchers by sharing knowledge, skills and experiences on grassroots and transformative alternative media.”

Brace yourselves for one of the seminars, which concerns “Queer anarchist autonomous zones and publics: Direct action vomiting against homonormative consumerism.”

According to my research, and I may not have gotten to the bottom of this, it seems as if media activists in Canada are exploring vomiting as a form of social protest against capitalism. The concept of “social justice” is taking on very strange and bizarre adventures in academia.

One member of the Anarchist Studies Network defines vomit itself “as emblematic of the unsustainable contradictions inherent in capitalism, and of the body’s rebellion.”

A Lakehead University professor, Dr. Sandra Jeppesen, actually wrote an article entitled, “Projectile: stories about puking.” Apparently, to vomit is to reject the capitalist system.

Jeppesen is the point of contact for this field of study. Identified as a professor in media studies, cultural studies and anarchist theory, she was awarded almost $500,000 in research funding from the federal government of Canada two years ago, in order to “study how social activists are using ‘cutting-edge’ digital technologies to further social causes around the world and what the rest of us can learn from them.”

In fact, this forthcoming media conference is underwritten by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of the government of Canada.

If you are as curious as I am, you may find it interesting that “anti-consumerist vomiting” is described in a broader context, and that “Global anarchist movements and queer politics are integrating in mutually informing ways. The characteristics of this synthesis include liberatory theories and practices of embodied genders and sexualities in private and public, direct actions to visibilize and extend queer publics, and queer intersections with capitalism, the environment, race, disability, public space, private property and citizenship, among others.”

I don’t know how to precisely translate this material, except I did discover that “liberatory pedagogy” refers to “educational theories and practices intended to raise learners’ critical consciousness concerning oppressive social conditions.”

A paper on the topic explains, “As students and educators join the struggles to recognize oppression and domination within the sphere of popular culture, individuals whose voices were once silenced will become heard. For this reason, liberatory pedagogy seeks to empower individuals and encourage them to formulate reflective communities in and outside of the classroom that highlight social justice.”

An entire paper by Jeppesen, entitled, “Queer anarchist autonomous zones and publics: Direct action vomiting against homonormative consumerism,” goes into detail on this. I almost got sick reading it.

Meanwhile, here in the United States, things aren’t too much better. Some of our “progressive” journalists are still recognizing—and being recognized by—Playboy founder and publisher Hugh Hefner, whose Playboy Mansion was a notorious hangout for such personalities as accused serial sex abuser Bill Cosby.

Some “progressives” consider Hefner a champion of the First Amendment.

Malkia Cyril, Executive Director of the Center for Media Justice, was just given a 2015 Hugh M. Hefner Foundation First Amendment Award. We are told that during her acceptance speech, “In a small ceremony that took place beside the Playboy mansion’s infamous grotto, Malkia started off by thanking her mother, a former Black Panther who passed away in 2005, and the nearly 200 organizations that make up the Media Action Grassroots Network.”

In the Playboy Mansion and its “infamous grotto,” a place known for sexual orgies, it appears that the notorious Bill Cosby exercised a lot of power over women, some of whom may have been drugged.

Nevertheless, Cyril seemed proud of the award and proclaimed, “My mother was a member of the Black Panther Party in New York City. She ran the Party’s Breakfast Program and was editor of their national newspaper, but she was my first teacher. I sat on my mother’s shoulders at rallies for undocumented migrants, queer youth rights, women’s reproductive freedom. And I sit on her shoulders today.”

The Black Panther Party was notorious for targeting police officers as “pigs.”

The so-called “grassroots organizations” of the Media Action Grassroots Network include the George Soros-funded Ella Baker Center, formerly headed by Van Jones, the Obama Green Jobs Czar who lost his job when his communist background came to light. He is now a CNN commentator.

The Hefner awards are determined by “judges” from the media, who in the past have included Margaret Carlson, a journalist at Bloomberg News; Laura W. Murphy, Director of the ACLU’s Washington Legislative Office, and Katrina vanden Heuvel, Editor and Publisher, The Nation.

Each award includes $5,000 and a commemorative plaque. The awards represent just some of the millions of dollars over the years that Hugh Hefner has paid to the media and various “progressive groups.”

Taking money from a pornographer and vomiting to protest capitalism are some of the current “progressive” trends in the media.

And you thought media bias couldn’t get any worse?

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  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Makes me want to puke.

  • MiDaSp

    Yes, thank you to AIM for the organization’s excellent efforts against all odds, and to Mr. Kincaid for this article.

    Are people schooled in puke-protests told to eat certain foods for effect? I sense individuals with HIV, hepatitis-C, etc. will be especially encouraged to participate up close and personal.

    I noticed a predominance of women (judging from the names) in the article. Contrary to Marxist Big Lies, women start most wars, and feminism clearly shows many women have no conscience about having shipped their dads, brothers, uncles, brothers and nephews off to fight and die — not for freedom and liberty — but for the cover cause of socialist-Communist world domination.

    Be not proud ladies. Both karma and the Muslims are coming for you, and soon. And you have no one to blame but the face you too often preen in the mirror.

  • RMThoughts

    The neocon media and their pundits have killed conservatism in America.

  • Erudite Mavin

    Your PaleoCon hero, Ron Paul is doing his best to kill Conservatism in America

  • marlene

    Nine out of ten hollywood movies contain scenes of people vomiting. Lakeheadless U is just that. Careful, as their bird-brain flu is contagious. They puke because the toxicity of their putrid, rotting brains and the burning fires in the void where a heart should be are is consuming them.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    That women start most wars is an interesting thesis, but how about some facts to support that assertion? Women are not wired like men. Women like to form relationships, to “bond” and so forth. Whereas men by nature are not social creatures. It’s men that go to war. Feminism is based on liberating women from the father’s voice that rebukes and chastens, it is a rebellion against the father figure and ultimately God. Men going off to war eliminates, well, the real men. You can see it in places like Africa where all the men were killed off and the boys were raised by their mothers. It creates an effeminate man. If women started most wars, then over time it would create effeminate men. Something you can’t prove over the course of history. Even a marxist overthrow is not started by woman.

  • Colorado Conservative

    Appreciate the people and organizations you have exposed here Cliff. It really just proves that liberalism is a mental illness.

  • Peter

    Professor Sandra Jeppesen, instead of throwing up on Ipecac Syrup, could really up the anti for her cause, by performing a ladylike poop, on video, powered by Epsom salts to rocket her upwards like a projectile. Complete with relieved facial expression, I reckon it’d go viral. The video should not end till the paperwork is completed.

  • MiDaSp

    Feminism is just an adjunct to Marxism and has incredible global resources. Abolition of the family, a Communist manifesto goal, is a large part of the feminine charter. Feminism’s covert influence has worked because men are servile to women who inculcate them in gallantry, self-denial and self-deprecation, to the point of men risking life, limb and sanity. When latest movie remake of “Titanic” was released, the joke was, “How long can a feminist hold her breath?” How true.

    Male brawn and brain are the cornerstone of invention and exploration, and women have exploited the male species for protection and provision. Without men, you have — as you mention — Africa, which is wallowing in poverty. There are many books, “Karla Marx” (Goodman) or “The Myth of Male Power” (Farrell) that have a lot of, as you stated, “facts to support [my] assertion[s].” But don’t look for professors to cite those authors and to spoon feed students like they do with Friedan, Steinem or other socialist stooges.

  • disqus_smWiOrvPtd

    Oh, I understand that Marxism is the foundation of Feminism. Catherine MacKinnon said, “Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and a Socialist/Communist state is the the goal of feminism.”

    At the heart of feminism is rebellion against the father’s authority. Up until a half century ago, women in western culture respected the authority of men. Up until 1920, women did not even have the right to vote. Men were the providers, etc. Women would have had little interest/influence in starting most wars.

  • magic1114

    So I guess taking a dump is like rejecting the Communist system? My shite has more value than a Communist…

  • JEng

    I notice that all Western media is very light on Chinese organized crime not necessarily because the Chinese are so terrifying but as if they don’t want to offend KMT cronies.

    HOWEVER, the one time that the press was extremely diligent and consistent in reporting on triad was on a single murder with no crimes at all attached to the murder victim (my father) but with even more kid glove treatment of the culprit as well as subsequent absolute complete noncoverage of the suspects in the Dana Blake murder once those suspects advised the world who their father was.

  • Kahlil60

    We have lost the good fight !!
    For too long, we have allowed the radicals to teach and write the educational agenda taught in schools and universities, the public lives and breathes this socialist crap disguised as Progressivism. This romantic socialist idealism is so devoid of reality that it makes me puke.
    Just take your American savings and migrate to the better life in Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Zimbabwe and exchange all your U.S to those respective currencies. Find out firsthand what it takes to live in one of these socialist states and seal your doom when you discover that there is no way you can exchange those currencies back to U.S dollars. Yeah, he who feels it; knows it.This is the Anti-christ times, and the mass media is the Pied Piper leading us to our doom.

  • JEng

    One year later, things haven’t improved at all – it’s just been explained to us that this is how sponsored content works.

    Black Lives Matters is government – it’s not sincere. I think Dana Blake’s family also began to blame the mayor and his smoking ban once it was revealed that the suspects were connected to triad. It’s incredible the degree of participation in blaming the smoking ban after this April 13, 2003 murder. Anything to cover up for the KMT and their deadly messages. Why?

    Do you want me to do to you what I did to your friend?

    ” one of the Chan brothers told another bouncer, who didn’t yet know about the killing inside, the manager said. The brothers fled but were quickly captured around the corner from the strip of flashy clubs, restaurants and bars that line the once-shabby stretch of Alphabet City, cops said. “The whole thing started because they were smoking,” Cipriano said. “He was escorting them out and all of a sudden they jumped him.

  • JEng

    After the culprits identified their father as Chan Wing Yeung, the English press immediately changed their tune and started to blame the smoking ban and didn’t mention the brothers and sister Alice again. This is 8 years after they united in smearing my murdered father as a criminal when he was in fact a civilian – the press sided with triad and diminished the crime and in effect participated in witness intimidation.

    The Manhattan DA’s office refused to charge the sons and daughter of Chan Wing Yeung but about two years earlier, their former paralegal was my coworker and told me that it would be “illegal and unpatriotic” for my mother to ignore the federal subpoena to testify against her husband’s murderers including Chan Wing Yeung and his brothers.

    Police arrested Jonathan Chan, 29, and his brother Ching Chan, 31, who had been drinking rum and Cokes before the slayings, witnesses said. Both were expected to face murder charges. The violence unfolded about 2:30 a.

    m. after Blake, an intimidating 6-feet-6 and 320 pounds, told Jonathan Chan to put out his cigarette, cops and witnesses said. When Chan refused, Blake grabbed him and hauled him toward the door – sparking a scuffle with him, Ching Chan and two of their friends, cops and witnesses said. One of the two brothers pulled a knife and stabbed Blake in the abdomen at the foot of a set of stairs leading to the exit from the club, which serves Spanish tapas and cocktails to a thumping hip-hop beat, police said.

  • JEng

    When KMT triad kill a reporter, when they kill Dana Blake, when they kill and smear my father posthumously, when they kill fellow KMT members for being Commies, when they kill Taiwanese aborigines for being pro Japanese – they are the ones who don’t have consensus – they are the ones who need to behave because they will never hold China and any appointments they get overseas can be taken away from them because they can never provide carpetbaggers access to real power in China.

    Why is everyone getting it twisted _ KMT needs everyone else not the other way around and China does not need KMT consensus – KMT needs CCP so that KMT can continue to exist. When you don’t have the Mainland, you are just a courtier. It doesn’t matter how much money you have.

  • JEng

    There’s your admission of guilt by the Chan Brother NOT the scapegoat who went to jail for the murder:

    As the bouncer lay dying, the brazen attackers even tried to talk their way back inside to retrieve a bag they left behind, Cipriano said. “Do you want me to do to you what I did to your friend?

    ” one of the Chan brothers told another bouncer, who didn’t yet know about the killing inside, the manager said. The brothers fled but were quickly captured around the corner from the strip of flashy clubs, restaurants and bars that line the once-shabby stretch of Alphabet City, cops said. “The whole thing started because they were smoking,” Cipriano said. “He was escorting them out and all of a sudden they jumped him.